Sexual Biography of a Young Woman Pt. 01


"So soft, so smooth, Sam."

I didn't know what to do or say. I contemplated perhaps opening my legs and saying something incredibly romantic like, "fuck me Rick," or "play with my pussy," but rejected the idea, after all I wasn't that experienced to have that amount of confidence. So I just laid there as he visually inspected my most womanly places.

And, amazingly to me it aroused me more and more.

The sordid, wanton scene got to me. My blouse was open, but my tie was still done up, pushed to one side. I still had my bra on and done up but each boob had been yanked from its protective covering and the fiercely red, hugely swollen tips were totally bare and still wet and shiny with his spittle. I was wearing the blazer, but that was bunched up behind me somewhere, and Rick was holding my skirt up around my waist. And of course he was staring intently at my tanned thighs and the bulge of my pubis inside the lacy thong.

I'd obviously experienced nothing like this before. Ok, from my pre virginity loss days, from the time I lost it and the times with Kelvin following that and from last week with Richard I was quite experienced on the back seats of cars, in fact I was beginning to think of myself as a back seat jockey. But apart from with Rick they had all been fumblingly awkward, rather rushed and uncomfortably executed sex sessions. Almost as if we were saying, "we suppose we have to do it, so let's get it out the way quickly." The typical way of the inexperienced I suppose, so not like me now, what?

"Kiss me Richard," I whispered reaching out and placing my hand on his face. He ignored that and instead slid his hand further up my thigh so that the side of that brushed, quite firmly, right against my pussy lips under the lace. It was like an electric shock; my entire body shuddered as a deep grunt slid from my mouth.

That seemed to shake him out of his voyeuristic, unusual for him, lethargy. He left his hand right there cupping my mound and pussy, he rubbed me and stroked me. And then everything speeded up. Quickly he pushed my pretty, little, non-regulation thong to one side and had three fingers buried inside me. And just as quickly I was writhing and squirming my pretty little cunt on his three fingered surrogate cock.

He made me cum, quickly and very hard, as hard as I'd yet cum in my short sexual career.

We lay there for a moment and then he started to undress. He undid his shirt and I sat up and ran my fingers over his chest that was so much hairier than any of the boys I'd messed around with as I plucked up the courage to go all the way. I hadn't properly seen that in the gloom of the other evening so to see the thick covering of dark hair was quite a shock. But it felt good running my fingers through it and I could only imagine the rasping, slightly scratchy feelings I'd get when my bare breasts were ground against it. And I knew, well hoped, that would be very soon. As he undid his belt and zip I thought I should show how mature I was so I started to remove the blazer and my blouse. And that's when he told me to leave them on for he wanted to fuck me in them. A bit odd I thought but then men are aren't they?

He didn't seem to be in the slightest worried that anyone might come into the place we were parked, for he undressed completely, even removing his socks. I ran my eyes up and down his body. It was glorious. Well-defined muscles, no flab or fat, lithe and lean and very, very fit; I thought he was awesome and his long, hard cock was just absolutely wicked. I wanted that in me and soon.

And, of course I got it. Still fully dressed, with my tits gaping out of the blouse, my skirt bunched up around my waist, the thong pulled to one side he shagged me hard and fast lying between my widely opened legs. Half way through he lifted my legs up and put my ankles over his shoulders. God did that seem grown up. He fucked me with my legs over his shoulders then once more, about an hour or so later, with me straddling him.

I liked both of those positions for they showed him just how mature and adventurous a lover I was didn't they?

Chapter 4

That became our routine. Over the next few weeks he'd meet me after school two or three times a week and we'd go and have sex in the back of his car. Well not always in the back of it, for as the weather warmed up we also used the front seat, the outside of it, alongside it and the bonnet. Wow was I growing up sexually so fast?

The schedule, though, played havoc with my studies. Fortunately, they were almost completed for the year and for my time at that school, for I was going to uni in September. I had to lie to mum that I was staying back at school doing some project or the other in preparation for uni, but she didn't care or mind. As long as I didn't interfere with her golf, bridge and tennis arrangements and the affair I suspected she was having with a golf coach much younger than her, all was cool with her.

Was I in love? Had I fallen for this thirty three year old? Was it a passing fancy, an infatuation or was it just lust? How the hell could I know, I'd never felt like I did about him. I wanted him, wanted him touching me, wanted his hands on me and my body against his. I wanted that all the time I was with him. The moment I saw him in his car I think I started to cum, certainly my nipples burst into bud. But, oddly, when I wasn't with him I didn't dream about him or even think that much about him. Sure, I often masturbated in my bed and I guess he was part of my wankfest, but mainly it was, out of sight out of mind as far as Richard was concerned. See a bit of a hard as well as spoiled bitch aren't I?

To say he liked my schoolgirl uniform is an understatement. He was obsessed with it. I asked him a couple of times if I could leave a pair of jeans and a top in his car, but he wouldn't let me on the grounds that he wanted me in uniform. I did wonder if there were other reasons as well, but I put those out of my mind, although I did ask him about the Claire that he occasionally brought to the tennis club.

"She's an old flame really Sam?" he explained as we lay naked on a blanket alongside a river. "It's a little pathetic really, I keep trying to ditch her, but she won't accept it."

"Oh dear."

"Yes I feel sorry for her and I guess I'm just too soft," he went on rolling both of my nipples at the same time between his fingers and thumbs.

He changed the subject which was just as well for I'd lost interest due the feelings pounding out from my nipples.

The first time Richard had picked me up from school I'd changed my underwear. The second time he just turned up so I was wearing the regulation large blue knickers and the full bra that was described in the regulations sent to parents as having to, "cover all of each breast, have no lace and be thick enough to ensure that nothing showed through them". Practical, boring and about as sexy as a pair of old ladies knickers. I was so nervous when he undid my blouse but it didn't seem to deter him, after all what was in the bra was more important to him than the look of it. And when he saw those knickers I thought at the least he'd laugh, but no, if anything they turned him on. Men!!!

But I just didn't feel right having sex in his car or frolicking around in the woods or by the river in such unglamorous stuff, so I always carried some spare glam stuff in my briefcase in case he turned up unexpected.

"I just can't Rick, I'm sorry," I explained. "They're such a turn off for me and so little girly, I can't feel comfortable wearing them."

"Ok then wear nothing."

So that became part of the routine. I'd go to the loo before the last period began and would remove the offending garments. I'd then sit through the lesson naked under my skirt and blouse making sure I didn't let the cotton blouse material become stretched across my boobs for my nipples were continuously hard as I though about what I'd be doing in few minutes time.

As we drove away from the school I'd cuddle up to him as best a girl can with that big box in the centre. It was difficult getting close but I managed to get myself near enough so that as he drove with one hand on the wheel he'd slip the other between my thighs. I'd open my legs a little and keep my skirt down, well most of the time, and I'd revel in him fingering me, making me wet and have little climaxes. It was fun and exciting as we drove to one of two or three secluded "fuckspots" as we called them.

"Undo your blouse Sammi."

"No, people will see."

"So, who gives a fuck, no one gives a shit nowadays? What if they do, though I doubt anyone will? Come on give me and them a flash of those lovely bare titties, but don't take your tie off."

My hands were shaking as I undid the buttons, but I managed it. Why I agreed, I have no idea. But I had a vague thought that it was rather grown up and mature to ride around in a BMW with your lover's fingers up your pussy and your tits out, so I did it. And do you know it turned me on, it so excited and aroused me that he hardly had to ask on subsequent evenings.

Not only was I now getting plenty of sex; on average six times a week, but I was also learning so fast. What he got me to do was adventurous, well to me it was. I mean, to be laid face down on the warm, but dusty hood of a BMW with your tits bare and your skirt bunched round your waist as you're fucked by a man fifteen years older than yourself, is quite adventurous isn't it? It's also quite adventurous, I thought, to be naked in a field, straddling that man and fucking him as if you've done that all the time.

After we finished the affair, looking back I realised that Rick wasn't that into oral sex. In the six weeks or so our affair lasted he never once went down on me and seemed to have no inclination for me to suck him. Actually both of those were quite fortuitous really for I'd never done either and had no idea whatsoever what to do. Nevertheless, from what I'd read and heard and even seen in films and on TV, it did seem a little odd, after all aren't all men just dying to lick a young girl's pussy?

I asked him several times about going to his flat but he always made some excuse usually revolving around the unpredictability of his flat mate. So I never made it there. I also asked about us spending a whole night together, perhaps in a hotel. Although we didn't make that he didn't reject the idea just saying.

"Yeah, yeah, great idea, let's work at."

It wasn't all back seat and in the woods stuff, though. No, twice he took me for a pizza and just as it got dark screwed me up against the wall of the car park. We also did it a few times in the changing rooms of the tennis club for he had a key and offered to lock up now and then.

But the best time, though, was when mum and dad went to a wedding and stayed overnight. I told him that was going to happen and asked if he'd like to stay the night. Maybe I was a little pushy but with a rather nervous look on his face he agreed.

I'll continue telling you about Rick and how our affair progressed in Part Two of Getting Started. That should be posted on Lit very soon so keep an eye out for sammican1

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