Sexual Biography of a Young Woman Pt. 15


"Well nothing, he didn't say any more," she said running her hands through her hair making her breasts jiggle most appetisingly. "That's why he suggested we all meet up and he will explain it. You said you would be in this evening, would that be ok?"

I hadn't got anything on that evening and as the whole thing sounded rather interesting, I agreed.

"Yes sure, what time?"

"I'll ask him to pop round for dinner shall I?"

"Sure, why not?" I replied casually, well as casually as I could manage.

I went to my room to shower and change for the afternoon. I was totally aroused and full of sexual expectancy from the combination of thinking about last night with DD and being with my half-naked mother this morning.

I don't know whether I imagined it was her hands or David's that were on my boobs, as I cupped and squeezed my breasts. Whether it was her fingers or tongue, or DD's dick or mouth that ran round my pussy lips, pressed my clit and slid slightly inside me as I lay on my bed masturbating. I don't know who I was imagining making love with as yet another orgasm washed over me. I don't know whose arms I imagined I was lying in as I lay on my bed, naked, my hands still between my legs as I came down from the heights of yet another climax during this amazing two days. No, I don't know just what it was that was in my mind as I fucked myself, thinking equally about my mother and my lover.

Although it was quite warm outside I was a little chilly so I slid under the bedclothes. I was also tired, well after all, you don't get much sleep when you sleep with a lover you haven't slept with for ages, do you?

I may have dozed off, I probably drifted in and out of snoozing and certainly, I dreamed, vividly, graphically and extraordinarily erotically. Somehow though, the recall of last night's and this morning's action with DD kept being wonderfully interrupted with amazing and so exciting images of my mother. It is hard to explain, hard to recall accurately and hard to understand properly, but I will try. I would be recalling something that happened with DD, perhaps his face between my legs or his mouth on my nipple, when suddenly my mother's lips would encircle my other nipple. I'd be thinking, when I was sure I was awake, of holding his cock or feeling that pressed against my bum, belly or boobs when, that changed and it became my mum's breast and nipples that were pressing on my flesh. It really was quite a surreal little nap.

From my sleep, I vaguely heard a knock on my door and mum calling my name.

"Come in mum", I said stretching under the thin sheet, which was all that was between my nudity and me.

She had tied one of those thin, net, beach wraps around her. Knotted just above her breasts, they sort of covered them, but at the same time left, quite a lot revealed, including both her nipples. I could clearly see them through the, as good as, diaphanous material and I found it hard dragging my gaze away from them.

"Have a nice snooze?" She asked sitting on the edge of my bed and handing me a cup of Earl Gray tea.

"Thanks, yes I did, great."

"Good she smiled", looking right at me making my body tingle as her breasts jiggled under the thin gauze.

It was such a tough task resisting touching myself somewhere enjoyable and at one time, I had this urge to throw back the sheet and ask her to join me. I didn't though, of course, but I was so near to revealing my lesbian feelings towards her that I frightened myself.

"We decided to go out to Nino's." She announced naming a local Italian pizzeria cum trattoria.


"With Colin, he suggested he takes us to dinner."

"Oh, ok, sure, what time?"

"Early, for he is going to Prague on business tomorrow morning. Six thirty ok?"

I sat up and looked at my watch. I saw that it was after five.

"That'll be fine", I said suddenly realising the sheet had slipped down and my breasts were bare. I looked at her and she was staring at them, or so I thought. Without thinking, for if I was totally truthful to myself, I wanted her to see my tits, in fact, I wanted her to do a lot more than just look at them, I pulled the sheet up, covering them. She stood up, but kept looking at me.

"There's no need to cover up Sammi, I am after all your mother," she said in a rather more serious tone than normal as she stared at me. I looked at her and said.

"Yes, silly really," as I let go of the sheet, baring my breasts, hoping against hope my nipples hadn't hardened.

She seemed to stare rather intently at my far smaller boobs than hers. Was she looking at them in the same way I looked at hers, I wondered? It seemed like it, but that may just have been wishful thinking on my part. I wasn't sure, though, how could I be?

Suddenly I felt bold, ambitious, adventurous and a little wild. I lost my inhibitions. I sat up, turned my body, pushed the sheet back, placed my feet on the floor and stood up. I was just a few feet from her, totally naked. I was sure I saw a spark of desire in her eyes as they ran up and down my body.

Was this it? Was this the time? Was this the moment? Was this when I was going to commit lesbian incest with my mother?

I felt a rush of heat and shudders go through my body. I looked right into her eyes, half expecting her to open her arms and move towards me. But she didn't. Instead, she did nothing but said quietly.

"You really do have a lovely body Sammi, I am so proud of you", as she abruptly turned and left my room.

Chapter 4

I had a long, lazy bath. I needed it. I needed the bath to relax, to unwind, to get yesterday, the photographer and DD out of my system and to push today and my sexual obsession with my mother out of my mind.

Of course being naked and immersed in water with, at times, just my nipples appearing above the surface did little to achieve either of those needs. Another quick wank in the bath, though, eventually did the trick.

This time, as I stroked and cajoled my body to yet another orgasm, I was not only trying to recall how many climaxes I'd had in the last twenty four hours, but was also recalling the truly momentous fuck that DD and I had after I had so deliciously sucked his cock.

He had gently pulled my face away from his erection and had kneeled down taking me in his arms and kissing me deeply and wonderfully. We eased the robes off each other so were both naked. For a few moments, we simply just knelt there holding each other, revelling in the others bareness. It was glorious. He pulled me up so were standing, still kissing and still in each other's arms. Our hands wandered everywhere as my tits felt the fabulousness of being squashed against his chest and my stomach reverberated with the most amazing convulsions of sexual want as he pushed his swollen, very hard load deeply into my softness. His bum felt wonderful as my hands cupped, grasped and squeezed his perfect cheeks and my cheeks sent shock waves of sensations through me as he gripped, squeezed, pushed and pulled them.

Just like in the movies he picked me. Our mouths clamped together he carried me into their bedroom. He gently laid me down on the huge, Victorian style bed with the wrought iron headboard.

Looking up at him, I lay there naked, in the middle of the bed.

In that bed.

In their bed.

In the marital bed.

And I thought "up yours" to the titless bitch, as David joined me on that bed.

He again took me in his arms.

He again pressed himself against me.

He again stroked me: my face, my hair, my lips, my chest, my breasts, my bum, my thighs and my tummy.

He again pressed, pinched and squeezed me,

And all the time we kissed, deeply, passionately, lip squirmingly and tongues plunging deep into the other's throat.

He lay on top of me. His cock was pressed against my pubis; my breasts were squashed against his chest. Our arms were round each other. Our fingers were exploring, touching, stroking, pressing and gently scratching as they, after such a time, became reacquainted with their lover's body.

We kissed. We kissed with our lips, our tongues, our mouths, our hands and our entire body. We kissed so deeply. We kissed so passionately and so knowingly. We knew what was coming and yes, I almost giggled, we knew who was cumming as well!

David wiggled his body. It was his sign, his signal, his request to me. I pushed upwards a little and opened my legs. That was my sign, my signal, my invitation to him. He slid downwards accepting that invitation. He was between my opened thighs. His mouth was still strongly clasped to mine, our eyes were closed, our hands were gripping the other, the tip of his cock was pressing against my lips. So close, so near and so soon, I knew.

David was about to fuck me again.

But no, I realised, this was not a fuck. The Renee Rouso on the stairs was a fuck. This was so different. This was two lovers making love, not two people having sex, not a man and a woman screwing, shagging or fucking. This was me, Sammi, a twenty-one, nearly, year old girl/woman making love with her forty something lover. And it was glorious.

It needed just the lightest of shrugs of his hips, the slightest push, the merest surge, the gentlest of thrusts for David to enter me. He slid inside me so easily. So fully inside me. He filled me, totally and utterly.

I felt like a Jane Austen heroine for I nearly swooned. So powerful were the emotions I felt as my lover penetrated me so deeply, as he started to fuck, no sorry, make love to me, I came near to fainting. It was glorious. A package of emotions, feelings and sensations of awesome proportions. At that moment, as DD slowly slid himself up and down inside me, I loved him. As he began making such wondrous love to me, I hated her, his wife. And as we kissed and shagged, so I reveled in the fact that my lover, DD was making love to me in the bed that he shared with the titles bitch. Not honourable sentiments I know, but nevertheless very feminine ones!

We didn't last long. But then great sex doesn't have to be a marathon does it? Sure, it shouldn't be a sprint, not like a hundred metres dash, but it can be like a middle distance race, perhaps a eight or fifteen hundred metres, can't it? Ours was probably somewhere between the two.

He didn't thrust himself in and out of me at great speed or power. He didn't pound away at me. It certainly was not hard, raw sex. No, it was loving, tender, caring sex. It was sex of the good kind, real lovers sex, nice sex, satisfying sex. It was the sort of sex that took me, so easily, near to an orgasm and then held me there for what seemed ages. Held me right there as if I was a surfer riding near to the crest of the wave waiting for something to take me over the top, waiting, waiting and deliciously waiting until that something happened. Then when it happened, the explosion of sensations was so great that once more I was in fear of fainting. In fear of that, but without doubt I was moaning and sighing, grunting and groaning and then when I hit that wall of feelings, I was screaming.

I could hear that scream as my bath time hand fuck took me back to that same place. As once more, I climaxed. As I again had an orgasm thinking about my wondrous night with DD.

When I looked at them across the table to me in Nino's, it seemed as obvious as night follows day that Colin had fucked my mum. They had that easy intimacy between them, that holding each other's gaze and the little touches, smile and jokes that lovers develop. I immediately disliked him. Jealousy or feeling sorry for my dad? I wasn't really sure, but as we chatted over pizzas and beer I came to accept him a little more.

"They were great photos Sammi," he said, probably providing the reason for my change of heart.

"Thanks," I replied as we sipped our espressos. "Nothing that special, just a bit of skin flashing", I went on trying to put him down a bit.

"They were much more than that. Much more."

"Why? How do you mean?"

"The way you associate with the camera, Sammi, they showed that you have an affinity with it."

"Really?" I asked, actually now quite interested for a couple of other quite good photographers I used to pose for when I worked the amateur photography clubs had said the same.

"Yes, most models don't have that. They either look bored or uncomfortable, or both. They don't seem to relate to the camera, you do Sammi, you seem to almost be making love to it."

As pleased as I was with the compliments I was a little uncomfortable hearing them said in front of my mother. However, when I looked at her and saw her nodding encouragingly I relaxed.

Mum joined in. "I agree with Colin, I thought you looked wonderful dear," she said, patting the back of my hand.

"It must run in the family," Colin was saying as he poured us all another glass of Frascati. "Amanda is such a natural as well."

"Is she?" I asked. "Have you modeled then mum?" I didn't think it worth while letting on to them that I had nosed around mum's PC when looking at the shots of me that Colin had sent her.

"Yes a little."

"Professionally?" I asked, "Or what?"

She and Colin looked at each other exchanging a glance that if I had any doubt about them being lovers would certainly have given the game away.

"No, of course not."

"What then?"

She did actually look a little embarrassed. "I had some done as a sort of present for your dad."

"Oooooo," I smiled, mischievously asking. "Who took them then?" I knew full well what the answer would be.

Colin said. "Actually I did and she really is a natural, just as you are Sam and that's why I wanted to see both of you."

Mum was squirming a bit. After all the tables in Italian pizzerias are notoriously close together and Nino's, where both she and I are quite well known, was particularly crowded that evening.

"How about we continue this at home?" She suggested.

I wasn't sure, but I thought, as I brought the coffee into the conservatory, that Colin moved away from mum. "Had they been kissing?" I wondered, for they both looked a little guilty.

I sat next to mum on the sofa, Colin stood in front of us.

"Shall I tell you both what this is all about?"

I nodded, mum said, "Yes please."

"OK. Well you know I am a professional photographer?" This time we both nodded as he continued. "And each year I enter a number of competitions, in fact I'm going to Prague tomorrow for one. Most years I win one and usually come in the top ten in several others."

"What sort of competitions?" I asked.

"Photographic on a whole range of topics. The one in Prague is still life, I came third in an abstract one a couple of weeks ago and I won another on car photography earlier in the year."


"I'm thinking of entering one which is part of the Berlin Festival."

"What's that?" Mum asked. "A festival of what?"

I couldn't tell whether she had been primed or not or whether this was a bit of a wind up when Colin answered.

"It's the Berlin Festival of Erotic Art to give it its full title."

"Oh fuck," I thought, "where is this leading?"

"There are quite a few areas to the festival, painting, sculpture, film, literature and, of course, photography."

"And you want me to pose for you?" I asked.

"Yes, but not alone."


"No Sammi," he replied. "I want you and Amanda to pose together."

"Together? How?"

"The name of my topic is Mother and Daughter."

"What sort of shots?" I asked not daring to look at my mother in fear of showing the excitement that was blasting through me.

"Similar to in that portfolio I saw?"


"Yes some, but all very tender and caring. All highly erotic and not at all porn."

We were all silent for a moment.

He went on. "The prizes are outstanding. If we won we would get twenty thousand Euros and certainly we would be published quite widely and that would bring many more thousands."

Mum laughed. "Where do we sign, I need the money."

"You sure mum, what if dad or anyone else saw them?"

"It's highly unlikely," Colin said, "unless they are into photography."

"Well your father certainly isn't and I don't know anyone that is. Anyway if they were they would understand wouldn't they."

"Yes they would," Colin suggested

"They might understand, but they would still see our tits mum," I blurted out the wine making me feel bold.

"Well you flash those at your photographer clients all the time now Sammi, so that wouldn't be anything new would it?" She said laughing. "Anyway love you've got great tits and a body to be proud of, why not use it?"

Getting onto the mood I replied, sounding far more intense than I intended as I looked right into my mother's eyes.

"Well so have you, your tits are...." I paused, but I could not stop myself from using the description that always came into my mind when I thought of her breasts. "Delicious."

She looked a little flustered as we held our gazes. Colin, perhaps sensing something significant, or unfortunate, jumped in quickly.

"So?" Colin asked. What do we all think?"

"Are you sure about the topic? I mean I am getting on a bit, for nude posing," mum said, clearly fishing for the comments she got from both of us about how she didn't look her age and had a body of someone much younger.

"I am positive about it?" Colin said firmly. "It must be one of the most erotic subjects there is."

"How come?" I asked in all innocence.

"Well Sammi," he started, hesitating before adding", and Amanda. It's the most dramatic male fantasy there is."

"What is?" We both asked, almost in unison.

He looked from mum to me then back again several times before saying quietly.

"I want to take mother and daughter lesbian incest shots."

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