Sexual Biography of a Young Woman Pt. 16


He laughed. No it won't, but to save time, why don't we get going now?"

Chapter 4

It seemed so incongruous to me when I thought about it, as I did quite a bit. Sex seemed to be becoming a central part of my life. Almost, you could say, the driving force. It appeared to be everywhere I looked, everywhere I went and part of everything I did. Yet really, I did not have a particularly strong sex drive. I mean, I rarely felt a need to get laid and even less frequently the need to go looking for it. I could go weeks without sex of any sort and, unlike some close friends, characters in books and what I read in magazines, I did not have the urge to wank myself most nights. At most I masturbated weekly, although, since moving back home and having this thing about my mum and her tits, I suppose I was doing it with increasing frequency.

Suddenly, though, it was all changing.

I was in one of those periods with DD, my longer term, older, married of course, lover, when we were pretty active. He and the titless bitch, his flat-chested, scrawny high-flying civil servant wife, were going through one of their really bad times. That was a differentiation from normal times, which were just bad.

We were seeing each other more frequently than at any time since I had left uni and since he had transferred from Bristol, where I had studied and had met him as a lecturer, to London University.

He lived in Highgate. That was only ten minutes or so on the tube from where I was at college, so we were able to have lunchtime fucks at his home. His college was even closer, so that meant we could have breakfast, mid-morning teatime and early dinner fucks in his study, almost whenever we liked. And that was often. So I was getting plenty from DD and that was very nice.

On top of that, I was modelling. In fact, I was modelling like mad, averaging a session per day. That meant I was posing in my underwear, out of my underwear, touching myself and feigning, well not always actually feigning, cumming as the guys photographed me.

Since I had started doing one to ones a while back and had taken the advice from Sandra, my sort of agent, and another couple of models I had met, to offer extras when asked, even more sex was coming my way. On average, it must have been about one session in three that led to me actually doing extras and these ranged from merely masturbating as he looked on, right up to the sort of sex I had with Grant. In between there was the man massaging me, me massaging him and both of us giving oral. But not yet full sex. I still held back on that even though some of the recent offers were starting to tempt me.

And then, of course, there was this crazy thing with my mother and her breasts. More and more I wanted her, I wanted them, I wanted them in my hands, in my mouth, against my back and pressed to my stomach and pubis. I wanted to crush mine against hers watching my small orbs vanish into the delicious lusciousness of her big, soft tits. Yes, the more time I spent in my mother's company the more I wanted to commit the unthinkable, the ultimate taboo, the final test of sexuality; I wanted to indulge in lesbian incest with her.

Colin had explained that this first session would be collecting a load of basic shots.

"Later I may splice some together, slightly change the colourings or maybe even take them all again. A lot of this sort of work is experimentation, trial and error I suppose until the shots give me just what I am looking for."

"And what's that?" Mum asked.

"Ah Amanda, that's the mystique of art, of creating something new." He replied focusing the camera right on my nipple.

"What is?" She pressed on.

"That you only know what it is when you see it," he said, all a little bit bullshitty I thought, but then that's artists for you I suppose.

Chapter 5

It felt a little strange being naked in front of my mother.

It was ok being nude with Colin, for I could imagine him as being one of the many photographers that had shot me like that. But being photographed naked with your mother watching, having the camera collect a sequence of shots of my nipples, having Colin rub ice on them to make them pucker up and look aroused, to pinch my own nipples with my pink painted fingernails and to pull on them to make them even bigger as she watched was strange. Partly embarrassing, partly arousing, I felt curious as to what she would be thinking and full of anticipation to see her do the same.

If it was strange being naked in front of my mum, it was even more so seeing her naked in front of me. I sat behind Colin in the robe I had brought with me as he took a similar range of shots of her, concentrating on her nipples and breasts. Watching her teasing her nipples erect, seeing her pulling on them and looking on as she lifted her breast up so that her tongue almost licked the erect nipple was as exciting a scene as I had ever been privy to. Exciting, but also so excruciating, being unable to do anything but look on.

It turned out to be a very long session, far more so than any I had ever been involved with, but this was "proper" modelling I kept telling myself. It may have been proper in some ways, but not in my feelings. The longer it went on the more aroused I became.

After about three hours, when he had taken endless shots of mum's and my boobs and nipples and quite a few of our mouths lips and tongues, Colin called up for take away Chinese. It was again an oddly exciting experience to be sitting across from my mother; both of us dressed just in robes, our boobs often on show our naked legs snaking out from beneath the hems of the silk robes as we ate spring rolls and sweet and sour pork.

"You just stand there with your hands by your side Sammi."

"Ok, like this?"

"Yes but there's no need to push your tits out, just stand normally."

I relaxed and simply did as he asked trying hard to pretend I knew what I was doing and that I was like a real model, as opposed to being one that usually just flashed her bits and occasionally wanked in front of cameras.

"Right Amanda, you stand a couple of feet to one side looking straight into Sam's eyes."

"That's great, perfect," he muttered snapping away. "Now Amanda, you hold your left boob, lift it up a tad and move it towards Sammi. Oh fuck you've gone soft, I'll get the ice."

I looked down at my mother's breast that she was pushing towards me and saw amazingly, that as her nipple got nearer and nearer to mine, it started, to harden. I was fascinated by this. Did it mean she was feeling the same things as me? Did she want sex with me? Was I arousing her?

It also seemed to have an effect on Colin who was watching this through the viewfinder of his camera. I heard a sharp intake of breath and then him saying.

"Mmmmm, oh yes, fantastic shot, no need for the ice after all."

The mere closeness of her nipples and breasts to mine did so much to me. My own nipples felt such a rush of heat and tingling. It sent shock waves of sensation straight to my pussy in general and my clit in particular. My breasts felt so full, my stomach had a surge of convulsive like shudders and my body shook. I couldn't stop myself. I did try but a low, deep moan escaped from my mouth. Both of them must have realised it was purely and totally sexual. Fortunately, I think, neither said anything and somehow the shoot continued.

Colin wanted lots of "pink" nipples only shots. We must have spent an hour holding our breasts up towards the other, pulling and pinching our nipples watching each other doing that. It was wonderful, yet so hard to take. All the time I was, metaphorically at least, gritting my teeth and keeping my legs tightly crossed to stop the feelings welling up more and more in me. As he took these shots, I couldn't stop my mind thinking about what was scheduled for the next series and the ones after that.

When Colin and mum were not looking, I had sneaked a look at us his shooting schedule on his PC. I knew that the next pink shots were titled "Mouths and Nipples," followed by "Single Pussies," then "Double Pussies."

As mum and I manipulated our tits and nipples, my mind kept thinking of what it was going to be like when it was her mouth on them or when mine circled her bloated nipples. The mere thought sent shudders through me and I had to stop my mind going there. I knew if I let that continue then I would soon be thinking of what might happen in the pussy shots, especially the last series I had seen on his PC. That was called "Tongues and Pussies!"

Although he took loads of shots of both mum's and my lips, tongues and mouths, individually, he didn't go for any of us kissing or doing anything overtly sexual and the session ended around ten. I was amazed when I realised we had been posing for nearly eight hours, but I was totally zonked.

Chapter 6

We had a couple of weeks off before the next session, Colin told us, for he had a project in Dublin. It was just as well for me as my schedule was becoming manic.

I hardly saw mum, for the few evenings I was in she was out and I was not at home at all during the days. We were coming up for half term exams at college, which meant a lot, well not actually a lot, just the least I thought I could get away with, of studying, I was as fully booked with my modelling as I reasonably could be, basically a session every other day and DD was rampant.

Again, as I waited to resume the posing with mum for Colin, my heart pounding every time I thought about it, I wondered just what might happen when I was sucking her nipples, she was licking mine or either or both of us were performing oral on the other. I had to banish such thoughts from my mind, for my masturbation frequency was becoming frantic.

That was added to by the photo sessions, for now nearly all were with extras; word was clearly getting round, or the studio owners were telling their clients, which models did and which ones did not! I was still managing to resist not selling myself completely, but during those two weeks I gave two blow, jobs as the guys fingered me to nice climaxes, had my face, once and tits twice covered with the men's' cum and let one guy lick me to the most scrumptious orgasm with him merely wanking himself onto my stomach.

I had a few lovely bonks with DD, particularly one laid out on my back on the desk in his study and one in the back of his car on Hampstead Heath.

All in all, as I waited for my next "mum experience" with Colin I was, unusually for me, sexually very active. Now, the really odd thing I found about that was quite the opposite of what I thought. I had imagined that when you were getting plenty, your appetite would have been satisfied and then you would want less. That's not the case, though is it? It seems with sex that, almost, the more you get the more you want, well, at least for me that was the case during that period.

The day before we were due to pose for Colin again I had sex twice with DD, during the day, and then with a photographer in the evening.

"Fuck me," I thought, as I got ready for bed, my body tingling with sexual expectancy about being naked with my mother the next day, "I'll be doing it all the time soon."

I slept well that night.

Chapter 7

In the end, it took me twenty hours of posing. Three sessions with mum and two by myself spread over a four-week period. On top of that, there were the sessions she and Colin had. I have no idea how long they lasted, but I imagine quite some time, for I was pretty sure they included them bonking. The more time I spent with them the more I became convinced they were having an affair. But then I had thought that the first time I saw the photos he had taken of her. Unless she really was a fantastically clever model, she was not putting on the "I want to be fucked" and "I have just been fucked looks" I saw in those first naked pictures, for my, now experienced eye, told me they were natural.

I never knew when he finished the shooting, for he didn't announce it, he just ended. He must have been working on the editing, mixing, cutting and pasting as we went along. It wasn't until mum and I turned up one early evening thinking we were to do another session together and he said, "I think we are finished," that I realised the posing was over

"I've got them in several forms," he explained. "On PC, of course, A4 proofs, in a book and on mega blow ups. I'll show all of them to you."

He explained that they had to be presented in each of those forms and that the portfolio was limited to twenty shots.

"Let's go into the lounge and I'll show them on the plasma, we can relax, have a drink then go over them one by one, ok?"

We followed him into the elegant first floor room, which ran the full depth of the house and was about twenty- five or thirty feet long and sixteen or so wide. Probably in its original form it was two, or maybe even three rooms, but these had been remodeled into this one large area that was more in keeping with life in the twenty first as opposed to the early nineteenth century, when the house had been built.

"Here's what I consider are my tremendous twenty of the most fantastic mum and daughter pairing I have ever come across," Colin announced clicking his mouse.

The massive plasma screen was filled with thumbnails of the shots he had chosen of both of us. I have to admit that I was totally blown away by what I saw.

The shots had a misty look to them, just as though they had been taken in a smoke filled room. It created a dreamy, romantic and very, very cool atmosphere. Everything was in varying shades of grey and white, except for what Colin had called the pink bits. They stood out in stark contrast to everything else, so the overriding, initial vision that leaped out from the shots were the nipples, lips, tongues and pussy lips. Unlike the photos I posed for, there was nothing at all smutty or sexually provocative about the portfolio, although we were both completely naked in every one, apart from sometimes wearing shoes. They really were pure erotica and they showed me, for the first time, the real meaning of the word erotic.

Although the screen was big, being filled with all the photos meant each was quite small. Mum and I were sitting on a sofa some twelve or fifteen feet away and together we both went to stand up to get a closer look.

"No, no, stay right where you are," he said, clicking his mouse, "we're going to look at each one very closely and in some depth. I really want to know what both of you think."

Colin then proceeded to go slowly through each shot.

What we saw, though, with the enlarged exposures was that each pose was about life size and was been printed onto some form of material. The white material was fitted into a pink, wooden frame. Each print on the material was hanging down and was fastened at the top and bottom. The frames were about six feet high by four wide and were mounted onto stands that looked as though they swivelled so that the frames and thus the photos could be moved to a range of angles.

Mum asked him. "What's with the frames Colin?"

"It's really just another way of displaying the work. I'll show you them later, but let's look at the shots now, shall we?"

This is what we saw.

Shot 1.

We were both in this, full length. It was taken from behind me, with mum standing a couple of paces further away. Her face was turned towards me and her gaze was directed towards my breasts and lower body. My left shoulder was hiding the left side of her so the only colour was her right nipple, which was swollen and puckered, and her mouth. That was slightly parted and her tongue was licking her top lip.

Shot 2.

Almost a reverse of one, but with me facing the camera. Mum had her legs open, fairly wide and that pulled the cheeks of her bottom apart so that there was just the slightest glimpse of her puckered bum hole. Our faces were turned a little and our gazes were down each other's body. Our left hands were extended towards each other, the ten, scarlet painted fingernails seeming to leap from the photo. Both of my breasts were on view with the pinkness of my stunningly erect nipples most prominent.

Shot 3.

This was a tight close up of me. It was from the tip of my nose to just under my nipples, the pinkness of my closed mouth and quite heavily painted lips standing out vividly. Interestingly one nipple was stunningly hard the other undisturbed.

Shot 4

Close up of mum's nipples, both hard, with my finger nails resting on the fullness of her breast just millimeters from her aureole

Shot 5

Side views of our faces with us staring into each others eyes, our vividly pink lips parted our slightly darker pink tongues poking out a little as if stretching towards each other.

Shot 6

Mum looking down at where she was holding her breast; lifting it a little, her fingertips sinking into the boob, the dark pinkness of her nails just visible in the soft flesh. The nipple was soft.

Shot 7

Both of mum's breasts and hands in a similar pose to # 6. This time, though, her nipples are strainingly hard and my slightly parted lips are close to her right tit.

Shot 8

A shot of mum from her lower lip to the underside of her breasts. My opened lips are almost taking her swollen nipple between them and the deep pink of my fingernails are pressing against her other breast.

Shot 9

Just our breasts from a side view, nothing else. Mum's full, heavy tit sagging slightly, my smaller, firmer breast standing pert. Both nipples are puckered and look as hard as bullets, just a fraction of an inch apart.

Shot 10

Both of my tits and both of my hard nipples in a front on view. I'm holding my right breast, my scarlet painted nails digging into the soft flesh, my opened fingers either side of my nipple, which is poking out between them. Mum's opened mouth with her tongue out; slightly bent downwards is stretching towards my other hard nipple that seems as if it is inviting her mouth to engulf it.

Shot 11

Me lying on my front on a white floor. My legs are slightly parted and between them can be seen a few fluffs of pubic hair and, of course, the pink, puffy lips of my pussy from behind. The angle of the shot seems to emphasis the round, fullness of the cheeks of my bum and the depth of the "cleavage" between them. Mum's face is resting on my left cheek. Her lips are open, her tongue is out. It seems to be stretching towards the crease. Her other hand is resting on my right cheek, her red nails resting on the down-slope of the crevice between the mounds. It looks every bit as if she is about to pull my cheeks apart and plunge her tongue into my bum crease. Mmmmmmmmm.

Shot 12

Mum lying on the floor on her back, her legs wide open, her hands are holding her breasts. Her body has a very pale, almost translucent look to it. This makes the bush of black pubic hair, the parallel slash of pinks lips beneath that, the puckered mounds of her heavily erect nipples, the scarlet painted nails and the fully made up lips all the more obvious. My hand is resting on the inside of her parted thighs, just inches from her gaping pussy, towards which my fingernails are pointed. My face appears to be resting on her hipbone, although all that can be seen of me are my downcast eyelids, which had been made up with thick black mascara, and my lips and tongue the tip of which is sticking.

Shot 13

Me leaning back against a white wall. I have my head tilted to one side, my left, so that my hair falls down over my shoulder onto my arm and boob. My knees are drawn up, my arms are round them and my chin is resting on wrists. My ankles are apart, quite a long way. I am staring intently at the camera my mouth is wide open giving a very aroused look to my face. The reddy, pink of my lips, tongue and the rest of my mouth are the features that first hit the viewer. Those, though, are quickly followed by the second features, when the viewer's gaze drops a little, for between my opened ankles my pussy lips are totally exposed. They are glistening and are clearly wet and probably swollen. Mum is kneeling beside me, holding her breast. All that is shown of her are her hands, arm and breast. It is as if she was offering it to me.

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