Sexual Biography of a Young Woman Pt. 16


Shot 14

Both of us side on. We have our legs stretched out before us, our feet nearly touching, our scarlet painted toenails pointing towards the other. We are both supporting ourselves by our straightened arms behind us. Our legs are wide open, but the camera angle is such that only a few strands at the tops of our pubic triangles can be seen between them. Our nipples are obviously erect on the tips of our breasts, which due to our slightly slouching poses are sagging a little, mum's larger, fuller orbs, more so than mine. Our mouths are open, a little, the scarlet glossed lips being one of the strong features of the shot. The others are our eyes. They are cast down, our gazes very clearly boring between the others legs focusing on that place the camera cannot see.

Shot 15

A close up of my pussy and mum's lips and tongue. Just those nothing else. I am clearly very wet. Her lips are parted, her tongue is out. It is so near to my lips.

Shot 16

A nipple, an opened mouth, teeth and lips, that's all. The puckered nipple that we know is mine, but other viewers probably wouldn't, is between the lips, in the mouth and between the teeth. They are clearly just about to close round it and the mouth of the mother is clearly about to suck the nipple of the child.

Shot 17

Both of us kneeling, facing away from the camera, our hips almost touching, our heads resting on our arms that are flat on the floor. Our thighs are tightly closed. Both sets of puffy, pussy lips dominate the shot. Everything other than those four lips and the two puckered anuses is white. The pink and brown of them seems to leap from the photo.

Shot 18

Simply a tongue on a nipple, a fingernail on the folds surrounding a clit. Mum's or mine? It's impossible to tell.

Shot 19.

A collage. The first was of bpth of us from behind from the waist up. We are looking at each other, our arms stretched out as if we were holding hands. The next was

side on, from the waist up mum's hands resting on my shoulders, mine on her hips. Then one of both of us kneeling, gazing into each other's eyes. The final was of me lying on my back, mum hovering over me, looking as if she has eased me to the ground.

It was not until we had looked at them all and until Colin had run through them again, that mum and I realised that none of the nineteen shots were of us together. Sure they looked as though they were, but every one was a cut and paste job. When we asked Colin about that he smiled and told us that was the special effect he had been searching for.

"That's the art," he explained it as. "The special effect. The judges will know but nobody else will, apart from us."

All mum and I could say was. "Oh really?

Chapter 8.

"Well ladies, what do you think?" Colin asked us.

We both said how amazing we thought they were.

"Are you pleased with them?" Mum asked.

"Yes very. Very pleased actually."

"How is this frame and material sort of thing supposed to work?" I asked.

"I've got them set up in the basement, I'll show you."

"Ok great."

"Oh just one thing."

"What's that?" Mum asked.

"There's just a little more work we need to do, so could I, in the nicest possible way," Colin said smiling and looking from mum to me and back again, "persuade you both out of your clothes."

It was odd stripping off in his lounge so close to each other. Odd and exciting for me, for the other times we had modeled together we had undressed separately. This time I watched her every move. Undoing her top, sliding the zip of her trousers down, removing them and unclipping her bra and taking that and then her panties off.

"Come on Sammi," she said, "don't go shy on us now."

"Oh right sorry," I stammered realising I had only undone a few buttons on my shirt. I literally was shaking with excitement and arousal as I stripped naked with her looking at me. Mum's demeanour was now more serious, almost as if the situation was getting to her as it was to me. Both naked we looked at each other. I was sure something was going to happen, but then Colin called out from downstairs.

"Come on you two, I'm ready."

I followed her down the fairly narrow staircase to the hallway just inside the front door. The black and white tiles were very cold under my bare feet

"Everything's in the basement, laid out," he explained. "This way."

The basement was huge. It was the size of the house and was one large room. It was warm and well lit and had quite a nice feel to it. One half of the room was taken up by the pink frames with the strips of silk containing the photo entries for the festival on them. They were lined up one behind the other in a circle that gradually got smaller, like a corkscrew, so we could only see the outside four or five. Each frame had the shot number in pink numeral on the top right hand corners.

Mum and I stood there naked looking at my bare back and her exposed front in shot 1. As I stared at it, I saw that it, indeed was material, probably silk, but was in three pieces each of which were fastened at the top.

"Ok the idea is that people, the judges mainly, can actually walk through the photos one by one moving nearer and nearer to the centre, for as you can see they are arranged like that. So come on follow me."

It really was an amazing experience to walk slowly towards a life size, nude photo of my mother and me, to then step through it only to then be confronted by another and then another. The naked images, the moving silk and the wooden frames surrounded us. We walked side by side through shots 4 to 10.

"Well what do you think?" Colin called from outside the reducing circle.

"It's amazing, I've never seen anything like it," mum replied stumbling a bit, as she caught her foot on the bottom of the frame.

"Bollocks," she said loudly her breasts jiggling wonderfully as she stumbled. I managed to catch her and held her on her shoulders. "Nothing, I just stubbed my toe," she called out as we stood staring at each other, our breasts almost touching.

"Thanks Sammi," she whispered, not moving at all.

"That's ok mum," I replied equally softly, staying exactly where I was looking into her eyes.

The atmosphere was laden with expectancy, well certainly on my part, as I looked down and saw that both hers and my nipples were hardening. Her hands had moved and were resting on the swell of my naked hips. They seemed to be half pressing into me and half caressing me. Her skin on her shoulders under my fingers was smooth and silky, but seemed so hot. I moved my fingers a little and I imagined she did as well.

"We should get on," she whispered, moving a little so that our breasts did touch, just lightly. On purpose, I wondered.

"Yes," I smiled, "I suppose we should."

We walked through the remaining frames quite quickly. We were holding hands most of the time, helping each other; I was in a daze at the sheer eroticness of all that was happening.

We stepped through the collage that was indicated as Shot 19. Colin was waiting for us in the middle of the corkscrew. That was a circle about fifteen feet in diameter, the floor of which was covered in the same white fabric as the nineteen photos. Lying on that was another pink frame with the number twenty on it..

"Number twenty's on the floor," mum said, rather unecessarilly, for it was so obvious.

"Absolutely right Amanda," Colin replied smiling andstanding very close to both of us. He could not fail to have noticed our puckered, hardened nipples, but then he must have been used to it.

"So that's why we're undressed is it? You're going to shoot that are you?" I asked.

He smiled. "Well yes and no."

"What do you mean?" mum asked.

"Yes that's why I asked you to undress, but no, I am not going to photograph you."

"Oh. I don't get it, do you Sam?" Mum asked looking at me a perplexed impression on her face.

"No," I stammered, still feeling awfully shaken up from the earlier episode.

"Let me explain."

"I think you'd better," Mum said quite firmly.

"Well in essence, Amanda, Sammi," Colin said looking us both in the eyes in turn. "You are Shot 20."

"What the hell do you mean?"

"The final pose, ladies is real life. It's you two. It's Mother and Child. It's the pair of you making love as the judges watch you."

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