tagGay MaleSexual Bon Vivant Pt. 01

Sexual Bon Vivant Pt. 01



The view through my 6 power scope was spectacular. The eight point buck I was looking at had a nice set of antlers. He was standing broadside 125 yards away. A dead certain shot — one I had made many times before. I never even took the safety off. I was on a deer hunt, but the truth was, I really didn't want to kill one. That would just ruin a good hunt. When I was younger and still living at home, I had been a prolific hunter. Now that I was off at college, I had little need for the meat and I had no desire to pay to have the head mounted. The best buck I had ever seen on our Texas hill country lease eventually made his way into the thick salt cedar thicket beyond my blind. He disappeared as quickly as he had appeared.

No, I was just out here to get outdoors, forget about school. In fact, the only deer hunting I would do after this trip was with a camera.

Deer camp was a notorious male bastion. Wives, girlfriends or any woman who ventured along would be quickly dissuaded to come back. Peeing in an old outhouse, no shower or any real privacy kept them away. No this was a men only club. This trip, that meant me, my Dad, younger brother Sammy, my Dad's friend Frank and his son Frankie.

The camp consisted of a crudely constructed tin building. It had been built piecemeal over time. Whenever any of our group had extra materials and some time they would hammer some nails. Nothing to look at but it served its purpose. It had two bedrooms connected by a kitchen, such as it was.

It was soon time to grab some lunch, so I gathered my things, climbed down from the blind, and headed back.

My dad met me as I returned to camp, empty handed.

"No luck? That's a shame, I could have taken one home with me."

"What do you mean? We still have two more days here."

"I have to go to fix a problem at work. I'm taking Sammy and Frankie back with me. Frank said he would bring you back when he comes home on Friday."

'I'm not ready to leave, so I guess that will be okay."

"You will be in good hands with Frank." If he only knew how true that would turn out to be!

Frank was a pal of my dad. his wife, Carol and mom were childhood friends. Frankie, the son was my friend as well. I felt comfortable and safe staying with him. I just did't know how comfortable.

After my dad and the boys left, Frank and I, hunted the rest of the day, meeting back at camp that evening. I had never spent time with him away from deer camp. Even so, he was one my favorites among my dad's friends. He was in his early 50's, 6-0 or so tall, fit for his age. He was usually in a pleasant mood. He smoked a pipe which smelled good. His short, wavy hair had a few grey strands and his face had the dark permanent tan from his outside work as a road construction worker. He was good looking in any case.

I was 5-9, average build, definitely non-athletic. I had turned 19 a month earlier. I had been in college for just over a year. I most certainly had gained the 'freshman fifteen.'

I was pretty much straight. I suppose that is like being a little pregnant. You are, or you aren't. At the time I was "straight," but my year in college tested my "straightness." Specifically, my roommate tested me.

Naturally, living in impossibly close quarters for a year, there were lots of times that we saw each other in various stages of undress. The bulge in his underwear was clearly bigger than mine. This was proven late on night when I woke to see one of his frat buddies sucking him off! I pretended to remain asleep while watching. They were too busy to worry about me. I had no idea he was 'that way.'

I got my first clear look at my roomie's cock. It certainly was longer but not thicker than my six inches. His friend was enjoying it. When Jim, my roommate, came, his friend gulped it noisily. My own cock was growing. I felt a little jealous.

That was when his friend turned his attention to me. He stepped over to my bed, and through my almost closed eyes I could see Jim's semen starting to drip from the corners of his lips.

The friend looked me over with bemusement.

"Has he sucked you yet? Looks like something's got him aroused."

As he said that his hand was touching my now erect penis.

"Cut it out, if he wakes up, I'll never explain you being here with cum on your face!"

He friend wiped the large translucent glob off his lip with his finger acting as if he was putting it in his mouth. Instead, he quickly put it into my slightly open lips! I somehow managed to keep up my illusion of sleep. I had no choice but to keep it in my mouth. Fortunately, there was no strong flavor to deal with.

"There, he's now a member of the club. The 'I have tasted Jim's cum' club.

"Are you insane? Get out before he wakes up!" He wiped a bigger glob of semen from the other side of his face. He added it to the cum already in my mouth. This time I got a good taste and feel for the texture. It was somewhat pleasant.

As he left I swallowed my roommate's cum. I suppose I could have spit it out, but didn't. I began wondering what it would be like to have a man cum in my mouth. Several times I started to go over to his bed at night, but I could not do it. So that was that.

Until deer camp.

After we had cooked and eaten dinner, Frank pulled out his 5-day cooler. It was late on the 4th day, so the beer in the melted water was about room temperature. Frank handed me one, saying the beer would be colder sitting outside. No, he was not giving alcohol to a minor — in those days the drinking age was still 18. Still I wasn't much of a drinker and my size made me feel the effects sooner than my peers. After two warm beers I was pleasantly buzzed. Not drunk, but getting there.

"How's college? I never went, myself. Learning anything?"

"Reading, 'riting and 'rithmatic. The usual."

"And the facts of life, I'm sure. Lots of hot young things there to choose from."

"Nothing much to tell, I haven't been laid since I high school. I study too much to have time."

"And you spend your holidays at deer camp with a bunch of guys! Are you kidding me?"

"I enjoy getting outdoors, and...and...I guess I should be out getting some"

"It's getting chilly, let's go inside."

Once inside Frank suggested we clean up before bedtime.

There was no way to bathe or shower at the camp. The best you could do was a sponge bath using a large water pot heated on the propane stove in the kitchen. Usually we took the water pot into a bedroom for privacy. Frank had a different idea.

"Since we already have the stove lit and the kitchen warm, we can sponge off right here!"

I kind of mumbled an ok. I didn't think he had anything unsavory in mind. It was a strange suggestion but did make sense.

"I can go to my room while you go first," I said.

"Don't be ridiculous. It's just us boys here. No need to be shy. No different than showering after gym class."

When the water was warm enough, we began sponging off. Our shirts came off first. His chest was barrel shaped and hairy in contrast to my hairlessness. Before long we were down to our boxers. I noticed that his penis was somewhat hard. And, to my chagrin, so was mine. I tried not to stare, but Frank made no such effort. I then gave in and watched his cock fully tent the front of his boxers. Mine was now at full hardness as well.

"I hope you don't mind my staring, Jon. I think you are a good looking young man."

"T-Thanks Frank. You aren't bad yourself." I couldn't believe I said that.

"Looks like you are enjoying the view. I know I am!"

I felt my cheeks burning. "I g-guess I am."

"I am going to be up front with you, Jon. I had hoped to be in a situation where we could be alone."

"Why?" I was beginning to understand.

"I have known you since you were born, you've been my son's friend all this time. You would sleep over. Like I said you are a nice looking guy." He pulled his boxers down, revealing his rigid cock. I was taken aback at his sudden action. My eyes were drawn to his pecker. I had seen other penises before, but never one that was hard because of me. I remembered the glob of semen from my roommate. I had wondered how a mouthful would taste. But Frank was never on my list. This was, however, a golden opportunity to find out.

"You did this to me! And you appear to be in the same shape. What do you think we should do about it?"

"I don't know, Frank, I've never been with a man."

"I know you haven't son. I can tell you want to. Call it a sixth sense, but I have gotten a vibe from you for several years. You can stop me at anytime."

He reached down and pulled my underwear down to my ankles. He then reached down with his warm washcloth and encircled my aching cock. I did the same, touching another man sexually for the first time. We cleaned each other. The soapy warm cloth gave way to his warm wet hand. I followed suit and was soon stroking his uncut cock.

"I have had a hard-on for you for a while. I could not turn this opportunity down. When you would come over to swim with Frankie, I could see the outline of your dick under your swimsuit. I would want to do this,"

With that he slid down on his knees in front of me and took my hardness into his warm mouth. That was quite a shock. I had only had one girl put my penis in her mouth and that was only for a few seconds. Frank's mouth felt so much better.

'Oh God, Frank. That feels so good."

It did feel good. He certainly knew his way around a cock, using his tongue and lips to perfection. I had not ejaculated in a long while so I knew I would not last long.

"Frank, I'm getting close. I'm, I'm cumming."

With that, I blew an enormous load into his mouth. He gulped it down, much like my roommate's friend did. For a second I wondered how Frank's cum would taste, but after I came the urge to suck Frank passed. I would have to wait a while before I could build up to that. Frank assured me that it was no problem. We had a couple of days left.

Things did get a little awkward so we picked up our clothes and went to our separate bedrooms for the night.

I laid there unable to sleep, feeling bad about leaving Frank without reciprocating. Getting your dick sucked was a long way from doing the sucking. The longer I laid there, the more I thought back to the night in the dorm room. Thinking about the taste of Jim's cum in my mouth. Wondering if I could do it well enough to coax another man's cock to shoot warm cum in my mouth. Trying to decide if I could actually do it. As I laid there thinking, I heard the soft tick of my bedroom door opening.

"Frank?" I asked, knowing the answer.

The room was very dark, and I could hear Frank fumbling his way to my bed. He didn't speak. He simply got in with me, pressing his naked body into my naked body. His lovely cock was hard and poking into my back. He pressed his face to my ear, blowing gently. He gently probed my ear with his tongue. My own cock hit full staff when Frank reached around and wrapped his calloused hand around it.

He whispered in my ear. "Are you ready?"

"Yes." I was never as ready as I was at that moment.

"Are you sure? If not, I will leave you alone."

"Yes, I am sure. I loved the blowjob and I want to make you feel that good. Do you want me me to suck you?"


Frank repositioned himself into a 69 position with each cock at the entrance of the other's mouth. Frank got it started by taking my dick as far as it would go. I could feel his throat gripping the head. Even though I had cum earlier, I knew I would not last very long. I did not want to cum before reciprocating. That meant I needed get started. Though it was very dark in the room, I could see Frank's cock pointing to my mouth. I lowered my head and took his dick into my mouth.

The first thing I noticed was the velvety texture of its head. It was firm but soft at the same time. He pushed my head down, and at the same time pushed his hips up causing me to take the entire length. Everything was good until he got to my gag reflex. I certainly gagged. I pulled back trying to get control. My eyes were watering and a thick rope of saliva trailed from my mouth to the head of his cock.

"Damn Jon. You just have to relax your throat."

I nodded and urged him to pump my mouth. From his muffled moans. I could tell he was getting close to shooting into my mouth. I was wondering what that would be like when the first blast of semen hit the back of my throat.

He must have been saving that load for awhile. The load in my mouth was as good as had imagined it would be. There was so much that I couldn't keep it all in, and a glob dribbled down my chin. Before swallowing, I held the precious fluid in my mouth to savor the salty taste.

Frank grunted his approval. He started working my cock even harder and very soon I filled Frank's mouth for the second time. As good as Frank was at sucking me, I realized that I much preferred doing it to him.

We were both spent, so we soon drifted off to sleep.

Before my alarm could go off, I was roused out of my slumber. Something wet and very warm was probing my asshole! When I was coherent, I realized it was Frank's tongue.

"I see you are awake. I hope you don't mind me sampling your tight asshole, but it looked so tempting I couldn't resist."

"That feels unusual, but it is nice."

Frank had moved up and was whispering in my ear again.

"I was getting it wet, so that I can fuck you easier."

I then noticed that my ass was wet with Frank's saliva, but I couldn't dwell on that fact for long, because I then felt his hard cock probing the area around my butthole. When the spongy head found it's goal, he slowly penetrated my opening. I expected pain and it did hurt but I was pleasantly surprised at how good it felt. He fucked me while we spooned on our sides. His cock felt good in my ass. I had not thought about whether he was using a condom. I knew I was clean and had a good idea that he was too. After all, this was the 70's.

He sped up his thrusts once he had worked his cock all the way in. I loved the way it felt. He changed our position to doggy style. He could thrust deeper and faster that way. He couldn't last long pumping my ass that fast and was getting close to cumming.

"Oh yes, here it comes, I going to fill your tight little cunt with my cum."

He moaned loudly and I felt a warmth spreading through my rectum. I could feel him getting soft then slowly pulling out.

"I never imagined that would feel so good, Frank. I can't believe that the women I have dated wouldn't let me fuck them there."

"Women are different. Stone cold bitches if you want the truth. My wife hasn't given me any pussy much less ass for almost a year now. "

"If I must say, your wife is sexy as hell. You have to be getting it more than that!"

"Well, maybe someone is but it ain't me. We don't even sleep in the same bed any more."

I filed that information for future use. Frank's wife Carol was one of the hottest middle aged women I knew. If she wasn't giving it up to Frank, the she could be horny enough to give some to a scrawny college freshman. Frank interrupted my dream of fucking his wife.

"Looks like you are ready to try some ass yourself!"

He was right. I was fully hard. If you had asked me earlier, I would have said the I would have preferred his wife's ass, but right now I was hard for Frank's hairy butt. After all, he was here and naked, she wasn't.

I wasn't sure if I would be able to tongue him as he did me. There was one way to find out. I went down on my knees and spread his cheeks to give me access to his hole. I tentatively moved closer. I hesitated before plunging my tongue in his musky hole.

"That's it, yeah. Make me wet. Work that tongue. Yeah, I need to feel your cock. Fuck me now,"

As I tongued his hole, I made sure to get lots of saliva all around his wrinkled opening. I wanted it very slick. I stood up and bent over his body. I whispered in his ear.

"I going to fuck you, old man. My young cock is going to tear you up!"

While saying that, I was rubbing my hard dick on his ass trying to find an entrance. When I found it, I was not gentle. I slammed my rod into him in one thrust. I continued fucking as fast as I could. After an initial squeal, Frank, adjusted to the onslaught. Looking back maybe I just wanted to cum in a hurry. Frank may have smoked a pipe but I smoked his ass.

I would like to say that we made sweet love over the next day and a half, but the sheer awkwardness kept us sober and in our own beds.

When we drove back home we stopped to drop some of our stuff at Frank's house. Carol came out to greet us (me?) in a t-shirt and tight shorts. While Frank unloaded the truck Carol flirted with me, at one time bending down giving me a full view of her C-cup breasts.

She acted as if she didn't know she had given me the peek. As we left, she gave me an innocent little hug, saying if I needed anything, anything at all to let her know. That would have been a harmless sentence in another context. Knowing that she no longer slept with Frank gave it new meaning. At the end of the hug she gave me a quick peck on the lips. My cock was starting to grow again.

It was good to know I was still attracted to women. But Frank had awakened me to another attraction. He pulled the truck down a side road on his way to taking me home. Apparently his wife's flirting with me had us both revved up. He gave me head and I reciprocated by tasting another load from his sweet cock.

As I was cleaning all traces of his cum from my mouth, he brought up and interesting proposition.

"You like my wife, don't you? How would you like having a free shot at her?"

"I never thought I would ever tell you this, but after this week I think I can say 'Hell yes!'"

I figured it was a long shot. If there were even a one in a million shot, I would be a fool not to try. He wanted me to find out if she was being unfaithful and I would get to take a shot at her. That made as much sense to me as asking a fox to check on how your chickens were doing.

As he outlined the plan, I figured the odds were pretty good.

That would be a few months away. I had some unfinished business to take care of at school.

The first night back seemed like as good as any. My roommate, Jim, and I were discussing how our holidays had gone. We were in our beds on opposite sides of our dorm room.

"Say, Jim, may I show you something I learned at our deer camp?"


I rolled out of bed and crawled to his bed. The look on his face was priceless.

"You learned how to stalk deer?"

"I'm sure you remember when you got a blow job while you thought I was asleep. And how your friend stuck your cum in my mouth?"

"You were...I mean I can explain."

"No worry," I said as I pulled his gym shorts down to his knees. I took his soft cock into my mouth.

Apparently he did not worry as his cock twitched with his desire. His moans of pleasure told me that I was doing it right.

"That must have been an interesting deer camp!"

"It was," I said reluctantly taking his hardening cock out of my mouth. "I do need to practice everything I learned. Hope you don't mind."

I took him deeply. I was getting better at handling the ticklish gag area. I felt him in the back of my throat at the same depth I had been able to take Frank. With Jim, there was still almost another inch left. He reflexively put his hands on the back of my head and thrust the rest of the way in. He began a rhythmic pushing and pulling with his pelvis. I really wanted a mouthful of what I had tasted on his friend's finger. The first of many, I hoped. I didn't have long to wait as I was soon rewarded with a salty splash of cum, and another on my tongue. I savored the thick liquid before swallowing.

"I hope you liked that," said Jim, with a hint of arrogance. "Because you will get plenty of it as long as we are roommates."

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