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Sexual Depravity


To my readers: This story is NOT a love story. It involves messy and dirty sex and it's most assuredly not for everyone. Although it is exceptionally depraved, it draws the line at consumption. For this couple, its all in the act. If you have reservations, don't read it. And I will allow voting, so I'll appreciate it if those of you without an interest in this type of behavior not vote.


We met in the supermarket aisles. Our conversation began when she asked me a question about the wine I was purchasing. She apparently needed to bring a bottle to an upcoming dinner party and had no idea what to buy. I was more that happy to assist her. We exchanged names and pleasantries. As we talked, I couldn't keep my eyes locked to her face. She was an amazingly attractive young woman with a petite frame. Since I am so completely attracted to small women, I couldn't help but to look at her fine body. She noticed my obvious appreciation and flirted deeply with me, which inevitably awakened my manhood. Her eyes traveled down to my crotch and she made it crystal clear that she was interested in what was hidden there. As we roved over each other with our eyes, we continued chatting innocuously about different types of wine and I eventually suggested that she get a medium bodied cabernet. She thanked me for my assistance and said that perhaps she should buy a few bottles...and would I like to join her that afternoon for a taste test? As she spoke, she brushed my hardness with her fingers. How could I resist such an invitation?

We immediately went to the checkout and made our purchases. I took both our bags and followed her to the parking lot. She told me she had taken the bus and asked if I had a car. I pointed out my Lexus sedan and she strode seductively to the passenger side. I unlocked the car and held her door as she slid into the warm leather seat. I placed our bags in the back and joined her from the drivers side. She sat with her skirt hiked up and her creamy legs slightly parted. I reached over to caress the milky softness of her upper thighs and listened to her purr appreciatively. She took my hand and placed it on her left breast as I started the engine.

She directed me to her house as my right hand roamed over her body. I reached under her skirt to find no panties to impede me. My fingers found her smooth and hairless pussy. This was a fantasy gone wild, with a petite hairless woman who obviously wanted to be fucked. She leaned back and spread her legs further, allowing me to cup her vulva as my middle finger poked at her amazingly tight pussy. She told me that she wanted me and she was into some kinky sex. Was I interested? Did I want her? I told her that I certainly wanted her and could be as kinky as she was. She smiled and ground herself onto my hand.

Once we reached her house, she nearly ran to the front door, with me hot on her tail. We entered her house and as soon as the door closed, she turned to remove my clothes. I tore hers off as well until we stood naked together. She stood in front of me with an obviously dripping pussy and I stood with a raging hard on.

She took my hand to lead me to her bedroom. She pulled the blanket off in one fast movement and told me to lie on the crisp white sheets.

"Let me have my way with you." She said. I told her that she could do whatever she wanted. I was hers for the afternoon.

She stood over me on the bed facing my feet and lowered herself to squat with her tiny slit of a pussy hovering over my mouth. Looking at the little girl pussy attached to this gorgeous horny woman, I wondered aloud if she would be able to take my thick 10 inches when it was time. She told me to speak no more words, but once again reiterated that she was a kinky girl. With those words, she released a short spray of piss onto my chin and chest and then dropped the final inches to smother my face with her exquisitely small and salty pussy. I ate her and licked her and stuck my tongue as deep as I could into the tiny tasty pussy. She grabbed my cock and started to masturbate me as she fucked my face.

Before either one of us could cum, she stood up and walked down to my waist. She went to her knees and reached around to grasp my turgid cock. She pointed it at her slit and slowly pushed back to impale herself on its tremendous girth. She groaned deeply, and I watched her asshole pulse with pleasure as my cock started spreading the tiny opening of her pussy. Her dripping wetness around and inside the folds of her pussy lubricated me as my thickness slowly disappeared inside her. She was without doubt the tightest pussy I had ever fucked. She panted like a dog and she stretched until it seemed that she would rip in two. Once I was completely inside and I could feel her hard cervix against my cock, she leaned forward and slowly pushed me almost all the way out of the vise grip that was her pussy until only the knob of my cock remained inside. Again she pushed back and engulfed me. It was an amazing sight. She moaned and moaned some more as she started pumping me, massaging me with her warmth. I watched the elastic ring of her vagina grip me as I went in and out of her. She grunted against my invasion of cock and flung her head back as she fucked me.

After only a minute or so, she called out that she was going to cum and I watched her pussy and asshole start its rhythmic dance of impending orgasm. Her puny pussy gripped and released me with each wave of pleasure and I felt the cream of her contractions as it sought release from inside her. As the orgasmic contractions fell away, I saw the pucker of her ass start to undulate again and she called out that I must stay within her. Not knowing what to expect, I watched with fascination and horror as her asshole cracked open and I felt something move next to my imbedded cock as she grunted and pushed and started to release the waste that was hidden inside her bowels. Slowly, the ring of her ass opened up, and a big soft steamy log of shit plopped onto my stomach at the base of my cock. She pushed again and another soft turd slid from her to rest near the first. She pushed again and a third turd slipped from her to pile up on my groin. She backed up to completely engulf my hardness and sat square down on her shitpile. Sitting up straight, she ground the mess between us. With my cock deep and hard inside her, and her shit covering our genitals, she spun around to face me.

"Fuck me," she said. And I did.

Her sticky mess squished between the cheeks of her ass and slid over my balls as she ground it into us. Her stinky shit covered her bald pussy as I pumped into her with all my might. I had never felt so dirty, so nasty...or so turned on. We fucked each other with everything we had and I nearly passed out as the powerful blast of cum spewed out of me with the force of a shotgun. As I squirted and squirted into her, she continued to fuck me until I felt her pussy grip me with yet another powerful orgasm. She leaned down and draped herself onto my chest as our hearts beat wildly with our intense sexual release. As the last of my seed drooled from my cock and as she came down from her high, I felt her relax onto my chest. Soon, I felt a different warmth wash me as she released the rest of her urine to mix with the shit that covered us. She peed long and hard until her bladder held no more. I slowly softened inside her and then released my own pee to flood her stinky cave and mingle with my recent cum. She sat up to disengage from me and I felt the piss douche pour from her shit covered puss.

The smell that assaulted me was horrible and wonderful at the same time. I looked at my shit smeared cock and groin and then again at the mess between her own legs. I had never experienced such depravity, but knew that this was her thing. She lay down next to me and asked me if I had any other gifts for her. Why not, I thought, and stood over her as she had to me. I squatted down over her breasts and stared at her smelly brown stained groin. I slowly pushed my feces out of my anus, to drop into a steaming pile onto her perky tits. As I pushed turd after turd out, she diddled her messy clit. I sat lightly on my fresh pile as she fucked herself with her fingers. I grew hard again as she worked faster and faster until she came for the third time.

I stood up, and looked at what we had done. This beautiful girl was lying in bed, covered in cum, piss and shit and smiling back at me. I asked where her shower was, and she pointed to the right. I asked if she would join me and she declined, stating that she would wait there for her roommate to arrive home.

And I could watch if I liked.

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