tagGroup SexSexual Diversions Ch. 05

Sexual Diversions Ch. 05


It had been a long time since Mike had had one woman sitting astride his face as another sucked his cock. It had been an equally long time since he had been with two such enthusiastic girls and just as long since he had been in a threesome where the hookers really appeared to enjoy it.

He had actually felt quite embarrassed as Emma made the arrangements over the phone with the two girls. She kept glancing at him and smiling as she told whoever was on the other end of the phone where to come and the time.

"Make it in about an hour and yes," Emma said, pausing and looking right at Mike as she went on. "Give him the very best service, do anything he wants. Ok that'll be fine I know you will." She listened for a moment. "Stay as long as he wants you to, I doubt I shall be home tonight." She put the phone down.

"Er thanks Emma, thank you," Mike muttered.

"You're very welcome,"

She fussed around in her bag and popped in and out of the living room as she finished getting ready to go to see Abdullah. She doubted they would actually shag, he was now too frail for that, but for sure she would, at the very least, masturbate him and possibly give him a blow job. He did have difficulty holding an erection and due to his heart condition couldn't take a stimulant such as Viagra so Emma had to work very hard. She didn't mind though. After all it was purely due to him that she was rich and about to get significantly richer from the clinic project. She had learned early on that you have to pay, one way or another, for everything you get in this world. And if that meant wanking or sucking an old man who had helped her so much, c'est la vie.

"I don't think you have seen my bedroom have you Mike?" Emma asked as she breezed back into the lounge.

He smiled. "No, I haven't had that pleasure."

"Come on then, this way?"

He followed her past the kitchen to an area of the villa where he had never been. As they walked, he couldn't take his eyes off her arse, for in the tight dress her wiggle was emphasised and the soft roundness of her cheeks accentuated. She led him up a short flight of stairs where his face was at the same level as the deliciously wobbling cheeks. It seemed so fucking stupid to him now. All this bollocks about not mixing pleasure and business, not dipping your pen in company ink and the like. Seeing the glorious, soft roundness of Emma's bum, with each cheek beautifully defined just inches from his face, made him want to grab her, shove her dress up round her waist, pull the cheeks apart, bury his face between them and shove his tongue up her arse. And that was just a starter before he then fucked her several times on the bed that was now right before them.

Emma was actually feeling very much the same. Whilst her earlier efforts at seducing him had been purely business, she had begun to really fancy the English doctor, which was rare for her nowadays.

"My bedroom" she said simply standing by the door as he walked past his arm just inches from her breasts.

"Very nice too, but are you sure we should use this?"

"We?" Emma replied smiling, her heart beating a little faster as the image of being naked on the bed with him came into her mind.

"Well the two girls and me," Mike replied hardly believing that he was talking to her about a threesome with two escort girls; men just didn't do that, they never really admitted that they paid for it.

"Oh I see." She said softly, her gaze catching his.

"Yes," was all Mike could say by way of a reply. He wanted her so much, words failed him.

"Yes?" Emma repeated, putting the emphasis on the question, thinking that he was changing his mind. She followed him into the room, suggestively, he thought, shutting the door behind her and leaning against it. Recovering her composure, a little, and realising that there was no way she could have sex with him even if was up for it as she was already going to be late for Abdullah who, unlike most Saudis was particular about time, she went on. "Of course use it, do whatever you wish, I'll stay out the night, so they can sleep with you if you like."

"It really is kind Emma," Mike said glancing at her breasts that seemed to be straining against the material of her dress.

"But then maybe I won't stay out all night," she said cheekily as she opened the door again. "Maybe I'll come home and join you."

"Jesus, don't say such things, I couldn't handle you after the two girls."

"Well be careful for I might say how about before then?"

He stared at her, a serious look on his face. Mike was struggling, he knew that. He was in a quandary. Very softly he replied.

"And if you don't watch out I might just say yes."

"Hmmmm, really Mike?"

"Yes Emma, really."

"Well we agreed you don't do that so enjoy my gift of Simoo and Kumah. And as you fuck them, think of me. And then she was gone. She had to for if she had stayed, she would have broken her vow, which was not to fuck for lust, but for purpose.

The girls were simply beautiful. Slightly taller than Mike remembered most of the women were when he had been to Bangkok and Phuket and certainly curvier, they had that dusky, serene, big-eyed look so typical of Thai people. They had arrived together wearing long loose robes similar to that which Emma had worn. They made the little bows that Orientals place so much emphasis upon when he opened the door and showed them in. They smiled and said how pleased they were to meet him. They then pulled the long robes over their heads and off, hanging them in a wardrobe in the hallway, indicating to Mike that they knew their way around the villa, perhaps from other jobs, he wondered?

They were wearing matching cheongsams. Red silk, with slits up the sides from the hem just above their knees to their hips, they fitted them like gloves. The beautiful dresses not only emphasised their slimness, but also their curves. They looked fantastic and Mike could feel the stirrings as he looked at them.

He offered them drinks, which they refused. He tried chatting, but soon learned that their grasp of English was limited. He wanted to get going, but didn't know how. It was odd, two paid for girls who were his to do with as he wished and he felt shy. He didn't know what to do.

We bat you?" One of them said, he never did quite work out which was which.


"Bat, sower, bat."

"Oh bath."

"Yes bat. Bat or shower, you like?"

"Mmmm yes, I think I would."

"Sit, wait, we get ready."

Mike sat in the lounge as they went off without asking the way, pretty much confirming that they knew their way around Emma's pad, maybe it was Emma's brothel, he mused as he sipped probably his fourth glass of white wine.

"We ready now," he heard one of them call out.

Mike worked out that they were in Emma's bedroom. They weren't when he went in, but then he heard them, of course there was an en suite. Pushing the door to that open he went to go in, but was stopped.

"You stay Mike," one of them said from behind the door.

They came into the bedroom together. They had changed and were wearing short, white robes that looked as though they were silk. They had ties round the waist, but no buttons. They came up to Mike and stood either side of him. He looked from one to the other, breathing in their heavy perfume and looking into their deep brown eyes. Their beauty staggered him. Full lips, big eyes, pert noses, high, pronounced cheek bones and jet-black lustrous hair, which they had worn up when they arrived, but which was now tumbling down onto the white silk of their shoulders.

"We undress" the one Mike thought was Simoo said.

"Yes please," Mike replied, thinking they would remove their robes.

They didn't. Instead as one started to unbutton his shirt, standing in front of him, the other, probably Kumah, stood behind him and reaching round, undid his belt. Their lack of English had its moments, he thought, as they removed his shirt, as they slid his zip down and between them took his trousers and socks off in one go.

He was getting hard. They looked at the bulge in his boxers and giggled. They put their arms round him and squashed their bodies against his, one on either side. Mike put his arms round them and pulled the two girls more firmly against him, enjoying the feel of the smooth silk and their softness under that.

He started to pull on their robes, wanting to see more of Emma's gift to him, but they stopped him, saying something that probably meant not yet. They each took one of his hands and started pulling him. In the bathroom he was surprised to see a sunken, kidney shaped bath. Perhaps she does use it as a fucking brothel he thought.

One of the girls knelt in front of him, the other stood behind him. The kneeling one, Simoo he thought, looked up at him her face about level with the outline of his full erection. Her eyes met his as she ran her fingers up and down the length of his cock. It felt fantastic, especially as, at the same time, Kumah was sliding her hands into the waist of his boxers. He felt her easing them down at the back, but as Simoo was now holding the length of his cock quite firmly they stayed in place at the front.

The combination of Kumah pressing her tits through the silk against his back, her tummy against his bare bum, her hands sliding up and down his legs and all over his chest, Simoo stroking his cock through his boxers and, now her pressing her lips against its outline, was heady stuff indeed. He loved it,

Of course his pants came off, of course the girls oohed and ahhed at his cock and of course they stroked and rubbed it. And of course he just got hornier and hornier and wanted to fuck at least one of them right there on the tiled floor of the large bathroom, but that wasn't in the script, it was not part of their game plan. No hookers of the sort they were didn't just sell a fuck, they provided an entire sexual experience.

They helped Mike into the bath, holding him carefully, almost as if her were a frail old man. That made him think of Emma and wonder how she was getting on with Abdullah. It also made him feel relieved he hadn't given in to the powerful feelings he felt towards her, but he wasn't sure how long that could last. After all, having someone as sensational as her offering herself on a plate to him, probably was, he had acknowledged last night in bed when he had wanked thinking about fucking her, too much to resist. He had come to the conclusion that sex between them was becoming inevitable and sod the stupid, fucking vow he had made.

He lay back in the warm water and watched as Simoo poured oil and salts into the bath. She leaned over the side and swirled the water with her hands making it cloudy and very aromatic. Mike reached out and tried to slide his hand down the front of her gaping robe, but she was too quick for him and moved away. Kumah came from behind Mike, her robe was open, although he could only see her from behind, so he couldn't see what he wanted to see, her tits and pussy. She walked up to Simoo, she stood close to her. Mike watched fascinated as her fingers took each end of the tie around her friend's waist, as they slowly pulled on them, as they undid the loose bow and as they then took hold of each lapel. The girls were staring into each others eyes and, of course, Simoo could see Kumah's body. God how he wanted to, Mike was thinking as he stroked his cock under the water. Then slowly, so painfully slowly Kumah pulled the robe open and as she did she also turned so that Mike at last saw both girls' bodies. They were naked. They both had lovely figures and great, yet small, pert tits; tits just like Sammi's, Mike thought as they removed their robes. Slim and firm, slender and taught, dusky and smooth, womanly and curvy, graceful and serene were all terms that flashed through Mike's mind as the two girls dropped their robes. All those terms and "shit they look so fucking horny and they have hardly trimmed" went through his mind as he looked at each girls bush of jet black pubic hair.

Both girls stood by the bath and then, with a svelte elegance, they climbed in and knelt down either side of him holding large sponges in their hands. Slowly, tenderly, carefully and so bloody excitingly they washed him from head to toe. He tried to caress them, but each time his hand got near to a breast or nipple, the girl would shake her head, smile and slither away across the huge bath. They did, though, occasionally touch each other, not in too overtly a sexual way, but in a way that implied that there were lots more to come.

Finished with the washing they again assisted him when they helped him out of the bath. They scurried around him with big, fluffy towels drying him as he stood still feeling a little self-conscious with his massive hard on.

"We go for sex now," Kumah said taking his hand. Simoo took the other and they led him into Emma's bedroom. It smelled of her, Mike thought as he laid on her bed, right in the middle, on his back, his rock hard cock extending right up his flat belly.

The girls joined him, one either side. It's like fucking paradise he thought, sliding his arms round them and pulling their slim bodies against him. It felt great. It had been ages since he'd had a threesome and he had forgotten just how horny it was to have four tits and two pussies and bums to touch and to have four hands caressing him.

He soon remembered, though, for during the next half hour or so they did pretty much everything sexually that two women and a man can do together.

He kissed one as the other sucked his nipples.

He licked the tits of one girl and stroked the pussy of the other as he alternated between kissing both of them. They had such soft, silky, smooth active lips.

He sucked one pussy as his hands stroked both pairs of tits.

He got his tongue between the cheeks of Simoo's arse as he slid his fingers into Kumah's crack.

He licked all round one girl's clit and pussy as he fingered the other looking up and seeing them kissing.

He pushed Simoo's face toward Kumah's pubes and watched as her legs parted and her friend's head went between them.

He stroked Simoo's bum, sliding his fingers along the crease between her cheeks as she sucked at Kumah's pussy and as he sucked Kumah's tits.

He had his fingers in both pussies as the girls kissed each other and him.

He had Kumah hold his cock for Simoo to suck, Simoo hold it for Kumah to suck, them both hold it for both of them to suck.

And then he fucked Simoo.

Half way through fucking her he stopped and fucked Kumah; stopped again and shoved his cock back into Simoo and fucked her. He alternated several more times between the two willingly wet cunts until it all got too much for him and he shot his load into the condom covering his cock that was firmly lodged right up Simoo's cunt; or was it Kumah's?

One of them got him a drink, padding barefoot out to the living room naked, her pert bum wobbling enticingly as Mike softened. He drank that and tried chatting, but their English was so poor he soon gave up thinking, who needs to talk when they fuck like that.

They led him back to the bathroom and bathed him again. They knelt to one side of the bath and sponged each other, their slim, nicely manicured fingers now not avoiding breasts and nipples, but seemingly finding them on purpose. They kissed several times before helping him out of the bath again and drying him and themselves. This time, less than twenty minutes after ejaculating, he wasn't rock hard, but he was pleased and quite impressed with himself to feel some stirrings.

They wrapped him in a towel and took him to the lounge and sat him in an armchair. They poured him another drink and sat close together on the carpeted floor a few feet away from him, but clearly in his view. Tenderly, slowly, lovingly really, they then fucked or was it made love to each other for the best part of half an hour.

Mike was very aware that they were whores and knew full well that you can never trust the expressions and sounds whores make; they are experts at simulating orgasms, after all that's part of their job. But these two were different and he would have bet they did actually make each other cum, several times. By the time they had both had their fingers and mouths between the others legs, had sucked the others nipples and had used vibrators on each other, Mike was hard again.

The girls seemed to have a built-in erection identification device for, just as his cock was struggling against the confines of the towel, they pulled him down onto the floor with them.

They laid him flat, they took the towel away. One of them straddled his hips, the other his face. Simoo or Kumah held his cock and slid on a condom before sliding her pussy onto him. Kumah or Simoo eased herself down until her pussy lips were in the right position for him. He sucked her as the other fucked him.

Just as he was thinking it had been a long time since he had one girl straddle his face and another his hips he heard Emma say.

"Hey can anyone join in, or is this a private party?"

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