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Sexual Education - Hands On


Today was one of the most dreaded days in any kid's high school life. Today was sexual education day. It was always the old lady talking, old video and everybody falling asleep, as most people of that age had had sex anyway. Everybody was still going, of course, because all of their parents had signed the consent forms, stating that they were over 18 and were able to hear about adult problems, that were cleverly mailed straight to the parents knowing their children would 'forget' to give them the forms, and it helped them avoid that awkward conversation with their kids.

So, when one o'clock rolled around, all the senior students who were required to attend the class trundled down the corridor to the classroom. It was an unusually long class—two hours. As the students moaned and complained about the annoyance, they were all surprised to see Professor Ikburg, the hottest female teacher in the school, greeting students as they walked into the classroom they thought was meant for sexual education. Everyone entered with a smile and were again stunned to see another teacher, Mr. Smelt, an incredibly attractive male teacher, sitting on the desk, casually talking to a few of the boys from the soccer team. Whispers were circulating around the room as everyone took their seats, proposing to each other what the teachers were doing and why they were teaching sex education.

As the last of the students entered the room and took their seats, Professor Ikburg moved in front of the class to start to explain the day's class. "Hi guys and girls. I suppose you are all wondering why we are teaching your sexual education class today. Well, the school has decided to try something different this year by getting young and sexy teachers to teach the classes." As Jenny said this she moved into her best modelling pose, giving the students a sweet, seductive smile. "Today will be a fun class. But what goes on in this classroom must not be spoken of to anyone other than the people in here now. If you are not willing to adhere to this, then please leave now," Mr. Smelt added, pausing for a minute to allow anyone to leave.

Surprisingly, no one left. They were all eager to see what these two sexy teachers had planned for the lesson. "For this class we would prefer you call us by our first names, Michael and Jenny," he explained, pointing to each of them as he said their names. Jenny concluded the introduction: "By staying, it means you agree to do what we instruct of you, is that clear?"

"Yes, Jenny," came a collective response from the students.

Jenny epitomised beauty, her long wavy black hair passed her shoulders, her large breasts were well emphasised by her slender body shape, a gorgeous smile that you told jokes to see and tight body created many hard-ons in every class taught by her.

Michael was the schools top physical education teacher and soccer coach. He was ex-professional player who retired early with persistent ankle problems. He was still in great shape with a large upper body and muscly legs. His short blonde hair capped off his poster boy looks.

"First, I would like everyone to get comfortable, so strip down to whatever you feel secure in showing." The class began to look at each other in bemusement, trying to comprehend what they had just heard their teacher tell them. Meanwhile, Jenny and Michael both began removing all their clothes.

The boys stared at Jenny's lovely breasts confined by her bra and the girls admired Michael's perfectly sculptured chest. But it didn't stop there. Michael began to remove his pants and Jenny her skirt. They stood in front of the class in nothing but their underwear.

None of the students moved an inch, their eyes fixated on the sight their teachers just created. Jenny looked over at Michael and they exchanged wicked smiles, checking out each other's bodies before looking over their fully clothed class. "Surely you aren't all comfortable in those clothes? We've made an effort, I think you at least can!" pleaded Jenny to the class.

The plea promoted a flurry of unbuttoning--blouses for the girls and shirts for the boys. Half of the class was content to just sit topless while the other 20 stood up and removed either their skirts or pants. The teachers looked at each other, proud of what they had created. Happy with how things were going, Michael was about to explain the next part of the class when Sarah, the largest girl in the group, stood up from her seat, already in her underwear, and unhooked her bra. She let it fall to the floor, revealing her large, fat breasts to her classmates and teachers.

She wasn't done, though. Next, she slipped off her plain matching panties to expose her hairy pussy. Quickly, she slumped back into her chair, slightly embarrassed at what she had done. Jenny, ecstatic at the proceedings, asked Sarah if she could stand up again.

"Those are some lovely, large breasts you have there, Sarah, and I also like the way you have left your pussy natural and hairy," complimented Michael. "How about you show her yours, Jenny?"

Jenny was more than eager, first removing her bra to allow her large breasts to pop out and then her black g-string. Sitting on the edge of the desk she spread her legs apart to reveal her hairless pussy.

"Thank you Sarah, you can sit down now," Jenny told her as she ran two hands over her smooth pussy. Sarah did as she was told; still blushing at the compliments she had just received from Michael. Michael waited a minute to see if anyone else would follow her lead while Jenny was still sitting on the desk with her legs spread. Many of the guys were rearranging themselves in their pants and underwear as they began to get excited at what was going on. Others were scanning the room, trying to make something of the situation.

A minute passed and nothing further occurred so Michael began to speak. Jenny crossed her legs she sat on the desk to avoid creating a distraction. "Now, I know I said this would be a fun lesson but we have to get some serious stuff out of the way first." Michael began to talk about pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, Jenny butting in if there was anything further to add. During the next 20 minutes the PowerPoint presentation showed various images of each of the topics that were discussed. Throughout the presentation the students began to remove more clothing as the classroom heated up; some removing their skirts and pants while some of the girls removed their bras, their budding breasts now exposed for their peers to see. It was a hot summers day outside and Jenny had cunningly turned the air conditioner off before the class. Each time a piece of clothing was removed the student got a smile from Jenny, who was playing with her nipples as Michael spoke.

As the presentation concluded Michael scanned the room to discover not one of the students had tuned out and were all still actively listening and involving themselves. "Now the most common method of preventing all of these is by wearing a condom," explained Jenny, "and we are going to show you how to use one properly. I know most of you probably already know how to use one because I know what kids your age get up to, but we are still going to anyway and if you don't know, pay particular attention."

With that Michael slid down his jocks to his ankles and stepped out of them, his soft penis exposed to the class. Gasps went out across the room. For some of the girls in the room this was the first real penis they have seen.

"Now, can someone tell me what is wrong with this situation?" Jenny asked looking across the room for someone to answer. A girl from the front row knew the answer and blurted it out. "His dick isn't hard."

"Yes, that is right. But can we please use the correct anatomical terms?" asked Michael in response to the answer.

"Now, there are two ways in which we can get him hard. The first is to play with his penis with your hand. The second is to suck it, which is also known as a blowjob. This is my preferred method." Jenny then got down on her knees in front of the penis and took it in her mouth, demonstrating the correct technique. The penis began to grow in her mouth as she bobbed back and forth, allowing her mouth to adjust to the growing length. She sucked him until he grew to his full length, the shaft standing like a flagpole from his groin.

Michael then handed her a condom package, which she opened. "Now that it is fully erect we can put the condom on." Jenny demonstrated it to the students, explaining all the key points along the way, which resulted in a pink rubber latex condom covering Michael's penis. "I told you it would be fun. Now practise putting on a condom with your neighbour. Choose whatever method you would prefer to get him hard, although you guys are all probably hard by now. But play with them anyway just for a bit of practise and make sure you don't let them cum. Guys, you will have to let your girl know if you get close."

Prior to the class starting, nametags were placed on the seats so that people couldn't partner up with their friends and people wouldn't get rejected. The girls made their way to the front to collect some condoms while the guys started removing their pants and underwear, all revealing hard penises of varying length. "Girls, because the guys are all getting naked for you the least you could do is take off your bras and show the boys those young budding breasts you are hiding," suggested Michael. The delight on the faces of the boys was immeasurable, particularly from those with more attractive partners. All the girls had obliged so there were now twenty teenage girls topless, some fully naked as they had decided to take their panties off, while others just remained in their skirts ready to play with a penis, some for the first time.

Only a couple of girls went straight to oral sex, including the larger Sarah, while the rest just played using their hands. Jenny and Michael walked around the room checking to make sure everything was going ok when Jenny noticed a boy at the back of the room, naked, getting no attention. She went over to him and asked, "Why didn't you tell us that you didn't have a partner?" Benjamin, a quiet shy type, didn't say anything, shaking with nerves. "Well, I'll help you out. Michael can I please have a condom here." Michael flicked one across the room that Jenny caught and placed on the floor next to where she was kneeling. Ben was already hard as a rock, but Jenny didn't think it was fair that everyone else was getting pleasured but him. So she took the length of his penis in her mouth.

Immediately he moaned as her lips touched his penis, joining the other moans and encouraging sounds from the boys in the class. The encouragement certainly gave the girls confidence as most of them had now progressed to using their mouths. Jenny continued on Ben, sucking him like a lollypop before stopping to place a condom on, feeling like he was close to cumming.

When she had finished with him she gave him a quick peck on the lips and moved around the rest of the class, observing the action. Sarah was sitting next to Ben while sucking off one of the football jocks, Chad. Sarah's large breasts were dangling from her chest with hard nipples protruding. Jenny took one of these in her mouth, sucking on it while massaging the surrounding breast. Jenny looked up to see a few of the couples making out, including Michael with a few of the female students. She took a moment to admire that before regathering the attention of the class.

"Ok guys, that was great. Now comes the next step. Girls, continue to play with your guy throughout this next demonstration. Just use your hand and pay attention. Oh, and Sarah, could you please look after Ben for me as well?" Sarah just nodded and looked over to Ben, a large grin over her face as she placed her spare hand over his penis. "The next step is sexual intercourse," explained Jenny, "We could have just shown you a porno, but that wouldn't have been as much fun, so Michael and I are going to give you the demonstration."

Smiles lit up the room when the students heard the explanation. Michael said, "First, you are going to make sure the girl is well lubricated. You can check this by putting your finger inside her vagina and make sure it goes in easily and is wet. Of course, Jenny is wet because she is one horny teacher. So girls, you're gonna have to take all your clothes off." Michael slipped a finger inside Jenny's vagina. The girls all obliged, removing their skirts and panties revealing varying vaginas to each other and their partners for the lesson.

Like bullets, the guys' hands moved to their partners' vaginas, copping a feel, some for the first time. Michael, who was eager to get a piece of Jenny, ordered their attention but encouraged them to keep playing. "First, if your partner doesn't want to do it don't force her. If they'd prefer we have dildos up front here. Second, take your time; it's not a race. Now everyone watch here. Insert the head of your penis to start with."

An audible moan escaped Jenny's lips when Michael followed his words with actions. "Next, you will withdraw and follow that up slowly. Insert your penis a bit further this time." Michael continued to follow his words with actions until half his penis was inside of Jenny's vagina. "You will get to the stage for virgins where they will feel pain. This is called breaking the hymen. Please stop when this happens and wait for the girl to tell you to go on. Jenny's not going to feel this, as she is quite experienced. After this you should be able to get yourself into a good rhythm, girls order your guys around. Tell them if you want it faster or slower. This is about you as much as it is about them."

"Hurry up and fuck me Michael, I'm dying here," ordered Jenny, the desperation clearly evident in her voice. There was no hesitation and he thrust into her quickly, keeping up the pace. With each thrust Jenny's moans got considerably louder as she approached her first climax.

15 couples began having sexual intercourse while the remaining few practised with the plastic replicas. Moans were coming from every corner of the room, occasionally pausing when they seemed to reach the hymen before getting louder and louder.

After Jenny had her orgasm she ordered their attention, some stopping as she was about to explain what she believed to be one of the most important points. "When your partner comes close to ejaculating, make up your mind where he does it. He can cum in the condom in your vagina, in your mouth if you want to taste it or, my personal favourite, all over my face and big round boobies. That's where you're going to, big boy."

The last comment was obviously directed at Michael, who was ready to explode. He pulled out his penis, whipped off the condom and shot his load over the ordered areas, concentrating on those big lovely mounds. As Michael finished cumming over Jenny the guys got back into pounding their partners. It wasn't long before moans from everyone increased in volume and the guys were spraying loads of cum over the girls. The majority of the guys didn't have enough time to get their condoms off and those who could came over the breasts of the girls. But Sarah, who had chosen to do it with Ben instead of Chad, received her shot in the mouth, gulping down the whole load.

"We'll just take a 5 minute break while everyone recovers a little," informed Jenny, who along with Michael mingled with the students, grabbing handfuls of the teenage sex organs. Chad, not happy with being left out, approached Jenny. "Jenny I'm not happy, I didn't get a go."

"Don't worry, stud. You'll get your go, just sit on the chair at the front and wait a couple of minutes."

With 30 minutes still left in the class, the students wondered what they would be learning next. The class gathered around the front as Jenny began to suck on Chad's penis, readying him for the next lesson.

"Before we finish, we would like to show you a few other positions," Jenny explained as she placed a condom over the hard penis. "This one is called the cowgirl. Position yourself over your partner's penis and lower yourself onto it." Jenny did as she said, impaling herself on the penis in one swift movement, bouncing up and down, her large breasts glistening from the cumshot she received earlier. She demonstrated for a minute before rotating to face him, her firm butt and asshole now on show to the class. She continued to bounce up and down as she spoke. "You can do it this way as well. I like this one because your partner can suck on your nipples while you're doing it."

Jenny removed herself from the penis and got on all fours on the ground, her butt waving in the air. "This last one is what we know as doggy-style. Just get on your hands and knees and let your partner enter you from behind." Chad did just that, causing her to yelp as he buried himself into her in one short thrust. "Girls pick a new partner to try these out with, get him ready, then have a go," explained Michael, loving the sight of so many beautiful young women all naked having sex. "Oh, and make sure you remember to put a condom on."

All the girls raced to the front to grab another condom before they all began to pleasure the partners they paired up with. It was a sight to behold. Now all 20 girls were on their knees sucking the penis of their new partner. Several of the guys were ready almost immediately while others took a little bit longer. Little time had passed before they were all madly trying the new positions outlined by Jenny and Chad, who were still thrusting into Jenny at the front of the room.

Michael was standing at the front of the room admiring the sight, his long hard penis standing at full attention. Jenny noticed this and tried to speak during heavy pants. "Will...someone...please...look...after...Michael...ahhh," interrupted by the incredible pleasure she was receiving.

A hand shot up from the back of the room. Sarah, who's fat breasts were swaying from side-to-side from the frantic sex she was having, offered to help and Michael was more than keen. He made his way over and she took his long penis in her mouth. She bounced up and down on Tim, another football jock. Michael looked over at Jenny, who now had her head arched back, moaning intently as Chad was pumping her from behind.

"Come on baby, come shoot your big load all over my large titttttts!" Jenny exclaimed, hitting yet another orgasm. Chad took this as an order and withdrew immediately, removed the condom and jerked his penis until he shot another large load over Jenny's shiny breasts. Chad slumped back against a desk in an attempt to catch his breath.

Jenny looked up to see all the girls having sex, even those who were previously using dildos. She moved out into the room, stopping at several groups to help them out. Jenny played with numerous breasts, rolling the hard budding nipples in her fingers. Some of the girls were even open enough to make out with their female teacher, sharing passionate kisses with her while being pounded by their partner.

As Jenny approached the last group--Sarah, Tim and Michael--Michael and Tim were standing over Sarah, shooting their loads over her face and into her mouth, her face now coated in a think layer of cum. Jenny couldn't resist, attempting to lick all the juices from her student. Sarah insisted that they share the love juice, joining in a kiss with Jenny where they exchanged the cum Jenny had just cleaned from her.

Other couples began climaxing and cumming, several girls wanting to try the taste of cum, allowing their partners to shoot in their mouths. After each couple had finished they collapsed in the chairs or on the ground, watching and admiring the remaining students who were finishing off. Puffing and panting was now being combined with moaning and yelping as the pairs still going at it approached their orgasms. They promptly finished up and Jenny and Michael made their way to the front of the class.

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