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Sexual Evolution


The change happened quickly and I still don't really know why.

After twenty years of marriage, working hard and raising children, our sex life was a near total loss. When Jennifer and I got around to it, if the stars were properly aligned in ways I do not quite understand, the sex was great. However for the most part, it was infrequent and uninspired.

I love to watch my wife pleasured. I am inspired by her moans, her groans and her orgasms. When she gets to it, her orgasms are fierce. Her screams are loud and her legs and chest quiver with electric motion. The look on her face is inspired as her pleasure reaches sensory overload. Nothing would make me happier than to watch her orgasm daily. Just a fantasy of mine I supposed, at least until . . .

Several months ago something changed. I could write an entire treatise speculating as to why, but truthfully it does not matter. Suddenly sex captivated Jennifer.

It started one morning. I was fast asleep until a vague sensation began to bring me out of it. My body woke before my mind and something felt wonderful. I opened my eyes a little and saw Jennifer's scalp on my stomach while she gently sucked my hardening cock.

She realized I was awakening and, removing my cock from her mouth and turning to me, said, "I love when your cock gets hard and long in my mouth."

Then she moved her mouth back over my cock and started to suck on it like there was no tomorrow. She had a purpose and passion that I had not seen in years. She made loud slurping noises, hummed her pleasure and drooled mightily all over my straining organ. Soon I was about to blow a huge load of cum.

"I'm about to make a huge mess," I warned her.

"Wonderful," Jennifer said, briefly lifting off my aching cock. "I really want it. Give me your cum. Give me your cum. Give me your hot blast of cum. Now!"

Well, that did it. I exploded in her mouth, losing virtually all of my body fluid in a series of shots. In turn my cum flowed out of the corners of her mouth and covered her mouth and chin, dripping slowly onto my balls. Jennifer swallowed and cooed and we fell asleep.

Later I asked her what gotten into her, to which she slowly replied "I don't know."

Not one to bite the hand that feeds me, I left it at that.

Jennifer's transformation continued. A few days later she announced we should bring in dinner. While I called, she went upstairs and emerged a few minutes later in the sexiest lingerie I had ever seen. The lacy black bra presented her breasts beautifully and was largely transparent. Her large, hard nipples were obvious to see. She wore a sheer cover up that hid little as well as very thin, black fishnet stocking. She left her pussy uncovered and I quickly learned why. She pushed me onto the large footstool in the living room, grabbed my rock hard cock and lowered her pussy onto it. Jennifer was soaked, her pussy lips wide-open and bright red. She first briefly moaned then deeply groaned. She fucked herself on my cock very fast and very hard. After about ten minutes she began to quickly rub her engorged clit. Her groans grew louder until she suddenly stiffened and her eyes rolled up into her head. Then her entire body shuddered and jerked as she screamed at the top of her lungs, loud enough to bring on the police. Well, that got me and I shot a huge load of cum into her dripping, clutching pussy.

Of course the doorbell range just as Jennifer collapsed onto my chest. I joked that she should answer the door since she was on top. She looked calmly at me, giggled for a moment, then rose and answered the door. The pizza deliveryman walked into our kitchen, looking in a state of shock. After leaving the pizza on our counter, he followed Jennifer back to the front door. Cum was running freely down both of her legs, scarcely concealed by the cover up. We couldn't stop laughing as we gorged on dinner.

Then two weeks ago she really got me going. Jennifer had been at a local social event and was wearing a very pretty blue dress as we cleaned up the dinner dishes. She excused herself to the restroom and I finished drying the dishes. She walked back in a moment later, grabbed my hand and placed it onto her bare pussy. It was already soaking wet and super heated.

"Finger fuck me - hard," Jennifer said.

I rubbed three fingers along her slit, adjusting the pressure I applied as I went. Jennifer immediately began to moan. I stuck my fingers into her pussy and tried to rub her G-spot, which sometimes works and sometimes does not. That night it worked.

Jennifer started groaning and mumbling, "Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Oh God!"

After about five minutes of this Jennifer screamed, "My clit. God, my clit."

So I roughly rubbed her clit with three fingers and Jennifer quickly exploded. At the top of her longs she screamed, "So good. So good. So fucking good."

She lost the strength in her legs and held onto me. I walked her over to the sofa in the den. As her breathing normalized, she looked me right in the eyes and said, "I need your cock in my ass."

"Say no more," I responded.

I took out my tungsten steel cock as I fingered her ass, which was soaked as a result of the fluids from her explosive orgasm flowing out of her pussy. I shot my cock into her ass and my balls slammed into the back of her thighs. Jennifer screamed again. She was still incredibly sensitive from her orgasm and got right back to waking the neighbors and alerting the police.

"Fuck my ass harder! Harder!" she screamed.

I slammed my beautiful wife in the ass and she exploded into another orgasm. Within a few seconds I shot the biggest load ever into her clenching ass. As we lay on the sofa and tried to breathe, I again asked her what had gotten into her.

"Sorry, I just don't know. It's just, well, the idea of sex seems much more captivating now and I really want to feel pleasure that I can barely contain," explained Jennifer. "No clue," she continued, "but surely you're not complaining?"

"No no no!," I agreed, as fast as my mouth could move. "So in your present incarnation, you are enjoying raw sexual stimulation."

"Yes," said Jennifer. "That seems to be working for me. In the past few weeks I have had the best orgasms of my life. It seems to be getting you harder and me more stimulated by it. I like it."

I continued slowly. "If I can get you even more stimulation, are you interested?"

"Sure," Jennifer gently responded right away. "Why not? This is definitely a flow I am going with. Now come fuck me some more."

I did.

*** Club Massive Mystique

What Jennifer did not know is that I had learned about a highly restricted sex club at this stage.

A kid I work with had learned about it from an entertainer at a bachelor party. The party featured two women who had sex together for the men, and who together blew the groom-to-be. My co-worker had won a raffle at the party that entitled him to be the one partier who could fuck one of the entertainers. He picked the blond with the great blowjob mouth, took her into the bedroom and slammed his dick into her. As they screwed he told her how well both women had performed.

"We get loads of practice at Club Massive," she had explained. "It is an invitation only club that features men with, well, massive cocks. The pay is really good and the customers are nice, and loads of fun. The waiters and the entertainers really stimulate the audience and we help them get off like never before."

Well, my little friend must have done a good job with this woman because she gave him four passes for entry, and he gave me two of them.

So a week later, with the passes in hand, I told Jennifer about Club Massive Mystique. The Club is located about an hour away in a very private residential neighborhood. We might have run into people we know there, but likely not. In any event, Jennifer was not inclined to get lost in logistical details. She said it sounded like fun and wanted to make sure we would be free simply to watch the entertainers. I confirmed that this was the case, and that I would follow her lead in choosing our level of participation, including none.

"Let's do it!" Jennifer concluded.

That was last Sunday today. The next Saturday at 7:00pm we were dressing for the 9:00pm performance. I chose light weight, tan linen slacks, a sporty, island-themed shirt and my best Italian leather slip-on shoes. Jennifer had shopped for an unusual dress. She chose a rose gown with long slits on both sides and a low scoop neckline. She bought a shelf bra that presented her spectacular 38D breasts up and slightly over the aggressive neckline. She added Italian leather sandals with straps that wrapped around her legs from ankle to knee. She applied slightly more pronounced makeup than normal, making her look more exotic but not whorish. When ready she sidled up to me, kissed my cheek and announced that here pussy already was dripping wet. She was ready all right.

During the drive we were quiet. She asked me a few more questions about the Club and I answered what I knew, which wasn't much. She gently rubbed my cock, which already was very hard. It throbbed to her touch. From time to time she rubbing her pussy and let me lick her steaming juices from her hand. Jennifer tasted delicious as always and hotter than ever. Yup, ready.

We pulled up to the club at 8:30pm and turned over our car to the valet. We entered an enormous classic Tudor mansion and presented our passes. The hostess, dressed like a high-end hooker, gave us a small Rule Sheet and asked us to read it:

"Welcome to Club Massive Mystique. Our goal is to provide the highest quality entertainment and stimulation from our well-endowed staff. Please observe a few simple rules:

1. At all times be polite and respectful to performers, service staff and patrons.

2. Sex of all kinds is permissible with all present, provided it is consensual.

3. Please readily ask for any needs you may have; our staff is here to help.

4. Join the stage only upon request by a performer."

That was it, nice and simple. The hostess learned we had no questions then seated us at a very large, luxurious curved booth facing a round, raised stage. Similar booths surrounded the stage, which was brightly lit and decorated as a Victorian bedroom incorporating a large seating area featuring an enormous wing-backed chair with an oversized footstool.

Our waiter emerged from a large black door and asked us for our drink order. He was shirtless and wore black spandex slacks. Through the slacks we could see the clear outline of a very thick, short cock. It seemed to me to be impossibly fat. It occurred to me that perhaps it grew much longer when the waiter was fully engorged. If so, he would be incredibly impressive. I shared my thoughts with Jennifer, who decided to find out. She asked the waiter to draw closer and, with two hands, roughly rubbed the man's cock through his slacks. As he moaned his cock grew thicker but not much longer. Our question answered, Jennifer withdrew and we ordered celebratory champagne. Our waiter thanked us with gusto.

Halfway through the bottle, the stage darkened. Unusual, low volume new age music eased into the room. The use of unusual instruments and synthesizer created a highly exotic setting. Slowly the lights rose and there, lying on the bed, was a tall, good-looking man sporting a huge erection. His cock was easily 12" long and so thick his hand barely worked around it. He used his hand to slowly squeeze his cock such that it was very red and hard. The tip of his cock was wide and thick; I thought the tip alone probably drove women crazy.

After a few minutes a very pretty redhead walked onstage. She wore a thin, green bra that showed off her moderately sized breasts very nicely. She wore sheer black panties that revealed her fire red bush. She dropped onto the bed and immediately began to suck on the performer's enormous cock. She stretched her mouth greatly and still could take only about half the cock into her drooling mouth. She used both hands in a sliding, twisting motion around the lower half of the cock that she had not managed to engulf in her mouth. Her hands now were covered in her saliva and the male performer groaned with intense pleasure.

The male performer soon grabbed the woman's rear and shifted her body so that her pussy faced us directly. As she attempted to suck the life out of the monster cock before her, the man slid his hand under the woman's panties and, as we watched through the sheer material, inserted three long fingers into her pussy. The woman jumped and moaned all at once as her pleasure began to match that of the male performer.

At this point Jennifer stared at me with a look of intense lust. She was starting to display the out-of-control horniness that she had been increasingly demonstrating over the past month. She reached for my slacks, dropped the zipper and pulled out my steel cock. She rubbed it slowly and firmly as she repeatedly licked her lips. My cock was drooling pre-cum that covered Jennifer's fingers. She let go for a moment, licked my pre-cum off her fingers, and then returned to tugging my cock.

I took a long drag from my glass to finish the champagne. Jennifer looked at the empty bottle and said she was incredibly thirsty. I called over the waiter and ordered a second bottle. His cock, if possible now even thicker, looked to be attempting to burst form his slacks. The spandex was being pushed to its expansive limits.

Jennifer returned to watching the mutual stimulation on the stage, her eyes glazed and remote. I looked around the room to see many patrons in various stages of sexual endeavor. In an odd way, the patrons were very private in their booths, which offered a slight bit of privacy in this public setting. Many couples were stimulating one another by hand so that they could continue to watch the stage show. A brunette with relatively small tits, sitting about 15 feet to our right, sat on her companion's hard cock while slowly and carefully raising and lowering herself on that pleasure stick. She looked in heaven and in no rush to climax. Her companion looked happy as can be, watching the brunette and the stage performers at the same time. Across the aisle, near the corner entrance, a blond held two cocks and alternately sucked on both. Her face was sloppy as hell. One of those cocks apparently already had blown a load on her as I observed that a few streams of cum highlighted her long, strait hair. I thought it was unfair that she was doing all the work until another man sat up from under the table, gave the blond a long, wet kiss, then returned to below the table to continue licking the blonde's no doubt soaking pussy. I felt better; fair is fair. The blonde must have been a very good girl this year.

As I heard our waiter return and begin opening the next bottle, Jennifer slid close to me.

"Honey, I am so thirsty. I am desperate for a load of cum," she whispered.

Well, I thought I was in for another memorable moment. She then asked the waiter to move closer, pulled down the front of his slacks and sucked his granite cock into her mouth. Because it was only about 4-5" in length Jennifer's mouth could engulf his entire cock, though her mouth still was stretched greatly. She aggressively sucked and sucked on the cock. After about five minutes the waiter pressed his cock into Jennifer's mouth and shot fresh, steaming hot cum into it. Jennifer's eyes grew instantly. She opened her mouth and a flood of cum shot from her mouth down onto her chest. The waiter then shot an even dozen large, fast rockets of cum onto Jennifer's heaving breasts. She stuffed his still hard cock back into her mouth for the last blast and took a large swallow, looking very satisfied. She cleaned the waiter's cock with her mouth and stuffed it back into his slacks.

"Thank you," the waiter said to Jennifer, "Sometimes it is tough to work here."

"I understand," replied Jennifer. "I'll try to make it easier. The night is young and you taste delicious."

As the waiter returned to the kitchen bearing a huge smile, Jennifer slid over to give me a long, deep kiss. Her mouth reeked of cum, which turned me on greatly.

"Thanks for sharing," I said.

"That was wonderful. This is my kind of place," Jennifer said, her tits still covered with warm, sticky cum. "I am heading to the restroom. Be back in a jiffy."

Five minutes later I saw Jennifer begin to walk back to our table. A couple of women stopped her, made a few comments, and kissed her on the cheek. To my great surprise, when she came back her face and tits still were slathered with cum.

"I only used the toilet," she offered to address my confused look. "I like the cum-drenched look. It got lots of attention on my walk back here. A couple of women held me so they could lick some of the cum off my neck. What a friendly group!" she giggled.

Because of Jennifer's shelf bra and scoop neck dress combination, her cum bath stayed well in place and on clear display. She looked so hot I could barely contain myself. She sat and drank deeply from her newly filled champagne flute.

On stage the male performer had move his partner onto the large chair and was slamming his huge cock into the female performer. The woman began screaming in outrageously out of control passion. If anything, his cock was larger than before and the woman's pussy could barely contain it. Her sounds were growing in frequency and intensity as she appeared ready to go into orbit.

Jennifer leaned over and started to lick and suck my cock, which was a drooling mess. Every couple of minutes she sat up to deep kiss me, then returned to her oral assault. She was outstandingly oral at that moment, alternating between licking my cock and her fingers and sticking her tongue into my mouth.

On stage the woman was about at the end of her road. She made the sounds of a woman giving birth and seeming scarcely able to breathe. Finally she exploded, screaming obscenities at the top of her lungs and shaking as if living at the epicenter of an earthquake. She collapsed onto the chair, unable to move, hoping to begin drawing an even breath. That would be quite awhile.

The male performer's cock amazingly was still long and hard. He walked down the steps of the stage and began slowly moving table to table. The closer he moved toward us, the more impressed I was with his remarkable cock. Several women grabbed his cock and pulled on it while a few licked or sucked on it. One woman wanted a go at deep throating him. The performer rubbing her clit while she tried, however she simply could not do it.

As he approached our table, he did a double take. It took him a moment to identify that my wife's tits presented a large cum bath. He drew closer.

"Now you're a woman who loves cum. No doubt about that!! You're a lucky man," he said to me.

Jennifer smiled. "I do. I'm not sure I can handle that huge cock any more than anyone else here who has tried it. Can anyone deep throat you?"

"Not many over the years," he replied.

"Well I'm still happy to help as I can," Jennifer replied. "Please jam that monstrous thing into my pussy."

Jennifer did not wait for a response. She slid to the end of the booth bench, bent over with her rear end facing the aisle and threw the bottom of her dress up onto her back. Her soaking, swollen pussy lay directly in front of the performer. He moved forward and began inserting his cock into her pussy.

Jennifer moaned like no one I have heard in my life. She was shaking and sweat began to appear on her forehead. She was working hard to absorb this new cock. Her breathing immediately became shallow and labored. I slid over on the bench until I was right next to Jennifer's head. I lifted her face and kissed her deeply.

"Not now," she whispered. "I need to concentrate on getting this cock all the way into me. Somehow."

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