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Sexual Hunger & Secret Desires


Sunlight danced across the baby blue carpet in April's new condo. She had just finished moving in the day before. Finally after 10 years in a rotten marriage she was free to make her own decisions and do as she saw fit. It was a new beginning for her and she was excited.

As she lay there in bed, thoughts of her past life skipped through her mind. She thought about what a tyrant her husband, Dave, had been. She was forced to dress as he liked. She wasn't allowed to leave their home for more than 5 minutes without clearing it with him first. He chose all her personal hygiene items. Without a doubt this man was a control freak and she needed to get out before he became so physically abusive that she would never be able to leave.

She had sought permission to visit her mother in Colorado two weeks ago and by some miracle, he allowed her to go without him accompanying her. She hopped a plane with a suitcase full of her clothing and a few personal items and never looked back. She was fearful of what he might do when he realized that she wasn't coming home. She worried about whether or not he might jump a plane to Colorado and seek her out at her mother's home only to find that wasn't where she was. She feared what he might do to her mother upon learning that she wasn't there as he was such an angry man. As it turned out, she had nothing to fear. No sooner had she left on her trip did he sell their home on the coast of Malibu and move in with another woman.

April looked across the room at the wall clock she had bought at the local Wal-Mart the day before. It was still very early, only 7:00am. She crawled back up under the blankets, pulling them over her head, and drifted off to sleep for another 2 hours. At 9:00am there was a knock at the door. April slid out of bed and tied her black cotton robe around her naked body and then headed down the stairs. Even though she knew that Dave had shacked up with another woman, she still had a nervousness about her. She peered through the peep hole to see the delivery men standing there with her new 42" flat-screen T.V. She opened the door, directed the delivery men to place it in its new home and then thanked them as they left.

Moments after they had left her phone rang. Only a few people had her new number and she couldn't imagine who would be calling her this early on a Saturday. She walked into the kitchen and grabbed the cordless phone. Her mother was on the other end of the line and seemed to be in a great mood.

"Hello dear," her mother spoke.

"Hi mom," April answered, yawning a little.

"What are you doing this evening?" her mother asked.

"I don't know yet," she paused. April knew her mom was up to something and wanted to get to the gist of things quickly. "Why do you ask?"

There was a long pause and April had to repeat the question. She hated when her mom was so sneaky. April made her way back to the living room and sat on her couch, still in the plastic covering, waiting for her mom's reply.

"Mom," she called out, "why do you want to know?"

"I was just thinking..." her voice trailed off

"Yeah," April prodded.

"Well there is this nice young man that I work with and I think he would be perfect for you!" she exclaimed.

April had to resist from groaning too loudly. After all, it was her mother that had loaned her the money to get her life started out there. But she also wasn't into getting into a serious relationship just then. April squirmed on the couch trying to figure out what to say.

"Mom," she started, "I'm just not ready to date yet. I am not looking to get into a serious relationship right now. Hell, I haven't even filed my divorce papers yet."

"I know this, April. But there is no reason why you can't go out to dinner and maybe a movie with this guy. He's nice and you can always use new friends."

Her mom was right. Since moving to Colorado 2 weeks ago, April hadn't done much other than to unpack, purchase new home furnishings, find a job and sleep. She was starting to make new friends at her job but none of them had gone out of their way to invite her to do something after work or on a weekend. And deeper down inside her she felt something missing...SEX!!

"Fine," April answered her mom. "Give him my number and I'll give him a try."

Her mom told her that she had already given Gavin, the guy from work, her number but told him not to call until she had spoken to her daughter. April was a little upset hearing this but knew in her heart her mom was only trying to help. Her mom also gave her Gavin's number and asked her to call him. They spoke for a little while longer and then hung up the phone. April went on to program her new television set and home entertainment theater before heading back upstairs to dress for the day.

At the top of the stairs she made the decision to call Gavin. By this time it was almost noon and a good time to call this mystery man. Before heading for the shower she went back to her bedroom and found the phone under her pile of clothes from the past week. She picked up the receiver once and then put it back down. She started to get up and just say "to hell with it" when an overwhelming desire to call him came over her. She sat back on the end of her bed, picked up the phone and dialed the number, not knowing what to expect.

The phone rang 5 or 6 times and April was about to hang up when a man who was out of breath picked up the handset.

"Hello!" he gasped.

April paused, too scared to say anything. She thought about hanging up but didn't.

"Hello," he repeated, a little less out of breath.

"Umm, hello," April began, "this is April. I'm Monica's daughter. She gave me your number and..."

"Yeah! Hey, it's great to hear from you," he uttered. "I didn't think you were gonna call."

She felt at ease with just those first few words. It felt as though she was talking to an old friend and she soon found herself laughing and carrying on at Gavin's personable nature.

"So, you wanna go to dinner?" Gavin asked.

"That would be nice," April answered. "How about 6 o'clock?" she asked.

"Perfect. I'll pick you up. May I have your address?" Gavin asked.

April gave him her address and then hung up the phone. She questioned what in the world she was doing going on this blind date. She sat on the end of the bed for a little longer and then decided it was shower time. As she headed down the hall, she ran her brush through her hair, removing the tiny knots in her gorgeous, thick, blonde hair.

Once in the bathroom she undressed, letting her robe fall to the ground, exposing her large but perky breasts. She looked at herself in the mirror. At 28 years old she was still a hot woman. She donned ass length, slightly wavy blonde hair, piercing green eyes, 34 DDD breasts and a 30" waist. She had 2 tats, one of a fairy on her lower back and another of lipstick kiss marks on her left butt cheek (a mistake made after a frat party 10 years ago). She leaned over the sink and looked deep into her own eyes and then stood up straight and climbed into the shower.

She waited towards the back as the water heated up. Splats of cold water splashed against her nipples causing them to become erect again. She stepped into the warm water and started to wash herself. As her hands ran over her breasts she paused to play with her nipples. She took them between her fingers, rolling and pinching them. Then she ran her hand down her stomach and over the outside of her pussy. Even though it had been almost a year since she had been intimate with her husband, she kept her hair neat and trimmed, making it easier for her to split her lips and find her clit. As she rinsed out the conditioner of her hair, she continued to rub her clit furiously, bringing herself to a climatic end. She had no idea that this release was nothing compared to the orgasm she would have later.

April passed the time by cleaning around the house and making a few minor adjustments as to where she wanted her furniture and then watched a little T.V. At 5:00pm she headed back upstairs and looked for something nice and slightly sexy to wear. She decided on an above the knee black dress that flowed freely as she walked, some black pumps, and some lace thong and bra combo. She sat by her vanity, curling her hair and putting it up on top of her head. She finished by applying some light makeup and dabbing a little perfume on her wrist and neck. She took a step back and looked herself over. She looked great. As she was admiring herself the door bell rang and she headed back down the stairs.

She looked through her peep hole and saw a tall young man standing there with flowers...roses...a lot of them. April opened the door and gave Gavin a nice smile. Her eyes lit up when he handed her the roses and she invited him in while she put them in water. He watched her as she walked away, her perfect ass swaying from side to side rhythmically on her way to the kitchen. Gavin wasn't bad looking at all. He was about 6'3" tall, extremely tall to April stature of 5'7". He had brown hair that was clean cut and a goatee. His eyes were blue, a very deep blue. She could tell beneath his black dress pants and tie that he had quite an amazing body. His arms seemed to be bulging in the shirt and as she made her way back to the living room, she noticed that somewhere a little lower seemed to be bulging too.

April offered Gavin a glass of wine but since he was driving, he passed and she decided to get her purse and head on out. She locked her door behind her and headed down the walkway to his car, a 2006 Lincoln Navigator. He stepped in front of her to open her door and she blushed a little bit. It had been ages since a man opened her car door. Once she lifted herself inside, he closed the door and came around to the driver's side and started the car. She was impressed with both his looks and his manors and was taken aback by his conversational skills as well. It really was as if she had known him forever. That was a nice feeling.

They talked all the way to the restaurant which was located atop one of the most beautiful mountains in Veil, Colorado. It was spring time and so there was no snow, but the hills were covered in greenery which was just as nice. Once in their parking spot, Gavin came around and opened her door and helped her out. April's dress had lifted slightly when she was sliding off the seat and Gavin couldn't help but notice how nice her ass looked in that thong. His mind wandered for a moment before be called back to attention by the valet. He took his ticket and walked April inside the restaurant.

They were seated quickly and again, Gavin pulled out her seat, showing off his manors. They ordered a bottle of white zinfandel to split between the two of them and quickly began their conversations. Gavin was interested in April's background. He knew very little of the hell she had been through, only that she has just escaped from an asshole of a husband and was living here. April told him of the troubles she and Dave had encountered from his emotional and verbal abuse, to him controlling every aspect of her life, to his cheating on her incessantly. He was a wonderful listener and when it came time for him to speak of himself, April repaid him with her attentiveness.

The waiter finally came to take their order and he allowed her to order for herself, something she hadn't done in a very long time. After the waiter left, April partook in some more of the wine. She was now somewhat buzzed but was still able to converse with Gavin. As they spoke, he reached across the table and held her hand. She didn't flinch. In fact, she reached across the table with her other hand and put it on top of his. Gavin couldn't help it. He was taken by her beauty and personality. He moved his chair next to hers and leaned in for a kiss.

They sat side by side, kissing, tongues whirling over one another for minutes, hardly coming up for air. His hands grasped her face, holding her close to him. April found herself very aroused by his kiss and made a move she wasn't sure she should be making. She reached under the table and grasped the outside of Gavin's pants. She wanted to see for herself if he was as endowed as she had imagined back at the home. Gavin gasped into her ear but allowed her to feel around. In fact, he reached under the table and unzipped a little so she could touch his flesh. She felt the wetness of his head and she could feel herself get moister. Gavin looked over his shoulder to see the waiter coming and he quickly zipped his pants. They enjoyed their meal returning back to the conversation that had been taking place a little earlier.

As April ate her food she couldn't help but feel excited. She had never behaved as such in a public place before and it was arousing. She kept envisioning how large his cock really was and she had wished that she had taken a little taste of his pre cum. Likewise, Gavin envisioned April's pussy rubbing on his fingers and he wished that he had taken that chance. They seemed to hurry through dinner but neither seemed to mind. April excused herself from the table and Gavin paid the bill. April sat inside one of the larger stalls, legs spread, fingers caressing her pussy. She leaned back over the toilet and lightly rubbed her clit. She loved the way it pulsated and when she felt as though she was ready to cum, she stopped, pulled up her panties, pulled down her dress, washed her hands and left the restroom. Gavin stood waiting outside for her.

"Sorry I took so long," April smiled. "There was a line in there."

"No, that's fine. Not a problem," Gavin replied.

"So what are we doing now?" April asked.

Gavin smiled at her knowingly. He knew what she wanted but there was a small part of him that worried about what working with her mom would be like after he did it. * To hell with that, he thought to himself. We're both consenting adults*

"Do you want to see a movie?" Gavin inquired.

"Not really," April chuckled.

"How about a movie in one of those private cabins we passed on our way here?" Gavin winked.

Was this is? Was she really going to have sex with a man she just met? She stood there a moment without answering, mulling things over in her head. He was a nice, good looking man. She could do much worse she kept thinking. She wondered if spending the night with him would make him just fuck her and dump her but after feeling just a fraction of his cock, she didn't really care.

"Works for me!!" she exclaimed.

Gavin escorted April back to the car and let her in. She almost fell over on her way in. The wine had really gotten to her but she felt good. Once inside the car they headed half way down the mountain to the lodges they passed on their way in. Gavin turned into the lot and instructed April to stay inside while he procured a room for them. He was gone only a few moments before returning and driving around to the back of the resort. He helped April out of the car and led her down to the room. She entered and fumbled for the light switch. She walked across the room to the couch and sat down after switching on the lamp. That was Gavin's cue to dim the main lights.

Gavin walked over to April and sat next to her. He brushed her hair off of her ear and nibbled on her earlobe. One of his hands caressed April's breasts from outside her dress while his other hand slid up underneath it. As he neared her cunt, he felt he heat and moisture increase with each inch he crawled. April took her hands and unzipped Gavin's pants. He lifted his ass so she could pull them off and once they were off she went back for his boxer briefs. They were tossed to the side as well.

April spit into the palm of her right hand and slowly grasped Gavin's throbbing cock. She massaged it up and down, slowly at first, watching the pre cum ease out the hole. Then she went faster and faster. She felt it throb inside of her hand and made her soaking wet. Gavin's fingers had slid her panties to the side and he places his thumb on her clit the other two fingers inside her. He eased them in slowly as she was incredibly tight. It was such a turn on for him...almost like being with a virgin again.

"Come over here with me," Gavin pleaded with April.

April followed Gavin to the end of the bed. He patted the edge in a motion that she knew to sit beside him. Before she took her seat, Gavin pulled off her dress and undergarments so that they were both naked. He lay April on her back and then got on the floor between her legs. He gently spread them apart and nuzzled his face between her thighs. He began by licking the outside of her lips and then made his way inside her pussy to her clit. It was pink and full and ready to be nibbled on. He flicked her clit with his tongue and she moaned in pleasure. She thrust her hips towards his face as if to fuck his tongue.

Gavin ate her cunt quickly as he used his hand to continue stroking himself. He wanted to keep it hard for her. April reached between her legs and pressed Gavin's face deep inside her. She was nearly ready to cum all over his face. As Gavin continued to focus on her clit, he rammed two fingers deep into her twat and one in her ass. This made her jump at first but upon realizing that she enjoyed it, she relaxed. It didn't take but a few more minutes of thrusting, finger fucking and pussy licking to make April cum. She literally shot her juices on his face and when he pulled back, she sucked it off of him.

"Lay here!" she commanded Gavin.

He climbed onto the bed and April crawled between his legs. It was only then that she saw how large his prick was. It measured nearly 9 inches in length and a good 3 inches in width. She knew that fucking him with that monstrous cock was going to be painful. She didn't realize that blowing him was nearly as bad but she went for it. Bare breasts rubbing against his belly, she took his cock in her mouth and licked it up and down before sucking it hard with her mouth. She was like a Hoover on that cock working her way from top to bottom and back again. As she reached the base she would grab a hold of his balls and push them towards her mouth so she could lick them. She would stop from time to time to watch as Gavin arched his back. He fucked her mouth vigorously as if it were her pussy. At times she gagged on it and at those times he would pull back some to help her breathe. But April was into the pain of being gagged and she would shove it back down her throat. Eventually he saw that she liked it and he would force her face down until her hands smacked the bed. That was her sign that she needed some air. As she continued her oral gratification on Gavin, she reached between her own thighs and rubbed her clit and banged her pussy.

Gavin was close to climax and he shoved April back. At first she was angered by being shoved but in a moment understood why. She watched his cock throb in the air. She leaned forward to touch it and he screamed "NO". Gavin wanted to have sex with her. He needed to have sex with her. He just knew there was a little freak locked inside this mild mannered woman. He motioned for April to sit next to him and she joined him. He reached between her legs again and began to rape her with his fingers, this time using three. April squealed a little with the feeling of 3 fingers inside her but she knew that this would be nothing compared to his cock penetrating her pussy. She rocked back and forth on his fingers as he hands caressed her nipples, pinching them firmly.

"Do you want me?" Gavin asked even though he already knew the answer to the question.

"Yes! I want you now!!" April screamed out. "I want you to rape me, be forceful with me."

Gavin looked at her with a puzzled look on his face.

"You want me to rape you?" he repeated.

"Yes. My ex was never rough with me. He always acted like he was some big, rough man but when it came to punishing me between the sheets, he couldn't do it. That's my fantasy. I want it hard!" April explained.

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