tagFetishSexual Institution Ch. 02

Sexual Institution Ch. 02


~Everyone in the following is over the age of 18~

~Thanks to everyone for the positive feedback! It's very much appreciated from a new writer like myself!~

Maddie and Bailey's punishment had yet to be decided on, and the former had spent the entirety of the next day worrying about how dreadful it would be. During her Discovering Fetishes class, she drifted out of participation and into a daydream of the most humiliating punishment she could think of. As she felt the vibrations of the chair she sat on become more intense, she quickly snapped out of the daydream to turn her attention back to the front of the classroom. Giggles from the girls surrounding her could be heard, and her cheeks quickly became a deep red. The young and handsome Mr. Norville smiled kindly at Maddie as he leaned against his desk. In his hand, he held the vibration controller for the entire classroom.

"Thank you for coming back to us, sweetheart." His deep, throaty voice made the majority of his students swoon over him, and he knew it. "I think we have time for one more fetish presentation, are you up for it?"

"Uhh... Yes sir." Maddie quickly stood up, gathering the notebook on her desk into her arms and walking towards the front of the class.

Mr. Norville relocated to his desk chair, and made a scene out of wheeling around clumsily so he could face the speaking student that made the class erupt with laughter. "Alright honey, make yourself comfortable and don't be ashamed. We all have kinky fantasies. Now tell us, what is yours?"

Maddie nodded sheepishly, and started to read from her notebook. "My fetish is bondage. The idea of being tied in a way I can't escape, and someone being able to do whatever they please with my body makes me shiver with pleasure. I have this fantasy..." Suddenly she stopped reading and looked up at Mr. Norville. "This is kind of embarrassing."

"I know hon, that's what this is all about; coming out of your sexual comfort zone. Do you want me to read it out for you? It'll only cost you 5% of your grade." The teacher stood and reached for the notebook in Maddie's hand.

"No no. I can do this." Maddie took a deep breath and buried her face in her notebook, trying to hide her face from him. "I have this fantasy where Mr. Norville rips my uniform off..." A pause. "And ties me down to my chair, with my legs spread. And he takes the vibration controller and turns it up as high as it will go and he... makes me cum. And then he pulls my... uh, ass to the edge of the chair and... fucks me."

The bell rang and Maddie suddenly became aware of Mr. Norville standing behind her, with his hands on her hips. His lips came dangerously close to her ear as he whispered "You know I can't fuck you, yet, but I can make you cum if you ask nicely."

Maddie shivered and stepped away from him. "Thank you, sir, but I'm going to be late for my Girl on Girl class."

Mr. Norville's face lit up with laughter. "Do you mind if I sit in on that and watch?"

Maddie smiled and gathered her things, waving goodbye as she left his classroom.

"My God is he ever hot." Natalie, a friend of Maddie's, stood leaning against the wall outside Mr. Norville's classroom door. "As soon as I sleep with the headmaster, I'm coming back here to fuck his brains out on that big desk of his." The two girls started walking together down the hall.

"I hate that we have to sleep with the headmaster before we sleep with any other guy, he kind of gives me the creeps. And I think you may have some competition with Mr. Norville." They both laughed. "You know, he always makes us talk about OUR fetishes, and makes US try new things... I wonder what he likes."

"I intend to find out, if you know what I mean." Natalie nudged Maddie with her elbow, and they both laughed again. "I'll see you later, can't be late to Mr. Vogel's class." She sighed, and hurried off down the hall.

Maddie's next class was nearby, and as she walked in she realized the classroom set up was different. All of the desks were pushed awkwardly against the walls, creating a large space in the center of the room that was covered with a large sheet like material. A group of the students had clustered near the door, waiting for instruction. The teacher of Girl on Girl, who happened to be one of the few female teachers at the institution, was writing something on the board, and as the bell rang, she turned around to face them with a large smile on her face.

"Today, we will try tribbing, scissoring, whatever you want to call it. So, everyone partner up and place your clothes on a desk!" She clapped her hands together, the smile never leaving her face.

Ms. Conway was in her late 20's and had graduated from the institution herself only a few years before starting to teach there. She kept her long, dark blonde hair in a neat pony tail that cascaded down her well-toned back. Being that she thought of her back as her best feature, she tried to always keep it exposed in some way. That day, she wore a skin tight grey dress with no back except for a small slip around her very round ass. Her tan legs were covered with thigh high sheer stockings that ended about 3 inches before the bottom of her dress began.

The girls all quickly paired up with their friends and started stripping off their uniforms. Maddie neatly folded her clothes and placed them on a nearby desk, then partnered up with a girl named Kacey. They both sat on the white material covering the floor, facing each other.

"Alright, we'll start off this play time with some kissing. Use tongue, and fondle each other a little bit." Ms. Conway observed the girls as she walked between the pairs.

Maddie and Kacey both got onto their knees and leaned into each other to kiss; their boobs pressed together as they were taught. Kacey's hands glided over Maddie's back, down to her ass, and Maddie's fingers tangled into her partner's thick hair as they passionately kissed. Kacey's boobs matched Maddie's in size, and as they rubbed against each other their nipples hardened.

"Now, I'll demonstrate the next part with Ms. Maddie here." Ms. Conway gracefully slid onto the floor next to Maddie and gave her a reassuring smile. "Just lay back and I'll do the rest." She instructed.

Maddie's face reddened as she realized the entire class was watching her naked body lay on the floor, but she kept her eyes averted from the crowd. Ms. Conway slid her short dress over her hips, revealing her bare pussy, and spread Maddie's long legs.

"As you can see, I am going to intertwine our legs in a way that makes our cunts able to press against each other." Ms. Conway told the class as she demonstrated on Maddie.

Without thinking, Maddie let out a slight gasp when she felt Ms. Conway's bare pussy against her own. Her sensitive clit protruding through her pink lips pressed against the soft folds of Ms. Conway's sex, and she begged silently that her teacher wouldn't move too much because she wasn't sure if she could stifle her moans of pleasure.

"There are many different positions that you can try, and I encourage you all to try this on your own time and experiment with all the different ways you can rub pussies. It is very pleasurable. But in class, we'll just try this one. From this position, you can see that we both have a good amount of control over the pressure..." Ms. Conway suddenly held tightly onto Maddie's legs and pressed her pussy roughly against her partner. "And direction..." At this, Ms. Conway started moving her hips up and down so in hard, short strokes.

Maddie bit her lip to hold back her whimpering as her clit throbbed against her teacher's. She was embarrassed by her body's reaction to the demonstration, but after seeing the hard nipples poking through her partner's dress, she realized she wasn't the only one turned on.

"Alright, now let's try with your partners!" Ms. Conway stopped abruptly, leaving Maddie's cunt longing for more. As she stood, she didn't adjust her dress, but instead let her ass and pussy bare. "Let's make it a little competition. Whoever can make their partner cum first, will get the prize of my expert tongue against their cunts: and whoever takes the longest to make their partner cum, will have to lick my ass until I make the winner cum. Sound fair?" Without waiting for an answer, she clapped her hands together and told them to start.

Maddie and Kacey quickly got into position, their legs intertwined and their pussies pressed together. They started slow, rocking their hips so lightly that only their lips touched. Maddie's clit was on fire, it ached for more attention and she knew Kacey would win this competition; her body was so easy to please, she would most definitely cum first. Kacey started moving her hips so that her pussy would bump against Maddie's only briefly before going back to the slight touching of before. Sighing, Maddie closed her eyes. Kacey maneuvered herself so that she was mainly on top of Maddie, and started to rub her cunt against Maddie's harder.

"Wait wait!" Maddie cried out, grabbing Kacey's thighs and trying to hold her still. She was on the verge of an intense orgasm, and the idea of doing so in front of her entire class almost scared her.

"You like bondage, you say?" Kacey smirked, grabbing her partner's wrists off her own thighs and using them to hold her down, all the while getting faster and harder with her rubbing. "I loved your presentation in Mr. Norville's class, by the way."

Maddie's back arched and she felt the tightening of her cunt begin as she climaxed. Riveted with pleasure, her eyes closed and she moaned deeply as the spasms enveloping her clit pushed her overboard. She felt the rushing wetness of her cum cover Kacey's pussy that was still pressed to her own as she came down from the ultimate high of desire.

"And we have a winner! Now, we just have to wait for the loser!" Ms. Conway clapped her hands excitedly as she stood right above the convulsing Maddie.

Maddie sat up and looked around the room momentarily as she caught her breath. The pair of girls nearest them was on their hands and knees facing away from each other rubbing their asses together so hard that their pussies were getting some simulation as well. Another pair of young women was lying in an almost missionary style position with their shaved pussies pressed firmly together while they made out intimately. To her surprise, Maddie also saw the headmaster, Mr. Valmont, standing in the doorway to the classroom, watching her specifically.

"You better make me climax, or you'll be licking Ms. Conway's ass!"Kacey snapped Maddie's attention back to her.

She wished that she could use the oral techniques they had learned in class the week before; she had gotten really good at using her tongue on another woman. But this class was dedicated to tribbing, and she knew she could only use this resource to make her partner climax. With her legs spread, she mounted Kacey and started rubbing their wet pussies together. Once Maddie got into a rhythm that seemed to be severely satisfying her partner, Kacey reached her hand up and squeezed one of Maddie's nipples roughly, causing her head to lull back with ecstasy. Her pussy tingled from the harsh behavior and she hoped she could hold off another climax.

All around them, girls started moaning and screaming in the stupor of climaxing. Hearing their moans only added to the sensitive predicament that Maddie felt herself in. Kacey's body started writhing under Maddie, and her eyes closed in delight. Maddie took this opportunity to move her body even faster against the woman underneath her. Kacey again grabbed Maddie's nipple and it sent her over the edge. Without control, Maddie started to climax again, but this time Kacey joined her and they both convulsed together with matched whimpers of enjoyment.

Gasping for breath, Maddie separated her soaking pussy from her partner's and glanced around the room. All the other groups had finished and were watching their tribbing show intently. The headmaster still stood by the door, a smirk on his face.

"Well done girls, well done. Unfortunately Maddie, you were the last one to make your partner climax, and so, while I make Kacey here climax again, you'll be licking my ass." Ms. Conway dropped to her knees by the two girls.

Ms. Conway pushed Kacey's thighs up so that they were parallel with her torso and the tops of her knees pressed against her boobs, and then she maneuvered her own body so that her face came right above the spread young pussy, her ass in the air, and her legs spread wide. "Don't be afraid to clean my cunt while you're at it." Her remark aimed at Maddie. "I won't start until you do."

Suddenly aware of the eyes of the entire class, plus the headmaster, Maddie self-consciously laid flat on her stomach and pushed herself up onto her elbows. Now eye level with her teacher's pussy, she contemplated where to start. First a light lick that outlined the soft folds of skin, then a little wiggle of the tongue on the clit followed by a hard lick all the way down the slit to the hole. Once she was satisfied that her teacher's pussy was fully clean of wetness, her tongue's focus went north.

She had never licked an ass before, but she supposed it was a lot like, if not even more simple, than licking a pussy. Soft licks followed by slightly harder licks, maybe a little probing depending on how they were reacting.

Ms. Conway thoroughly liked having her ass licked, and had decided already to take her time making the sweet young Kacey climax. Right then she was lightly suckling on an outer lip while firmly pushing the girl's legs down against her body. She had seen the headmaster in the doorway, and having a slight crush on her boss, had hoped that he was standing around waiting for some alone time with her personally.

After a while of Ms. Conway's pleasuring tongue action, Kacey climaxed lightly. Not nearly as well as she had from the tribbing experience she had had earlier, but a decent climax none the less. The three women stood and Ms. Conway instructed the girls to get dressed, for the bell was going to ring sometime soon.

Maddie was awkwardly trying to slip her panties on over her soaking pussy when the headmaster came up to her. Topless and confused, Maddie quickly knelt down onto her knees and kissed the man's crotch lightly as she had been taught. She put her arms behind her back, thrusting her chest upwards and out and submissively looked up at him. He admired her full chest thoroughly before instructing her to stand.

"I have just come by to tell you that the punishment for your little indiscretion yesterday has been decided on. It will take place during your lunch period today, and you are to come completely naked. Do you understand?" Mr. Valmont's eyes were cold as ice, showing no mercy.

"Yes sir, I understand." Maddie nodded vehemently.

"You may continue getting dressed, then. I enjoyed your performance today; I'll be looking forward to having you in my chamber." He added, a small smile appearing across his lips that didn't make it to his eyes.

Maddie blushed deeply and thanked him before reaching for the rest of her clothes. With the ringing of the bell, the class ushered themselves out of the room and to their next class.

"As for you, Ms. Conway. How about you use that expert mouth of yours on me? I might gratify you with a climax yourself." The headmaster sauntered over to the young teacher who had been occupying herself with cleaning the board.

"Oh! Of course Mr. Valmont, sir." Ms. Conway quickly dropped to her knees and began to unbuckle and undo his pants.

Mr. Valmont's dick hung about 8 inches in length, and happened to be quite thick. Using her very experienced tongue, Ms. Conway pleasured him into his full hardness. He watched intently as her thick lips wrapped around his shaft, and as her big hazel eyes looked up at him almost innocently. At this point, however, Mr. Valmont took over and started roughly fucking her throat with his hands holding her head for support. After a while of the brutal gagging, he pressed himself as deep as possible into her, and let an intense orgasm flood cum down her abused throat.

When he released his cock from her mouth, she gasped for air. He wiped his dick clean on her face, smearing left over cum and saliva all over her tan cheeks. "Thank you, Ms. Conway." He added absently as he buttoned and zipped his dick away and escorted himself out of the room.

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