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Sexual Magic

byPhoenix Rising©

Phoenix strolled out of the tavern, wondering where she had wandered off to now. It didn't take him long to find out. A low moan came from the alley that ran down the side of the tavern. Phoenix walked to it and entered the alley.

The late evening light was dim, but there was enough to see by. The alley was short, closed at the far end and was cobbled, which was unusual. Alleys normally were unpaved and muddy. Against the tavern wall were stacked a pile of barrels. Phoenix knew they were empty. Not even the most stupid tavern keeper would leave beer out where anyone could take it. There were also a few wooden boxes and crates and, at the far end, a heap of rotting rubbish.

A man, a mercenary by the looks of him, was sitting on a barrel, his trousers down around his ankles. A woman was gobbling his rock hard cock. Her tongue ran over the sensitive head then her mouth engulfed his cock, taking it deep into the back of her throat. She looked like any normal tavern whore, mid thirties, slightly plump with large tits, legs clad in stockings and long black hair but Phoenix knew her better than that. It wasn't with gold that the mercenary would be paying her.

As she bent over the mercenary, slurping and licking at his cock, her hand fondling his balls, another man stepped out of the shadows. He moved behind her, to where her arse stuck out so invitingly. He reached out and ran his hand over her arse, causing her to wiggle slightly and moan around the cock she was sucking. He lifted her skirt and his fingers moved over the tight skin of her arse cheek to her cunt. Phoenix watched as he parted her lips and slipped his fingers into her warm moistness.

After a few minutes of having her cunt probed the woman lifted her head from the mercenary's cock and murmured, 'Fuck me!' The mercenary grabbed her head and pulled her mouth back onto his cock. As it slid back into her warm mouth and her tongue teased the tip he let out a low groan of pleasure and let his fingers tangle in her hair.

The man behind her opened his trousers and pulled out a stiff cock. He placed it at her entrance, running the tip up and down her moist lips, teasing her cunt. She had more basic needs, however, and reached back and grabbed his cock, guiding it into her wetness. It sank into her in one long stroke, causing her to arch her back and moan in pleasure before the mercenary again pulled her mouth back to his cock.

Phoenix watched as the man fucked her with long, hard strokes, pulling her hips back as he thrust into her. This made her large tits bounce under her top and pulled her mouth up and down the mercenary's stiff cock. The mercenary ran his fingers through her hair, his eyes shut and his face a mask of pleasure. The man fucking her released her hips and reached under her to grab her bouncing tits. She moaned again as his rough hands cupped her firm breasts, his fingers flicking and squeezing the sensitive nipples. She wriggled her arse against his crotch as he slammed into her.

Her hand dropped to her cunt and Phoenix knew her fingers were rubbing her sensitive clit, building her passion to an almighty orgasm. Both men seemed to be nearing orgasm too, and Phoenix knew it wouldn't be long. Suddenly she stiffened and moaned in ecstasy, shuddering as she came. The mercenary wasn't far behind. Phoenix saw him pull her head into his crotch as his body stiffened and a groan of pleasure escaped his lips, then he slumped back against the wall, totally spent.

The man fucking her didn't last much longer. He slammed his cock into her cunt with swift, hard strokes, arching his head back as a silent scream of pleasure escaped his mouth, then collapsed in a heap, utterly drained.

Phoenix walked into the alley and let his arm snake around the woman's waist. She moaned gently, still enjoying the warm glow of her orgasm, and wriggled her body into his. He looked at the two men slumped in the alley. Both looked very old now, their skin shrivelled and their hair thin and grey. Their cocks, no longer hard, had thin wisps of smoke escaping from the eyehole. Their faces were locked in masks of pleasure and Phoenix wondered just how good it felt when not just your spunk but your life force was sucked from your body through your cock. Phoenix waved his hand and muttered a few words and the bodies suddenly burst into blue flame and burned rapidly, leaving nothing but a fine grey ash.

The woman turned in the circle of his arm and looked at him. She was no longer a plump woman in her mid thirties but a voluptuous girl in her late teens. Long, wavy red hair fell nearly to her waist. Large tits strained the tight fabric of her top. A belt accentuated the slender waist and the flare of her hips. Her long, firm legs were now bare of stockings. Deep blue eyes looked into his and full, sensual lips curved into a smile. She kissed him hungrily, her tongue probing his mouth and Phoenix felt the stirring of the magic that had sucked the life from two men to restore her body to youth.

Phoenix broke off the kiss and looked into her eyes. 'Naughty girl, Tanya,' he whispered. 'We haven't been in this town two hours and you have already drained two men.'

'So what,' Tanya replied. 'I was getting too old. I was starting to feel frumpy. I wanted a new look. Besides, they were only caravan guards, fresh into town today. No one will even miss them.' She pulled his head down to hers and added with a smile, 'And between them they didn't manage to satisfy me. What are you going to do about that?'

Phoenix chuckled. He knew how greedy his lover could be. He kissed her, his tongue snaking between her lips to meet hers. He pulled her close to him, feeling her breasts squash against his chest. He wiggled his fingers and suddenly they were naked. The sudden cold turned her nipples into hard nubs that scratched against his skin. He ran one hand down her back and onto the smooth, firm flesh of her arse. He gave a gentle squeeze and was rewarded with a wriggle that brushed her silky pubes against his stiff cock.

They disengaged and Tanya sat on the barrel, her legs spread wide. Phoenix came to her, his hands roaming over her thighs as his head bent down to her tits. He kissed each one, then snaked his tongue around the hard points of her nipples. She gasped in pleasure, wrapping her legs around his body and pulling him close to her. One of her hands pulled his head to her tits. The other gently caressed his cock, running up and down the firm flesh, teasing the sensitive head then reaching down to stroke his balls. The tender caress of her hand was accompanied by the exotic, tingling touch of magic, sweeping through his cock.

Phoenix ran fingers up Tanya's inner thigh, through the silkiness of her pubes and down to her cunt. His fingers stroked her lips teasingly, then gently parted them and moved to her engorged clit. Tanya moaned with pleasure as he circled and rubbed her clit with his thumb while one, then two fingers probed into her warm, wet cunt. Besides his touch, there was the subtle, erotic feeling of his magic racing through her cunt, seeking out her innermost pleasure spots and bursting in waves of pleasure that swept through her body. As he rubbed and tweaked her little bud he continued to excite her nipples with his mouth and tongue and magic. She arched her back, thrusting her large, firm tits towards him. He sucked one hard nipple into his mouth, his tongue flicking over the sensitive tip and his teeth gently nibbling at it. Warm pleasure flared out from her sensitive little nipples, adding to the waves of erotic pleasure that were coming from her cunt. His other hand moved around her and started stroking her back through her silky hair. The smooth, silky touch of her own hair, coupled with the gentle pressure of his finger tips on her backbone and the powerful sensation of magic running through her body from his fingers only served to heighten the feelings coursing through her little body. Tanya moaned with pleasure, her breathing quickening and her heart racing as his gentle ministrations brought her to orgasm. She howled her pleasure into the night, then relaxed, then screamed again as a surprise second orgasm swept through her, leaving her quivering in her lovers arms.

When she had recovered, Tanya pulled Phoenix's face to hers and kissed him passionately, their tongues entwined. The hand that had been caressing his cock now gently guided it to her cunt. Phoenix teased her at first, running the head of his cock over her cunt lips and clit. Then, in one sudden thrust he entered her, the head of his cock spreading her lips wide as it drove deep into her cunt. They stayed like that for a while, holding each other tightly, enjoying the feelings of flesh touching flesh and magic touching magic. Then Phoenix pulled out of her and held his cock just outside of her cunt. He knew this drove her wild. No other man could resist her magic. No other man could pull his cock out of her cunt once it had been inside.

Tanya squirmed and wriggled, desperate to feel his cock deep inside her cunt again. She felt his kisses on her neck, his hands gently stroking her back and nipple, his magic singing across her skin and through her body and she yearned for his cock.

'Don't tease me, Phoenix!' she cried. 'Give me your cock! Fuck me!'

'Not yet,' whispered Phoenix. 'Not till I'm ready, you naughty girl.'

'Fuck me!' repeated Tanya. She reached down and grabbed his cock, pulling it towards her waiting lips. Her legs tightened around his body, trying to pull him closer so she could get what she wanted. It was to no avail.

Just as she thought she would go mad with desire he gave her what she wanted. His hard cock eased between her cunt lips and slid deep inside her body, filling her completely. Tanya luxuriated in the feeling of fullness as his cock filled her cunt. His mouth sought hers and their tongues lashed at each other, magic jumping from mouth to mouth. She sighed as one of his hands found her tit, cupping and kneading the firm flesh, then squeezing and pinching her hard nipple. Electric feelings raced across her tits, concentrating exquisitely around her nipples. His other hand slid down her body and between her legs, brushing her cunt lips and seeking out her sensitive clit. As he rubbed it, waves of pleasure surged through Tanya's body, coursing out from her cunt to engulf her totally. Now he started to thrust his hard cock into her cunt. Exotic, magical bursts of pleasure swept from his cock, running along the walls of her cunt, exploding in bursts of pleasure as they reached her clit and G-spot. She wept with pleasure as the feelings surging through her body intensified. She tightened her legs around his body, desperate to pull him as close to her as she could. His hand released her tit and snaked around her body, pulling them together and squashing her ripe tits against the warmth of his chest. His other hand continued to tease her clit, his magic causing it to pulse with pleasure, as his cock pumped in and out of her body. She felt her passion rising and was swept away on waves of pleasure as her orgasm raced through her body. He didn't stop as her body heaved against his, her arms and legs pulling him close, trying to pull his cock even deeper into her. Her pleasure kept mounting and soon a second orgasm pulsed through her body, followed by a third that left her gasping at its intensity.

As her orgasms subsided, Tanya settled back in the warm afterglow that bathed her body. She looked up into her lover's eyes and knew only that moment of passion and fulfilment. She smiled at Phoenix, letting him know that she was his and she wanted him to use her body for his own fulfilment.

Phoenix felt Tanya's body relax from her orgasms. He felt the flow of juices released in her cunt as they flowed around his cock, lubricating her warm tightness. Mixed in was the tingling caress of her magic, darting teasingly along his shaft, exciting him ever more. Her hard nipples scratched against his chest, sending subtle waves of magic deep into his body where they exploded in bursts of pleasure. Her hands gently ran across his back, leaving tingling, exotic trails of magic that raced through his blood, lifting his passion higher and higher. He saw the satisfaction in her eyes and felt his own pleasure mounting. Pulling her body close he pumped his cock harder into her. He couldn't last long now and soon he felt the familiar tightening as his balls got ready to pump his spunk deep inside her. He fucked her hard now, pounding away at her sensitive body, then howled his release as his cock unloaded a flood of spunk and magic deep within her body. The feeling of his spunk jetting out deep within her cunt and the erotic charge of his released magic carried Tanya back to a gentle, final orgasm, and then they both relaxed against one another, totally satisfied.

The chill of the night air finally cut through the warmth of their loving and Tanya and Phoenix disentangled their bodies. They reached for their discarded clothing and began to dress. Suddenly a voice cut through the quiet of the alley.

'Well, young sir and lady, how pleasant to see you this fine night. I don't suppose you could spare a little gold or silver for a fellow down on his luck now, could you?' The voice was that of a middle-aged man, of rough appearance. An old scar ran down one side of his face, others were visible on his arms. His clothes were worn and frayed. The sword he held pointed at them was well cared for, however, and emphasised that he wasn't really asking a question.

Phoenix groaned. He reached into his cloak and withdrew a pouch, which he tossed to the rough. The pouch fell short and landed on the ground with a clink of coins. As the rough reached down for it, Tanya gestured. A blast of magic shot from her hand and threw the rough into the alley wall, where he collapsed with a gasp of pain. Phoenix and Tanya quickly pulled on the rest of their clothes and left the alley.

Arren came to cursing all wizards, witches and evil powers. His back ached from hitting the wall and a lump on the back of his head told him that it too had bounced off the brickwork. He looked round. The alley was empty. The wizard and his bitch had left. Never mind, he mused. At least he was alive and still had all his arms and legs. Encounters with wizards usually ended up much worse than what he had suffered, if bar room talk was to be believed.

Arren's eyes found the pouch Phoenix had thrown, still lying on the ground. He brightened; this night wouldn't be without profit after all. Strange that the wizard hadn't taken it back, he mused. Still, wizards were rich by all accounts. This one probably had so much gold he wouldn't even miss what was in the little pouch. He picked it up and opened it. A blue-white light leapt from the pouch onto Arren's hand. Looking like a spider made from tiny lightning bolts; it scurried around his hand for a moment, then shot off up his arm.

'Gods, no! Not bloody magic!' Arren cursed. He tried to brush the glowing magic off of his arm but his hand passed right through it. It disappeared up his sleeve and Arren could feel its tickling touch as it ran up his arm to his shoulder. He ripped his shirt open as it scuttled down his chest, trying again to brush the magic off his body. It carried on, down across his stomach, down past the top of his trousers. Arren pulled his trousers down and saw the magic scuttle along his dick. It reached the head and paused. Arren made one last, vain attempt to brush it off his body, then stared, eyes wide, as it crawled into his dick through the eyehole.

His dick lit up from within, pulsing with a soft, blue-white light. A shower of sparks shot out the end, hissing into the night. The feeling was intense, almost like an orgasm and Arren moaned softly. Then he stared in horror. His dick was shrinking, growing smaller before his eyes! His ball sack shrivelled up and disappeared and his dick grew shorter and shorter until there was nothing left. Then there was a sudden burst of pain as his skin split open and folded back. Arren stared. His dick had become a twat. The magic was turning him into a woman! He looked at his chest, expecting to see the hair vanish and be replaced with a pair of tits. But nothing happened! The tingle and pulse of magic faded away and Arren realised the truth at last. He was still a man but without a dick. He cursed. He would no longer be able to go wenching and whoreing. He could never rape the women of a village when he and his friends pillaged it. And he would never get a fuck, because what man would want to fuck a man, even if he did have the tightest, virgin twat in the land?

From a doorway, hidden by magic, Phoenix and Tanya watched and giggled as Arren lost his manhood. When the fun was over and Arren had wandered off into the night, Tanya turned to Phoenix and laughed. 'You vicious bastard!' she said. 'Where the hell did you find that curse? I haven't seen anything so nasty or funny in my life!'

'Found it in one of the tombs of Haran,' Phoenix replied. 'Some bastard priest had hidden it in one of the dead kings' treasure. Nearly lost my own cock before I managed to control it. It's an easy enough spell once you learn how to cast it. I'd show you how to do it but I don't know if I want to let you loose with it. Half the men in Sheldon would have cunts instead of cocks before you got bored with it!'

'Nice to know you trust me,' said Tanya, pouting. Then she laughed. 'Gods, the look on his face when he realised what you had done. I'm sure he thought he was going to turn into a woman and then the magic stopped! I don't think I do want to learn that spell! I would laugh myself silly using it, I'm sure.'

The lovers left their doorway and, hand in hand, walked away into the night.

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