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Sexual Realignment Training


Author's note: (WARNING: strong literary depictions of sexual torture.) I find my stories to be polarising. Readers either love them or are repulsed by their extreme nature. I think one of the most interesting and compelling things about fiction is that it can be hyper-real, as it only requires two things to be able to intensely depict a situation; my writing and your imagination. If what I can conjure up resonates with one of your fetishes, it may well take you to a new height in fantasy fulfilment. If it doesn't, don't read it... instead of complaining with misplaced empathy for my non-existent protagonist. If you do like what I write, please let me know (be descriptive!) It encourages me to put in the effort to write more, as I have loads of ideas.


In the future, oppressive laws and overpopulation have forced inmates into overcrowded subterranean prisons, run by high tech government industry subsidiaries. To optimise profitability through maximising inmate density, human administration has been all but removed from the incarceration equation. Prisons are run by a sophisticated central artificial intelligence, which controls prisoners with a fleet of drones equipped with sophisticated telemetry and fast acting tranquiliser darts. All areas that are occupied by inmates are positioned on a complex series of interconnected conveyor belts, allowing the AI to readily sedate and move prisoners about the facility with ease. Wireless brainwave scans, visual and thermal imaging and sensitive audio sensors are distributed throughout the facility, allowing the AI to characterise and log prisoner behaviour. Anticipating problems and pre-emptively reacting to them is the best way to suppress subversion...

He took one last draw from the joint, passing the remaining stub to me. The air was thick with the sweet smell of hash, flowers and a musk of impeding rain. The sky was painted a pastel of dark sunset hues interleaved with a vast cloudy grey.

I drew deeply, looking out over the steep rolling hills of the sunflower meadow, as a droplet of rain fell onto my upper lip from the patchy spring sky, accentuating the cool air gently wisping by.

He shifted his gaze, lifting my blouse slightly and gently tracing out a pattern on my stomach with the back of his index finger. Dragging his nail up over my blouse, he lightly traced out a circular pattern on my neck, turning to reposition himself and gaze deeply into my eyes. He brought his face close to mine, breathing softly onto my lips. Extending his tongue slightly, he lightly licked the raindrop off my upper lip, probing lower ever so slightly.

Accepting his tongue, I lightly kissed him back, as our slow and playful embrace gradually became more impassioned and thorough.

Rolling off me, he grabbed a large blade of grass and repositioned himself so that he was lying on the gradual hill slightly below my legs, hiking my skirt up in the process.

He lightly teased my calf and inner thigh with the blade of grass, tracing patterns back and forth between my thighs across the top of my underwear. Delicately pulling my panties down to my knees, he continued to drag the blade between my now closed thighs, edging closer to my clit with each pass.

Finally coming to rest on my clit, he twisted and danced the blade of grass on my engorging bud, tickling it purposefully and successfully enraging a yearning deep within me. The concentrated attention caused me to gasp sharply, as I bit my lower lip hard in anticipation.

He lifted my closed legs with my panties still at my knees, bringing his face to bear with my exposed crotch. He blew on me gently, proceeding to tenderly lick up and down my inner thighs, labia and widening slit. His motions grew closer to my clit, as he finally gently flicked it with his tongue, skilfully encircling the base and skin surrounding it.

I felt shivers pulsate down my spine as I lost myself in the anticipation growing within myself. My body began to throb and flush as he drew back, lightly teasing my inner thighs with his fingernails whilst working my panties off my legs. I arched my back, thrusting upward as I squirmed for release.

Locking his gaze with mine, he penetrated me slowly, as I writhed beneath his agonisingly teasing motions. Suddenly, he thrust forward forcefully and mercilessly.

I gasped as he grabbed my throat hard with both hands, as his eyes rapidly widened and dilated. He choked me with all of his might, as his irises completely disappeared and his eyes became a pair of black and horrifying monochrome chasms. I fought for breath whilst unwilling staring into the deep void of his now colourless eyes.

"THIS IS AN UNAUTHORISED THOUGHT PROCESS," he monotonically droned loudly in a baritone and emotionless female voice. I felt a sharp pain in my upper thigh, as his face faded into blackness and I began to lose consciousness.

I awoke to a mechanical whirring noise, accompanied by the sound of pneumatic extension. "Enema complete," a dull female voice intoned. I must have been dreaming.

I had been moved to a pitch black room by the prison's conveyor system, and I could feel that my torso was straddling a cold metallic cylinder with my arms and legs suspended below me. As I regained consciousness and alertness, I began to feel a dull pain in my ass that steadily grew into an inexplicable throb. I instinctively attempted to reach back to feel my asshole but found my arms to be tightly constrained below me.

A screen flicked on in front of me. A series of loud relays clicked on in a sequence as large spotlights attached to the walls sequentially lit up, thoroughly illuminating my body from many angles. My eyes slowly adjusted to the bright light as it became apparent that the screen was displaying a live feed from a camera positioned slightly to the left, above and behind me.

I could now see that I was naked, lying flat on my stomach and chest on something resembling a steel gymnastic pommel. It was a metal cylinder with rounded ends which was approximately the length and width of my torso. Its length ended just before my vagina, leaving it directly exposed from underneath. My chin was resting on the forward end of the cylinder, facing downward towards the screen which was supported directly below the cylinder. My arms and legs were firmly locked in place vertically by thick steel bars that emerged horizontally from the sides of the room. One pair of bars pressed tightly against the front and rear of my thighs, and another pressed against the front and rear of my biceps. The bars constraining my limbs trailed off into the darkness surrounding me, as did the large central column that supported the cylinder I straddled. It was difficult to tell how far off the ground I was suspended, but judging by how sounds reverberated, I guessed that I was in a very large room.

As my vision gradually became more acute, I could see that my asshole had been pried wide open by a metal speculum attached to a pivoting robotic arm whilst I was unconscious. My ass cheeks had been flattened and spread apart by two large flat plates that were supported by arms trailing off behind me into the darkness. The plates were firmly pressed against my buttocks, pushing me down onto the pommel whilst leaving my asshole as exposed as physically possible. I wriggled forward slightly to attempt to close my ass cheeks, but the machine just readjusted with the slightest pneumatic hiss, further extending the plates' support mechanism to continue to press my stomach down hard onto the pommel through my extremely flattened buttocks. I felt that I was now firmly locked in place without any more room to move. My ass flesh was compressed and distorted to the point that there was little difference in the contour between my asshole and the start of my buttocks.

Another arm emerged from the darkness with a thin perforated probe. It plunged into the wide opening without touching the sides of my sphincter, as the speculum started to become uncomfortably hot. A loud hiss of hot compressed air blasted from the probe's perforations as the machine proceeded to dry my colon and asshole uncomfortably quickly.

The air blast halted.

"Prisoner TXZP42866R. You have incurred multiple thought infractions in violation of penal code 4.6.3. You will now be subjected to the first phase of sexual realignment training. Thought crime will not be tolerated."

The air blast restarted, this time with ice cold air, as the speculum began to quickly cool. A deep ache started to set in as my anal cavity was quickly chilled to ice cold temperatures.

The air blast halted.

"Human sexuality and response can be modelled by a feedback loop. Stimulation can be considered the input, arousal the internal psychological state, and gratification is the output."

"Through selectively informing prisoner TXZP42866R of the steps involved in this procedure, the coupling between arousal, anticipation, and sensory input will be adjusted to include pain, fear and control. Prisoner TXZP42866R will be taught to associate pleasure and happiness with submission and compliance with this penitentiary's rules."

The lights went out with a loud click, and a red laser light mesh blinked quickly as it scanned over my body, taking extra time and care to survey the rim and inside of my asshole thoroughly.

"Laser metrology has determined that Prisoner TXZP42866R is capable of rectally accepting ginger root 3 inches wide and 12 inches long without sustaining permanent injury." My heart sank as I began to anticipate the impending torture.

The speculum abruptly closed and withdrew from my ass with a pneumatic hiss and mechanical thud.

The lights loudly flicked back on in sequence, as a robotic arm brought a large piece of irregularly shaped ginger into the foreground view of the camera, partially obscuring my lower body. It was skewered on a spindle and buttressed against a thicker cylindrical arm of the machine. A relay clicked on and it immediately began to rotate blurringly quickly with a high pitched whine. Another arm twisted forward and applied a chisel-like tool to the spinning ginger, quickly moving down its length and cutting it into a perfectly rounded blunt cylindrical object, exactly 3 inches wide and 10 inches long.

The plates that were pressed against my buttocks slid apart, pulling my ass cheeks sideways, exposing it even further and causing my asshole to dilate.

"Commencing insertion."

The robotic arm whirred, positioning the ginger rod against my asshole quickly and accurately. After the slightest pause, it rammed forward and pushed hard against my unlubed asshole, completely ignoring the difficulty and agony with which it was being inserted, as it unrelentingly parted my insides and made steady progress deep into my rectum. I felt an acute pain unlike anything I could have ever imagined, exploding from my sphincter and quickly spreading like fire through my rectal wall, which reluctantly expanded and moulded around the object.

Time slowed and I screamed in agony as the machine steadily chafed the ginger deep into my unwillingly accepting colon without pause or hesitation. Despite the steady pneumatic extension driving the object deep into my tender depths, the ginger moved in steps as it periodically clung to my dry skin, creating pulsing waves of intense agony. As the ginger pulled my asshole inward, dragging and tearing my sphincter and colon along with it, It would periodically rearrange my insides momentarily until my sphincter and rectum would finally slip and yield back to its previous position, only to continue to be dragged inward and once again challenge the frictional interface between the ginger and my clean and dry rectal walls. As the machine met with increased resistance to the insertion of the final few inches of the unsuitably straight object, it increased its insertion force to maintain a steady rate of progress, digging and tearing at my soft rectal lining as it forcefully straightened out my digestive tract and burnt its way into the depths of my colon.

The blinding pain overwhelmed my senses as the sound of mechanical extension filtered and mangled into a screaming tinnitus. I winced and my eyes shut involuntarily as the shock of the relentless sodomy stifled my screaming into a breathless yelp.

"Insertion complete"

The machine had brutally driven the entire length of the ginger into the depths of my anus within a few seconds. The buttressed end of the ginger popped past my sphincter which was now pressed against the cool steel of the cylindrical arm and partially closed around the spindle.

Having completed the insertion, the machine quietly moved the arm away from my ass, withdrawing the thin spindle from the centre of the ginger to reveal a thin wire in its place. It tugged on the wire slightly, revealing that it was anchored firmly to the end deeply inserted into my colon as I felt it shift uncomfortably within my depths. The arm moved downward in one swift motion, pulling the wire down firmly across my perineum. The tension on the wire pulled the tapered tip of the ginger slightly out of my asshole, causing my ass ring to pucker and dilate. I could see that the tension had been carefully selected such that the maximum surface area of my asshole was stretched and exposed.

The shock and pain of the insertion quickly began to fade as it gave way to a cool burning sensation from the ginger.

The machine whirred, forcefully smacking a short circular cup around my exposed asshole rim with complete disregard for the slightly exposed ginger tugging on the thin wire, which dug more deeply into the lower lip of my asshole. It immediately began to apply a strong vacuum to the cup, as I felt my anal ring engorge and thicken. The blood rushing to my sensitive sphincter walls caused my asshole to sting with constrictive pressure, as the ginger began to leak at a greatly accelerated pace. The vacuum released with a quick hiss as the suction cup moved away in one swift movement, to reveal my freshly engorged asshole.

The ginger wept its corrosive juices into my anal tract as the cold fire took hold from deep within my body, consuming and overloading every nerve ending in my colon. My anal walls softened as the dry lacerated pores in my tract opened up to soak up the caustic invading fluid. I fought my immediate reaction to clench in despair, but the intense burning continued to escalate, overpowering my muscle control and causing my rectum to involuntarily twitch and milk the ginger for every drop of scorching chemical torture it could provide. I could feel the invading object loosen and begin to move slightly in time with my twitching as it lubricated my rectal canal from within.

"The ginger will provide a stimulus baseline, which will be controlled by inducing involuntary clenching and convulsion through additional metered stimuli administered via intra cavity electric pulse across the vaginal-anal membrane and through the clitoral stem. The conductive nature of ginger facilitates deep electrocution paths between the vagina, clitoris and rectum.

Prisoner TXZP42866R's response will be determined primarily through measurement of perspiration, auditory response, thermal body imaging and the collection and measurement of vaginal discharge fluid."

Being so helplessly debased was starting to turn me on in the most repulsed and reluctant way possible. I fought the arousal with all of my willpower, summoning my inner reserves of defiance that incarceration had thus far failed to deprive me of, despite the fact that I had largely lost control of the muscles in my lower body. Tears began to leak from my eyes as I reluctantly admitted to myself that I had absolutely no control over my body and physiological response at this stage.

Whirring familiarly, the machine presented a bulbous pinecone shaped plug made from a rigid and porous looking material. It was tapered at one end, with its wide base connected to a thick glass tube.

"Commencing insertion of vaginal plug."

The arm pivoted and extended forward swiftly, briefly encountering resistance as it dryly pushed past my labia and collected ample lubrication, before readily plunging deep into my cunt. The plug's presence pushed the ginger deeper into my colon, further compressing my rectal walls and intensifying the burning pain that was building within my tortured anal tract.

"Applying clitoral modulator."

The machinery pivoted, revealing that the wire anchored to the ginger was threaded through a moulded steel alligator clip. The wire momentarily relaxed its tension as an arm drew the clip upward on the wire, firmly clamping it onto my clit causing it to sting sharply. The machine drew the wire downward into the darkness, tugging it firmly taut. It pulled down on my clit as it passed through the clamp, digging into my taint and pulling the ginger out of my ass slightly, returning my asshole to its optimally puckered state.

A relay clicked on and the vaginal plug started to gently vibrate. A suction pump had been switched on, which was drawing fluid from my vagina through the glass tube that was supporting the plug. Thick white gobs trickled down the clear tube as it quickly became internally coated with a thin white film. The suction caused my vaginal walls to contract and stick to the plug, intensifying the feeling that my insides were now completely moulded to the devices shoved inside my holes.

"Calibrating internal stimuli."

The screen's brightness intensified as it overlaid a rendered model of a cross section of my vaginal and anal tract on top of the live camera footage of my helpless body. My buttocks and pelvic region were still visible behind the lighter anatomical render of my victimised insides.

The display highlighted the wall separating my anus and vagina with a blinking green shading, readily administering a mild shock across my cavity wall which caused me to clench involuntarily. The colour yellowed slightly as a stronger shock was administered. This pattern continued as I was repeatedly electrocuted, the shocks progressively intensifying as the overlay colour morphed from green to a deep red. The acute pain of the shocks subsided to a heightened burning sensation deep inside my colon as my convulsing released more of the ginger's aggressively painful liquid. With only the slightest pause to habituate this new level of relentless searing, the screen lit up again, shading a volume tracing between my clit to the deep length of ginger lodged in my colon. The volume blinked as the machine shocked me deeply in the pelvic and rectal region, igniting my anal tract with a new and uncomfortable sensation. I felt my defiant stand against arousal faltering as I observed the vaginal fluid extraction tube become more opaque with an increased flow of thick white mucus. The round of deep electrocution left me with a persistent throbbing in my clit and a warmth of painful pleasure that refused to subside.

"One hundred strokes of metered external trauma will be applied to Prisoner TXZP42866R's sphincter. Climax will be induced on the final stroke."

An arm emerged from the darkness oriented perpendicular to my torso. It brandished a large black crop made out of rigid rubber that was suspended horizontally on a small rotor. The crop featured a slightly thickened flat arrowhead at its free end. The implement was about a meter long and three inches wide, and sagged slightly under its own weight. The arm swiftly moved back, lining up the thick end of the crop with my asshole. It pivoted downward and rested the heavy rubber end on my gaping asshole, gently tugging on the wire anchored to the ginger to accurately match my asshole dilation and pucker to the width of the crop by adjusting the resting depth of the ginger.

A render lit up highlighting the rear side of my vagina with a green shading as the motor purposely whirred, swiftly rotating the crop clockwise and flogging me in the cunt.

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