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Sexual Renewal


I grew up in a small, conservative town in Texas. It was kind of a one-horse town with barely a traffic light, where everybody knew everybody and everybody's business. Boring beyond belief and I escaped as fast as I could.

My husband and I married very young. They said it would never last and maybe it shouldn't have, but here we are over 40 years later. He's always been very sexual and me, not so much. Not that I haven't had my moments but I was never really at his level and when I was fired up it was pretty much because he was pushing my comfort zone.

Now, all these years later, we are still mostly in that same mode. He's not as horned up as he used to be but, thanks to a hysterectomy many years ago, my hormones are essentially non-existent and my sexual desire out the door with them. I don't like it and don't want it, but it is what it is. I try to work myself up but it is work and I'm not terribly successful with it more than once every few months. It's downright depressing. It's like you feel your life is over and there's not much you can do about it.

Luckily that horn dog husband of mine has never given up trying to get me sexually motivated. He's constantly arranging romantic get-aways, buying sexy lingerie and even a few toys here and there to try to light the fires of passion. This is a story about one such recent attempt.

Searching for something to spark up our sex life, Steve has promoted public role-playing as a psychological stimulant. I've never fully bought into it and we've only really gone out once to try it out. That evening was okay but nothing spectacular and, as usual, did a lot more for him than it did for me. I'm not much of an extrovert, so I found it hard to really get into character and just wasn't fully committed to the whole idea.

A few weeks ago Steve suggested that we try the role-play shtick again. I was less than enthusiastic for all the reasons already mentioned, but thought I would try to at least fulfil Steve's fictional concept of generating sexual excitement.

So the basic plot line was about as standard as they come, identical to the first half-hearted attempt. Steve had planned that we would go to a local hotel bar where businessmen were known to hang out for happy hour at the end of the day. I would go in first and take a seat at the bar, strike up some conversation with the male clientele and generally flirt my way to a few rounds of free drinks. I would entice them along the way with some sexual innuendo and maybe some light physical contact to give them hope of more action later. Steve would come in a half hour or so later and take a seat further away and watch the show. He told me how it turned him on to watch other guys get worked up over me. He was certain that if I saw that a gentleman or two were attracted to me, that I would uncover at least some of that long-lost confidence in my appearance and my sexuality. And while it was true that I no longer thought much of myself as pretty or sexually attractive, I was totally skeptical of the notion that a brief spell of attention from a couple of bar flies would somehow resurrect those long-buried feelings. I'm 60 not 20 or 30, and I just figured I was way past that.

Now, I didn't feel terribly attractive. Wrinkles, a few extra pounds and no estrogen will do that to you. I guess my best appearance asset is my tits. Steve says I have the best natural tits west of the Mississippi and that most 30 year old women would trade up to have mine. So, I'll go along with some of that although I do believe he is highly prejudiced. I'll admit that they are exceptionally perky for my age, now a C cup (used to be a D cup before kids!) with long and quite hard nipples. They are without doubt my best asset.

In our first outing, I wore a nice cocktail dress; nothing flashy or super sexy. There was nothing about it that flashed a "hey, look over here" sign when I walked into the room. So this time I decided I would up my game and go big; really big, no gigantic. I would grit my teeth and escape my comfort zone. I would drop my boundaries. This was going to take some alcohol, early and often.

I had Steve pour a glass of champagne for me. Tequila and champagne are my inhibition destroyers and I needed something to knock down those walls. A hot, soaking bath wouldn't hurt either.

I drew a bubble bath and stepped into the tub and quickly downed the champagne. After I guzzled the first glass, I sent Steve back to pour another. He brought it in and I was more prudent in drinking the second glass. I relaxed and let the warm water and the bubbly start the magic transformation from motley housewife to voluptuous, erotic siren. I carefully shaved my pussy, leaving a v-shaped patch at the top. I'm not a big fan of that but Steve absolutely loves it and I wanted to give him this little present.

After the bath, I pulled a totally sheer black blouse out of the closet and a black skirt to go with it. The blouse was collared, had long sheer sleeves and buttoned up the front. I called Steve into the master bath and asked him what he thought of the outfit I had selected. His eyes lit up, and his eyebrow rose up quizzically. He looked at me and said "Very nice. But what are you really going to wear?"

I gave him a wicked grin and responded "Oh yeah. I see what you mean. I need a bra and some panties".

I walked over to my lingerie draw and pulled out an open cup bra which was a bedroom favorite of his along with a garter belt and a pair of back-seamed stockings, but no panties.

"OK. I guess I have everything now" I said naughtily.

His face still bore the look of skepticism. He wasn't buying that I was going to actually wear this outfit out in public. To be perfectly honest, I still wasn't sure that I was going to either. I half expected him to shake his head "no" and insist that I tone it down. It scared the hell out of me to come to the realization that he wasn't going to stop me and I would actually have to wear ensemble.

I slipped on my clothes and sat down to my vanity and makeup mirror. I gazed into the mirror and I swore I heard that magic mirror tell me that I could again be attractive and sexy. I started with my hair teasing it up to give it the JBF (just been fucked) look that Steve loved. I then went to work on my makeup. I normally don't wear much makeup and maybe it was the champagne talking but I decided to make the makeup just as bold and daring as the outfit I was wearing.

Methodically I applied heavy blue eyeshadow, heavy rosy red rouge and fire engine red lipstick covered with lip gloss and the transformation was nearly complete. I pulled out a pair of long, dangling earrings. Something was missing; something risky to put the exclamation point on this get up. I was beginning to really get into this gig and I could feel a twinge of excitement between my legs. The preparation process was a definitely becoming an increasing turn-on for me. Perhaps being a temporary slut was more arousing than I ever thought it would be.

I got up and walked into my closet. I dug around in my "special stuff" drawer and pulled out two items: a pair of nipple clips that sported dangling gold chains and a rhinestone-studded ankle bracelet.

I easily slipped the ankle bracelet on and then unbuttoned the two top buttons on my blouse. I mounted the nipple clips on my now fully erect nipples and squeezed them hard to tighten them. I turned to look in the full length mirror and stopped to stare at myself. I couldn't believe how I had been transformed into such a brazen hussy, so remarkably out of character from my usual self. But there was still a tug of insecurity. My new-found, daring attitude faltered briefly and I ducked back into my closet to retrieve my black cashmere pashmina. I figured I could drape it over my shoulders and hide my tits if I lost my courage at the bar. On with my heels and it was time for the reveal.

Steve was in the living room waiting impatiently for me to finish my preparation so we could head for the hotel. I strutted into the room from the master suite. I wish I had a camera to record the astonished look on his face as I entered. He mouthed "Wow" to himself and tried to soak it all up. Dazzled would be a fair assessment of his reaction. I could see a bulge in his pants and I knew then that it was all worth it. He's bulging and I'm getting wet. Game on.

Steve poured a half glass of champagne for each of us and we headed to the car for the 20 minute drive to the hotel. We sipped our champagne and just talked. Steve must have told me a dozen times how spectacular I looked and that he couldn't believe that I was playing along. After we escaped the neighborhood and got onto the main road to the hotel, I rotated slightly in the seat and pulled my skirt part way up to expose my glistening pussy. He stammered and watched as I reached down and worked on my now hard and throbbing clit. I rubbed it slowly, teasing him.

In what seemed like no time, we arrived at the hotel. The valet came over to open the door for him. He was just a kid, maybe 20. I decided to give him a good look, exiting the car in a manner to ensure him a lengthy gaze at my pussy. A brush of the pashmina to one side revealed my bejeweled tit. It was such a turn-on for me as I watched his face and I made a personal note to myself that he didn't seem to mind my age. I laughed to myself as I stood up and waited for Steve to come get me and head inside.

He gave me an amorous hug, rubbed my ass briefly and a kiss on the cheek and then I headed to the bar with a new energy and self-assurance in my step. I was definitely feeling it.

As I walked into the bar, there were maybe a half dozen men seated at the bar and several tables with two and three and four men at them. I quickly noticed there were no other women in the room.

I looked around and found an empty stool at the bar with a nice looking guy of about 40 on my left and an exceptionally handsome guy of around 50 on my right. I sat down, my pashmina still covering my tits. I could literally feel the gaze from the many male eyes in the room. It gave me a certain feel of attractiveness that had been missing in my self-evaluation. It was refreshing and I felt an aura of confidence that I deeply needed. Now it was show time.

I ordered a glass of chardonnay. The older fellow on my right turned to strike up a conversation; just typical small talk like where are you from, what brings you here and such. The younger man also started to chat it up and pretty soon it was a left-right-left-right conversation among the three of us. About this time Steve entered the bar and took a seat by himself at a table near my barstool. I turned and looked at him and gave him an almost imperceptible nod of my head acknowledging his presence. I excused myself and left to go to the ladies' room. In a few minutes I returned with my pashmina now in my purse. My nipples were clearly visible to all eyes and all eyes noticed. At every table every man turned to look at me. The two men on either side were speechless as I took my seat back on the barstool. I could feel myself getting wet again.

After an awkward moment from my grand entry, the two men were somewhat at a loss to speak. I sat up straight thrusting my breasts and exposed nipples forward and asked the older man what kind of work he was in. He said he was a human resources executive. I turned to ask the other man what was his line of work and he managed to mumble something about being in sales. His eyes never left my tits as he tried to speak. It was rather funny.

I finished my glass of wine and both the guys offered to buy me another. I told them we would have to have a tie breaker, so I asked them to guess my age. Closest guess would get to buy me the drink. When the dust settled the older guy was close but much more important was the fact that both guys were way low on their guesses. That was a huge uplift for me and I was on a roll.

By now I had decided the older guy of the two was a better match. He was more handsome, more vocal, more self-assured and more interesting in every regard. I gently moved my attention towards him and the younger guy quickly took the hind, fading out of the conversation and eventually leaving the bar.

As I was drinking my wine, I moved my right hand under the lip of the bar and onto his thigh. I moved it up and down a couple of times. I could feel his leg twitch. I then shifted my hand further to the right and onto his crotch. His dick was already stiff under his pants and I started rubbing his shaft through them, pausing at the head to give it some attention between strokes.

He put his hand on my thigh and moved it up under my skirt and towards my pussy. He turned his head quickly to look at me when he arrived at my naked, and now wet, pussy. Obviously that was a big surprise. He slid his hand over and searched for my clit. He put his finger on the button and began to make circles around and on it. My eyes may have crossed as a wave of carnal pleasure swept over me. My ass jerked and I may have let out a guttural squeal as I came to orgasm on his finger.

Steve was watching intently from his table. He could see the hands under the bar and he knew my reactions. He instantly knew I had a cum.

The man leaned over and whispered in my ear that we should go to his room. I leaned over and responded that I wanted to find a spot like a hallway. I wanted it to be quick and very dirty and I wanted Steve to be able to see it.

I gulped down the last of my wine and we both left our bar stools and headed into the lobby. I glanced over my shoulder and saw Steve leaving behind us. As we entered the lobby I noticed a dimly lit hallway to the left. It looked like it led to a series of meeting rooms. The meeting rooms were all closed and locked and the hallway was dark because of that.

Steve stopped in the lobby and pretended to be busy doing something. My new found friend didn't notice Steve at all. His mind was clearly somewhere else.

I unzipped his pants and with little effort pulled his now throbbing dick out so that I had clear and open access to it. I took my hand and grabbed his balls and he reciprocated by grabbing my tits. He immediately went to my erect nipples, pulling them hard causing me to wince briefly. I dropped to my knees and took his cock into my mouth. I bobbed feverishly on his swollen member, taking him down to the balls that I still held in my hand. I tasted his pre-cum and knew that he was close. He started to tense up and I knew that he was about to cum. I jammed my mouth against his balls and blew his load into the back of my throat. I swallowed it eagerly and twirled my tongue around the head to clean every drop.

He lifted me up onto my feet, placed his dick back in his pants and zipped them up. Quietly he leaned over and once again whispered in my ear.

"That was the most incredible experience of my life. You are incredibly beautiful, sexy and charming."

He pulled back for a second, grinned and asked "So ... how old are you?"

I responded that I was 65 to which he said, "Well, you sure as hell don't look it and don't act it. You're amazing" as he turned to walk off. My first thought was that was what Steve has been telling me forever.

And speaking of Steve, he approached after my friend had disappeared. He walked up to me and gave me a hug to end all hugs. I could feel his hard dick under his pants as he said "That was so wildly spectacular that I can't describe it. I've never been so hot for you. Ever."

"Let's go home" I said. We walked hand-in-hand out to the valet stand, got in the car and drove home. We couldn't keep our hands off each other on the way home. We had cosmic sex, fucking and sucking repeatedly until the wee hours of the morning, only quitting out of sheer exhaustion. I lost count of my orgasms. I felt so alive, so energetic, so sexual, so pretty, so desirable and so lucky to have Steve in my life who was willing to share me to renew me.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous12/07/18

Loved it!

I'm nearing 38 yrs. with the Wife, and for 25 of them I have wanted to carry out this same experience, but she never chooses to play, HELP me....

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by amorone12/07/18

Great story

Thank you for a very stimulating story of a 60 plus lady getting her way with a younger man.

I love the thought of my wife being in that situation.

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by dispatcher5912/07/18

Great story

It was good to see the sexual rebirth of someone who had given up on the idea of it. Interesting, though, for someone who really had no interest in sex for so many years-and I know Steve was buying hermore...

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