tagErotic CouplingsSexual Roulette Ch. 07

Sexual Roulette Ch. 07


(My thanks to the muses who helped me with getting this one done. Victoria for helping with the details, Slave for her encouragement, BD for her help as well. The reader may want to check the first six chapters to understand the concept of what is going on.)


As Missy looked through the closet to find the proper outfit for her lunch date, all she could think about was the next night. That night, she was going to be the center of attention of five different guys. The thought of that was driving her crazier by the moment. She took a moment to double check the outfit that George had left for her for the next night before deciding on a black one piece dress for lunch. As she began to look for the proper undergarments, she realized that she was just going to convince this Juan character to come to the party. This recollection convinced her to not wear any underwear or a bra. As she slipped her feet into her black high heels, she thought again about why George was in such a hurry to leave. Thinking nothing of it, she ran downstairs and went to grab her keys.

Next to her keys was a note and what looked like a deposition. George wrote in his note that he had already set a lunch meeting with "Jose" and that the setup would be that she would have to deliver the deposition to him. It would figure that this "Jose" would have been law related in some way. In Missy's mind, she started to attempt to figure out the relationship between "Jose" and George. As she headed out to her car, she felt her curiosity get the best of her. She sat in her driver's seat for a few moments before she slowly undid the thread that held George's deposition. Slowly, she removed the papers from the envelope. She began to read the papers and discovered that George was involved in a lawsuit of some kind. It looked like a paternity suit, but it was written in some language that she couldn't read. She gave up for the moment and then rewrapped the deposition so that it didn't look as if it was messed with. With all the knowledge Missy had, she never had the opportunity to learn another language. She then deduced that "Jose" would help her cure her curiosity.

She arrived at the La Bella restaurant a little before the appointed time. As she entered, she looked around and attempted to find "Jose", but was unsuccessful. She was taken to a private booth near the back of the restaurant and told to wait there by the host. She sat there clutching the envelope containing George's deposition. As she looked around at the décor of the restaurant, she noticed how homey and cozy it felt even though it was a fancy Italian restaurant. It was then a deep voice with an accent shook her a bit until she turned. An attractive tall Hispanic man stood next to her table. From his vantage point, Missy could tell he could notice her breasts and the way they hung without the bra to hold them in place. She attempted to rise, but he remarked how that it was ok and he slipped into the bench on the other side of the table.

As he sat, Missy took a good look at him. Missy noticed the lack of any jewelry on his hands although he wore an expensive looking watch on his left wrist. His hair was shortly cropped and he wore a small goatee that barely showed more black hair. His skin tone was dark, but not dark enough to note an outdoor type of tan. The suit he wore was expensive looking, a black one with a light pink dress shirt and black tie underneath the jacket. This "Juan" character was definitely the Casanova type if Missy thought so herself.

"So, Melissa is this George's deposition?" he asked. The use of her proper name shocked her. It was then she recognized who "Juan" really was.

"Antonio, you sly dog. Why the pseudonym?" she asked playfully as she smiled. She knew Antonio from the law firm she worked at. He was a minority partner at the firm, specializing in international law. When it came to his specialty, he was the total package. He was talented in languages also, specializing in Spanish and French which was customary for one of his field. The fact that George set her up with yet another member of the firm both shocked and surprised her.

"Well, would you have came to lunch and worn that outfit if you knew it was me?" Antonio had a point. Missy was all business at the firm and would never even think about trying anything forward with any members or workmates there. It was until recently something beyond reproach in her mind. Since the night of that first party, the only person remotely close to the firm was Dan and that was only because his dad worked there. Antonio saw her on a daily basis and even had her help in certain cases doing research.

"Well, no but I feel extremely embarrassed." Missy began to blush before Antonio took her hand and held it, his dark brown eyes gazing at her.

"There is nothing to be embarrassed about. Tell you what. I'll order lunch while you tell me about that deposition George sent you." Missy was shocked yet again, but not as much when she realized that Antonio knew her and her curiosity. As Antonio talked to the waiter in Spanish, Missy opened the envelope again and began to scan it before handing it to Antonio. Soon the lunch arrived. Antonio ordered them both Shrimp Scampi dressed in a light white sauce and two glasses of white wine was poured. As they ate, there was little conversation as Missy was enjoying the food immensely. Soon after the meal was over, Missy looked at Antonio's face as he squinted at the deposition.

"So why this deposition and what does it have to do with George?" Missy asked.

"Oh, I thought you read it already. I forgot you didn't know French. How much do you know about George?" Antonio asked.

"Well, we've been friends for a few years. It was he who helped me get the job with the firm. We didn't start getting intimate till a few weeks ago. But you were there when that happened."The last statement was accentuated by a wink as Antonio smiled a bit, his dark cheeks turning slightly crimson as he started to picture the erotic scene of her blindfolded body on George's spinning table.

"Well, don't tell George, but I haven't had many spare moments where I didn't envision your beautiful body on that table. I only wish we were able to do more things that night," Antonio said in a whisper. "But back to this deposition. Do you remember George saying anything about his daughter?" The mention of a kid shocked Missy. The mere mention of a kid just didn't register at all as George had always acted like a swinging bachelor as long as she had known him.

"You can't be serious, Antonio," she said a little shaken before Antonio took her hand in his again.

"Well, there is plenty about George you don't know. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this deposition involves a lawsuit, a personal lawsuit brought on by a Government official in the French Government. It's a civil suit seeking damages for one of George's past transgressions." The way Antonio placed that statement caused Missy's insides to cave in slightly before Antonio's touch comforted her again.

"Please continue," Missy asked as she readied herself.

"Back a few years ago, George was in France doing some contract work where he met a beautiful woman. George being George, he spent a few weeks with her. Kind of like a three week version of a one night stand. Well the contract was soon fulfilled and George came back to the States. A few weeks ago, he was sent a certified letter telling him that he indeed fathered a child with this woman and that this official was seeking damages. I was asked by George to help him with this soon after." Missy couldn't believe that George could do something like that, even if it was unintentional. In her mind, she already knew she was going to get her birth control options updated just in case. Antonio could read her face and he smiled at her.

"George could never hurt you, Mon Cherie," he attempted to comfort her. "George cares about you very much and has talked about nothing else besides you since the party. Actually, he has had a thing for you for a long time and I would seriously doubt that he would keep this from you for too long." The sound of Antonio's voice combined with his touch was calming her down. It was then she remembered her real reason for being there.

"Antonio, I came here not to deliver George's deposition, but to also ask you something a little personal." The last word she spoke a little quieter, almost seductively. "Do you remember how the last party turned out a little less than spectacular? My goal tomorrow night is to make it up to you and the other four. Would you like to come?"

Antonio's mouth opened as he paused for a moment. As he sat there open mouthed, Missy looked around before allowing a strap of her dress to fall a bit to give him a better view of more of her creamy white breast . Antonio's eyes were open by then before Missy rose and took him by the hand. He rose and she met his lips with a deep kiss as her knee softly rubbed his leg. Antonio's tongue snaked out and intertwined with hers for a moment before he slowly withdrew.

"In this restaurant, there is a storage room I use as my office. I believe it may be a better place to continue this conversation, no? "He said quietly. Missy pulled back and allowed her hand to remain in his as he headed towards the back. She spied a door with a private sticker and watched as Antonio fished out his keys to unlock it. As they both entered the room, Missy spied the food grade metal shelving behind where his chair was. Missy was going to ask when he put an office there, but her loins were too enflamed to think clearly. Antonio then almost instinctively walked over to his chair where he sat before Missy sat facing him on his lap. Missy began kissing his lips again, allowing her fingers to untie his tie as his hands felt her sides before lowering to raise her skirt. Missy could feel his hands spreading her rear apart slightly and one of his fingers sliding over her moist lips.

"Antonio, could you let me have your hands?" She was as surprised by her words as he was. He complied, presenting his hands to her. Quickly, she tied his hands together and placed them above his head before lashing them to one of the open rungs of the shelving behind him. After doing so, she kept kissing him more.

"I hope you don't mind, Antonio, but I have had fantasies about you since you were hired at the firm and before I let you have me tomorrow night," she emphasized with a gyration of her hips. "I want to have it now." With that, she kissed his lips again before moving her hands down. Before she reached his waist, she rose up and allowed herself to bask in the view. She then slowly undid his belt and unzipped his pants before fishing out his cock. She lowered herself onto her knees and slowly began to taunt him by licking his cock from base to head. She could feel him shiver as she slowly took him into her mouth. It was then Missy remembered the first cock that slid in her mouth at the party and how good it felt. The difference was she could see Antonio's reaction and it was slowly driving her crazy. However, he was getting close to climaxing too soon just from her mouth and she had plans for him. Slowly, she pulled her dress up so her clit was exposed to Antonio's sight. She then slowly straddled the chair so that only the head of his cock was close enough to her pussy. As she grasped his cock again in her hand, she let out a moan.

"Antonio, I want to wait for you to fuck me until tomorrow night," she teased. "But since you have such a beautiful cock, I am gonna use it to get me off before I allow you to cum." With that, she began to run the head of his cock over her pussy. She could feel how stiff he was and figured in her mind that it wouldn't take long. She looked at Antonio's face and saw the look of contentment as he instinctively attempted to thrust his hips to penetrate her. She responded by straddling him yet again and allowing the shaft of his cock to come in contact with her vaginal folds without the head penetrating. She started rubbing him like that, rocking her hips as she felt his shaft rubbing her. As they moved together, she slowly moved the straps down and pushed a breast onto his open mouth. His biting plus the rubbing was bringing her closer and she felt herself going over the edge. She stopped rocking as the wave took her. Her juices gushed over his shaft before she slowly rose and began to stroke him faster.

His first shot landed on her thigh. She kept milking his cock until her thigh was painted with his seed. She then bent down and slowly sucked on his shaft tasting his seed and her essence combined. The sucking caused him to shoot one more time down her throat. She looked at her conquest with more of a sinister look as she rose and fixed her dress. There was a part of her that imagined leaving him in this state. His hands secured over his head and his limp dick exposed for the waiter or another staffer to see, but she slowly walked over and untied him before kissing his cheek.

"See you tomorrow. Nine O'clock," she whispered as she sashayed out of the restaurant and towards her car. As she readied herself to belt in and drive off, she attempted to call George on her cell phone. By then it was mid afternoon and she was wondering where he was. But there was no answer and it went to voice mail. Missy then drove towards his house. It wasn't like George to not answer his phone. She decided to get back to his house and snoop around again in an effort to find out where that appointment of his was that afternoon.

(Chapter 8 to arrive soon. Please vote and let me know what you think.)

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