tagGroup SexSexual Roulette Ch. 08

Sexual Roulette Ch. 08


(Dear Reader, I ask that you forgive me for taking so long on this one. If you lost track, please check out the submissions page under my name to catch up. Thanks to AS2U and Bd for their help and Victoria for her ideas.)


After her lunch date with Antonio, Missy began thinking about George. Everything Missy knew about her boyfriend quickly entered her mind as the thought of George having an illegitimate child in France still haunted her. She wasn't sure if it was because she couldn't imagine being in his life and sharing him with a child or just the fact that George would be so careless. As she edged closer to George's place, she saw no sign of life from the front of the house. George's car was nowhere to be found and the thought that he wasn't answering his cell was an even scarier thought.

Missy entered George's house and saw that the light on his answering machine was on. Quickly, she hit the button only to hear her own voice. Missy thought about the fact that she did freak out and tried to call his house phone also. As Missy began to walk away, she heard a voice on the answering machine she didn't recognize. It started speaking in broken English, but with a French accent. Missy slowly turned and replayed it as she tried to notice when she was leaving the message. The time seemed to be while she was on her lunch date. Quickly, she dialed Antonio's number on her cell.

"Antonio, it's me, Missy. Can you translate something for me?" she asked in her worried condition. Antonio listened to the recorded message as Missy held the phone to the machine. She then cradled it next to her ear.

"Sounds like she was saying that she was at the airport waiting for him," Antonio said. "Melissa, who is Marie?" By the time he said the name, Missy's fears turned to anger. As Antonio attempted to talk her down from the rage she felt, Missy began to snoop everywhere for receipts, or any other item that could identify where she was and who that Marie character was. It wasn't until she found George's briefcase that she found some answers. As Antonio listened in, she read to him the various papers George left in his briefcase regarding Marie. There were even pictures of her in various outfits, some of which were a little too risqué to be of a professional nature. As Missy stared at the pictures, Antonio excused himself off the phone.

Missy was heart broken. George was her world for the last few weeks and the idea of another woman seemed to turn her stomach. Slowly, she reached for a bottle of wine and began to drink. She didn't waste time getting a glass for the deep crimson fluid. She kept drinking until the bottle was empty. Then realizing how stupid she was to drink like that, she slowly stumbled to the couch and passed out. Her dreams were filled with visions of Marie, her perfectly formed breasts hovering under a really small shirt that barely concealed her nipples, her perfect hips that seemed the right size for a set of manly hands and that small, almost juvenile dove tattoo on the small of her back. As she kept thinking about her, she kept feeling the hatred burn inside her. She wanted to destroy her, to screw up that French trollop's perfect features.

The sound of George moaning awakened her from her alcohol induced slumber. She could feel the headache pounding inside her as she tried to rise up from the couch. She saw a silhouette in the darkness, but could barely make out many details until she heard George moan again. It was then she became sure of what she was watching. Her eyes began to get used to the darkness and she barely made out the shape of George leaning against the wall with a feminine shape on her knees in front of him. Her face was within range of George's cock and it bobbed back and forth as if she was sucking him off right there in front of Missy's gaze. Missy kept quiet and pretended to still be passed out hoping they would move so she could get away.

"Are you sure she is sleeping?" the female asked in broken English as she looked up at George. He answered her by placing his hand behind her head and pushing the full length of his cock back into her mouth as he began to fuck her mouth. His hips began thrusting as his moan grew louder, showing no sign that he even noticed Missy's stare as he began to climax. Missy could hear the female was gagging on his cock before it fell out and began to spray her face, neck and tits. Instead of recoiling, she began to rub the fluid into her skin like moisturizer. She then rose and followed as George began to climb up the stairs leaving his shorts on the ground where he stood. As the lights went on, Missy could spot a small tattoo of a dove on the small of the woman's back. The image reminded her of a picture she saw in George's briefcase. It was all the proof she needed to realize who she was.

After ensuring they were out of her line of sight, Missy quietly picked up her purse and walked out the front door. She quickly punched the numbers on her cell phone until Frank was on the other end and Missy began to explain the situation. Frank listened quietly as Missy began to pour her heart out and then he told her he would be right there. Missy began to walk slowly down the block in front of George's home to distance herself from the sight she beheld. Frank slowly pulled up in his Corolla and beckoned for her to get in. She slowly got into his car and tried to hold back the tears before she started crying hysterically. Frank kept driving, attempting to comfort Missy with words before they reached his apartment on the other side of town.

"You know you messed up a good poker game, don't you?" Frank said sarcastically to try to lift the mood. "I had Antonio almost owing me a hundred bucks before you called."

As they reached the door, Antonio was waiting there silently. He held out his arms as Missy ran to them. Antonio's shoulder was solid as her tears began to saturate his dress shirt. After a few minutes of crying, she then turned to Frank to thank him. Frank's eyes were already filled with tears as he saw the hurt on Missy's face. Missy knew that her situation was familiar to him with all the past problems Frank had. Antonio was more comforting as his arms went around her waist and began to let her know that all was well. It wasn't long until Missy was calmed down between them and Frank grabbed her a glass of water. The glass of water went down a little fast as she started to cough and sputter a bit, some water landing on her breasts and the dress she was still wearing from her lunch date with Antonio. Again, Frank took the towel and handed it to her. The sight of Frank handing her a towel reminded Missy of the time in the radio station when she first met Frank face to face. The remembrance seemed to calm her down a bit.

As she took the towel from his hands, Missy saw the concern in Frank's eyes. Without saying a word, she suddenly took her arms and encircled him to hold him close. Antonio could tell that Frank was being delicate with the situation. He could tell that Frank was conflicted because he didn't want to touch Missy in an inappropriate way. As Missy held Frank, she could feel Frank's member under his slacks harden a bit from her being so close to him. She looked at Antonio's face and could see that he noticed she still didn't change from their lunch date. Although there were parts of her saying that it was wrong, she felt herself loosen her grip from Frank before looking at both of her saviors.

"Gentlemen, I want you both to know that what I am about to do is in gratitude for being there for me when that piece of shit pulled that stunt tonight. I am giving you both the option to opt out either out of loyalty for that snake..." she paused for effect. "Or....in case you feel bad about fucking a girl who just got her heart broken. Any objections?" She stood there almost defiantly. Even though she knew in her heart that anything that would happen was just to get George out of her mind, Missy knew that she needed something. She looked at both men almost daringly, her hands poised on her hips and her face in a taunting smile.

Frank was silent. On the one hand, he wanted to just tear off that dress and shove his cock inside of her. However, he then remembered that she came to his apartment in a very hurt and vulnerable condition. Antonio was wrestling with the same feelings. He looked at Missy as a valued assistant when he needed it on a few cases and up till then an unattainable score. There she was offering herself as a thank you gift for being there for her. Missy was getting impatient waiting for the guys to get through their conscious thoughts. She quickly dropped her dress off of her body and was on her knees before both guys. She had her left hand cradling Antonio's dick through his slacks as her lips caressed Frank's. It was a totally erotic scene as both men took her by the arms and pulled her up before dropping her on Frank's bed. Both men began to drop trou as Missy began to slide two fingers between her wet pussy lips moaning at the same time. Antonio's dick reached her lips first as Frank bent down and slowly moved her fingers out of the way to lick her out. Missy was on sexual auto pilot as her mouth surrounded Antonio's cock head and started slurping. Frank's eyes saw Missy taking Antonio into her mouth and wondered to himself if it was appropriate for what he was thinking. Missy was so entranced by Antonio in her mouth that she didn't notice Frank leave her pussy to grab a condom. Missy's pussy was then stretched out by Frank's hands as he slowly slid the head of his cock between her folds. Missy moaned on Antonio's cock as she slowly took a few more inches down her throat.

Antonio reached down and slid a hand on Missy's right breast and slowly pinched the nipple between his fingers. He could feel his resolve crumbling again as he started to feel his cock want to spurt. Missy took his cock out and began to stroke it at her mouth almost daring him to cum for her. Her wish was granted as the first spurt flew onto her face. She took the spurting tool and shoved it back into her mouth to swallow some of Antonio's seed as Frank slowly pulled out and ripped off the condom to climax on her stomach.

After the quick session finished. Missy began to contemplate the party. There was no doubt that George would notice her missing from the couch when he finished with that French tart. Yet the immortal words of Freddie Mercury from Queen resonated through her head as she thought the show must go on. With that thought, she fell asleep between Frank and Antonio.

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