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Sexual Salvation


My names Tom, and I've got a naughty story to tell! If your one who likes your pleasures on the naughty side of things, pull up a chair and I'll spill it. Three days ago I had an unbelievable sexual encounter that was unexpected and better than any fantasy I could conjure up in this filthy mind of mine.

It was one of those things that just happen, and you could of never seen coming. The kind of thing that's better to be kept secret, but so wild that you just have to tell someone all about it, and here we are. I need to be up front about a couple things at the start here so there's no misunderstanding.

I don't want anyone thinking I ranted on about sharing a naughty story, And here I yammering about boring stuff that's making you sleepy. I'll get to the good stuff and tell all the dirty details shortly. Don't worry, they are coming. I'll need just a little indulgence here to fill in a little bit of back story and lay out some pertinent details about myself and the others involved. Patience has it's rewards.

I recently celebrated my forty eighth birthday, and I have never never felt better. I'm a handsome man. My body is fit and healthy because I eat right, exercise daily, and avoid things like drugs or alcohol. I don't say these things to boast, they are relevant. Besides, being blessed with favorable genetics took no effort on my part.

I'm also a very sexual person, have been all my life. I've been labeled as hyper-sexual, nympho, hedonist, the list goes on. I don't deny it, I like a wide variety of sex and as frequently as possible. I don't consider myself to be extreme, but I admit I'm a bit kinky and I just love feeling naughty.

Like I said, fortunately my parents mixed up some good genes that gave me good looks, a muscular build, and stamina. Women find me attractive generally and Opportunities for sex have always come easy for me. That has always been the case until four years ago, when a decision I made brought my sex life to a crashing halt.

I have no one to blame but myself, and that makes things even harder I suppose. I was single, had a great career in real estate, and the money, like the women flowed like water. I became accustomed to having virtually anything I wanted sexually, and in unlimited amounts. I took it for granted and I believe that is what caused me to make such a decision.

I met a couple while selling them a house. Mark and Barbara are wonderful people and we became close friends in a very short time. Odd because they are very devoted to religion and their church. I have never been into religion and enter churches for weddings or funerals when necessary. I can't explain it, we just clicked right from the start.

They started having gatherings in their new home, dinner parties and such, that were mostly comprised of their church members. I was always invited and liked to attend whenever possible to visit with them and enjoy the social aspect. I never felt out of place or judged despite not being religious and all.

It was at one of these gatherings that I met Julie, the most beautiful woman ever. Striking blue eyes, long blond hair, small but firm breasts, and a curvy figure with an ass that can make a man cry. She was single and I asked her out the night I met her. She did something no other woman has ever done to me, she turned me down. Of course this made me infatuated with her and obsessed with the challenge of having her.

Julie has a sister Kim Who is two years younger and beautiful like her older sister. She has the same sexy blue eyes and long blond hair as Julie but is taller and slightly thinner with the same great ass. They are physically similar but that's where it ends. While Julie is always smiling and friendly in nature, Kim is stern, and unapproachable. The two rarely see each other or talk much when they do. The few times I have talked to Kim, she seemed very unhappy to me, almost miserable in fact.

They were raised by deeply religious parents who kept them in private religious schools for their entire education. Kim is married and has two teenage sons, but I don't know much about them even though I'm now an uncle by marriage. Persistence paid off, it always does, or at least gets your face slapped. I asked Julie for a date constantly until she finally agreed.

She is two years older than I am and had been married then divorced briefly. Seems her husband ran off with another. Julie wasn't a virgin of course, but the morals instilled in the woman made sex before marriage unimaginable. Even the best efforts of a womanizer like myself came up empty. They most attractive woman to a man is the one he knows he can't have, and vice versa.

The challenge was amplified, I'll admit I became obsessed with having this woman. At forty four, having tasted the nectar of many flowers, Getting married to the prettiest one somehow became acceptable. It was a feeling of utter relief when Julie agreed to marry me after several months of sexual frustration that was as foreign to me as walking on Mars.

On our honeymoon we had sex for our first time. I was beyond disappointed and very alarmed. She was shy, silent, and frozen, like a cold dead fish. A wayward nun could have easily done better. I foolishly held hope that when given time and encouragement, she would become the slutty fuck toy I'm accustomed to in the bedroom. Plus the added benefit of a lady in the rest of the house.

It's clear why Julie was divorced when I met her. In the past four years she has progressed little sexually, and treats it as a chore and a duty that is unpleasant yet must be performed. I have tried everything imaginable to get my frigid, God fearing, sex despising, wife to engage in the pleasures of sex with me, to no avail. To shamelessly adore the naughty feelings that only come when doing things like thrusting your tongue into your lovers anus as they beg for more will never happen with Julie and I.

I love her Very much and I could not abandon or divorce her because she is morally unable to have sex beyond dutiful, missionary, silence without endless guilt and shame. I will not force, or even expect her to compromise her beliefs and values so that I can selfishly have my pleasures. I couldn't stand hurting her by cheating either because it would devastate her completely.

In the last four years I have secretly used pornography, and faceless naughty women of the cyber world to stimulate and enhance the filthy realms of my mind. I masturbate and ram various butt plugs, anal beads, and such in and out of my ass, trying to feel the naughty pleasures I once took for granted.

Then everything changed. Three days ago Julie and I went to her parents house, an hours drive away to visit, as we often do on weekends. Her parents are in their seventies and in amazingly good health. After lunch as we were sitting and chatting, the house phone rang. It was Kim wanting to talk to Julie which was surprising since they rarely spoke.

Julie spoke briefly, and while holding the line asked if I could go help Kim with one of her several cars that was not starting? Kim's husband was camping with their sons on a weekend boy scout adventure, and not mechanically inclined anyway. Kim offered to come pick me up and return me since I had no idea where her house was except in the same town as the parents.

I agreed and borrowed a light tool set from Julie's father and Kim pulled in the drive minutes later. Without saying a word to her family she waved me to her car and as soon as my door was nearly closed we sped off. As she looked ahead she started talking quickly saying;

"Listen I need to talk to you about some major stuff and we don't have a lot of time. I need you to listen close, keep an open mind and try not to interrupt me. You wont need those tools, the cars all run fine."

She was driving rather fast and we reached her house in minutes. The car trouble, I gathered was a Ruse to get me to her home and apparently the two of us alone. As we went inside I could not imagine what she needed to speak with me about? I was offered a seat in one of two comfortable chairs that had been placed to face each other and a few feet apart.

She then offered something to drink before sitting down but I didn't need anything so she sat in the opposite chair. I hadn't noticed on the drive over but I did now that she was wearing a rather short denim skirt and a loose fitting blouse that was low cut and nearly see through. I could make out her breasts and see the hardness of her nipples due to the absence of a bra. She noticed my staring and didn't seem to mind.

Her breasts are Larger than Julie's and even with limitations the blouse presented appeared even firmer. I noticed the low heels and Kim's shapely legs as she crossed and recrossed them seductively while settling in the chair. I caught a quick glimpse of lacy, red panties and instantly imagined holding then to my nose and smelling them deeply

I snapped back to the present as she started talking quickly again and I listened intently despite thinking how gorgeous she is. The same blue eyes and long blond hair her sister has, but a face that is more narrow and intense. I felt my jaw hit my lap when she said the following;

"With little time, I must be direct so put your big boy pants on. I know you are a freak who likes having a lot of sex. I know your kinky, with fetishes such as sniffing panties, rimming asses, and you really like talking dirty. I also know My sister is exactly opposite. She has been a prude all her life and that will never change.

You must be very unhappy, and frustrated with your sex life, or lack thereof. I assume you jack off often and are most likely cheating when you can get away with it, However Julie doesn't think you are. Whatever the case it doesn't matter unless you accept what I'm about to propose to you.

My husband Is a good provider, and a great father to our boys. The problem is, he is much like Julie in the bedroom and has a little dick on top of it.

He is a mother's boy and refuses to do anything other than basic, missionary sex.

The rare times I can get him to eat my pussy are pointless since he fumbles around like a teenage boy and couldn't find my swollen clit if his life depended on it.

I have cheated a few times over the years when opportunity knocked, but had to worry about diseases, and angry wives. Then these idiots fuck me once and think they love me. They want to leave their wives and run off with me, not realizing I used them for sex and too smart to lose all have. I use toys and masturbate because I'm a freak just like you, but I want more, I need more.

You and I could solve each others problem.

We can fuck each other in the naughty, kinky ways we both need. Its cheating, but not with all the risks of random strangers. We are the same age, both healthy, and in great shape, as well as being damn good looking. Our bodies were made to fuck and we end up with mates who don't want to, and couldn't do it right even if they did."

Of course things were sounding pretty good to me at this point. Fucking this sexy woman in front of me would be incredible. I also know some things are just too good to be true. Without interrupting, I let her continue;

"We would be doing them both a favor by taking care of the one they love when they obviously cannot. We could meet at a safe, sensible place a couple times each month. A motel out of town but not too far, and do what we desire, then go back to our lives as usual with no hang ups or problems. Knowing that in a week or so, we can have more, and be as kinky, and freaky as possible. If we are careful, nobody will ever know. I expected you to be shocked, I can see you are, but you also look confused. I'm not the prude my sister is, the brain wash didn't work on me, instead it had the opposite effect. While Julie was kneeling in prayer, I was kneeling in front of a priest, usually in a dirty basement or store room, feeling his cock slide into my mouth and loving every bit of it. There was always at least one dirty man at every school. Thank you for not interrupting, and if you want to do this we could have a short session now. If you don't then I will expect you to be a gentleman and realize the damage that would result if this conversation was ever repeated."

I sat there looking at my gorgeous sister in law hoping this was real, yet fearing a set up, so I asked her. "How did you know all this about me? Especially the details down to the fetishes? And how do I know this isn't some sort of set up or test You and Julie cooked up to see if I'm loyal?"

Smiling Kim replied; "About a year back Julie called me wanting advice. She was afraid you were going to divorce her because she can't please you sexually, and she can't bring herself to change and do the things you tell her you want. I didn't have a solution for her but I saw the possibility of one for me and you. I have been calling periodically while you are at work to console and council her.

I was curious about you, and she unknowingly gave me all the information I could ever want, plus provided me with images to masturbate with. As for a test of your loyalty, Julie could never concoct something this sexual, nor would she let me if I offered. Tell me what I can do to convince you, I'll do anything you want to prove I'm serious, but time is short."

Set up or not, I had to take the chance. It could be the end of a four year miserable dry spell, and a promising future of good sex that is taboo, and naughty all by itself. I said,

"Give me your panties, and tell me what to do with them." Without hesitation Kim stood, reached under her skirt, slid her lacy, red panties to her feet, and stepped out of them in seemingly one fluid motion. With low heels still on she reached down picked them up and handed them to me.

She then said, "Find the wet crotch of my dirty panties and sniff them deeply like the kinky fucker you are. Inhale the scent of my wet cunt."

As she sat back in her chair, watching me smell them she continued,

"Now I'm taking my top off so you can look at my firm tits and the pretty pink nipples that love to be squeezed and sucked on. I will let you cum all over them then watch me scoop it into my mouth like a filthy whore. I see your hard cock bulging in you jeans, pull it out and show me how big it is."

Kim was rubbing her tits and pinching the hard nipples as I opened my pants releasing my thick cock. It was already hard, and swollen to it's full seven and a half inches. Staring at it lustfully she went on,

"Oh that is beautiful, that's a real cock. I can't wait to have you stuff that big thing in my mouth and gag me. It's going to stretch my pussy so good. Do you want to see my pussy? I know you do, and I want you to see it. I want to show it to you, and see you lust for it. Wrap my wet panties around your cock and stroke it so I can watch while I show you my pussy. I shaved it bare for you and it's smooth all over. I'm going to put my legs on the arms of the chair and spread them really wide so you can see my pussy really good."

I had my fist wrapped around her lacy panties and my swollen cock, slowly stroking it. A shiny drop of pre cum rolled down the head landing on my thumb but didn't divert my attention. I watched my sister in law spread her long legs wide open, revealing the pinkest and most erotic shaved cunt flesh I have ever seen. I was transfixed and wanted to spread the pink lips apart and look deep inside.

She looked up from my cock and into my eyes then firmly stated;

"We are running out of time. Get on your fucking knees between my legs and watch me spread this pussy apart so you can smell me, and lick it all over. I want to feel you fuck your tongue in and out of my wet fuck hole as deep as you can and taste my cunt juices. Keep jacking your fat cock off with my dirty wet panties but don't you dare cum."

I dove and put my hands on each leg pushing them wider apart while she reached down with dexterity and pulled her engorged cunt flesh apart. Kim continued to pull her lips wider spreading herself open so far that I'm certain had to be painful. I glanced up and saw no sign of pain but the glassy eyed, lustful, erotic trance that you get when you are being very naughty and loving it. That point where nothing else matters and you want it to never end.

I licked every square inch of that beautiful pussy hungrily, smelling the sweet yet tangy odor that belongs only to femininity. She had two gushing orgasms, both when I focused my tongue on her puffy clit. I struggled desperately not to cum as I kept stroking her panties up and down my cock. My balls were jerking and twitching with spasms, demanding release.

Somehow sensing my urgency, Kim stopped moaning and looking down said;

"Get that big cock up here and shove it in my sloppy wet cunt. I need to feel it stretch and fuck me just for a minute. I cant wait anymore, I need it in me. I'm your slut now, I'm a whore for you and that fat cock of yours. This dripping cunt belongs to you now daddy, let me feel it pound into me just for a minute before you squirt hot of cum all over my tits."

I stood, grabbed her calves near the ankles and pushed her long legs higher, and farther apart. It caused the swollen inner lips of her pussy to peel apart, making the entrance gape slightly as if signaling my throbbing, purple headed monster of it's hunger to be fed every bit of meaty cock flesh I could pound into it's depths with endless, powerful thrusts.

Needing no instruction, my sister in law reached for my man meat and grasped it in her hand that was too small but strong in grip and determination. Urgently pulling the head to the gaped entrance of her pussy that was now leaking fluids that oozed down the crevice of her lovely ass.

Once she had the head nudged against the opening, she looked up at me with the sweetest look of desperation and hunger mixed with a sprinkle of wanton lust and said;

"Please do it, I cant wait any longer, I need you to fuck me hard, like I'm a trashy street walker."

I needed no more coaxing and thrust forward with all I had, burying my cock completely in her swollen, pink cunt and smashing my balls hard into her ass.

I began pumping my cock in and out while looking down at the slippery, wet, pink, ring of elastic pussy stretched snugly around my girth. I couldn't hold out much longer as Kim's tight pussy gripped me hard. Each time I would withdraw my cock, an inch of inner cunt flesh stretched down my shaft like a pink sock. Feeling spasms in my balls, I told her,

"I'm pulling out, jack me off and watch the cum spurt out of my cock onto your tits."

No sooner than I had said it, I felt a contraction jerk my cock and my ass muscles quickly clamped then released in a powerful spasm. As I jerked my cock out in obvious rush, Kim grabbed it equally fast in her tiny hand. Before she could begin to stroke me, a long jet of milky white, rope like cum shot out of me and splashed across her pretty face.

She didn't flinch, Rather she jerked me like she was on the Olympic tug of war team. I dumped what looked like a gallon all over her tits and chest then stepped back and said;

"Scoop every drop of that into your slutty, cock sucking mouth and enjoy it all you can. I need to get back to my wife now, so you will have to wait until next time for your throat fucking. I will however let you lick and suck your cunt juices off this twat stretcher once you finish eating all that cum like a good whore."

She obeyed with a smile, gulping each handful of my cum down her throat as quickly as her hands could scoop it up to her mouth. When she was finished to my satisfaction, I slapped my cock into her face and said;

"Clean that mess off my cock with your sperm drinking mouth, and do a good job whore so your sister doesn't smell it when I fuck her tonight."

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