tagIncest/TabooSexual Seduction My Way Ch. 04

Sexual Seduction My Way Ch. 04



My Early Sex Adventures

Hi, my name is Mike. I'm now living in retirement at age of 71. Through out my life I have had the most outstanding sex with some of the finest young girls, women and older ladies that any man could want. This is the continuing chaptered story on how I play the sex game with these many wonderful women through out my life.

These sex escapades are all very true as I actually experienced them. Of course going back as far as almost 60 years, I have taken some liberty in telling what exactly people said to each other etc. However, overall, the facts of my deeds back then are as true as I can remember them.

This is chapter 4 the tale where I tell all on how I had great sex. If you have not done so already, please read chapter 1 through 3 before starting the reading this chapter. Please begin and enjoy!


Instead of telling you about the great sex that I was having in my office back when I was starting out on my own in business, maybe it would be a good idea to start at almost the beginning of my sexual awakening.

I had my first car at 18 and took girls out to lover’s lane and to the drive-in movies, where we did the touchy feeing things that that young boys and girls do. But that was as far as the girls of my day would go. Having real sex at that age was just out of the question because the girls were so afraid of getting pregnant.

Remember this was in the early nineteen fifties before birth control pills and before any type of sexual education in high school. Back in those years in my state of Minnesota, a guy could not even legally buy condoms at the drug store before he was 18 years old. Talk about the dark ages!

Yes I made up for it by being a very big masturbator in my teenage years. Well come to think of it I am still at 70 something years old a very big masturbator. In my old age having a climax still feels so wonderful. I hope I keep having them when I am 100 years old. I wonder if they let you jack your meat and have an orgasm in heaven? They must; way else would they call it heaven?

But back to my youth, girls back then were different and not as free minded as today. With my girl I hadn’t even had the chance to masturbate together or do anything real sexual. But at the beginning of that summer right after I turned 18 something happened between my older sister and I that changed all that in my past forever.

I had just had birthday at the end of the month of April. It was the second day after my sister Judy was home for summer vacation whom collage. My older sister moved back to our house from her sophomore year and dorm living.

Judy and I shared a bathroom between our two bedrooms. It was a Saturday morning and I had got up late. As usual I woke up with a raging piss hard on and went into the bathroom to a leak. And then went downstairs to the kitchen to get something to eat. I discovered my parents and Judy were not home or so I thought.

I went back upstairs. I was still in my jockey shorts that I slept in last night. I had not had my morning whack yet and still had a little bit of a hard-on from my having to piss so badly when I woke up.

I securely wished that my big titted sis Judy or even my still very hot mom of 36 would see me walking around with a hard-on. Oh how I want to commit incest sex with those two. I had caught glimpses of my sister nude over the years and knew that she had the most beautiful long nipples.

I stripped off my boxers and went into the bathroom and stood there before the full-length mirror and admired by handsome body. Then behind me in the almost full open dirty clothes hamper, I spotted in the mirror’s reflection over my shoulder, my sister’s panties. I turned around and went over to the hamper and picked them up.

Her lacy silk panties were fresh that morning as they were on top of all of her and mine’s dirty clothes. They were still wet with her pussy juices. I did not know it until later but sis had jilled herself off to a climax that very morning when she awoke several hours before me. Consequently there was a real wetness and her panties were almost soaked with her pungent but so wonderful sweet luxurious runny juices.

I held them up to my nose. Her female smell was pure ambrosia. I then tasted them and started to chew on the crotch of her underwear. There I was before the mirror, pounding my dick hard with one hand and with the other I had her white silk panties up to my nose and hungry mouth. Then it happened.

The door from June’s bedroom opened and in walked my older sister in her jogging shorts and her sport bra. She had been out on her morning run and that’s why I thought the house was empty. Judy was a star in track and fields the collage sports and her body was so trim.

Judy screamed out to me, “Mike what are you doing?”

There was no denying it and besides I wanted my sis to see my big hard cock. So I turned and faced Judy, slowly pumping my erection and kept her soiled panties in my mouth. I said, “But sis I could not help myself. I found your wonderful wet smelly underwear in the clothes hamper.” Saying that I put her panty crouch back up to my nose and drew in another deep breath of the rich smell of her female nectar.

I said to her, “Oh Judy your dirty pants scent is so good. The odor of your pussy is so delightfully strong. It made me get so hard. I made me what to masturbate my cock so bad.” I then spit out a big gob of my saliva and smeared it up and down my just over eight-inch cock shaft. Back then at the beginning of my eighteenth year I had yet to grow into my full length of nine-inches. I would not get that big until I was 21.

Judy then took her panties out of my one hand and with her other slapped my other hand doing my very hard dick. There I stood in all my naked grandness in front of my very sexy older sister with a very big hard-on pointing at the bathroom ceiling.

She said with a rather angrily voice. “You are a real pervert aren’t you little brother.” And then she looked at my unclothed naked body and said further in a much friendlier voice, "You are really growing up to be such nice muscled man with the added benefit of having such a big beautiful pecker too.”

“I just knew that you were endowed with a handsome penis. Remember I saw you nude when we went camping with the folks last summer. I had I walked into the tent and caught you changing in to your swimsuit. You had the biggest soft dick and big ball sack.”

She went on to say, “Oh brother if only we had been alone then and mother and dad weren’t along. I would have got down on bended knee right then and there and given you a blow job. That was the first naked shot that you gave since growing into a real man. Even soft as I saw you, you were almost bigger than most of the boys I had seen with their hard up and erect penis. What are you when you’re just soft, about five-inches?”

Then my sis reached out and ran her finger lightly up and down my hard erection and said, “Oh brother do you use this marvelous big tool on any of your girlfriends pussies?”

I answered her truthfully. “No Judy I am regretfully still a virgin.”

“No kidding,” she said, as she slowly pumped my hard shaft with her hand. “Tell me Mike have you ever performed oral sex on a girl’s pussy? You must have as you had no reluctance about using your mouth just now on my soiled panties.”

I told her, “Judy, I have never eaten a girl out before either.”

“Surely little brother you have felt up girls and put your fingers up in their pussies? Have any of your girls jacked that big boner of yours?”

“Yea, we have done a little of the hand and finger things,” I said. But no I never have done the mouth thing down on my girl. And I tried to go done on her but she would not let me and she wouldn’t suck me off either.”

“Well brother today is your day. You are real lucky that mom and dad are over at our Aunt Lilly’s place and will not be back until this evening.”

Then she said to me, “If you treat me right and mouth my pussy real good I will then take your big thing into my mouth and let you blow your cum down my throat. I just love that taste of my boyfriend’s man juices.”

“How would you like to suck on my pussy, the real thing baby brother,” she said. “I and my boyfriend at school give each other mouth sex at least once a week. And it is way past time that I got some mouth here at home from my sexy brother who is now growing into such a fine young man. Oh Michael, I have wanted to make out with you for so long.”

She then said, “Come on Michael, into my bedroom.” With saying that she led me into her room by holding on to my cock like it was the handle on a little kid’s red wagon. She pulled my fully naked body over to her bed and set me down.

Judy then stood before me and stripped off her running shorts and spandex sport bra. When all naked, like me, she stood there with her hands on her hips and said to me, “I bet I look better all together than any of your girlfriends?”

“Oh my god sis,” I said looking up at her, “your are the first fully naked girl I have ever seen. Oh gosh you look wonderful and sexy.

My sis was tall, about five, eleven and had the most really big luxurious tits. Her deep red colored areolas were two inches around and in their centers were a half-inch big meaty nipple. She was extremely fit and trim. Her brown pubic hair was neatly trimmed to a small triangular patch above her fuck hole slit.

I said to her, “Oh sister you are so beautiful. Am I going to get to fuck you here today?”

“Do you have anything for my protection,” Judy said. “Now that you have turned 18 you have gone to the drug to get prophylactics haven’t you?”

“No I haven’t,” I said. You know that the drug store only have those things behind the counters. I have not built up the courage to ask the druggist for condoms. What if the druggist is a woman and she asked me what size I want and how big my hard cock gets? I know that I have got to face the problem as my girlfriend has asked me to get some rubber protection too but I haven’t yet.”

Sis said, “Well unless you have a rubber to put on the big sausage you have there, we are not going to have intercourse. Your girlfriend is not the only one who does not want to get pregnant.”

“So now dear brother we have to be satisfied with performing oral sex on each other.”

Judy then got up on her bed and settled there with her legs spread wide apart in front of me. She said, “Michael, have your ever seen a better formed pussy than mine?”

I put my head up between her knees to see her shaved clean pussy opening and said, “Not really sis. Judy, yours is my first that I seen in the light of day. The times that I got to play touchy feely with my girls it was after dark and in the front car seat. I never got a very good look at their pussies, only felt them up.”

“Well I guess it’s time you had a little bit of education about a woman’s love hole.” Then she opened a drawer on her side table and took out a small squirt bottle and said, “Rule number one, never ever touch a women’s pussy with dry fingers young man. Use your mouth to wet your fingers with saliva or some type of oil like this.”

“This is just scented oil and does the job quite well.” She then squirted some on her own fingers and rubbed it all over her slightly opening labia lips. Then she shoved two of her oily wet fingers up to her knuckles into her fuck hole. Then she said for me to hold out my hands and she put some oil on my first two fingers on both of my hands.

She said, “Now put a finger up in my slit and get it further wet with my runny pussy secretions. Now taste you finger.”

I did and there was a sweet peach taste from the scented oil.

“Now,” Judy said, “rub my vagina. Pay a lot of attention to my clitoris there on the top end of my hole. You know about a woman’s clit don’t you brother?”

I said, “Yes dear sister. I have read about you girls having a special spot on your pussy that have a lot of pleasure giving nerve endings in it. But to tell the truth Judy I have never seen one on my girl in the dark.”

Then with my fingers going in and out of her blossoming pussy opening she started to groan out little pleasure noises. Then I saw an appendage about the size of my little finger on top of her slit. It kept growing and swelling up in size. As it peeked out under a hood of skin and grew bigger. I said, “Oh my god, your clit is getting so big. It is almost as big as a small thumb.”

It looked very much like a small penis end. I took my first finger and my thumb and twisted it and pulled on it ever so slightly.

Judy squealed out joyful giggle and said, “Oh Michael, you are making me feel so good down there on my clitoris. I know that I have a big one. So does mom and grandmother.”

I was going to ask her how she knew that the other women in our family had big clits but before I could talk, my now sexed up and very hot to trot sister went on to another place in her now runny pussy that brought great delight and pleasure to her.

She said, "Now in a moment I am going to want you to wrap your mouth around my clit and suck it real good." But first I have to tell you about another special spot we women have. My G-spot, my Garfenberg spot. Did you know that we women have this special place to stimulate too?”

I told her, “I do know about this spot too but had yet to find it in either of my girlfriend’s pussy. Last year, down at the public library I had snuck a medical book out on sex. In it read about some European Doctor of gynecology that had discovered a few years back that women have this special spot. It said that females have extra strong climaxes when they got massaged and rubbed on this spot.”

Judy then said, “Now I am going to teach you how to find your girl’s or women’s G-spot. Now take your middle finger and shove it in my pussy about two and half inches. The curl it up and feel around the roof of my love tunnel. There, there, you just hit it. Feel that spot about the size of a nickel. It should feel spongy like.”

I did feel the difference in the fleshly membrane of her pussy walls. The library book had said that in order that a woman gets the full benefit of the G-spot that one has to massage it very hard, so I started to do this.

Judy then fell back on the bed from her sitting position and said, “That’s it Michael. Oh god you found it. Now brother, at the same time put your mouth over my clit and suck it baby.”

I did just that and no sooner than after I started lick and suck on her big clit while applying pressure up on her G spot, my sister stated into a strong climax with loud noises of her pleasure. She shock and tossed her head from side to side and cried out, “I am cumming, I am cumming, Oh ohhhhhhhhhh.” she yelped out her great joyful feeling.

My older sister came so very hard and strong. Now as I look back to my past I think this time with my sister Judy started me on my life long passion of seeing women get their rocks off really strong and hard. Next to have hard climax of my own I like nothing better in this life that seeing my women having a super orgasm.

Judy lay there recovering and panting for breath. I lay down beside her. She said, “Oh my dear, dear, brother you did that so well. Why did I wait so long to have glorious mouth sex with you? Are you sure that that was your first time eating out a girl’s pussy. You did it like an old pro, a real expert.”

“Now Michael, it’s your turn to receive mouth sex.” Finally I was now going to get my very first cock sucking.

I lay down on my back and my cock was still up hard and ready. I almost had blue balls as I had been hard and erect for well past an hour now. Judy knelt between my legs and licked up the sides of my hard erection. Then she tried to stick her pointed big tongue into my pee hole to lap up my gushing pre-cum.

She said “Oh how what a delicious tastes your pre-cum has my dear sweet little brother.”

She then took each one of my nuts into her mouth and rolled them around on her tongue. I groaned out and she said, “You like to have your big testicles chewed on, don’t you baby.”

“Now my baby brother, I am going to suck on your big circumcised end. I want you to fuck my mouth good and don’t pull out when you feel your cum is going to explode. I want it all. I want you to blow your creamy white stuff all the way down my throat.”

Judy opened her wide red lipped mouth and engulfed the end of my hard cock. She took about four inches into her mouth. Her warm wet oral opening felt like nothing I had ever felt before. I thought that I had never experienced such a grand feeling before.

Because I had been with an erection for most of the last hour, it took just a few moments for me to start into my volcanic eruption. I yelled out, “Oh god I am cumming, I am cumming, oh ohhhh ohhhhhhhhhh.”

My dear sweet older sister clamped her mouth around my meat and let me just blow out my white foamy man juice into the back of her mouth. I must have pumped in two or three ounces of my spunk as she swallowed several times.

I lay there just gasping for breath. Oh lordly what an intense climax I had just had.

Judy lay over on my chest, hugged me and gave me a super big tonsillectomy tongue kiss. When we broke our lip lock she said to me, “Oh you dear sweet brother why have we waited so long to make ourselves feel so good?”

“Your big load of semen was so yummy,” she said. “Mike dear yours is much better than any others that I have tried. It has a slight salty orangey taste. I know you like to drink a lot of orange juice, maybe that’s why.”

“Well brother what a great way to spend Saturday. You get those rubbers for your dick and you can dip that big thing of yours into my tight warm pussy next time”

Well I didn’t for one reason or another and I remained a virgin for the next month and half. But before her next college year started and she went two states away to school my sister and I had great oral sex together five more times.

In fact just two weeks later Judy had two of her girlfriends over to our house. She had told them that her younger brother was very endowed with a monster of a big dick and the wanted to see for themselves. I got naked the hot girls first had me jack-off and shoot all my cum for them to see.

Then the three of them got naked too and I eat out each girl while the other two kept pumping and mouthing my cock to keep it hard. I thought that surely one of these young ladies would let me fuck them and I would lose my virginity once and for all. But one again I had no condoms.

I ate out all three girls and my sis Judy sucked me to another big rousing climax. But no intercourse that afternoon, a virgin I remained.

As I said earlier, at 18 was about the time that when I got my own car and started to go out with girls a lot more. But at 17 I stated to date and that’s when my mother stared to pry into my social life by wanting to know if I was having intercourse yet with my girlfriends.

Of course, I said no but I never told her about the touchy feely things that I was doing. But as I found out years later my mother knew of course, as all good mothers of little boys and girls knew that their young like to play finger game sex with the other sex. So she speculated that if I was not having real sex with a girl then I was probably just about to begin.

I especially remember well one night with a new girl in my car. It was the first of July in my eighteenth year about two months after Judy had taught me all about giving girls good head. This was a first date with this new girl.

I took this new girl to the drive-in theater to see the movie. The ‘The Outlaw’, was playing, staring Jane Russell. This female actress had a big 38 or 40 inch bust and in this movie she ran around with her shirt off in only a bra. For this the movie first gained a X rating. Can you imagine that but that was in about 1954.

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