tagMatureSexual Seduction My Way Ch. 06

Sexual Seduction My Way Ch. 06


Hi, my name is Mike. I'm now living in retirement at the age of 71. Through out my life I have had the most outstanding sex with some of the finest young girls, women and older ladies that any man could want. This is the continuing chaptered story on how I play the sex game with these many wonderful women through out my life.

These sex escapades are all very true as I actually experienced them. Of course going back as far as almost 60 years, I have taken some liberty in telling what exactly people said to each other etc. However, overall, the facts of my deeds back then are as true as I can remember them.

This is chapter 6 the tale where I tell all on how I had great sex. If you have not done so already, please read chapter 1 through 5 before starting the reading this chapter. Please begin and enjoy!


Well there I was still naked but now with a soft pecker. My mother started to leave my room. Once again I pleaded with her to let me mouth or fuck her pussy. I said, "At least mom let me see your tits or your pussy. Tell me mom do you have long nipples and a lot of hair on your on your cunt?"

Mom said, "To be truthful yes to both your questions. But not today son, maybe not ever. But I got to tell you this Michael dear, you have made me so hot and aroused here watching you play with your big pecker and tasting your sweet, creamy cum that I now have to go into my bedroom alone and masturbate."

"If I don't do that now then I would attract your dad when he gets home and he will be so curious as to what turned me on so. In time I will tell him of course," mother said, "of what we did here today but not right now."

"When the time is right. Your dad and I do not keep secrets from each other. He will be pleased to know that you are developing sexually into young manhood."

Then my dear, dear, sweet mother did something to turn on her little baby boy all over again.

Mother said, "I will not show you my tits or vagina but I will show you how much your lovely big beautiful cock has turned on this older woman." With saying that, she then raised her house dress by the seams and pulled it up to over her waist and said, "Look little man, at how wet you have made my panties here today."

Her white lacy panties were just soaking wet. I could see a whole lot of dark brown pubic hair through the now transparent material with its wetness

And because my mom had so much hair down there it was sticking out beyond her panty leg openings. Her pussy juice was running out around the hair and down the inside of her thighs.

"See baby what you did to me," she said. She scooped up some of her running juices and held her hand up to my mouth and said, "Taste me son like I have just done you."

I did and begged for more, "Oh mom let me lick your good tasting hot runny cunt."

With me saying that she did a little girls giggle and dropped her dress and left my bedroom and went to hers.

Tasting her cunt juices and seeing her wet panties was make me hot and aroused again. Because this was my younger days, I did not need much stimulation to get me up and erect. In a couple of minutes I had another hard-on. I went out to the hall to my mother's bedroom with a hard raging erection swaying back and forth between my legs.

But my mom had shut her door. I stood there at her closed bedroom door and heard my now so ever sexy mom through the door as I once again slowly jacked my meat back and forth. I heard her chant through the closed door, "Oh my god it feels so good! Oh fuck me little boy, Oh fuck me my son!" Oh, Michael my big boy shove that dick deep into your mommies' pussy."

With my ear to the door I could hear a soft bussing sound and I guessed that my hot mom was using some kind of vibrator on her hot cunt. The ways that I had seen Judy do when my sis and I masturbated together.

And mother was talking about me too as if I was in her bedroom screwing her. I tried the door and it was unlocked, so I went in. Oh what a grand sight lay out before me.

My mother was naked as a jay bird, on her bed spread eagle and on her back. With one hand see was fucking herself with a big long flesh color dildo shoved deep in her hair cover hot cunt. With her other hand she had one of her big 38 inch tits up to her mouth. Mom was just about to put her half inch long meaty nipple into her mouth when she saw me at her door.

She said to me, "Oh Michael I was hoping you had the moxie to come to my room when I said I was going there to masturbate myself. You want to see my pussy now look at this big artificial thing I got up my pussy. Come here a darling and get up here on the bed with me and watch me frig myself."

So there was a 38 year old hot au natural woman with her 18 year old naked son kneeling beside her on the bed and they both were in the grand self pleasure of masturbation.

Lying on her bed and looking up at me my mother said, "Oh sonny boy this dildo feels so good deep in my love canal. I bet this big long artificial dick is almost as good as your big real pecker would feel in me. It is even bigger than what you have there sticking out so proud from your crouch there and it has the benefit of a battery operated vibrator."

"Son it is makes me really runny with my juices. Here I will pull it out and you lick on it to taste me Michael. You seamed to like my juice when you sucked my fingers there when I wiped up my wet leg in your bedroom."

She did too, very slowly. The dildo's end seemed to take a long time to show it's self. God it was a full 15-inches long and she had it almost totally buried deep up her hole. It was like the real thing, flesh colored with dark veins running up the sides and big purple knobby ends on it just like my real thing. It was dripping with her fluids.

Mom held it up to me and said wickedly, "Here baby lick it like your father does. He gets it wet in his mouth so I can ram it up his asshole when I jack him off. Your dad really like me to put my dildo up his rectum. He says that the vibrator in it put a marvelous feeling to his prostate gland."

Oh my god I thought. One more hot sexy thing to know about my parent's sex life.

I then licked up both sides of the big rubbery dildo and got a mouth full of her female nectar. Oh how delightful, a sweet taste but a little pungent too. I then beg my mom to let my mouth get at her juice source.

I said, "Please, please mother let me put my mouth down there on your runny cunt. Let me burier my tongue deep in your cunt folds and then suck on your fantastic clit." My sister was so right my mother had a very big clitoris. In her aroused state her blood had flowed into it and raised it up to almost a half an inch across and it stuck out above her cunt opening almost an inch in length."

"No dear boy, you know that I will not let you do that. But I want you to start jacking that big thing of yours here over me. I want you to erupt and blow your sticky white good tasting cum all over my big tits here. Come on sonny shoot out the beautiful stuff out on my big knockers."

So I stared to pump and at the same time she went back deep in her cunt with that big false cock. We both started to work hard at pleasing ourselves. And then it happen.

My mother's eyes rolled up into her head as she started in to her climax with a load voice yelling, "I cumming. Oh Mike I love your big cock so much. Oh fucking yes I'm cummingggggg. Ohhhh it feels like my little baby boy is fuckinggggggg meeeeeee. It feels so goodddddddddd. Augggggggg goddannnnnnn.

I was right behind her too with my climax. I aimed my cock end at her big tits and splashed them good and then I collapsed down on to her big busted chest in to the sticky mess that I had just sprayed there.

When I got my wind back I rose up and licked all my cum off her glorious tits. And then my mom with much glee did the same to my white gooey semen spread across my chest from laying on her.

Them my mother kissed me with her tongue. A deep probing passionate kiss which was one that no mother should ever give to her own son and said, "Oh Michael I love you so much and I am so proud of how you are growing into a man.

Now son when you go to Lilly's you are going to make you dad and me very happy when her hot pussy takes your virgin big cock and you become a man."

Then my mom said, "You have to promise me Mike that you will always keep your old sweet mother informed on how you are making it with your young girls or the older women that will come into your life. I want to know how they are taking that big super sized cock of yours in their tight pussy. Though out your life I want to know all your sexy love making details."

And that I did for the 55 more years that she lived a very happy life. After my father died 20 years later she still would not let me fuck her or even eat her out. Although mom was active sex wise until well in her 70 year. She never ever let her son have at her sweet motherly cunt.

But I did get to beat my meat in her presence as she fucked herself that big 15-inch dildo about every other month while I was still a senior in high school. We did this up to almost my junior year collage where I caught my mother in a most compromising way that lead to me having the most marvelous oral sex with her.

And from that day my mother and I performed grand oral sex on each other up until she was 56, just before I married my sweet June. Mother was a widow then but she still did not let me into her cunt tunnel with my hard cock. She stood her ground and never truly ever committed to having incest sex with her little son.

Well Thursday of that week I went to do Aunt Lilly's lawn and I hoped to do a lot more. You see my aunt paid me to keep up her big yard and mow the grass. It was part of my summer jobs. Aunty paid me well and I always needed the money for gasoline and girl chasing.

Most times after mowing I went for a swim in her pool afterwards. My aunt had lots of money as I guess she had cashed in a very big insurance policy when my uncle died.

And then when I was over at her house I got all hot and bothered because my aunt would sunbath in her almost nothing bikini. You see my aunty was one good looking babe for a 42-year old gal.

Seeing her in her next to nothing swimsuit always made me hot so I used to jacked-off a lot in her bathroom. Or sometime she was just laying there on her lounge deck chair half asleep and I was still in the water. I hung on the poolside and pulled my swim trunks down, beat my meat and blew my load right there in the pool. I thought for sure she would see my cum floating on top of the pool water but she never did.

My dear auntie had a really good figure for an old gal. She had really big tits even bigger than my mom's. Even at that young age of 18 I had a little thing for some of the older big tited women in my life. I use to fantasize about a couple of my hot teachers, our next door neighbor lady and then my sweet dear big titted Aunt Lilly.

Mom had called her sister about me and told her that she was so worried that I was going to get some girl pregnant. She asked her sis if she would be willing to help out and educate me on having safe sex such as she had done with my two cousins, her boys, several years past."

Mom told her sister about Judy and I masturbating and having oral sex together. She said that she suspected that I was having this kind of sex with a couple of my girlfriends too."

She told Lilly that she was so worried that I was going to knock up some young girl and she wanted me to learn how to have safe penetration sex by using condoms. But she said that she just could not do that herself with her own dear son.

When I first got to my Aunt Lilly's place that morning, I expected her to say something about her and mom's special agreement. I had been in a half dream world since my mother said that my aunt was going to take care of my virginity problem.

Even that early in the morning, I expected my aunt to meet me at the door half naked, ready to ravage my young body with her big titted one. Because of my big ego I thought that aunty could not wait to see her big pecker nephew.

But aunty met me at the door still in her nightgown and bathrobe. I had woken her up and she was in no condition to talk or anything else for that matter without her morning coffee. So I went and got started on the mowing.

Even as young as I was I had this thing for older mature women and I think it all started with my big titted Aunt Lilly. I always fantasized about fucking some old broad that I saw on the street or in stores. And I really had the hots for and daydreamed about sucking the tits of a very big-breasted teacher that I had back in high school.

Aunt Lilly used to come over to our house and sit around with my mom and dad and gab. My aunt wore the most fragrant smelling perfume. I thought that it was just heavenly to get up close to her and smell her.

Even at her now midlife age my aunt had a very trim like, almost young woman's figure. She had a nice butt with just right flared out hips and very big bust of over 40-inches. As young as I was, when my aunty came calling smelling just divine like that, I went right to my room, dropped my pants and had a good whack thinking of my aunt. I wished for her but never did I think that was I ever going to get a look at my Aunt Lilly's naked big knockers.

So there I was at my aunt's thinking was she or wasn't she going to fuck me. It was a hot morning and I had my shirt off and only wore my gym shorts with no underwear on, just my elastic jockstrap to hold my big balls and pecker in place.

Because of my size at just over five inches flaccid and soft I now made it a practice of wearing my jockstrap when I had summer shorts on. If I only wore boxers under my shorts and started to get just a little bit hard my pecker's circumcised head would peek out the bottom of my short's leg. So I needed the confinement that the jockstrap elastic gave me.

Then just before noon my aunty asked me to take a break and come into the kitchen for a cold coke and sandwich. I took it and sat at the kitchen table. I did not bother to pull on my t-shirt and sat there bare chested.

Aunty had dressed for the day and was in the shortest, tightest white tennis shorts. This was a sport she was into and had her own court in her big backyard next to her pool. She wore a skimpy stretchy spandex halter-top which displayed her big tits admirably as she did not have a bra on as far as I could tell.

Her very big nipples must have been aroused somewhat because they were making the material of her halter stick out with their hardness.

Her womanhood was on display too in her crotch. I was sure she did not have any panties on either, as I could easy see the outline of her labia lips and her vulva right threw her tight short's material.

My dear aunt was undoubtedly one of the hottest mature women that I had ever seen or knew. She was certainly showing off her wares to her young nephew this day.

I was just gawking at her loveliness. I started to feel my cock grow in my shorts there out of sight under the table. I thought to myself, oh god I am going to blow my nuts right here in my shorts.

My aunt said to me, "Young man put your eyes back in your head and close your mouth. It makes a good flytrap, hanging open like that."

"Tell me nephew, do you like what you see." Then she said, "This body is not too bad for an old lady of 42, don't you think sonny? Well I'll tell you boy, you play your cards right here today, and you might get to see more. I think that today is going to be your lucky day sonny."

"I understand my young nephew that you are still a virgin and you have yet to know the fantastic feeling of sticking your hard cock into a woman's warm, slippery, and wondrous pussy. Well my young nephew you are going to feel that today."

"My Michael," she said, "you are getting so tall and muscled and so athletic looking. You are really growing into a handsome young man. You must be over six-feet now. Look at you with your shirt off and your broad chest is getting some nice curly hair on it too."

"You have always had, ever since you were a baby, such a nice curly and wavy brown head of hair. But, now you are getting some very nice chest hair growth too. Oh, I bet your girl has fun running her hands through that chest hair."

Then she came right up to my chair and stood very close to me. I could smell her striking perfume. She said, "Look how big your biceps are getting."

That smell of hers really started to get me aroused. My cock started to grow bigger in the confines of my now expanding jockstrap elastic. I was going to need some relief soon or it was going to get very messy in my shorts.

My dear aunty did not help matters with what she did next. She said, "I just have to have a feel of your beautiful young muscled body." She then ran her hands over my arm muscles and then down to my abs. Then she went back up to my little nipples and gave them both a nice pleasurable tweak.

I let out my first of the day, a little yelp of pleasure. Aunty said, "Oh good Michael, I really like my men to have sensitive nipples like mine." Then she said, "Do you and your girlfriends lick and suck on each others nipples Michael?"

Then she told me to stand up. I had to strain to right myself because my cock was so hard making it so confined in my shorts and jockstrap. My hard on was hurting now. Aunty saw the developing bulge and tenting in my shorts. She reached down and took hold of my hardening cock through my gym shorts.

She said, "How big is this muscle getting to be?" Then she squeezed it and felt its fullness through the material. She declared, "Oh my Michael is that all you I feel in there? Are you really as big as I heard you were? Take your shorts off. I have to see what kind of young man my nephew is growing up into."

Being so proud of how big my cock had grown now that I was entering manhood, I gladly and willingly wanted to strip and show off my young hard body to this old lady.

So I pulled down my shorts. Because of my erection, my jockstrap cup only still held my big nut sack in its elastic pouch. My almost too hard of a cock was out of its cup confinement and was held with the elastic waist band at a painful angle up against my waist and belly."

I took off my jockstrap and freed up my tied down cock shaft. Because of its super hardness, it came up fast and slapped into my stomach with an audible sound. God I was so hard.

She said, "Did that hurt nephew, slapping up against your body like that?"

I told her, "It's all right now but my hard on was really hurting when it was in my shorts." I then pumped my hard cock several times and let out a small moan of pleasure.

My aunt said, "Don't get ahead of yourself dear we have all afternoon to make ourselves feel good."

There I stood in all my naked glory, with one of the hardest cocks I had ever had before. My cock had grown considerably in the last year. It was now just over eight-inches long when fully erect and was close to two-inches in diameter.

"My god nephew, you are one beautiful and sexy young man," my aunty said. "Your cock is so big and grown up. You have one of the largest cocks and biggest ball sacks that I have ever seen. And, to think your glorious pecker is going to get even bigger in the next couple of years."

She said, "You know that men do not stop growing in the pecker department until they are at least 21 or 22-years-old. At least you're cousins, my two boy's, wonderful young peckers kept growing until well into their early twenties. They both have fine cocks when erect but not nearly as big as yours my dear."

Then aunty stepped up close to me and took a hold of my big hard on with one hand and hefted my big nut sack with her other hand. Then she said, "Oh sonny I just can't get over how magnificent and big your cock is. And, nephew I have seen a lot of cocks in my day to make the comparison."

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