Sexual Seduction My Way Ch. 07


I did not answer her; I just stood up, pulled down my zipper, and undid my pants. She got out of her chair and came around to my side of the deck and stood in front of me. I dropped my drawers and boxers to my ankles. She then dropped to her knees in line with my still half-soft, flaccid cock. She took it in her hand and said, "Oh my, Michael, it is absolutely beautiful, so cuddly."

Then June said, "My, you are shaved too. Oh, how I love men who shave their crotch and your ball bag is all clean of hair too. I just can't stand hair in my mouth when I suck a guy off."

My pecker started to grow erect, because of the effect June's dirty mouth was having on me. It now approached eight inches and was still growing in her caressing hands.

She then said, "It is bigger than any man's cock I have ever seen before." Then she took it in both of her hands, lifted it up, rubbed it on the side of her cheek, and then kissed it.

My cock was now filled way up to its full nine inches, with blood thickening it in her playing hands. My circumcised prick head had mushroomed out to its enlarged size, and was changing from its regular color of dark pink to its erected color of purple.

"Oh Michael dear," June said, "Look at how big your cock has grown. Look at the color your cock end is getting. Its big end is getting deep red and purple. Your monster is getting very angry. Do you suppose, Michael that it wants to fight something to get to my mouth and tongue? Oh, you dear, dear man, your pecker is so beautiful. "

She held my cock higher up then placed her hand under my testicle sack and hefted my big, egg sized balls. "Oh my," June said, "you have such adorable big nuts too." Then she took each ball in her mouth and sucked and pulled on them.

My god, I was in heaven. I had finally found a woman that seemed to just love to suck and play with my cock and balls.

She then started to pump my cock up and down with one hand, as she was hefting my ball sack in the palm of her other hand. She commented, "Oh lover, I think it is at its full size now."

She said, "You are much bigger than any man I have ever been with before but I still am sure that I can take you all in me. I cannot wait to have you deep inside of me. I bet you go clear into my uterus with this big, beautiful piece of meat."

June further said that, "Your balls are the biggest and heaviest that I have ever had in my mouth. Oh Honey, your nuts are more than a handful. I will bet that your balls are just over flowing with good tasting cum," she said.

By now the pre-cum was oozing in great quantities out of my pee hole. June said, "Your pre-cum is just gushing all over the place." Her hand came up and over my helmet end and gathered up my rich running lubricant, and then she spread it all up and down my now very hard shaft.

I groaned out when she smeared my self made lube up and down my shaft and grunted out, "Oh baby that feels so good."

"Ohhhh my dear," June said, "I can't wait any longer. I have to taste you now. I have to lick up that yummy, yummy luscious pre-cum."

June then took her red lipped, perfectly shaped cock sucking mouth and placed it all the way over my cock end. Her tongue began to lash out over my circumcised cock head, licking up all my pre-cum. She swallowed it all down. Then June pulled off my cock end and said, "You taste so good, Michael."

I was now raging hard. My cock shaft was pointing almost straight up from my body along my belly. It was so hard with its slightly upward curve shaft. It was so hard and standing up and erect at attention just a couple of inches from touching above my bellybutton.

I was already very close to cumming and I told her so. June said, "No you aren't, I won't let you cum yet. I want you right on the edge, but I don't want you to cum yet."

"I want you right at that very special place where your cock feel so good, just before your nuts explode out your beautiful creamy cum."

She knew how to do it too. She knew how to slow me down too. She squeezed my prick in both her hands until it hurt and then relaxed her grip.

She then, very slowly, pumped my cock up and down with her hands, just enough to keep me very hard and on the brink of cumming. She spit a big gob of her saliva on the end of my prick and then spread it up and down my shaft.

I started to beg her, "Please, June dear, let me cum." I told her that, "Oh I want to cum so bad."

She answered me, "In a minute lover, you are going to really like what I am going to do to you now." And then, she did something to me that I had heard about but had never had it done to me before.

First June made me sit down again in my chair. She had me move my butt out to the very edge of my chair seat. Then she took her hand, held up to my mouth, and said, "Open up and suck on my fingers, get them really wet." She then took her wet middle finger and shoved it in between my ass cheeks and on to my rectum.

Then she said, "You are going to love this, Michael," and commenced to push her wet middle finger in my rectum all the way up to her knuckle. She then started to massage my prostate as she again took my cock head in her mouth.

She was pressing down on my prostate really hard, and totally engulfed my cock end at the same time She then bit down and put pressure on that most sensitive frenulum spot just under and behind the glans head.

This pushed me right over the mountain cliff, and I started my climax. This was the climax of all climaxes. I though I had experienced explosive cum erupting climaxes before, but not one ever compared to the one that June gave me that afternoon in my office. I almost blacked out from the sheer pleasure that she was giving me with that prostate rubbing and nipping with her teeth underneath and behind my big glans cock head.

I think that I must have erupted more cum than I had ever done before. Great quantities of cum shot out of my dick and into the back of her throat. She had to swallow at least three times because I was giving her so much of my white, sticky, syrupy liquid of life. There was so much cum that some of it leaked out of the corners of her mouth, ran down, and dripped off her chin.

I fell back in my chair, panting with exhaustion. I was so out of breath that I could not speak. She looked up from her kneeling position, smiled with those big beautiful dimples, stuck out her most talented tongue, and started to lick around her face and mouth corners. June then said, "My god, Michael, you really came a lot. And, that is the best tasting cum I have ever tasted. You taste a little like salty oranges or citrus."

I bent over and pulled her up into my lap. I deeply kissed her. I then commenced to lick her face with my own tongue to get the last remaining cum off her face and chin. She was right; I did have good tasting cum with a slightly salty tangerine taste to it.

When I got my voice back, I asked her, "Where did you learned to give head like that?" I told her, "I know that I have never had my cock sucked so well before and ever come that hard before. I do not think that I have ever ejaculated that much cum in a woman's mouth before. God, the feeling was incredible when you stuck your finger in my ass."

June laughed, flashing her glorious teeth and said, "I just love to give men good head and sucking guys off. I had a really good teacher in that old man that I have mentioned before. He taught me really well when I was only 18 and back in high school."

There was that old man again from her past that she was talking about.

June went on, "I have had a lot of practice since then at cock sucking with my boyfriends. But my best was always with that old man back when I was 18 to 20 years old. He was my teacher and first showed me how to give him a prostate rub while I sucked him off or jacked him."

June went on further and said, "I was taught by the old guy that by giving good head to guys and making then feel good was one of the secrets in getting good sex back from them."

"I hope you are not one of those guys that are really selfish, Mike," She said. You know the ones who blow their nuts and then turn over and want to just sleep or forget that we girls are part of the team too."

Then June said, "Like most of my girlfriends when I was growing up, we worried about getting pregnant. And birth control pills did not come on to the market until about the time I went to my junior year at college."

"So in cock sucking my men or jacking them off or masturbating them, I never had to worry about them having a condom on or cumming in me and getting me pregnant."

Then she added much to my delight and relief, because I just hate to wear a rubber, "Now these days, Michael, we girls have the new birth control pill. I have been on the pill for well over five years now. I sure hope that you are going to fill up my love tunnel with that splendid cum of yours when I get you hard again in a little while."

She further said that, "Yea, I learned that little trick of sticking my finger up in a man's ass and massaging their prostate gland from my old man lover. He was a very good teacher."

There was this mysterious older man from her past again. And now she was calling him her teacher. Could he be one of her high school teachers? I said to her, "June, tell me about this very wise older man that taught you about sex."

She hung her head and for a moment and was in deep thought. Then she looked up to me and said, "I can't tell you about him now, it's just too personal. Maybe we can talk about this man I used to know later on after I get to know you better, Michael."

I didn't think she was talking about her dad as I thought that her parents were not that old. Maybe she was talking about incest sex with her grandfather or an older next door neighbor.

That would have been real hot to see her as an 18-year old redheaded teenager and an old white haired grandpa type man doing it. Well she did not want to tell about her old man teacher, so I dropped the subject.

Well, good old sex education school was in session again in my office and June, my third private secretary, was my teacher. She was not only one of the most attractive and beautiful women that I had ever known personally, but the very best at giving a blowjob.

There we both sat, her fully clothed on my lap and me under her, naked from the waist down. My once spent cock was starting to stir under her silk panty covered butt.

I once again gave June a tonsillectomy tongue kiss and said to her, "My dear sweet girl with the most talented mouth, tell me more about you becoming so skillful at oral sex on a man." She did too but let's save that for the next chapter.


To be continued in the next chapter

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