tagNovels and NovellasSexually Dysfunctional Pt. 02

Sexually Dysfunctional Pt. 02


This is a story about a psychoanalyst, his assistant and his nurse treating patients who are sexually dysfunctional. The real issue is who are more dysfunctional the patients or those who treat them?

You choose.


Sammi's first day treating sexually dysfunctional patients, oh and getting fucked on the side.

"Hi, nice to meet you", he said in a pleasant, nicely modulated voice that had a posh tone to it, but not offensively so like, for instance, Prince Charles. He held his hand out.

"Oh hi, yes thanks, yes thank you, nice to meet you too," Sammi bumbled back, rather hurriedly and a little breathlessly. She was always a little shy when meeting people for the first time, particularly men, particularly attractive men, particularly older men and particularly doctors and consultants. And Mike Stevens was all of those. And on top of that his piercing blue eyes seemed to simply bore into hers as the soft, smooth skin of his hand shook hers.

Standing up, holding her fashionably large handbag, briefcase and introduction folder and putting down her cup of coffee and The Independent newspaper, Sammi was flustered and dropped the paper. It hit the table and knocked over the cup that Sammi bent down to try to catch.

"Oh God, I'm sorry," she stammered as the coffee drained across the glass table soaking into the other newspapers. Cal rushed over with paper towels. Mopping the coffee up he was rewarded with a great view down the front of the tight, white coat that was the hallmark of nurses from La Crème. It made his day.

"Fuck me, she's got smashing tits and a lovely white lace bra," he said to himself looking up at Mister Stevens and smiling for he saw that he too had seen exactly what Cal had. They smiled at each other and raised their eyebrow appreciatively.

"Don't worry Sammi," Cal said.

"Thanks a lot Cal, I really am sorry to put you to such bother."

"No problem, you can repay me later," he grinned running his gaze very obviously up and down the blonde nurse's body. "Any way you like actually."

Sammi couldn't help smiling at the kid's, as she thought of him for she rarely dated anyone under thirty, bottle, but didn't respond for Mister Stevens had moved round the table and was standing right next to her and Cal.

They both looked at her. She stared back from one to the other not knowing what to do or think. She bent down again to collect her stuff that she had dropped onto the chair when she spilt the coffee. She could feel the boy's and the man's eyes on her. The boy's down her top, the man's at her bottom. The boy's on her tits, the man's on her arse. The boy's seeing her new white M & S bra, the man seeing the outline of her ultra thin, newly bought, Lejaby thong.

Although it was probably only for seconds, it seemed an age that she was being inspected, almost roasted, she thought. It made her feel on edge. She couldn't understand why, but it also aroused her. It made her warm, well hot really, she knew she would be blushing; she always did when she was turned on. Lurid thoughts, for some reason were shooting through her mind at an incredibly fast pace.

Her coat was off.

She wasn't wearing a bra or a thong under it, just white hold-ups.

Mike was behind her, Cal in front. She was leaning back against the Doctor. Cal was playing with her tits as if adjusting the dials on a radio. She smiled, acknowledging his enthusiasm, but relishing his loveliness as she gazed at his dusky, naked body and huge, stiff cock that he had pressed into her hand.

She wiggled her bum and the older man pressed forward so that her back rubbed against his chest. That was nice. It was nicer though when his equally hard and probably just as long, but less thick cock nestled between the cheeks of her bum.

"I'm so glad you have turned up, we have a lot to get through today, our last nurse let us down badly, that's why we switched agencies, come in let's have a quick chat." The doctor said pulling Sammi back from her reveries.

As Cal tidied up the table and Sammi followed the doctor, she had a quick glance down at her chest. She felt tremendous relief when there were no lumps or signs of her nipples hardening. That was something that embarrassed her so often that she had given half-serious thought to getting advice as to why hers were seemingly so much more sensitive and reactive than other girls. Luckily, they were behaving themselves today she thought.

She followed him into a sumptuous office, if you could call it that for it was more like a suite. In front of a nearly floor to ceiling, large bay window sat a huge, glass topped desk with brushed aluminium legs behind which was black leather, high backed chair. In front of the desk were two less ostentatious, but nevertheless black leather, expensive and comfortable looking chairs.

Off to one side there were two black leather settees facing each other across a glass coffee table, and to the other side a screen that only partially hid a couch with a chair behind it. On the cursory glance she was able to give as she walked across the room, Sammi was surprised to count four PCs, scattered around the room. The walls were bedecked with modern paintings and there were some tasteful sculptures on tables and plinths. The overall style was modern minimalist. Everything was in browns, golds and charcoals and the look was expensive, leading edge and high tech, yet relaxing and comfortable. It had obviously been set up both for business meetings and as a consulting room; Sammi had never seen anywhere like it

"Take a seat Sammi," he said pointing to one of the chairs in front of the desk. "I'm sorry about Cal, he can such be such a loud mouthed prick at times," the eminent psychiatrist said not the slightest bit embarrassed by using such a word in front of a young woman he was meeting for the first time.

Mike chose to perch himself on the edge of the desk in front of Sammi, rather than taking the more formal seat behind it. Surveying the young blonde in front of him, he was impressed. She looked every bit as good as La Crème had promised. He was pleased he had changed agencies. Emma, the agency owner was clearly as professional as she was persuasive. Although he had met her several times in connection with a new business venture in which he was involved, he hadn't used her agency until now, but he had heard good things about it. They had, so they claimed and the references he had taken up on the phone, confirmed, a unique approach to nurse sourcing, as they termed it. An approach Emma had described, as she sat exactly where Sammi was, that was in keeping with today's sophisticated and assuring top of the range health care industry, one that dispensed with the badly dressed, poorly presented, traditional nurse. One that provided the brightest, the most sophisticated, the most attractive and, simply the best Consultants' Assistants in the country.

Mike remembered very clearly how Emma, leaning forward and reaching her hand out to shake his, when he confirmed that he would use La Crème for his vacancy, displayed her deep cleavage and a goodly proportion of her nicely, full breasts had breathed. "I promise you won't be disappointed in me Mike."

And so far he wasn't. Sammi was gorgeous, her qualifications and references were outstanding, she looked polished, although perhaps a little clumsy, she was clearly stylish, educated, erudite and keen to do well and she had one of the nicest arses he had seen for ages

The nurse's dress had a lot of style, although Mike was slightly concerned on, how could he describe it, how modernly revealing it was. It showed Sammi's curves off to perfection, and Mike could see that she was not wearing a lot underneath. Probably just the minimum, he thought, his mind wandering back to the outline of the tiny thong and the stocking tops he had seen when she had bent over in the reception area. He wondered if all the 'Consultants Assistants' looked like Sammi and dressed as she did, concluding that they must and that they had to be coached by La Crème to do that. He wondered how Emma did that and would loved to have been at one of the coaching sessions

Years of examining young women, well any aged women really, had given Mike the skill to read a woman's curves. He was pretty sure that Sammi was wearing expensive, ultra thin lingerie that was designed to "vanish" to give the appearance of the wearer being naked under their outer garments. As his gaze swept discretely, but not so much that the younger woman didn't notice it, over her body, he concluded that the lingerie had achieved its objective.

Perched on the desk, one foot on the ground, the other off the floor, his legs open, Mike looked at Sammi. In his mind the coat had gone and indeed she was naked under it for he could see her pert, 33b, he guessed boobs, her flat tummy and the merest whisps of tawny pubic hair on her prominent pubic mound. He felt that slight itchiness in his balls that was the forerunner and the clear indication of an impending erection.

"Sammi, I very much appreciate you being on time, our first patient is at 9am so we have a little time for me to introduce you to our clinic" Mike continued. "In front of patients please call me Doctor, although I'm quite happy for you to call me Mike after hours, and I'll do likewise, nurse, if that's ok, Sammi?".

Mike looked down and smiled. Sammi looked a little nervous but then that was to be expected on her first day.

"Yes of course Doctor." The nurse replied, but then with an impish grin added, "And Mike."

"You know that I am a psychiatrist dealing with people that are troubled with neuroses that are often very deep rooted."

"Yes I do doctor and I specialised in psychiatry in my final year preferring that to obstetrics; I got a distinction."

"Hmmm, right, good, that's great," Mike flustered, his mind more drawn to her distinctive tits than exam attainments.

"I am of the Freud school rather than Jung, if that means much to you."

"So you are more into psychoanalysis and delving deep into their backgrounds?"

"Yes, good, that's correct."

"And you believe that many, or even most neuroses are based on sexual difficulties."

"I see why you got a distinction, well done, that's precisely the way I practice. I need you to understand that Sammi, for you will be in the treatment room with me with every patient and you will hear some pretty lurid stuff from both men and women."

"I'm sure that won't be a problem."

"I do have to warn you though, that under some drugs that we need to administer to free up some peoples' minds, they do get rather excitable and imaginative and I must tell you that is why I need to have an attractive nurse."

"I don't understand."

"No I guess you don't, sorry. Let me be blunt, ok?"

Sammi had no idea what was coming next, but the more time she spent with him, despite the topic being rather intimate the more relaxed she felt. That, though, was quite the opposite with Mike. The longer he was perched there, his leg dangling, his cock hardening, the more bizarre became his thoughts about his stunning young nurse.

In simple terms, he fancied her like hell and wanted to fuck her. To fuck her right here and now. And that was so unlike him. Although he was as virile and up for sex as most men, well actually more than most if he were honest, which he wasn't very often as far as sex was concerned, he had always been able to restrict those feelings and those sort of activities, to outside his work. He'd never had any sort of relationship with a business colleague and, although he had been unfaithful to Claire, his long-term lawyer partner, many time, as indeed she had to him, he had restricted that to women outside his work environment; just about.

"Some of them under the influence of the drugs may well have thoughts about you."

"How do you mean?"

"Well they might imagine that you are their partner now or in the past and, of course, they might well fancy you and talk in that vein when under sedation."

Sammi looked into his eyes and felt a little jerk. Well two actually that rapidly became more. The first was in her chest, she avoided acknowledging heart, the second was in her pussy and from there it rapidly spread through her breasts and body. Then she did know that her nipples were, as usual, reacting.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," she thought, hunching her chest a bit hoping to avoid them showing.

"I'm sure we'll cope Doctor."

By now Sammi was starting to feel relaxed and was appraising Mike in a bit more detail. He was handsome,looked pretty fit for his age, which she put in his mid, even maybe late, forties, had lovely blue eyes that seemed to look inside her and beautiful hands. Sammi couldn't recall noting a man's hands before, but they were well proportioned, elegant, strong and well manicured. It didn't help those jerks, the warmth rushing through her body or the hardening of her nipples when she imagined those beautiful hands on her pert breasts or rounded arse.

He was dressed well, and his accoutrements were all of the highest quality. The suit, shirt and shoes were all expensive, maybe bespoke, and his aftershave smelled, sexy and exclusive and screamed, "I'm pricey!" Overall, he gave off an air of assured and relaxed confidence, success and maturity. What he didn't know was that Sammi had a thing about older guys, and she had noted the lack of a wedding ring.

'Hmmm, maybe he's not attached' thought Sammi. Her thoughts beginning to wander but were drawn back by Mike's continuation.

"We run a clinic for people who are, in one way or another, dysfunctional, or at least they feel they are or could be. They have difficulty coping with the real world and many live in a fantasy one," he was saying, but thinking. "Yes a fantasy one where a forty-seven year old doctor can rip the clothes off his twenty-four year old nurse and fuck her across his desk, between patients, or with them looking on come to that.

With a struggle he went on.

"But we also help people discover ways of coping and adjusting, we give them techniques that they can then take back into their relationships." He paused before, almost, but not quite adding, "Such as I would like to take you into my relationship and fuck you as you suck Claire's big tits."

Sammi saw and heard Mike seeming to struggle to form his words and wondered just what was going on in his head. She had tried to avoid looking at his crutch, but as it was only a few feet from her face, was level with her mouth and it did seem to be staring right at her, that was impossible.

"Was that really his erection developing?" She asked herself, several times.

"Most of our patients are women aged between 35 and fifty, although we do also take men, but they generally seem to be more reluctant to discuss such personal matters. As I said many, and I am afraid to say, especially my female patients can be rather dramatic and overact, so I need you in addition to your assistant duties to act as a chaperone."


"Yes, absolutely."


"Well practically every consultant psychiatrist regularly gets accused of unprofessional conduct." Mike paused before adding. "With women, I'm sure you understand, Sammi."

"Oh I see," Sammi replied, half hoping that he would get up to some unprofessional conduct with her.

"I will apprise you of each case before we start and any history there is of making such allegations, you see many of these ultra rich women have been under treatment by other psychiatrists for years."

"Right," Sammi offered, not knowing quite what right meant in the context she had just used it.

"Let me just explain how I like to work. OK?"

"Of course."

"Each morning we will have a meeting and review the day's cases, perhaps over coffee and a croissant, or whatever, we have full kitchen facilities here. And by the way you can have whatever meals you want, a perk of the job, I often eat dinner here and if you wish you can join me for I like to run through the day before we finish. Is that ok?"

"Yes of course it is."

Mike smiled at her, making her knees feel wobbly and her tits go hot.

"Emma did advise you of the hours didn't she?"

"She said they would usually be long."

"They will be, most days twelve hours, eight to eight, but only four days usually."

"That's ok I don't live far from here. I could almost walk it."

"Well if you are into power-walking or running you can always shower here," he said pointing to a door in one wall.

"I'll bear that in mind," Sammi said, thinking that she might just do that and "inadvertently" forget to lock the door.

"So that's about it for now, ready to start?" he asked, easing himself up from the desk and standing over Sammi.

"Why, of course Doctor, I'm looking forward to getting started," she replied, also standing and affording Mike another great view of her tits down the front of the tunic, which gaped as she leaned forward. "Who is our first patient?" She asked, aware of what she was flashing and that he was looking.


"Her name is Ms Eleanor Richards, but she prefers to be known as Ellie, at least to me but she may prefer you to address her as Ms or Missus Richards, we'll see. This is her third session and in the first one we covered her sexual history. It's all contained here in her files, and I would like you to familiarise yourself with them before she arrives at nine, Mike said, handing Sammi the file. Sammi took her leave, grabbed a coffee from the impressive looking Italian Espresso machine and found a comfortable chair in the nurse's staff room and began to read.

She read that Ellie was 39 and married to a stockbroker, 'hence how she can afford an expensive clinic like this" Sammi thought. She had no children and seemingly wasn't interested but she was concerned at her waning sex life. She had begun socialising with a new crowd recently and a couple of the women had opened her eyes to a sexual world that was entirely new to her, a world that involved 'free' relationships, illicit affairs, bisexual behaviour and even group sex. Not wishing to seem a prude, Ellie had gone along with the chat with these women, feigning privacy when she was asked to contribute her own lurid tales.

But it seemed that the coffee mornings were having an effect on Ellie. Since she wasn't blessed with a husband with a high sex drive and that she had married as a virgin, she was finding out that she really had missed out on the sexual front. After confiding in a close friend she had been referred to Doctor Stevens and had nervously approached her first session.

Before Sammi could read on, Cal poked his head into the room, "Can I get you anything Sugar?"

Sugar, thought Sammi, bloody cheek.

"No thanks, Cal, I'm fine" she said, smiling back at him, quite enjoying his easy flirting way. He lingered for a moment taking in Sammi's crossed legs where he swore he could see the top of a stocking.

'God, I could do a lot for that girl' he thought, and left the room with an image of himself on his knees in front of Sammi, as he massaged her feet and heels before bringing his hands higher up under her dress to discover if she really was wearing stockings.

Strangely, Sammi was having similar thoughts, imagining Call naked at her feet, while she remained dressed, as he worked his hands and athletic body up her legs toward her dripping pussy. She imagined this happening as Mike appeared at the door, pausing momentarily to slip into the room and watching as the scene unfolded before him.

And imagination, she read, was the issue for Ellie Richards. Not the lack of it, but how to control it, since she was finding herself day dreaming of all manner of wild sexual experiences, and this had led her to becoming aroused at the slightest suggestion of sex. She had started looking at other men, and, shockingly to her, other women too. Her weekly visit to the tennis club had her almost foaming at the mouth to get her hands lips and pussy around the bare naked and tanned limbs and torsos of, particularly the young tennis players. She had feigned an injury just so that she could get out of her doubles match. She and her partner Thierri had been losing badly, but she just couldn't keep her eyes off Thierry's hot butt as he moved about the court. All she could think about was having her legs wrapped around his waist and her hands grabbing the cute butt as he thrust his long hard cock into her. If that wasn't bad enough, she was faced over the net by Thierry's gorgeous, blonde girlfriend, and her tennis coach, Phil, an older but very sexy hunk. She was imagining all four of them in bed together, and after the first set was feeling very weak at the knees and if nothing else had to get off the court to change her sopping wet pants.

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