tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSexy Cop Fucked by BBC Suspect Ch. 02

Sexy Cop Fucked by BBC Suspect Ch. 02


Lindsay buttoned her blouse and fastened her pencil skirt. She clipped on her holster and badge. It was her first day as Detective, a promotion that she very much deserved.

It's been three months since Lindsay and RJ crossed paths and a day hasn't gone by that she didn't think of his big cock and what happened that night. She made it her prime objective to track him down.

Lindsay arrived at the precinct Monday morning and noticed a file on her desk. The tab on the folder said, "RJ McAllister". Lindsay's heart started beating faster. As Lindsay opened the file, Det. Myers, Lindsay's partner, filled her in on the situation.

"Lindsay, we got him. Night shift picked up RJ last night on a car stop. He's in the interview room waiting. I think it'd be best that I interview him given your history with him."

Lindsay interrupted Det. Myers, "No, I got this. Let me deal with him for now."

Lindsay walked over to the interview room, she took a deep breath as she placed her hand on the doorknob, she exhaled and walked inside.

RJ was sitting at the steel table with handcuffs attached. He smiled as he looked Lindsay up and down and admired her new look.

"Hello Officer Davis, how have you been?"

Lindsay slapped her files down on the table and pulled her chair out.

"It's Detective Davis." Lindsay corrected RJ as she sat down.

"Well, congratulations, detective." RJ smiled as she looked down at Lindsay's large breasts in her tight blouse.

Lindsay reached over to the tape recorder on the table.

"Wait...hold up." RJ said just before Lindsay hit record on the tape recorder.

Lindsay pulled her hand back, and looked at RJ inquisitively.

"Listen, we both know you didn't tell anyone about how you begged to suck my cock and everything else. I'm sure you left that part out. So here's what's gonna happen, you're gonna find some way to get me off or I tell your bosses what really happened."

Lindsay's paused for a second.

"You're blackmailing me?" She thought for a few seconds. She just got promoted and finally had her dream job. She wasn't about to lose it over some criminal like RJ.

"There's no way that I can get you off from these charges, that's not how it works. You'll have to give me something in return. If you can give me a tip of something more serious, than maybe we can work something out."

RJ pounded his fists on the table, "I ain't no snitch!"

"Well then I guess you're going to prison because no one will believe you anyway."

Lindsay's heart was pounding as she threatened RJ. She was hoping that he didn't call her bluff because she really wasn't sure how it would play out if RJ did go to her superiors about what actually happened.

RJ thought for a moment. "Fine. I can tell you where you can find a huge cocain distributor. But that's it. And I'm only giving you that info cause they are my competitors. I want full immunity also."

"Deal. If your information checks out AND we can make a bust, you can go free."

Lindsay turned on the tape recorder and they started their interrogation which eventually led to the information he promised about the cocain dealers.

At the completion of the interview, Lindsay left and informed Det. Myers of the new information.

"Well that's great Lindsay! If we can bust a half dozen drug dealers instead of just RJ that would make us look great!"

Lindsay agreed with Det. Myers and they put together their game plan. They decided that they would need some probable cause to make the bust. They still needed proof. An undercover operation was the only way they could know for sure.

Since Det. Myers was well known on the streets, he would definitley be recognized and his cover would be blown instantly. It was up to Lindsay to go undercover and make a buy.

The following day, Lindsay and Det. Myers set out to the corner where RJ said to go. Lindsay was dressed down in jeans and a tight white T-shirt. Det. Myers was going to wait in the van and watch as Lindsay would make her drug deal. He let her out about a block away and Lindsay made her way to the corner.

Lindsay's heart was beating fast as she approached the corner. She instantly noticed the man that RJ described to her. He was a black man about 21 years old. She walked right up to him, "Hey, I need some coke, can you help me out?"

The man looked at Lindsay. She didn't quite look like his normal customer. He seemed reluctant to sell Lindsay anything.

"Nah I ain't got shit, beat it lady."

Lindsay knew she had to make this bust or RJ wouldn't get the deal and he would out her.

"C'mon, I have cash, I'm desperate. You gotta sell me some."

"Damn lady, would you keep your voice down." The dealer looked around suspiciously. "Ok, fine follow me."

He walked a few yards down the sidewalk then turned down a small alleyway. Lindsay was now more nervous than ever. She looked back one last time and noticed Det. Myers in the undercover van parked a block away. After she went in the alley, she was totally out of his view.

"Where are you taking me?" Lindsay whispered to the dealer.

"Almost there just shut up." He barked back at her. They came up to a door in a shady looking building. He knocked on the large steel door. Another man about the same age as the dealer opened the door. He gave the dealer a look and then nodded in approval. He and Lindsay entered the old building which appeared abandoned. He shut behind them. They turned a corner and ended up in a large empty room. There was another man there waiting. He was older. Probably about 40 years old. He was a well dressed, good looking black man. He smoked a cigarette as he looked Lindsay up and down.

"So what did you bring me, Dwayne? What can I do for a pretty white girl like yourself?

Lindsay knew this wasn't the time to be nervous if she wanted to get out of this alive.

"I wanna buy some coke. My friends and I are going to a party tonight...I have cash and just want some coke." Lindsay managed to get that out without shuddering over her words, even as nervous as she was.

"How do I know you ain't a cop?"

Lindsay let out a forced laugh, "A cop? Me? Are you serious?"

The man still looked skeptical. "Prove it. Show me you're not wearing a wire."

Lindsay was suddenly relieved that she talked Det. Myers out of the idea he had of her wearing a wire.

"Ok..." Lindsay said sarcastically as she pulled up the bottom of her shit revealing her belly. She spun around so he could see her back as well.

"See, now you know I'm not a cop."

"Do you think I'm stupid, bitch. I know they make recording devices smaller than a pea. If you want some coke, you better strip all the way."

Lindsay couldn't believe she got herself into this type of situation again. Although she was still nervous, she really didn't mind stripping. After all, she got off just a few months ago to random people seeing her naked.

Lindsay rolled her eyes, "Ugh, whatever, but only cause I really need that coke. I promised my friends I'd get it for the party."

Lindsay pulled off her tight top and tossed if over to the man. She stood in front of Rick with her hands on her hips. Her tight black bra was pushing on her big breasts.

"See? Nothing." Lindsay said confidently.

"Keep going, take it all off." Rick was now obviously enjoying himself. He exchanged a grin back to Dwayne who was still standing behind him.

Lindsay didn't hesitate anymore, she just wanted to get out of there with the coke so she could bust these guys.

She slid her sneakers and socks off and kicked them over to Rick. He picked them up and tossed them back to the Dwayne to inspect. Lindsay then unfastened her jeans and pulled them down. She stood there wearing just a bra and panties. She stood on the concrete floor barefoot and waited for the men to get done their search.

Rick looked Lindsay up and down and took a few steps forward. He was now face to face with Lindsay. He looked down at her massive breasts and reached up to her bra strap. He slid his finger between the strap on her shoulder and gently tugged up on it and let it fall a few times. This made her big breast jiggle.

"You sure there ain't nothing in here either?"

Lindsay felt her panties getting slightly wet from the Rick making her breasts shake. She was in the zone again. The same zone she was in with RJ. She was extremely horny now.

"Only one way to find out boss."

Dwayne said to Rick as he also walked up to Lindsay. He was now holding a handgun.

Rick contemplated for a second and smiled.

"He's right, take it off." Rick said to Lindsay.

Although she was getting really horny, she still wasn't sure about just giving in so easy.

"No, please. I promise you I'm not a cop, please don't make me take anymore off."

Lindsay was giving in to her emotions. She wanted to expose herself to these two men but she didn't want to make it easy for them.

"Well then, allow me." The dealer tucked his handgun away in his pants and pulled out a switchblade. He slide his knife into Lindsay's bra straps and sliced them off, one and then the other. Lindsay gasped as the knife broke through. Her black bra fell to the floor. Her naked breasts were now exposed and she made no attempt to cover them up. Lindsay's heart was racing. She was so turned on by the two men gazing at her big breasts.

Dwayne finally broke his gaze and pulled Lindsay's panties from her hip. He sliced them off just as he did her bra. This time he kept them in his hand. He rubbed the fabric of Lindsay's black panties between his fingers. He noticed the wetness and smiled.

"Hey yo Rick! Check this out. I think this little lady is enjoying this."

He tossed them to Rick and he felt the same wetness. Rick smiled at Lindsay.

"So, I guess you aren't a cop after all."

Lindsay gleaned at Rick, "I told you that from the beginning, now can I get my coke or what?"

Rick paused for a second. "Yeah, but it's gonna cost you a 'G'."

Lindsay's heart dropped, her and Det. Myers could only scrounge up $500 in department cash in such short notice.

"What are you crazy?" Lindsay still naked with her hands on her hips. She shifted her weight from foot to the other on the cold cement floor. "I only have $500, that's a fair price."

Rick looked at his dealer then back at Lindsay. "No, can't do it for $500. Get her out of her and give her her clothes back." Rick motioned for Dwayne and pointed towards the door.

Lindsay knew she couldn't blow this. "Wait! Please, I only have $500, can't we work something out?"

Lindsay bit her lip and brought her hand up to her left breast and gave it a slight squeeze as she looked at Rick.

"Damn girl." Rick smiled at Lindsay after he saw her hand on her breast. "You must be desperate. But I'm sorry, you ain't got nothing special. I got plenty of white girls half your age."

Lindsay couldn't believe it. How was this guy able to resist her tight body, thick thighs and big full breasts? She was now not only not gonna get her coke and make the bust, but it looked like she wasn't going to get any dick either. She had to act fast, and that's what she did.

Lindsay walked up to Rick. She pressed her breasts against his chest. She bit her lip as she slid her hand down to Rick's crotch and grabbed his big cock over his pants.

"Please? 500?" Lindsay smiled as she looked Rick in the eye. She could feel his cock getting hard in her hand. Rick looked over at Dwayne and then back at Lindsay.

"Aight, I'll tell you what, if you take care of me and Dwayne over there, I'll let you get it for $500."

"You got a deal!" Lindsay was trying hard to hide her excitement. It's been three months since she had RJ's big cock and she craved more.

Lindsay squatted down in front of Rick. She unfastened his belt as he pulled his shirt over his head. Lindsay couldn't help from smiling now, she was so excited. She pulled Rick's pants down and he stepped out of them. Lindsay pulled down his boxers. His big cock was semi erect. Lindsay opened her mouth while looking up at Rick. He slid his big cock in her mouth. Lindsay closed her eyes. She was suddenly taken back to the time with RJ. Feeling that big cock start to swell in her mouth was making her pussy drip. Lindsay moaned as she took Rick's cock in and out of her mouth. She continued sucking for a few moments before noticing that Dwayne was now standing along side of her. His big cock was hard and pointing right at Lindsay. It was even bigger than Rick's and even RJ's. She grabbed a hold of it and started stroking it while she continued sucking Rick off.

Lindsay began moaning louder. She couldn't help herself. These two big cocks were making her weak. Lindsay now began to alternate sucking each cock back and forth. She couldn't decide which cock she wanted in her mouth the most so she rotated.

The two men each groped Lindsay's tits as she sucked their cocks. After a few more minutes of rigorous cock sucking, Lindsay could feel Rick's leg begin to shake. She knew he was about to cum. Normally Lindsay would try and stop him from cumming so soon but she had Dwayne's cock still and that's the one she really wanted the most. Lindsay held Rick's cock in her mouth as he filled it with cum. She finally pulled away and Rick's big limp cock flopped out of her mouth. A small amount of cum began to drip from the corner of her mouth. Lindsay's scooped it up with her finger and licked it clean.

Rick started to get dressed as he watched Lindsay go back to sucking Dwayne's cock. As much as she was enjoying sucking, she wanted to get fucked. Lindsay knew she had to act fast. She popped Dwayne's cock out of her mouth and stood up. Smiling, Lindsay looked around the room and noticed an old beat up desk in the corner. She grabbed Dwayne's cock and walk him over the desk like a dog. She leaned over on the desk and stood up on her toes giving Dwayne an open invitation to her ass and pussy. Dwayne stroked his cock a few times and slid it inside Lindsay's tight wet pussy. Lindsay let out a yelp as Dwayne's massive cock slid all the way in her hole. He began to fuck her. First slowly, then he began to pick up speed. Lindsaybwas now making high pitched sounds of ecstasy. She stood on her toes as Dwayne's cock slid in and out of her. Dwayne slowed down and pulled out of Lindsay. He grabbed her arm and faced her towards him. The young twentyone year old reached around to her ass with both hands and picked her up, sitting her on the desk. Lindsay loved the way his strong hands took control of her body. Without thinking, she kissed him hard in the lips and slid her tongue in and out of his mouth. Dwayne had a hand on each of her tits as he began to fuck her pussy. Lindsay was now under his spell and lost all control. She let out a scream as she began to cum. Her wet juices soaked Dwayne's cock. She was out of breath as she looked helplessly at Dwayne. Her pussy was quivering. Luckily for her, Dwayne pulled his cock out. He grabbed Lindsay by the back of the head shoved her back down to his cock. Lindsay did as instructed and sucked Dwayne's cock some more. Not long after she started, Dwayne began to cum. Only this time, Dwayne pulled his cock out and shot his massive load all over Lindsay's tits. She smiled as she watched in amazement. Lindsay happily scooped up what she could and licked her fingers clean.

"So, about my coke?" Lindsay said as she looked at Rick who was watching the show from the corner of the room. He pulled a bag of cocain from a bag by his feet and tossed it to Lindsay.

"I took the liberty of taking the money out of your pants pocket."

Lindsay rolled her eyes at him acting like she really gave a damn.

"Your clothes are over there." Rick said as he picked up his bag and walked out of the room.

Lindsay sifted through her pile of clothes and remembered that her bra and underwear were destroyed. She let out a flustered puff of air and began to get dressed.

After she was dressed, Dwayne led her over to the door where they originally came in. He opened the door and Lindsay walked out. She could feel her big breasts shaking as she walked down the alley back to the street. As she got to the street, Lindsay noticed the van and Det. Myers waiting. She climbed in and tossed him the bag of coke.

"Nice job Lindsay! I'm gonna have SWAT move in."

Lindsay smiled as Det. Myers took over and not before long, members of the SWAT team moved in and took out Dwayne and Rick in handcuffs.

"This is a huge bust Lindsay. Couldn't have done it with out you." Det. Myers patted her on the back and they headed back to the precinct.

When the arrived, Lindsay made her way to the holding cell where RJ was being held.

"So your info checked out. Looks like you're gonna walk." Lindsay said to RJ as he lounged on the metal bunk.

He looked up at Lindsay. Then down to her chest. He noticed she wasn't wearing a bra. Her hard nipples poked through her T-shirt. RJ walked up the steel bars and reached through. He gently pinched Lindsay's hard nipple over her shirt.

"I guess you had to do some persuasion to prove you wasn't a cop?"

Lindsay looked down at her chest and realized how obvious it was that she wasn't wearing a bra and giggled a bit.

"Yeah I guess I did."

She smiled at RJ and let him caress her breast over her shirt.

"This was a great bust for my career. I owe you one."

RJ smiled and said, "Good, cause I may need to cash that favor in. Those guys are gonna know it was me who snitched, they know I got picked up and then a few days later they get busted. I need a safe place to go for a while."

Lindsay looked down at RJ's hand that was now under her shirt massaging her breasts. She laughed a bit and said, "I may be able to help you out."

...to be continued.

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