tagBDSMSexy Doctor Gives Prostate Exam

Sexy Doctor Gives Prostate Exam


Ethan walked into his doctor's office to check in for his 2:00 PM appointment. He was nervous. He'd never actually had a prostate exam before.

His girlfriend Jenna had suggested that he go and see a doctor on his 25th birthday and get a full physical to make sure that all of his parts were in working, sustainable order. He knew he was a bit young to start worrying about things like prostate issues, but his girlfriend was insistent when it came to them taking care of their bodies and so he agreed so as to put her mind at ease.

The last time he'd actually had a physical was back in high school when they were required for him to participate on the various sports that he'd lettered in.

Now, as he sat in that stark, white waiting room staring down at an old copy of Entertainment Weekly that he wasn't actually reading, he inwardly dreaded how weird the whole thing might be.

Ethan understood why the tests were necessary, but there was just something about having some old, wrinkled male doctor grabbing your balls and asking you to cough or shoving his lubed finger into your ass that absolutely horrified him.

When they finally called his name, Ethan finished his paper cup of waiting room water and tossed it into the nearby trash. He approached the female nurse and checked in. She was a cute redhead with short straight hair and a friendly bounce in her step.

She welcomed him into the exam area and quickly started the intake process. She took down his basic information, asking him all of the starter questions that started every appointment of.

She measured his height and weight as he stood on the huge scale: 5'10, 165 pounds. She scribbled the numbers into his file as she smiled up at him.

Ethan was in great shape for his age. He played indoor soccer and went to a rock-climbing gym with his live-in girlfriend. His legs and ass were toned and his upper body looked pretty solid too. He had disheveled, dusty-brown hair that he tried his best to keep coifed and combed and his pearly whites had benefited greatly from his parents' childhood ban on dark sodas.

He looked like one of those old pictures of a handsome, young World War II soldier trapped between the cookie-cutter image of his uniform and the overly sexualized flyboy Elvis yearning to break free during shore leave. Ethan was a catch and girls were just as likely to undress HIM with their eyes when they passed by him in public.

After the cute redheaded nurse had finished her part of the job, she led Ethan to a room at the end of the hall and informed him that Doctor Kelly would be right in to see him. He sat up on the rolled paper that ran down the center of the exam bed as he tried taking slower and deeper breaths to calm himself.

A couple of minutes later there came a knock at the door and a silky voice saying "Hello?"

When the door swung open Ethan received his first big surprise of the day. His doctor was not an old, Midwestern white guy pushing 80 and shooting for 20 more. Rather, his doctor was a gorgeous woman in her mid-30's with long black hair and light, tanned skin. She was truly breathtaking—half-white and half-Native American with a radiance that immediately took over the room. She wore a simple white doctors coat with her name badge which read 'Dr. Dakota Kelly, M.D.", and she wore it unbuttoned.

Under that coat Ethan could see a navy blue button-up dress shirt underneath with the top two buttons undone revealing a simple pearl necklace. Her boobs were immediately noticeable, like walking by some girl on the first hot day of spring with the fashion god's décolletage on full display. Her defined legs were tightly fitted into a pair of straight forest-green slacks with cute, matching flats.

Her hair fell comfortably around her shoulders and she wore only a small amount of makeup other than a pinkishviolet lipstick and faint eye shadow—she didn't really need much touch-up work to be honest. She was already pretty damn touched.

Ethan's nervousness increased tenfold as he swallowed a lump in his throat as she entered and began going over chart.

"Hi Ethan my name is Dr. Kelly, I'll be performing your exam today," she said as she scanned his information and smiled at all of his pre-checkup work.

"Hi, nice to meet you," Ethan responded trying to sound collected. Before he was worried because he'd have some old man fondling his balls and ass, but now his fear fell on the other end of the spectrum. He'd have this stupidly sexy woman's hands on his balls. He'd have her finger up his ass.

'Well Fucking fuckity fuck,' he thought to himself.

"So, what have we come in for today exactly, just to have a look under the hood and make sure that everything is in... mint condition?" She said as she sat on the stool beside the bed and looked to him.

"Yeah, I'll even settle for pretty-good condition to be honest," Ethan joked back. He was desperately trying to keep his cool around the most stupidly attractive doctor he had ever seen. 'When had his parents switched their insurance over to the Grey's Anatomy Hospital?' He wondered.

"Nonsense, everything on your paperwork checks out, you're clearly are in excellent shape!" The doctor said as she took out her stethoscope and went through her typical motions.

"Open wide!" She said as she checked his throat, his eyes, his ears, his nose. "Well, I've got some good news for you, your face, is definitely not missing any parts!" She said completely deadpan.

Ethan laughed. He was growing unexpectedly comfortable around her. She wasn't intimidating at all, but she was still very much in control of her position. She was sexy but also inviting. He really dug it.

"So, do you drink?" She asked.

"Occasionally," Ethan smiled, as if to say, 'yes, duh, I'm 25, who doesn't drink?'

"Do you get drunk?" She asked again, quite used to this response.

"Probably pretty tipsy a couple of times a month or so, and also drunk a couple of times a month or so," he answered honestly.

"Okay good, so it's not just me?" She traded zingers with him as she went through the memorized questionnaire.

"Are you sexually active?" She asked as she took his blood pressure and had him do some various stretches with his limbs.

"I am, I have a girlfriend," he said, though he wasn't sure why he felt like he needed to say that.

"How often during the week do you have sex?" She asked, completely naturally and without any pretense.

"Hmmm," Ethan had to think about what their average typically was, "probably once a week on average," he reasoned. He'd been with his girlfriend for a couple of years and while they still had an amazing sex life, they were both busy with various life pursuits and sometimes stuff got in the way.

"Just once a week?" She asked. "That's actually a little low for your age-range. Do you feel tired or lethargic or do you feel like you typically have lots of energy during the day?"

"I feel pretty good," Ethan said, "life is hectic but I feel pretty good." He suddenly wondered though if...maybe he wasn't having enough sex? He did jack off a lot. He was horny for large amounts of the day. But he had always just attributed that to his age.

"Don't feel weird, everyone's different," she reasoned. "Everyone peaks at different times and goes through stages where they have more or less sex."

"Yeah, no of course," Ethan shrugged it off. He couldn't believe he was talking to this gorgeous woman about his sex life.

"Okay Ethan, I need you to take off your pants and underwear for me and stand up," as she told him this Ethan's heart started to beat faster.

He stood up from the exam table and took his shoes, jeans and boxer-briefs off and stacked them on the chair. His cock was half hard at this point.

"Okay now come over here and stand in front of me, we're going to check you for hernia's," she said, sounding completely professional with a casual ease. Ethan walked over and stood in front of her stool.

He couldn't believe that he had his cock out on display for a sexy, young female doctor. He NEEDED to find a way to start thinking of other things. He looked at a spot on the wall and tried thinking of randomly unsexy things.

Wall Street.

Twelve angry elephants having a board meeting.

A papercut on the skin between your fingers.

The way Doctor Kelly's legs are crossed in front of you.


"Now, we always use a glove during the prostate exam but for the hernia check I prefer to use my bare hands so I can better feel for any small irregularities I might find when you cough, okay?" She said, as she blew into her hands and then rubbed them together to warm them. Ethan felt a jolt run through his cock and he tried with every iota of his mental capacity to think about things unrelated to her hands on his cock and the proximity of her cute little mouth.

But when he looked down could also see the way her breasts hung snugly in her button up shirt and really, what possible chance did he have?

Dr. Kelly pressed her fingers slowly around his ball sack into his trimmed pubic hair and asked him to cough. She'd brought them down below his sack and ask him again. She repeated this process over and over again, having him cough at different times. Her arm even briefly brushed against his cock which had become two-thirds hard as she touched him. Two-thirds was way too many thirds.

She finally finished as he agonizingly attempted to keep his cock at home in it's launch bay. She'd noticed him getting hard while she touched him. It was impossible not to. Ethan was eight inches when he was fully engorged and his girth was six and a half.

His girlfriend Jenna worshipped it when she was horny. She couldn't get over what a perfectly-sculpted penis she had lucked her way into.

"Alright," she cleared her throat a little, "nothing amiss as far as I can tell," She said as she stood up from the stool in front of him. She was exactly his height and their eyes met as she saw his embarrassed concern at the situation.

She took her hand and placed it sweetly on his chin, speaking softly, "And Ethan sweetie, don't worry about getting an erection around your doctor, it happens all the time. You're a perfectly healthy 25 year old male, you SHOULD get hard when an woman like me has your balls in her hand!" She joked with him as she flicked his chin playfully and then went back over to her chart to fill in some new info.

Ethan sat back against the exam table with a big sigh of relief. And if he wasn't hard before, he was now. His doctor oozed sexuality and she had just said that it was perfectly okay for him to get hard in front of her, and he started to feel his cock swelling again.

She turned back to him and told him it was time for his prostate exam. She noticed that his cock had gotten even bigger as she walked him over to the side of the examination table and had him bend over. Ethan put his elbows on the table as she patted his ass, directing him to lift it up for her as she kicked his feet apart a little. His cock pressed down into the table as she put on a glove and applied a healthy dollop of lubricant to her index finger.

He'd had a girlfriend that had tried to stick a finger a finger in his ass during sex some years back, but he was too scared to try it or too grossed out by the idea. Now here we was, bent over the exam table, with his unexpectedly sexy doctor getting ready to take his anal cherry. He was slightly terrified and yet, strangely excited.

"Just relax your ass muscles Ethan, this is super easy," she said, as her gloved finger slowly spread the lubricant over his opening. The cold liquid felt amazing against his hole. He almost purred out loud as it rubbed him. And then he felt as she finally began to slowly push her index finger into his ass.

Ethan could not have known what was going to happen next.

When her finger finally connected with and rubbed against his prostate Ethan jolted back with the thrilling shockwave of surprise that the myth of the male G-spot was not only real, but bursting at the seems inside of him. It was devastatingly powerful in a singular moment.

When she pushed in he moaned loudly against the table and his cock convulsed as he shot a burst of cum out onto the wax paper of the bed and all over his stomach and shirt.

"Holy Fuck, Ethan!" she replied in shock as his body shuddered on her finger and she realized he was cumming just from the single thrust of her finger inside of him.

Dr. Kelly had never seen a male patient cum so fast from anal stimulation. She'd noticed patients with precum after certain anal exams, and even a couple of guys lose their load by the end of the exam, but never had she seen a patient orgasm so quickly from having their prostate massaged for the first time.

She had to admit, he looked incredibly sexy cumming from just her finger like that. The doctor had a suddenly inquisitive look on her face—a professional curiosity.

When Ethan finally came back down to earth and realized what happened, he looked over his shoulder at the sexy woman with her finger still up his ass.

"I am. So. Sorry! I don't know what happened, that was crazy, that's never happened to me before..." He was suddenly so ashamed as he laid there in in his sticky pool of cum still underneath him.

"No, No! It's okay Ethan!" She said, immediately trying to make sure that he knew there was nothing wrong with him, or this situation.

She had always secretly found it incredibly hot and sexually honest when she was able to help male patients discover the nerve endings in their ass during her exams. It was like a quiet game she loved playing, knowing the way she could fuck with their mind's masculinity—with the dominant male mystique—all from the comfy heights of her authoritarian medical position.

In very rare instances she occasionally found that she could wield a very naughty sort of sexual control over her patients—something unspoken but intense—and she suddenly knew that Ethan would be one of these.

"It happens to a lot of guys actually," she said in a soothing sort of coo as she slid her finder out and handed him a towel to wipe his front with. She stood him up and replaced the plastic sheet in front of him, the strong smell of his cum making her smile a little to herself as she threw it away. She then pushed him back down with his ass sticking back out. After grabbing a new glove, she slowly lubed up his ass once again.

"The male prostate is basically like the lost city of El Dorado for most guys—it's this hugely erogenous zone that mostly goes unexplored by a majority of dudes because it's such a taboo thing, but a lot of guys actually have their hardest orgasms when they're stimulated there. And very rarely, a guy might also orgasm JUST from having that area stimulated, especially if they have an excess of sexual nerve endings in their ass." Her finger re-entered his ass and began to massage different areas of his prostate.

As she talked and her finger worked his ass, Ethan couldn't believe it as his cock started to harden again. He was embarrassed and turned on at the same time. What was she implying exactly? That he had more sexual nerve endings in his ass than a regular guy? What did that even mean?

She finally finished and pulled her finger out of his ass, and Ethan was almost disappointed when the full feeling went away.

"The problem becomes," she continued, sounded very clinical all of sudden as she pulled off the glove and threw it away, "when a guy isn't cumming enough or hard enough his sperm can actually get backed up and his prostate will begin to pulse and swell with a sort of intense need for release. Everything down here is connected, you see?" She placed her soft hand on his perineum and slowly pushed against it. His eyes rolled back into his head slightly as he wondered where she was going with this, but he wasn't really sure what all was entailed in a typical exam. And she was fully in command of him in that moment, anyway. She was his Doctor and he was her patient.

She stopped when she felt a certain spot on his perineum that seemed to worry her.

"Ethan, this is a little bit unorthodox but I think we need to perform an M.E.F on you because if we don't there could be some serious medical complications. Would you stand up please?" She asked.

"What's an M.E.F?" Ethan asked, never having heard of the term. Meanwhile he attempted to hide his hard cock underneath his t-shirt as he stood up to face the attractively tanned woman again. It was comically poking out between them and she stole another appreciative glance.

"M.E.F. stands for Manuel Ejaculation Flush, it's a rarely performed procedure typically used with guys that aren't cumming enough or who are only experiencing half-ejaculations when they cum during sex or masturbation," as she talked him through this he watched her pull two comfortably padded stirrups from below the end of the table and lock them into place.

"So, wait...I'm still a little confused...what do you need to do?" His mouth felt dry.

"You have an enlarged buildup of sperm in your body, Ethan—your epididymis basically-and if we don't get it out of you it's going to start messing with some of your body's other internal functions. That's why your prostate is so sensitive right now and ready to explode like a volcano!" She easily explained as she patted the end of the exam bed and waited for him to hop up.

Ethan moved almost as if in a fog. He was still incredibly turned on and he crawled silently up onto the bed and laid back as she put the other half of it down for him. She pulled him forward so that his ass was as close to the edge as it could be and then picked up each of his legs one by one, strapping them securely into the stirrups that were often used for OB-GYN exams.

"So here's what is going to happen next," she explained as she squeezed a large glob of lubricant out and spread it around on his exposed asshole with her bare hand this time. His cock pulsed in front of her as his chest beat like a snare drum. "I'm going to massage your prostate so we can milk as much of your sperm backup out of you as we can. I know this is VERY unusual but you shouldn't be embarrassed, this does happen. Just try to relax and enjoy it for what it is. Trust me, you're not the first guy ever to have this procedure performed." She smiled at him with s subtle deviance in her eyes.

"I trust you," Ethan said, as he tried to steady his breathing.

She took her white coat off and laid it on the nearby counter. She rolled each sleeve above her elbows and then put another freshly snapped glove onto her right hand, covering the fingers with more lubricant.

She stepped closely between Ethan's spread legs and put her left hand on his thigh directly next to his balls for leverage. Ethan's cock spasmed lightly with her touch.

She placed two fingers at his hole and slowly pushed them in all the way back to his prostate.

He groaned as a desperately satisfying ripple spread out over his entire body.

"That's good Ethan, just try to relax and focus on your arousal, we need to get this backup out of you," she said as her voice seemed almost lower and more sultry now.

She curved her fingers against Ethan's incredibly sensitive prostate. With each new push and manipulation Ethan moaned out loud. His cock was vibrating as she slowly worked her fingers deeper into his ass.

"Fuck that feels really good," Ethan moaned, unable to control the impropriety of his sexual ecstasy.

"I know Ethan, it's okay, just allow my fingers to milk you. It's very important that we milk you right now and I'm probably gonna start to go a little harder now that you're loosened up for me, alright?" Ethan nodded at her through his spread legs as his eyes rolled back into his head a little.

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