tagGroup SexSexy Golf Wager Ch. 02

Sexy Golf Wager Ch. 02


Chapter 2: The Next Hole

Jack and Allison smiled as Brent and Robin made their way to the next tee from their trip to the woods. Jack and the dark tanned Allison could see the flushed faces and tiny beads of sweat on the pair as they approached.

"Have a good time?" asked Jack.

"A man has to pay off his bets." is all Brent replied and winked at well-endowed Robin.

"Speaking of which, I lost this hole." said Allison referring to the ongoing wager between the men and women with the winner getting to pick the sexual favor for the entire next hole.

Jack grinned as it was now quite obvious that anything was permitted amidst these bets and he wondered just how far the girls would take this. Brent had just received what was an obviously mind numbing fuck in the woods and was in no shape to play. Robin could barely walk straight after riding Brent's monster cock. Jack had an idea and reached into his golf bag.

"Allison, the other two are obviously worn out and I like to watch."

"What do you have in mind?" she asked.

"During the next hole, you play with my putter, until orgasm." Jack grinned.

The jet-black haired Allison looked slightly hesitant about masturbating with a putter in front of the men, but she had been game for everything else and decided she would honor her bet. Jack handed her the putter and wiped off the handle with his towel and some water from the cooler.

While the other three teed off, Allison leaned back in the golf cart. The handle of the putter was thankfully smooth was a synthetic leather type handle wrapped over the old grip. There was going to be no other way other than to push in the fatter butt of the grip first. A few quick tweeks of her clit had het instantly wet enough to begin sliding the putter around her moist pussy lips. Allison had always enjoyed masturbating and had never been shy about grabbing a nearby object (candle, curling iron, hairbrush, etc.) to assist her pleasure. However, a golf club was mind boggling. The shear length of the object made maneuverability an issue. By lying flat on her back on the whit cart seat, with the putter head extending out the side of the cart, she was able to get started.

The wetness of her pussy allowed the tip of the handle to pop in. The sensation was better than expected and Allison was soon sliding the handle back and forth in her pussy. Slowly at first, but as the pleasure increased, she began pushing more of the handle in at a much faster pace. By the time the other three returned from the tee, Allison had both hands on the metal shaft of the putter and was doing her best to push all of the leather grip deep into her pussy. The ridges in the wrapped handled felt incredibly good against her pussy walls, creating a large scale ribbed effect. Every stroke in and out brought new waves of ribbed pleasure. She could feel the intensity increase with stroke.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh" Allison shuttered.

"Ohhhhhh" she moaned as her hips began to rise with each thrust of the club.

"Yessssss" Allison cried as the other three could see her pussy contract around the putter.

"Cummmming" was all she said, not caring that the other three watched closely.

"Sooo Hard" as her hips gave a final buck on the shaft.

"Wow." was all Robin managed to say on behalf of the onlookers.

Jack and Brent were awestruck at the enthusiasm with which Allison had ravaged the poor putter. From now on Jack was certain he would never care if that putter ever three-putted again. It was his new putter for life.

Allison regained her composure and headed to the tee box to resume the game and the wager. Everyone but Jack has just achieved a powerful orgasm in the past 15 minutes and their minds were not so focused on their swings any longer. Still, they continued to play, and for the first time of the day, Robin and Jack tied the hole with a par each.

"What do we do in a tie?" asked Jack. The rules hadn't provided for a tie.

"How about we both get to choose and you go first." said Robin

"Sounds fair." agreed Jack.

Jack was truly puzzled over where to start, but he had always heard reference to size of Brent's cock. The wholly satisfied look on Robin's face as she left the woods only confirmed the rumors of its size. Jack had never been self-conscious of about his own size. At about 7 inches (yes, he measured when he about 19), he had always thought that his own cock was pretty large. That thought was about to change.

"Both carts over to the rainshelter." stated Jack as his bet was about to be paid off.

"I don't think the woods will work for this." Jack grinned to the other three.

"I don't believe Allison has seen the attractions that Robin enjoyed in the woods." Jack said as he winked at Robin.

Naturally, Robin had immediately told Allison about Brent's cock as soon as they were alone in their cart. Heather only assumed that Robin was exaggerating due to the excitement of the situation. Jack had a bit of a voyeuristic streak and this bet was going to satisfy a lifelong desire to watch another couple have sex right before his eyes.

"Allison, I must be Brent's best friend in the whole world, I'm going to have you two go at it right here in the shelter, with Robin and I watching."

"Thank you, is all I can say." muttered Brent as he was about to have sex with a second gorgeous woman of the day.

"I haven't screwed in front of anyone." protested Allison.

"A bet is a bet." said Robin, somewhat eager herself to see Brent's dick plunging into her dark tanned friend's pussy.

Seeing that Robin was going to be no help, Allison stepped out of her cart and walked to Brent. Brent's heavily muscled football build of a body was the type other guys looked at and inwardly hoped that he had a tiny dick just to be fair. However, life was unfair as Brent's dick was likely his largest muscle. The compression shorts he wore golfing usually did a good job of masking his size. As Allison approached with her hands heading for his zipper, he felt himself start to gain excitement.

Robin and Jack sat back on the empty cart and watched as Allison eyed Brent's cock for the first time. Allison's size nearly glazed over at the sight of the thickly veined cock. Allison had nothing to compare it to. She couldn't guess at its length. She only knew that there was no way that thing was going to fit in her.

"I can't do it." Allison said to the group.

"That's what I thought but try anyway." said Robin reflecting on the most intense orgasm of her life not merely a half an hour ago.

Allison reached for Brent's cock and found that her hand could not close a circle around the shaft. Brent's dick was still soft from the fucking he had given Robin and the load he had spurted on her marvelous tits. Allison began sliding her hand up and down Brent's cock and even flaccid the dick was bigger than the biggest of erections she had seen. Bringing the tip to her lips, she tasted his earlier eruption and the more familiar taste of Robin. Trying to fit Brent's cock in her mouth was like trying to open wide enough to take a full bite of a deli sandwich. It made the corners of her jaws hurt. Slowly, she was able to ease the gigantic mushroom of a head past her teeth and into her mouth.

Brent could feel her tongue dancing across the tip of his head. Allison's fervent attention to Brent's cock soon had it hard. Jack was in as much awe as the women. Jack did not know they got that big, ever. Jack felt below average for the first time ever. Robin looked over at Jack and as if reading his mind, whispered to him that she had never seen such a monster.

Sucking on the giant cock made Allison dripping wet and she knew she would have to be soaked to accept Brent's stiffened cock. Allison sat Brent on the cart began trying to lower herself onto him. Allison's initial thought when Brent's head was wider than her outer lips that this was going to be physically impossible. However, her wetness allowed the very tip of his cock to part her opening.

"Oooooohh" she sucked in sharply as she began to be opened wider than ever before.

"It won't fit" as she felt herself being split apart at the pussy.

"It just.........ooooooh" as she slowly tried to lower herself further.

"Ohhhh My.........Gawd" was all she could say as she tried to take in just the head.

Jack and Robin had front row seats to the action and they were both amazed at what they were seeing. The jet black pubic hair on Allison was parting to reveal her pussy widening to engulf Brent. With each new sound Allison made, she lowered herself onto his cock.

"Ummm" Allison uttered and slid further down.

"It is so fucking big" she cried and again took in more.

"I am so full. I can't take any more." she said while still moving down

"Eeeeoooooww" Allison yelped as Brent started raising his hips to help.

"No more. Please no more." she begged.

Allison had about two-thirds of the massive shaft inside her pussy and had never been so completely filled in her life. The sheer volume made her start cumming before she could say a word. She started bucking her hips while holding herself aloft. The more she came, the more of the cock she would try to take. Fast and faster she began sliding her pussy up and down the shaft. Her full tits now bouncing in rhythm to her fucking. Allison never dreamed that sex could feel this damn good. She wanted more Brent inside her with every stroke. She began bucking with more force, trying to get even more of him in her. Harder and harder until she felt him at her cervix, she knew he had bottomed out.

"Yeeesss." she screamed not caring that Robin and Jack watched and heard everything.

"Oh fuck Me" she let loose.

"Pound my pussy" she demanded.

"Shove it in" she begged.

"Fuck me. Fuck me. Please Fuck Me."

"I'm cummmmmmmminnnggggg." she screamed in pure ecstacy.

"Ahhhhhhhhh" was all Brent could utter as his back arched and his eyes closed.

Robin and Jack watched in awe as the orgasm overwhelmed Allison. Allison let go of the backrest of the cart and allowed her entire weight to sink on Brent's cock. Robin could plainly see at least two or three inches of cock left below Allison's pussy. Soon the juices begin flowing down the side of Brent's cock as he stayed inside Allison's pussy.

"My turn" said Robin.

"You already had your turn." laughed Allison

"No. My turn to claim my bet." said Robin

"Oh. I forgot you tied the last hole."

"Stay right where you are." said Robin

"Jack. The only thing Allison is missing is having both holes filled. I'm not sure you could fit in her ass if Brent were hard, but you can now." Robin grinned.

Allison couldn't believe what her best friend had just said. Other than her masturbation sessions, Allison had never engaged in what she would call kinky sex. Being watched by Robin and two strange men was kinky enough. Making love to Robin was not kinky, it was beautiful and sensuous. Being double poled by two men on a golf course in broad daylight was definitely kinky. Jack was already hard as a rock from watching the hot action in front of him. Allison leaned over and gave the head of his cock a very wettening kiss to prepare it for her ass. Brent lay back on the golf cart as Allison leaned over him, easily keeping the monster cock inside her. Allision leaned forward and exposed her ass to Jack, who was standing at the edge of the cart.

Jack used some saliva to rub on the end of cock and spread the remainder over Allison taught little hole. Jack could not believe how stretched Allison's pussy remained around the now softened cock inside her. Jack slowly pressed the tip of his dick to Allison's ass.

"Easy." was all Allison said.

"I will baby." Jack responded

"Slower. Push it in slow." she purred.

Jack looked down and watched as his cock slowly inched into Allison's tight sphincter. He again applied some more saliva and pushed in deeper. The tightness of Allison's ass was magnified by the fact that there was literally no where for Jack's cock to go as Brent's cock, even soft, filled Allison's pussy.

Soon Jack was able to begin pushing in and out of the tight little ass and Allison began matching his strokes. The sensation was incredible. If she though she had never been so filled before, the new feeling was even better. Allison was reaching sexual bliss. the two dicks inside her brought her to quick climax.

"I'm going to cummm again." she cried.

"Do it. Cumm all over me." Brent whispered under her.

"Come for us Allison." Jack said behind her.

"I'mmmmmmm Cummmmmmmmmming." She yelled.

"IIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" Allison screamed as Jack thrust deep into her ass.

"YEEEEESSSSS." Allison whimpered as her orgasm faded into euphoria.

Jack pulled his cock out of Allison's ass in time to spurt long streams of milky cum up the length of her back. Allison could feel the heat of Jack's come all the way to her shoulder blades and wished she could have stopped him in time to see it shoot.

"Who's honor on the tee?" said Robin,the only dressed and ready member of the foursome.

"There's one hole left and I'm talking about the course." she laughed as they left the rainshelter and headed for the Ninth hole...

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