tagInterracial LoveSexy Grandma!

Sexy Grandma!

byMR. Gibson©

Barbie Miller was very proud of her body. Here she was a sixty years old grandma and looking like a woman half of her age.

There were thousands of ladies in Miami, Florida that were just as beautiful as Barbie. But her body made her something special.

Barbie Miller had Long skinny legs, a small ass, a twenty-inch waist, and an enormous bosom. Forty-eight firm fruity inches with huge pink nipples.

Barbie's bosom was gargantuan and bouncy and did not sag one little bit. Barbie had a more healthier bounce in her bosom than many sexy twenty years old girls had!

Barbie also had a luscious mane of long golden hair and big ocean blue eyes. Her nose was nordic with a maneater mouth filled with sharp white perfect teeth.

Barbie Miller was a widow now and had joined a gym to stay healthy and to keep in shape. All her training paid off as she developed well toned biceps.

On Barbie's sixtieth birthday party at her place her granddaughter, Heaven had given her a spandex pink top that said in black letters across it "Sexy Grandma!".

As soon as Barbie opened up the present she went into the bathroom to try it on.

As soon as Barbie put her new top on she immediately strutted out of the bathroom to show it all off to her family.

Barbie's family gasped, as they watched Barbie come out in her new spandex pink top, along with her pink thong bottoms and fuck me six inch heels, because Barbie's monster chest stretched the spandex top totally out of shape.

The instant Barbie came out, her son in law Frank's cock zoomed straight up so fast it ripped straight through his underwear, throbbing madly with excitement.

Frank watched his sexy, super-stacked mother in law's creamy white legs strut into the bathroom again with her shapely ass swaying and her huge boob' bouncing .

Frank wanted to jump his mother in laws bones right then and there but he knew he could not because he was married to her daughter Grace, and Grace would never tolerate it.

Frank could not believe how beautiful and shapely his mother in law Barbie was, the size of her knockers was incredible!

A few seconds after Barbie went into the bathroom she came out again but this time totally nude with just a huge smile on her face, as she giggled and shimmied her massive knockers at her family.

The instant Frank saw Barbie do this he lost total control and creamed his jeans mightily.

"Now that is what I call a birthday suit!" Frank said excitedly as he and the rest of the family laughed at Barbie's teasing.

Barbie then went inside the bathroom again and came out soon enough wearing a sexy, body hugging red mini-skirt with red mule heels on her feet.

"Well family let's eat. I am starving!" Barbie said to her family flashing that Christie Brinkley like smile of hers as her family followed her out the door to their car.

When they arrived at the fancy restaurant Barbie's daughter Grace looked at her. "You know mother , Daddy has been dead for years now. You should try to find another man for yourself. It is ok with me." She said smiling.

"Oh do not worry about that honey. I am working on that right now!" Barbie smiled at her daughter as she made eye contact with an extremely handsome young man in a blue double breasted business suit.

Barbie motioned her eyes downwards to the man as she uncrossed and opened up her legs real wide to show off her succulent pussy to him.

The handsome man followed Barbie's eyes downwards to see Barbie's exposed juicy pussy, twitching madly with excitement.

Barbie did not have any panties on as she continued to cross and uncross her legs sexily making her pussy wetter and wetter.

The man watched with unscrewing eye-balls Barbie's creamy white sexy long legs with big calf muscles crossing and uncrossing under the table, flashing her succulent, quivering pussy to him.

After a little while of this Barbie opened up her legs really wide and mouthed the words "my pussy aches for you!" to the man.

As soon as Barbie did this she saw the mans cock spring up in his pants. The mans pants looked like somebody had erected a circus tent inside of them, as he then hunched over and groaned obviously creaming himself over the voluptuous Barbie.

Barbie then saw the man get up out of his chair quickly and run to the bathroom as his very jealous plain jane wife looked at Barbie angrily, knowing full well that Barbie had teased her man into a mighty orgasm.

Barbie just did to her husband what the wife could not do, and this made Barbie toss her head back and laugh as she watched the man run past her to the bathroom as her family looked at her wondering what was going on.

Barbie knew full well that she had great power over men and females with her awesome sexuality and she loved it!

Life with Barbie was never dull!

Barbie Miller was quite an exhibitionist at heart and the idea of anyone looking her over turned her on.

That was the reason Barbie loved going to the beach. It was a thrill to see the look's on people's faces when she strutted around on the sand in a teeniest of thong bikini's that barely covered anything.

When Barbie had found out about the new nude beach around her area she had almost creamed her jeans with joy.

Barbie soon tried the nude beach several times and loved it.

Barbie actually loved the nude beach so much that she bought a beach house there.

To maintain her beautiful tan she would go to the beach after her workouts. This amounted to every other day and today was no different.

When Barbie got home from her workout she immediately stripped nude, grabbed her towel and beach bag, and jogged out the back door of her house down the sandy beach.

This nude beach was gorgeous and quite secluded from the neighboring properties which Barbie loved.

When Barbie jogged down the beach many people stared at her in utter amazement. They could not believe how gorgeous and stacked she was.

Barbie giggled when she saw a young woman sitting on her beach towel looking at her in awe as the young woman then looked in surprise at her boyfriend's very erect cock over looking at Barbie as the lady then gave her boyfriend a playful shove and looked back at Barbie in great envy.

Barbie miller had seen more swollen cock's on nude beaches than any female imaginable and she absolutely loved it!

When she found a spot on the beach she liked she set her blanket down and ran out into the water for a swim.

Barbie was in the water for a few minutes when she saw a figure enter the beach from the woods.

A large muscular black man walked down the sand to an area about thirty feet or so from where she had placed her things. He was beautiful she thought as she watched him set his towel down and recline on it.

Slowly Barbie came out of the water hoping this black man would notice her. If he did he did not make it obvious to her by the dark sun glasses he wore.

Barbie was disappointed but shrugged it off as she set herself down on her own towel.

Barbie then looked over at her new neighbor taking in his sensuous form.

She had always had fantasies about making love to a black man. Something about their physical presence in her mind exuded power and sexual strength. This had led to many sexual fantasies.

Barbie could feel that familiar moist sensation between her legs as she looked on. the stranger appeared to be sleeping. From where she sat he looked like he was in his early twenties.

Barbie looking at the man could see that he worked out. His strong chest rose and fell with each relaxing breath.

His arms were huge like a professional bodybuilder's would be. He also had a washboard stomach that Barbie could do her laundry on if she wanted.

Oh my god! Barbie thought as his cock came into view. It was huge. At lease eleven inches from her vantage point and it was still limp.

Barbie Miller bit her lip down in excitement. her late husband Jim's cock was five inches erect and this black mans cock was more than double the size.

Barbie had seen big cock's before but none as huge as this one!

Barbie wanted to frig herself off right there but she would not. They were still things that would embarrass her and having a stranger catch her masturbating was high on that list.

She grabbed her suntan lotion. If she could get herself off she was going to at least work on her tan.

The creamy substance oozed into her hand and she set the bottle back down besides her. She started working it into her legs.

It felt slick and cool but once again her eyes wandered to the black man's cock. Barbie was not masturbating but this felt almost as good.

She put more lotion on her hand's and started working it up her thighs.

This was unbearable, she thought as the sensations she was making across her legs made her tingle.

The soft skin of her inner thigh felt wonderful and she could no longer stop her hand as her finger found her clit.

Her body shuddered as she worked the little nub furiously. All she could think about was that black dick and suddenly she realized it was growing bigger.

Barbie was fascinated. It continued to grow larger and thicker. It started rising up from the man's belly and continued to grow.

To Barbie it looked like a giant redwood rising from the ground. Finally it was fully erect and wow was it gigantic!

Barbie continued rubbing herself, she was too lost in what she was doing to question why it had become erect. But then it occurred to her.

Barbie looked up and realized he was watching her and she had given him quite a show. She was mortified and yet she could not take her eyes off of him.

The man smiled and reached for his cock as he slowly began pumping it up and down.

Barbie's embarrassment waned and was replaced by feelings of lust. She desperately wanted to see him climax.

She laid back on her towel and restarted her little performance for him, intensely watching his cock thrusting in and out through his hand.

The man continued to smile at her and this time she almost smiled back almost in disbelief of what she was doing.

There they were two total stranger's masturbating to each other on the nudebeach.

It was incredible she thought as she reached an earth shattering climax. Her pelvis thrust upwards to meet her hand as waves of pleasure rocked her body.

Barbie let out a little squeal of delight as the sensations subsided and her breathing became regular again. It was one of the most intense orgasms that she had ever had in her life.

She looked back towards the man. He was licking his lips and flashed a big toothy grin.

Barbie's eyes were drawn back down to his monster cock when he released it. He then rose to his feet and made his way towards her across the beach.

Barbie was in shock. It was obvious to her now that he intended to fuck her but no way was that going to happen.

Barbie forced herself up to a sitting position on the blanket as she desperately tried to grab her belongings but her eyes were glued on that cock as it bounced up and down with each of his steps.

It was hypnotic!

Barbie had managed to get to her feet but it was too late as the black man held her tightly against him with his powerful arms.

"Where are you going baby?" he smiled.

"A beautiful, voluptuous lady like you can think that you can work a horny guy like me up like that and then leave?" he continued.

"Please!" Barbie cried as she felt his enormous stiff prick rubbing against her soft belly.

"Sorry baby! I am going to have to fuck you really good because you look dynamite!" he said lustfully.

The black man then spun Barbie around and quickly dropped her back onto her towel. His massive hand fell firmly against her neck, pinning her on her belly. He was going to take her from behind.

Barbie tried to desperately close her legs but the man put his legs between them as they spread easily.

"Please!" she begged but got no response.

The black man then entered Barbie as her butt cheeks flexed involuntarily. she figured he must of found this exciting because he kept kneading them with his hand.

Barbie knew already that this man was deeper inside her than her late husband had ever been and yet he was still going.

Barbie started to wonder if she could put his entire cock inside of her pussy without it tearing her apart.

Each thrust was like a jackhammer drilling it's way deeper and deeper inside her and suddenly she could feel his balls against her clit. He had made it all the way in and she took pride in this.

He started to thrust at a faster rate, sliding in and out of her in smooth deep strokes. She was definitely well lubricated and he was having an easy time of it.

The soreness of his dick caused by the stretching of her pussy eased and was being replaced by twinges of pleasure.

She prayed that this would not happen so at least she could say that she did not enjoy it but her body refused her pleas.

The sensations grew stronger as he fucked her and her body soon gave in. Her ass rose to meet his inward thrusts and realizing this to him released her neck. He knew that she was all his now.

Barbie did too. The waves of pleasure were growing stronger and stronger with each thrust and the only thing she wanted to be was this black man's fuck toy.

Moans were coming from her now with each stroke and she could feel her toes curl into little balls.

This little rape was turning into the best damn fuck of her life. She climaxed again but hard this time. As she did he still held her tightly by the hips to control her convulsions.

When she stopped he once again started thrusting but even faster this time using his grip on her waist for leverage.

Her late husband had never had the energy to thrust this fast and she loved it. The waves of pleasure were building up inside of her once again as she exploded mightily in orgasm.

This time he did not stop his thrusts. He rode out her climax and fucked her even more furiously.

Barbie could not believe it but she was on the verge of another orgasm.

"Ooh fucking god!" she squealed. "I am cumming again!" He then threw his weight on top of her this time and slowed himself down as she climaxed.

Barbie then felt him grab her arm and though still out of sorts from her last orgasms she could feel him flipping her onto her back.

She had never in her life experienced multiple orgasms. Her late husband hardly gave her even one. So she often had to pleasure herself in the bathroom.

The bastard! she thought as the large black man grinned down at her.

"Oh baby! that was sweet...was it not?" Barbie found herself nodding in agreement.

"Don't worry honey. We are nowhere finished yet!" he continued smiling.

Oh god! Barbie thought to herself this beautiful black man is going to fuck me silly. It was more than she could have dreamed and she shuddered as she watched his cock enter her once again.

Barbie could feel it slide deep inside her. He did not take it slow this time. He was going to make her squeal as quickly as possible.

His thrusts into her were fast and steady each one pushing her slightly off the towel they were resting on.

"You like this don't you, you little tease?" he growled, as Barbie just groaned.

"Answer me lady or I am going to stop fucking you now!" he growled.

"Nooo!" Barbie moaned.

"No what bitch?" he replied seriously.

"No please don't stop!" she said.

"Why not?" he laughed.

"Because you fucking me feels so fucking good!"

Barbie moaned as the black man pumped inside of her even faster.

"Are you my sexy white girlfriend?" he asked.

"Yes, I am. Are you my super-hunky black man?" Barbie asked curiously.

"Yes, I am." the black man said as he kept on pumping away.

"Fuck me you big black stud! fuck me!" Barbie wailed as she came over and over again as she quickly passed out from all the great lovemaking.

When she awoke Barbie found herself in the air still impaled on her new lover's cock. He still had not cum. Barbie was amazed as much by that as she was by the way he had been fucking her limp body in the standing position.

The black man was mighty strong that was for sure.

"Lie down." she whispered in his ear.

"Oh are you awake from your nap?" he said faking surprise.

"Lie down!" she said more forcefully as she slid off his body. "I want to ride you."

You will get no argument from me he responded as he dropped to the sand. Barbie stood over his hard, sexy body and grabbed his cock. She then primed it a bit and he let out a little moan.

Then bending at the knees he dropped down on it. It slid easily into her pussy. A perfect fit.

As she dropped to her knees the cock impaled her. She then started to thrust her hips, fucking him at an incredible pace.

Barbie could feel waves of pleasure building up strong inside of her as her well toned ass worked his giant cock over and over again.

Barbie then dropped her body onto his chest and started bucking her hips up and down on his cock. Faster and faster she went until once again she hit mighty orgasm.

"Oh fuck! oh god! I really love your big fat cock! it really fills me all the way up!" she squealed as she rode it out.

Barbie could feel another massive orgasm coming on as she continued fucking up and down up and down on his cock.

"Oohh baby!' Barbie moaned as she came explosively in orgasm.

The black man then got on top of Barbie and began to fuck her that way for awhile.

The black man then saw Barbie stare at him.

"Now I am going to really make you blow your nuts big boy!" she announced as he watched her coat her right finger with saliva as she reached around his waist, found his asshole and slowly slipped her finger inside.

The instant Barbie stuck her finger up the man's ass he came so mightily he thought he would never stop cumming.

The black man semen came into Barbie with such force this triggered her own orgasm as she came mightily too.

The black man was not quite done yet as he made her roll onto her stomach. He parted her legs and began licking the soft flesh of her inner thighs. Then he put his gigantic cock inside of her again as he began to furiously pump away.

Barbie did not think the man could make her cum again , so fast and so soon but she soon felt the incredible mind blowing buildup of a storm waiting to break.

Barbie was just about to tell the black man what a great lover he was but he knew anyway because Barbie told him by climaxing with an earth shattering shudder of pure sensual lust with loud, abandoned piercing screams.

After the great sex Barbie and the man lay exhausted in each other's arms. Barbie knew that she had been fucked better than anybody had ever fucked her in her whole life and she did not want it to stop.

"Hey! want to go to my beach house and fuck me all over my leopard print water bed?" Barbie asked.

"Ok!" the man said as he reached down and picked Barbie up off of her feet and cradled her in his arms like a baby.

Barbie then smiled at the man. "By the way my name is Barbie Miller. what is yours?"

"Ken Johnson!" the black man said.

"Ken and Barbie!" Barbie laughed making them both laugh merrily as they headed for her beach house for some more fucking and fun!

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