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"Maybe Mr. Smith would like to tell us what he thinks." I was suddenly jolted back to reality by the voice of my teacher. Realising I had been daydreaming again she'd spotted me and brought it to the attention of everyone else in the lecture hall, much to my reddening embarrassment.

"Sorry Miss, I was miles away" I apologised.

"You certainly were Mr Smith, see me afterwards please." A derisory cheer went up from everyone else as I tried to return my focus to her lecture. The problem was, and what she had failed to realise, what that she, Miss Hayes, was actually the subject of my daydreaming fantasies.

I had been in her lectures ever since starting college 2 years ago at 18 and from day one I had been taken in by her. A curvaceous blonde in her mid to late forties she always dressed very well and wore high heels and nylon that showed off her still very shapely legs to great effect. I had had many fantasies in her lectures over my time and many times jacking off, imagining just what she could do to me. And I knew already that just seeing her later on her own would have me fantasising for the next few weeks. In the meantime I tried as best I could to stay focussed for the last 15 minutes of the day until she finished off her lecture.

It was a late afternoon lecture and we didn't finish until around 6.30. I remained in my seat while everyone else around me departed, a couple of the usual nudges and jeers being directed my way. Once the class had emptied and Miss Hayes finished had finished packing her lecture papers away she turned in my direction "See you in my office in ten minutes Samuel." She said and departed with her briefcase. I watched her high black leather slingback heels click across the floor as she walked, taking in the view of her cream silk nylon legs before glimpsing her luscious backside as she disappeared out of the door and down the corridor.

I sat for a couple of minutes thinking of what I could do to her in her office and then began to pack up my things. I knew I was probably in for another lecture from her but I was secretly quite looking forward to it, so casually I began to wander down the corridor and up the stairs to her office on the empty upper floor. I hesitated briefly outside her door, it had been about ten minutes by now, and then knocked. "Enter" called Miss Hayes from behind the door, I did so, thinking other ways of her asking me to enter. She was sat behind her desk thumbing through some papers as I walked in. "Ah, Sam" please take a seat she said directing me towards the chair in front of her desk. I sat down as she finished her papers and turned to me.

"Is there a problem Sam?" she asked straight away, forgoing any pleasantries.

"Er, no, why?"

"Well I've noticed more and more recently that you seem to be having trouble paying attention in lectures and the standard of your work has dipped a touch. I wondered if there was anything wrong firstly, before I started having a go at you."

"No, not really."

"Problems at home, personal problems?"

"No, they're fine."

"College, study problems?"

"Girlfriend on your mind possibly?"

"No, I don't have one."

"A good looking young man like you, surely there must be someone?"

I felt myself blushing a little. "No, not at the moment."

"Hmm," she went on, "Is it my lectures?" I shook my head.

"Is it me then?" she asked as she stared intently at me. I hesitated and shifted a little in my seat and before I had a chance to lie she picked up on it and cut in on me.

"Ah, it is me I can tell. So what is it Sam? Do you not like my teaching style, my methods or me myself?"

"No not that Miss Hayes they're all fine, great actually?"

"So what then?" she pressed. I shifted uncomfortably in my seat at being put under the spotlight.

"I can't say."

"Oh, come on Sam, of course you can, tell me."

I hesitated and pondered momentarily before blurting out "It's you Miss."

"What is it Sam, what's the problem?"

"I can't stop thinking about you miss, when I'm in your class I just imagine all kinds of things." I couldn't help myself, it was all coming out.

I could tell she wasn't expecting my answer and looked momentarily shaken before regaining her composure. She went to speak and then stopped, placing her fingers together as we stared at each other intently across her desk. The silence was deafening. "I'm sorry.." I began. "No, don't be Sam" she cut in. Another brief silence, then her tone changed, somewhat softer now., "What kind of things?"

"You know, things." I said reddening.

"Do you find me attractive Sam?" she asked. I nodded, "Very."

"But how, when there's so many attractive young girls around at college?"

"I don't know Miss, I just do. You're better than them all." It was her turn to blush a little this time as the silence briefly returned.

As we looked at each other she rose from her seat and came around to my side of the desk leaning against the edge of it, her hands on the edge of the desk and her legs crossed at the ankles as she stood before me, musing to herself but saying nothing. Her blonde hair, lovely face and gorgeous curvaceous body shown off in her powder blue suit and cream blouse looked so ravishing I just wanted to have her on the desk there and then. "So Sam," she said eventually, having regained her composure, "what do you think we should do to remedy this situation?"

"I'm not sure Miss." I said, knowing full well what I would like to do to her.

"Well I'll tell you what," she started, "I've got an idea, but you must promise never to tell anyone Sam, is that clear?"

"Yes Miss," I nodded, "no-one. What is it?" I added, almost as an afterthought.

"Go and lock the door for me Sam" she said.

As requested the door clicked and locked as I turned the key and returned to my seat. "So, you find me attractive do you Sam? She said as she took off her jacket and laid it across the desk behind her, I could see the lace of her bra and the outline of her full bosoms though her semi-transparent cream blouse and could sense the change in her voice. It had definitely gotten a sexual and seductive edge to it now.

"Uh-huh" I nodded.

"So what do you like most about me?" she went further. "Is it my legs?" she said as she bent down before me and ran her hands from her ankles all the way up the front of her shins and up her thighs, over her skirt. "They're lovely" I answered.

"Or maybe it's my breasts" she said running her fingers across the front of her blouse, skimming the lace of her bra beneath. It was my turn to blush a little this time. "Don't be shy Tom, tell me what you like the most. Maybe it's my behind" she said turning round, bending over the desk a little, her beautiful rounded backside sticking out toward me.

"They're all fantastic" I stammered with excitement.

"Well I'm pleased you like them Tom, maybe you'd like to see some more?" she teased.

"Oh yes please Miss Hayes" I almost gasped as she turned back around towards me.

"Well how about these" she said as she reached down again and taking hold of the hem of her skirt very slowly pulled it upwards to reveal her cream stocking tops, held up by light blue garters that ran down her smooth upper thighs. I really couldn't believe my luck, I was agape with desire.

"And these" she said turning and lifting her skirt to show me her silky white panties that clasped the cheeks of her beautiful butt.

"Or maybe even these" she said as she undid the tie of her loose wrap blouse to show me her lace enclad breasts.

"Oh, Miss Hayes, I want you" was all I could say.

"Well Tom, maybe you can" she said teasing me beyond belief.

"Come here to me Tom" she said from her positioning against the edge of the desk. I stood up and stepped to her, trembling with anticipation as she removed her blouse and let it fall on the desk behind her. We stood level with each other staring into each others eyes as she took my face in her hands, brought it to hers and kissed me. My hands went to her waist and I pulled her to me as our lips and tongues meshed together, nervous anticipation quickly giving way to growing lust as our mouths hungrily embraced each other. "Are you sure about this Miss Hayes" I asked breaking away, still unable to believe the reality of the situation.

"Yes Tom, I want you to have me right here, on my desk" she replied willingly. Our mouths met again as my hands roamed over her smooth back, pulling her toward me. Pulling down one of the straps of her bra she uncupped one of her lusciously full breasts and pulled my head downwards. "Lick my nipple Tom" she whispered as my head lowered. Taking her breast in my hand and massaging it gently, her stiff nipple protruded noticeably. Miss Hayes gasped as my lips closed around it and I took it into my mouth, kissing it and gently nipping it between my teeth. I fondled her other breast through the material of her bra as I kissed this one as she lowered the other strap and uncupped it for me to fondle. I moved to her other breast with my mouth and tongue and again she gasped as my lips touched her. "Ooh, that's nice" she whispered as my tongue rolled her nipple around in my mouth and my hand cupped the soft flesh of her other uncovered breast.

As she edged herself up onto the desk my hands slid down and grasped her waist before moving to her legs where I rubbed the front of her thighs over her skirt, feeling the fasteners that held up her stockings through the light blue material. "Go down on me Tom" she urged, "lick my pussy." It was an offer I certainly couldn't refuse. I knelt down on the floor before her and slowly began to slide my hands upwards from her ankles, feeling them glide across the sheer nylon of her cream stockings. Higher they climbed, reaching the hem of her skirt and slowly beginning to slide it up her thighs. Her lovely stocking tops and blue garters revealing themselves to me again. My hands stroked the inside of her lower thighs before climbing higher to feel her stocking tops and the smooth skin of her upper thigh. I played with her garter fasteners and felt the thin strip of material disappear under the remainder of her skirt which I then pulled higher to reveal her snowy white panties to me. Closer and closer along her inner thighs my hands climbed, circling around her stocking tops and bare, sensitive flesh. Miss Hayes caught her breath as my fingers climbed ever closer until I could feel the heat emanating from between her legs. "Oh yes Sam, touch me there" she whispered as I gently began to stroke her white satin panties in the v between her legs.

Opening her legs slightly wider to accommodate me as she sat on the edge of the desk I stroked her through the silky material, feeling the material dampening under my touch. Gently pulling her panties to one side Miss Hayes beautiful, perfectly trimmed, golden triangle of pubic hair finally came into view as I gazed at it in wonder.

"What's wrong Sam?" she asked.

"Nothing Miss, it's beautiful" I answered truthfully.

"Then touch me, put your tongue inside me baby" she urged.

She gasped again as my fingers touched her lips and ever so gently prised them apart. Her glistening pink wetness was a sight to behold as she put her hand behind my head and began to pull me towards her. I could smell her sweet juices as she pulled me to her and she gasped as she felt my hot breath on her glistening lips, "Lick me Sam" she urged again. Ever so gently my eager and probing tongue touched her outer lips and I began to taste her, "Oooh Yess" she gasped as I did so.

Her warm sweet juices spilled onto my tongue and I began to drink them down as I kissed and licked her pussy. "You taste beautiful" I said breaking away briefly, "Mmm" she replied pulling my head back tightly to her pussy again so I would continue licking her. I probed between her lips with long slow strokes of my tongue as she began to gasp louder and louder. She held me tightly to her by the back of the head, guiding me up and down and round and round her gash with my tongue. I parted her lips with two fingers letting her glistening bud pop into view. Gently I began to lick around it, sending her into gasping raptures as I found it. "Yes baby, lick my clit" she encouraged through her moans. She began to grind her hips against my face as she held my head in place deep between her legs as I eased first one and then two fingers deep between her soft wet folds.

Gently I began to slide them in and out of her, becoming coated in her sticky juices as I flicked around her clit with the tip of my tongue. I could feel her pulling me tightly to her as she ground her hips against my face and gasped in pleasure. She moved one hand to her pubic mound and ran her fingers through her pubic hair as I licked and tasted her. Pulling her lips upwards and apart with her two forefingers exposed her hard pink clit even more to my probing tongue as I began to lick it harder and harder to her delight. "Oh I love how you're licking my clit," she whispered, "keep going baby, I want you to make me come." "Oh yes Miss Hayes" I replied from between her legs, "I want you to come for me. I want you to come in my mouth and on my face."

My words seemed to urge her on even more and she began to grind her hips harder against my eager tongue, her breathing becoming noticeably shorter. Propping herself up with one hand she fondled her uncupped breast with the other as she slid her nylon heeled legs over my shoulders and pulled me tightly to her between her open and willing thighs. Her grinding became more urgent and I could tell she was close to climax as she gripped my head tightly between her thighs, the nylon of her stockings rubbing against my ears and her hand in my hair pushing my head deep between her wet lips. "mmmm" I began to sound, knowing it would send vibrations though her lips as my fingers and tongue probed and teased her. "ohh yess" she gasped, "I'm going to come." Her thighs clamped me like a vice as her hips began to buck against my face, as faster and faster I worked my fingers into her and licked my tongue over and around her clit, knowing full well she was about to explode.

"Ohh yess, I'm gonna come. Oh yess, I'm gonna come. Oh yesss, I'm..." her hips began to shudder and buck and her juices spilled into my mouth as I felt her heels dig into my back. "I'm coming, I'm coming, Ohhh yesss" she hissed as her climax shook her body until her breathing subsided and she finally released the grip of her thighs from around my ears. Her pussy dripped with her glistening juices which ran down her inner thighs to her stocking tops and coated most of my face as she sat gasping before me. "Sam, that was wonderful" she whispered, and then in a low tone said "now it's your turn." Pulling me to my feet she stood before me and kissed me again, tasting her own juices still on my lips, then turning me round she pushed me up to the desk as her hands began to pull my t-shirt up over my body.

"Very nice" she said running her hand across my bare muscular torso, trailing her fingertips down over my taut stomach. I was as hard as hell already in my jeans as I felt her fingers reach my beltline. She looked me straight in the eye as she ran her hand down further still and got her first feel of my hard cock through the denim of my jeans. "Ooh Sam, you feel very hard" she mused as she tried to grasp my dick through the material, rubbing her hands up and down my hardness. "I think we're going to have to do something with that" she teased before moving her lips to mine again and kissing me passionately, her tongue snaking its way into my mouth to meet mine hungrily.

She broke off and slowly sank to her knees, her head level with my midriff as both her hands moved to my belt. She unbuckled me slowly, alternating between focusing on the task at hand and looking up at me with a look of lust in her eyes. This woman was so hot I thought to myself, it was my ultimate fantasy coming true before my very eyes. Unbuttoning my fly, one by one she slowly popped each one and then, hooking her hands into the waistline, she slid them down over my hips. My erection bulged through the material of my shorts as she gently ran her fingers over it, cooing her appreciation. "Mmm, let's see what you've got for me then shall we?" she cooed as her hands moved to my hips and slowly began to pull down my shorts. My cock sprang free and presented itself to her as she worked them down over my hips, causing Miss Hayes to gasp in delight. "Oh my Sam" she gasped, "what a lovely, big young cock you have." Curling her fingers around it, her touch delighted me, as she looked up and saw the gasp of delight on my face.

"Is that Nice Sam?" she asked, already knowing the answer. "Yes Miss Hayes" I whispered. Slowly she began to pull on my dick as she looked up toward me, " Would you like me to suck your hard, young cock Sam?" she teased. Again it was a questions she didn't need to ask, but I nodded anyway as she smiled at me and moved her head toward my crotch. Her lips opened and she took one last look up toward me with that look of sex in her eye, before closing them and slipping her soft red lips over the tip of my straining dick. "Ahhh" I gasped in pleasure as she began to suck on my cock. The feeling of her lips as they sucked on me, up and down my shaft, with her hand softly pulling on me at the same time was indescribable. She held me in her hand and licked her tongue up and down the length of my shaft and around my purple helmet as I groaned to her exquisite touch and she knew fine well just what she was doing to me. This woman was better than even I could ever have imagined.

She held me by the hips and I gently fucked her mouth between her soft red ruby lips as she clasped my buttocks, then one hand moved to my balls and caressed them as she sucked me. I slid the whole of my length in and out of her willing mouth feeling the softness of her lips around me. "Oh Miss Hayes that feels so good" I gasped as she took me deep in her mouth. "Mmmm" she moaned, sending vibrations coursing through me. As her hand rubbed my balls she slipped her finger beyond and began to tickle my asshole with her fingertip. The sensations it caused were beyond me as she sucked noisily and then, as I held onto the edge of the desk she slipped her finger inside me. I had never had this done before and had never felt anything like it, but the sensation of her finger inside me as she sucked longingly on my cock were utterly sensational. She certainly knew what she was doing this naughty old broad and was a teacher in more ways than one, just as I had always fantasised.

She knew just what she was doing to me and as she massaged inside me with her finger and sucked me off at the same time it was all I could do not to shoot in her mouth. She obviously sensed just how hot she was getting me and by squeezing first the base and then the tip of my cock tightly between her thumb and forefinger my impending load subsided somewhat as she slipped her finger from me and let my cock slide from between her lips. "Do you like what I do to you?" she asked smiling. "Oh Miss Hayes you're the best" I gasped. She helped me from my Jeans and shorts that were gathered around my ankles and stood up before me. We kissed again as I felt her breasts, pushing over the lace of her bra, press tightly against my chest and my solid cock rubbed against the tops of her nylon stockings. She broke off and turned with her back to me, undoing her bra she pulled it from each shoulder and let her breasts swing free in front, just beyond my sight. Then reaching behind again she unbuttoned her skirt whilst I helped her unzip it and we both slid it down over her behind and down until it fell around her ankles and she stepped from it.

She bent over, leaning her hands on the desk as I looked at the beautiful sight of her before me. "Take my panties down Sam" she urged as I slid my hands over her glorious satin clad buttocks and hooked my fingers into the elastic at her hips. Her panties slid off over her behind as I pulled them down, slowly drawing them down over her stockinged thighs, over her calves until they fell too and she stepped from them also. She turned to me as I stood naked before her, whilst she looked so fabulous, naked apart from her light blue suspenders, cream stockings and black slingback heels. She pushed her body to mine as my erection dug into her and I ran my hands down her back and pulled he tightly against me, grasping her butt cheeks firmly in my hands. "I want you to fuck me Sam" she breathed. "I want you to take me on this desk, right here, right now. I want you to slide your big cock in me and fill me with your young spunk." My dick flinched at hearing her speaking those words and I began to lift her onto the desk.

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