Sexy Mom Gets Naughty At 40


I just loved putting up a show for the camera.

I threw myself on to the bed. Then I smiled, parted my legs and pointed my index finger towards my hairy pussy.

Andy lost no time in taking off his boxer briefs. I knew that I was about to enter the sinful, forbidden world of porn, yet I couldn't help myself.

I had been a part of Greg's home made porn video earlier, but that was shot without my knowledge, that too for home consumption. Here I was gonna enter the dirty world of porn on my own free will, driven by my own insane lust for my son. I just couldn't care that the video was meant for public viewing.

The next moment Andy was on top of me. Gently he drove his fully erect cock inside my already soaking pussy. Finally, Andy was where I needed him the most....deep inside my pussy.

"Fuck your mother fucker....fuck your mom....yes...yes....fuck your naked mother fucker....fuck your mom...make your momma a porn actress...yes....yes...fuck your the world what a slut your mom is," I was moaning with pleasure as my own son was stroking me deep inside my pussy.

" son fucking slut......fuck your son.....fuck your son fucking naked slut," Andy was talking dirty. I enjoyed every word he uttered.

"Yes....yes....Andy....spill your sperm inside your momma....spill your sperm inside your momma," I was screaming with pleasure.

I could feel his cock getting bigger in my cunt, pulsating, throbbing. His strokes became more frantic. It felt like my body was going to explode with pleasure. My son was an animal, a primitive savage as he fucked his mother so violently. My orgasms began bursting forth one after another after another endlessly.

Finally, I felt his hot sperm shoot endlessly into my cunt. He fell into my waiting arms, our exhausted naked bodies pressed tightly together.

"Oh virginity lies buried deep inside your cunt."

I was glad to know that my son had lost his virginity to me.

He did not take long to recover from the effort. Next he made me ride his cock. Aaaah.....what a joy ride it was.

"Oh mom your bouncing boobs look so sexy.....they'll look great in the just don't look like a first time porn actress," he said as I continued my cock ride.

It was the Friday night and so we knew that we could go on all night. Throughout the rest of that night, we kissed, we sucked, we fucked, we made love, we talked dirty.

When I got up in the morning, I felt like taking a shower. So I headed straight for his bathroom. I did not even bother to close the door as I removed my bra and panties and stood naked under the shower. I was enjoying the shower when Andy turned up.

"Do you wanna fuck momma in the bathroom?" I asked him with a naughty smile.

"Why you know I put the camera in the bathroom just before you got up....thanks for the lovely shower pictures look like a stunning bathing beauty.....all naked and wet....hmmm....I bet these pictures are gonna make millions of guys masturbate....oh are simply the hottest masturbation chick around," he said.

I was delighted to hear his comments. I raised my hand and moved my index finger with a smile signaling him to come in. He lost no time in undressing himself and moving in.

He kissed and licked me on my shoulders and then on my neck. He raised my arms and began to kiss and lick my armpits. "Oh mom....your armpits smell great."

He bent down and took my butts in his hands and began to massage them....he was almost squeezing them, while he ran his tongue and lips all over my thighs, my pelvis and the belly. Then he rolled his cock in to my cunt and fucked me under the shower.

After it was over, we moved into the bathtub.

The camera was recording our lustful sucking and fucking. I had unleashed the slut in me for my mother fucker son.

After we had finished, Andy and me toweled ourselves and we moved out of the bathroom to the bedroom wrapped in our towels.

"Mom, I need to shift the camera from the bathroom to the bedroom." He got busy in arranging the camera. In the meantime I found that my nail polish had come off. I went to my room to fetch my favorite color.

I returned to Andy's room where he was ready with his camera. "Andy, I need to polish my nails," I said. "Mom, do you mind if I polish your nails?" Andy asked me.

I was delighted by his offer. "Oh sure" Andy got down to coloring my nails. The camera was on.

"Mom, you've got such beautiful hands and fingers....I just can't forget the hand job that you gave me....your sexy fingers running all over my cock." He took my hand in his hand and was looking into my eyes. It was so romantic.

I noticed my towel slip a couple of inches down my chest. Almost half my tits were now exposed to Andy. My towel was so small that it ended barely an inch under my cunt, revealing my thighs and legs. I wasn't wearing my bra and panties under my towel.

I knew that Andy was looking lustfully at my partly exposed breasts I decided not to fix my towel.

I was lost in my thoughts when all of a sudden Andy snatched my towel and threw it away to make me completely naked. I felt like protesting at his bad manners. But before I could say a word I was hit by a thunderbolt. He was deep inside my cunt fucking me with such ferocity that I was transported into a world of sexual pleasure that I had never visited before. I felt my body drown in a vast ocean of orgasms. I grasped the bed sheets with both my hands and screamed with sexual pleasure. Andy shot his hot sperms deep inside me.

"Thanks Andy for giving your momma such a hot treat."

"Thanking me is just not enough mom....I want a gift."

"Oh sure"

"Mom, all I want is the right to pull your towel whenever you are wearing one."

"You mother fucking must not forget your etiquette....pulling a woman's towel like that is such bad manners...even if you happen to be fucking that woman day and night."

"Oh mom...just take a minute and think of the pleasure I gave you."

I decided to give in. "O.K. may pull momma's towel whenever you feel like....but there is a condition."

"What's that?"

"You will fuck your momma as hard as you just did every time you rip my towel off."

"Off course, mom"

That night, Andy called me into his room and told me that his porn video was ready for viewing. I missed a heartbeat.

Andy took the remote in his hand. I sat down in Andy's lap. I was wearing a sleeveless black blouse that showed off a lot of my cleavage along with a matching black miniskirt. Off course, I wasn't wearing any bra or panties inside.

The video began with scenes of me prancing around in a bikini. Andy had copied some parts of my bikini video that Greg had shot. Next were our love-making scenes in the bedroom. This was followed by me undressing myself naked in the bathroom and showering myself. After that were the scenes of Andy fucking me under the shower and then banging me in the bathtub.

I could feel Andy's erect cock on my thighs. I was feeling hot too.

Finally, the scene I was waiting for; the towel-snatching scene and the power-packed fucking that Andy delivered to my cunt after throwing my towel away.

"Oh Andy, these scenes are simply too hot. Do you like them?"

"Yeah, they are really hot."

"Andy, the way you seized my towel and threw it away and then banged me so hard, I just get the feeling you were raping me...yes Andy....I feel I was raped."

"No mom...not at all...I love you...there is no way I can do anything to hurt you...I am mature and intelligent enough to know how horrible rape is....if you don't like these scenes I will delete them."

"I didn't mean that Andy. In fact, I loved those scenes a lot. They are simply the hottest of the lot and I'd be disappointed if you delete any case, I think the video is too short...I think we need to add a few more scenes."

Andy lost no time in fixing up the camera.

I got up and raised my arms to show my armpits to Andy. Then I licked my lips with my tongue. I knew that I was wearing a sexy black sleeveless blouse with no bra inside. And the blouse did show a lot of cleavage.

"Lets get naked. Come on Andy...take off your momma's blouse and miniskirt...yes...yes...Andy...make your momma naked," I was moaning with pleasure.

Andy undressed himself and stepped out of his undergarment. His penis was dripping with wet excitement. My cunt was wet too.

He placed his hand on my breast and kissed me on my lips. Then in on sudden movement, he removed my blouse and ripped off my skirt to make me completely naked.

He threw me on to the bed and drove his cock inside my pussy.

"Fuck your momma....fuck me you son of a bitch....bang me mother fucker."

We were fucking, sucking, talking dirty and enjoying the touch of each other's naked bodies....we were behaving like was a complete surrender to lust....and so enjoyable.

After we had finished, I got and made a suggestion to Andy, "Let's add some hot swimming pool scenes to our video." I had completely lost my inhibitions about the video by then. In fact, I think I was more excited by the whole thing than Andy.

Andy got busy in arranging the camera and the lights by the side of our indoor swimming pool. By the time he was ready, I turned up at the pool in a black bikini.

We moved in to the pool. I threw some water at him. He threw some at me. He kissed me on my lips and I wrapped my arms around him. He put his hand inside my bikini and began to fondle my titties. I asked him softly, "Andy...have you ever raped mom in your honest Andy?"

"Oh know mom...I was watching your bikini video that you gave me....I was masturbating and I got so excited that I just ripped your bikini off in my fantasies and I raped you in my fantasies as I masturbated....I just couldn't made masturbating such a pleasure....I was fact, mom these days, whenever, I masturbate to your bikini video...I just rip your bikini off and rape you in my just makes masturbating so hot and enjoyable"

What Andy had confessed was so dirty, so filthy.....and I yet I enjoyed it so own handsome son had admitted to raping me in his fantasies while masturbating...if only I could hear his confession again and just gave the slut in me so much pleasure...

"But mom...I am mature and intelligent enough to know what a horrible thing rape is....there is no way I would carry out my rape fantasies in real life...NO WAY MOM....NO WAY...I just love and respect women so much....I would never do anything to hurt one. "

His words touched the nice woman in me emotionally and sexually. The nice woman had fallen in love with Andy. It made me feel so wet that I felt that there was a swimming pool inside my cunt too. Until now, it was the slut in me who had lusted for Andy. Now the nice woman in me wanted him too. The slut and the nice woman were now united in wanting to fuck Andy. The twain had met. I was on the verge of orgasm.

The nice woman in me wanted to make Andy happy and fulfill every sexual fantasy of his, even his dirtiest ones.

"Do you wanna rape momma," I asked him as I looked into his eyes and smiled seductively.

"Oh mom rape is crime....oh mom"

"But not between two consenting adults who have rape fantasies."

"Two consenting adults with rape fantasies.....who's the second one mom?"

"Andy.....your mom.....yes Andy......your mom's a real slut......she has rape fantasies too.....her fantasy is the same as fantasy is that you rip my bikini off and then.....rape me...oh Andy......your mom's a real slut......she has such dirty fantasies."

"Oh mom"

"Come on Andy.....let's enact our rape fantasies.......after all we are two consenting adults.....yes Andy......your momma wants to be raped......rape me.....Andy....don't you wanna rape momma."

The slut in me had gone mad with desire.

"But mom....."

"Oh Andy...think like a professional actor......a movie rape is as unreal is a movie murder. Come on....let's add a few rape scenes to our video...come on Andy.....let's do it.....let's make the scenes look as real as we can.....the camera is on. "

My own words had driven me insane with lust. I just couldn't wait to get naked now.

"Rip your momma's bikini off the way you do in your fantasies....sweetheart....yes darling....your momma wants you to rape her," I said softly as I smiled and looked in his eyes.

Then I removed his underwear and tossed it away. He was completely naked now.


He lost no time in ripping my bikini off to make me naked. He drove his cock inside my cunt. I had become completely shameless.

"Yes....yes....Andy.....rape your mom......yes....Andy....rape your momma like a slut......oooooh......aaaahh....aaaaah...oooooh," I was screaming wildly with pleasure.

He was stroking me so hard that I knew that he wasn't just enacting a rape scene. He was "raping" me for real. And I wasn't complaining for he was only fulfilling my dirtiest fantasy. In any case, it was "rape" between two consenting adults.

We had sex all night by the side of the swimming pool. By the time we had finished, Andy told me that the shooting for the video was over.

And in the next few days, we made love all over the place, in our bedroom, bathroom, and by the side of our indoor swimming pool. The memories of my honeymoon days were back. I often roamed around the place clad in only a towel. And Andy would rip it off and bang me hard.

Then came the Friday night. Andy drove me to a secluded beach. It was a beautiful moonlit beach. The full moon was shining gloriously. There were some man-made lights too. Hand-in-hand, we walked till we saw something that made us stop. It was a naked couple making love. The guy was handsome and well built. He was fucking a hot woman who looked much older than him.

"Mom....let's get naked and make love here....just imagine the thrill of looking at them fucking each other while they look at us," said Andy.

I was excited by the idea. Andy lost no time in removing my skirt and top. He unhooked my bra and slipped down my panties to make me completely naked.

Then he got naked too.

We heard the couple make noises as they made love. "Fuck your mom.....fuck your boy ." she was saying.

"Look at him....he is fucking his mom.....his mom is so damn fucking hot," Andy said loudly.

"Shut mother better fuck your own mom.....your mom is no less hot."

I and Andy were talking loud enough for them to hear us. They looked at us, smiled, and continued with their lovemaking. And Andy got down to fucking me. We made noisy love. "Yes Andy....yes...fuck your mom....fuck her hard."

Midway through the night, the handsome stranger walked up to us. He said to Andy, "I wanna fuck your mom. Do you wanna fuck mine?"

I knew what Andy wanted. Even I had liked the idea of being banged by the handsome stranger. I agreed to the swap.

For the rest of the night, Andy had the time of his life. He saw his mom getting fucked while he banged a hot woman as old as his mom.

When the sun came up in the morning, all four of us were still naked, busy fucking each other by turns.

The waves had washed our clothes away. We drove back home completely naked. After returning home, we slept almost the whole day.

Andy spent a couple of days editing our porn video. I gave Andy the home made porn video that Greg had shot. Andy just loved it. He added a few scenes from Greg's video to his own video.

The next week, our porn video had appeared on the Internet. I was a porn actress now. And my own son had made me one. Andy downloaded it for us to watch it.

His video Andy had nicely edited the video. It was divided into 9 parts:

1. Sexy mom is a bikini bomb

2. Busty mom strips and poses naked for son

3. Son masturbates in front of naked mom

4. Mother fucking in the bedroom

5. Sexy mom getting naked in her bathroom

6. Mom and son have sex in bathroom

7. Son rips off mom's towel and bangs her

8. Voluptuous mom having sex with son

9. Son bangs busty mom by the swimming pool

I was delighted when I saw the video.

The camera that Andy had used was quite a sophisticated one. The video looked the work of a professional movie maker rather than an amateur teenager. The pictures were simply too good. I looked so hot in the video....Andy had presented me so beautifully....I looked like a beauty queen and a porn queen both at once....he made me feel so gorgeous and sexy....Andy's video seemed to be saying, "Look at my beautiful curvy mom....all naked....she is the hottest masturbation material around."

"Oh mom....this video is really hot. I need a naked woman now," he said as he pointed to his erect cock. I was wearing only my bra and panties at that time. I lost no time in getting rid of both.

"Here's your naked woman....she's a real slut....she needs to be banged really hard," I said as I removed Andy's clothes to make him naked.

Screaming and moaning with pleasure, I delivered another power-packed session of mother fucking to my son.

That night, I e-mailed the video's link to Greg. Greg replied back, "It's hot...great work...never seen a voluptuous babe look so hot. Enjoy yourself with Andy."

The feedback that the web site received about my video was too flattering. One guy wrote, "the hottest video ever made....this porn actress will go places."

One thing had been puzzling me for some days. So I finally decided to ask Andy. "Why did you refuse to make love to me when I first offered it to you on your birthday?"

"You know had asked me not to...... he wanted a porn video featuring you and me....that's why he gifted me a video camera........he could have easily shot a porn video by getting us to fuck each other under spy cameras......but he wanted to make a porn video with your consent.....he wanted to bring out the naughty woman in you.....that's why he asked me to tease you to the point where you'd be desperate enough to agree to a porn video shoot....and he left to starve you sexually.....that was all part of dad's planning....that's why he e-mailed you the story about the porn actress who is banged by her own had laid a trap.....and you fell mom...... you know mom, dad had asked me to pretend to be shy.....that was part of his plot too."

I was stunned by what Andy had just told me. But then, I had enjoyed it so much. I had no reasons to complain.

"Andy...what made you help dad...did you really want to see momma as a porn actress?" I asked him.

"Yes mom." It was an obvious reply.

"Mom...I wanna ask something too."

"Go ahead."

"Mom...we've had sex so many times these days and we never used any protection......I'm wondering if I've made you pregnant. Are you pregnant, mom?"

"Oh Andy...I just love the idea of you making me pregnant...but that's just not possible...I had a contraceptive surgery done some years I cannot get pregnant's nice that you asked but you need not worry about momma getting pregnant."

Greg returned after a few days. My sex life is great. I have 2 mother fuckers and tit suckers to satisfy my sexual needs.

Greg has got hooked to my porn video. He has made it a habit to watch it before making love to me. "I find son-fucking sluts so damn sexy...and I'm glad that my wife is one hell of a hot son-fucking woman." We leave the door open so that Andy can watch his dad fuck his mom.

The same way, now whenever Andy fucks me, we make sure to keep the door open so that Greg can watch. Does he watch? He does. Making love to Andy while Greg watches is really enjoyable.

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