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Sexy Neighbor


I'm going to tell you about something that happened last week that was a very big surprise to me. I had sex with my neighbor.

OK, so you're thinking, "What's the big deal in that? Happens all the time."

Well, the big deal in that is that my neighbor, before this, has never been more than just pleasantly friendly towards me and she is probably old enough to be my mother! She is a nice looking woman for her age, which I would guess was probably somewhere in her late sixties. Well, 'nice looking' maybe doesn't accurately describe her, VERY NICE LOOKING would be better. She has blond hair, blue eyes, and a pretty face. Every time I have ever seen her she is well dressed and her clothes look expensive.

Let me tell you how it all happened. One warm, sunny, morning I was upstairs in the bedroom of my home when I glanced out the window and I could see my neighbor out her sunning herself on a lounge chair in her backyard. She was wearing a hot-pink, two piece bathing suit and I remember thinking as I looked down at her, for an older woman her body looked damn nice! I probably need to mention here that the way that our houses are situated it allows us to look down on each others backyards but still has total privacy from the view of any of the other homes in the neighborhood.

I felt awkward looking at her sunning herself, it was as if I was invading her privacy so I moved away from the window and continued with the chores I had to do around the house. A little while later I was back up in the bedroom and I suppose out of male curiosity I looked out the window once more. She was still there but by now had removed the top of her bathing suit. It was easy to see that when she was younger her tits were beautiful and quite large. As it was, and they were still very attractive and not as saggy and flat as I would have expected for a woman of her age. They still stood out from her chest and her crimson colored areolas surrounded her pink nipples. I remember thinking that were much larger than my ex-wife's.

Again, out of self-embarrassment I turned away from the window and kept busy, but suddenly my mind was not completely on the chores that I needed to get done. I tried not to think about what I saw but it was becoming harder and harder to fight the urge to slip upstairs and take another long look at her. After about a half-hour I gave-in and went back upstairs for another look. What I saw jolted me! She had removed the bottom part of her bathing suit and was laying on the lounge chair completely nude! Her body wasn't that of a thirty-year-old by any stretch of the imagination, but it was a lot more attractive than some women I had seen - or even been with. She had a little extra padding here and there, but hell, so did I!

She lay with her eyes closed on the lounge chair with her legs seductively parted slightly and it was easy to see that she shaved her pussy.

As I looked at her I could feel my cock starting to harden against the material of my sweatpants and my breath becoming a little deeper. I suddenly became very horny. As I stood at the window I let myself fantasize about what it would feel like to fuck her.

I stepped away from the window and moved over and sat on the end of the bed wondering what I would do next. Just seeing her like that made me want to go down and join her. To be nude in the sun and warm morning air as she but I figured there was probably no way to do that. In reality we had only spoken a few times over the past few months, and that was only in passing. In addition, I was sure she didn't suspect that anyone was watching her.

Maybe I could walk out in the backyard nude, as if I didn't know she was there? I thought to myself. My mind reeled with different ideas on how to take this to the next step. Suddenly I had an idea. It would be taking a chance, but it might work, I thought. I quickly took off my sweatshirt and stepped out of my sweatpants and was standing in the bedroom completely nude. I grabbed the window cleaning supplies and stepped up and began to clean the inside of the bedroom window. I tried to act as if I had no idea that she was down there. As I stood in the window I could feel that my cock had gotten half-hard and I hoped that she was enjoying the view. I cleaned the window slowly and completely and it took all of my willpower not to look in her direction until I finished. When I did, she was looking back at me with a smile on her face. She hadn't made any attempt to cover herself up. In fact she had turned on her side and had one of her legs pulled slightly up on the lounge which offered me a better view of her smooth pussy.

I smiled as if I was embarrassed and waved at her. I could see her laugh softly as she waved back then turned onto her back. I suddenly didn't feel too clever and as I stepped away from the window I tried to think of what would be the best thing to do next. I knew that nothing would happen if I stayed upstairs in the bedroom and I had to make the next move…but what? My cock was standing very hard and ready. Without dressing I went downstairs and out into the backyard. The warm sun felt good on my naked body as I approached the fence that separated our two yards. I hoped, with everything in me, that she was still there and that she hadn't covered herself. As I looked over the fence I saw that she was still laying nude on the lounge and she had just picked up a small paperback book which I recognized as being one of those very graphic porn novels.

"It's a beautiful morning." I said awkwardly, trying to hide my nervousness.

"Yes, it is." She answered.

"I didn't mean to be spying on you." I said. "I was just cleaning the window and…"

"Don't worry, the pleasure was mine." She laughed softly then added, "I should have you come over and do mine!"

"May I join you?" I asked.

She hesitated a moment then said, "Sure, but I'd be a lot more comfortable if you were still nude."

"Oh, I am." I said.

My heart was pounding as I went through the gate and entered her yard. She looked very sensuous as she lay there watching me come toward her. Her body was very erotic and I couldn't believe what good shape she was in. I fought to look calm as I saw that her legs were parted slightly and I could see a tiny sparkle of sunlight as it glistened off a drop of moisture between her cunt lips.

"I didn't think anyone was at home today," She said innocently.

"Normally I wouldn't have been but I took the day off," I answered.

"So it appears," She smiled and I saw her glance quickly at my cock then back into my eyes.

I stood awkwardly at the end of her lounge chair not knowing where to look except directly into her eyes. I was aware of the fact that my cock had gotten hard again and was pointing at her. Without a word she sat up and moved forward so that she was seated on the end of the lounge chair. I thought for a moment that she was going to leave but she didn't. In this position her face was about a foot away from the end of my penis. She hesitated for a moment, and then with one hand she reached out and wrapped her fingers around my hard cock-shaft. At the same time she leaned forward and took my cock into her mouth. As her lips ran up and down the shaft of my penis her tongue she played lightly with the underside of my cock-head, covering it with her moisture as she continued to suck me. I was so surprised by the swiftness of her actions I just stood there without saying anything. As I began to relax I placed my hands on both sides of her head and let my fingers run through her hair.

She sucked and played me like no other woman has. She would bring me to a point just before I was going to ejaculate in her mouth, and then she would squeeze something in my scrotum and bring me back down only to start it all over again. By now I had let my hands drop down on her naked body and I was gently squeezing and caressing her breasts and rolling her erect nipples back and forth under my fingers. Suddenly she let my cock slip from her mouth and she lay back on the lounge. With a smooth and deliberate movement she pulled her knees up against her chest. Her cunt was exposed and I could see a large amount of clear moisture seeping from her puffy pink labia and running down over her rectum. I had never been with a woman that was this horny before and as I knelt between her legs she began to moan softly in anticipation of being fucked. As I slipped my cock into her pussy I was amazed at how tight she was. I could feel every ripple and fold of her vaginal wall as my cock-head traveled up inside her. I held myself above her naked body, thrusting as hard and deep as I could. The harder I fucked her the harder she fucked back. I lost all track of time as we fucked each other. Suddenly she lay absolutely still for a moment before her body began to shudder with a violent, hard orgasm. Because we were somewhat out in the open I could tell she was trying to stifle her intense cries of pleasure she was feeling in her pussy.

We continued to fuck for what I would guess was about another half-hour or so and she came many times, in several different positions. Finally she started to cum harder than any of her previous orgasms and I couldn't hold back any longer. With a deep groan form me I began to shoot my cum into her trembling cunt. With each deep thrust I could feel a large glob of white cum spurt inside her. It was unusual for me, but I shot so much cum inside her vagina that as I continued to pump her fuck-hole I could feel it running out around my cock.

When I finally pulled me softening cock out of her hole I looked down and was amazed at how beautifully moist and messy her crotch was. She was covered with a mixture of cunt lubrication, perspiration, and cum. I stayed there for several hours and talked and fucked each other and generally got to know each other a lot better. It was obvious that she was a very sexual woman with a very strong libido. We agreed that both of us needed more sex in our lives than either of us had been getting in the recent past. It was evident without really coming out and saying it in so many words that we were going to have a lot of sex together from now on.

Yep, she's quite a bit older than I, but it's been a long time since I've had a woman that could fuck with such a power and intensity as her. Her body may not be as young as some women I have fucked. But damn, there is something to say for a woman with a strong need and experience!

If you enjoyed this story, your positive feedback will be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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by Anonymous11/27/17

I could relate to that

While I read your work I imagined being there. Great descriptive writing.

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by Anonymous11/23/17


Like to meet a lady like in my life

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