tagLoving WivesSexy Ride Ch. 3

Sexy Ride Ch. 3


It had been a while since our last encounter with Hal and Betsy at their cabin up in the woods and I could tell Jim was getting into his voyeuristic mood again as he began bringing up the subject of watching me with another guy again. Now I consider myself to be a lucky woman. Not only is my husband loving, caring, a great provider and fantastic sexual partner, he allows me the opportunity to have sex with other men and enjoys it very much. Not wanting to disappoint him I agree to his voyeur fantasies. Besides, I am only human and love to fuck!

"What have you got in mind?" I quizzed him one evening after dinner while he was in a talkative mood. He was a little hesitant at first to tell me what was on his mind, but after a few drinks he began to loosen up. "Well" he began, "I have thought about you and another guy doing a video."

"A private video just for my eyes only." The thought scared me a little at first, I mean we do have kids and what if by accident they ran across a video of their Mother fucking a stranger! Jim assured me that we would keep it well hidden and eventually erase it. I was reluctant to agree at first, but the more we discussed it, the more excited I became. "Will you run the camera?" I asked. "No" I informed me. "In hopes that you would agree to my fantasy" he continued, "I have already arranged the whole thing."

"Oh Yea!" I snapped. "Since you and Hal got along so well, I called him and set it up."

"He has a friend that agreed to operate the camera." Jim arranged for me to meet Hal and his friend up at their cabin the following weekend.

As the week went by, I became more and more excited about the upcoming encounter! The thought of Hal's big cock had me rubbing myself once or twice as I remembered how good it felt when he was ramming that thing into my wet, swollen pussy. My face became flushed and my heart pounded as Saturday got closer and I became consumed with lust for Hal's hard dick.

Saturday morning finally arrived and I got up, made breakfast for everyone and then went upstairs to take my bath and get ready. Jim came up a while later as I was soaking in the tub and told me that he was going to lay out what he wanted me to wear in "his" video. Since it was a couple hour drive up to Hal and Betsy's cabin, I decided to wear jeans and T-shirt until I got there and then change. "Betsy!"

"Oh my God!" I just remembered her. "What about Betsy?" I shouted into the bedroom. Jim told me that she had gone to visit relatives in Florida and would not be home. Jim had my stuff packed into a small suitcase when I got out of the tub. I got ready, kissed him goodbye and left for the cabin.

I arrived at Hal's cabin around 1:00PM that afternoon and Hal came out on the porch to welcome me. Giving me a slight kiss on the cheek, we went into the house and there was another man sitting at the table having a drink. Hal introduced him and we shook hands. His name was Steve and he looked to be about 35 to 40, dark hair, blue eyes and he was very nice looking. He was very nice, polite and offered me a drink. "Sure" I answered as I needed something to help settle my nerves. "So, you're going to run the camera?" I mustered up the courage to ask. Steve just grinned and told me that he was. "Don't worry though" he assured me, "you won't know I'm around."

"I will try me best to stay out of the way."

We all had a couple drinks and talked before Hal finally asked if I were ready to get dressed. "I guess so" I nervously responded. I went into the bathroom and got my clothes out of the little suitcase. Jim had packed garters, a pair of thong panties, hose, heels, a short black skirt and red sleeveless blouse that zipped up the front. After the drive up I decided to take a quick shower before dressing. Once out of the shower I applied a little makeup and dressed. I always feel sexy when dressed in garters and heels and hoped I looked that way as I walked back into the main room of the cabin. Steve was busy hooking up a video camera and I could tell by the look on Hal's face that he approved of my appearance and he let out a low whistle and grinned. My face flushed as I felt a sudden rush of lust thinking about what was going to happen!

"You ready?" Hal asked Steve. "I'm ready" Steve said and turned on the camera which was mounted on a tripod. Hal sat on the sofa and motioned for me to join him. I tried to use my sexiest walk as I went over and sat beside him. He wasted no time and putting his arms around me and gave me a long, passionate kiss. His tongue probed and explored every inch of my mouth as he kissed me for a long time. Pulling back he whispered "I've looked forward to that for a long time." I just smiled and thought "me too" to myself. Hal kissed me again and then said "Well, are you ready to give Jim a show?" Not knowing what he meant, I told him that I guess I was ready. "Jim gave me some instructions on what he wanted included in his video" Hal informed me. "You'll have to guide me" I answered. "It will be my pleasure!" Hal said with a big smile.

Hal made me stand up and turned me around with my back facing him. "Bend over at the waist" he whispered and I slowly bent over slightly spreading me legs. I felt my skirt ride up my thighs. I grabbed me knees and stood there for Hal, my legs spread and my ass almost in his face. I felt him slowly rub my legs as his hands ever so gently worked their way up till he could feel the warm flesh of my legs above the tops of my stockings. He grabbed the hem of my skirt and slowly pulled it up over my ass and left it bunched around my waist. He let out a slight moan as he began to rub and squeeze the cheeks of my ass. "You've got such a beautiful ass" Hal half whispered as he continued to squeeze and rub my ass. I then felt a hand rub my pussy through my panties. Hal teased me for a while, slowly working his way to my pussy, giving it a touch and then rubbing my ass. Each time he touched my pussy he would rub a little longer though. Finally, one hand began to rub a little harder while he squeezed my ass cheeks with the other. I felt him move my panties aside and a finger slowly worked its way up my hot, wet cunt. He gently fucked my pussy with his finger, then worked another finger in and began to gently fuck and spread my pussy lips. I was becoming wetter and more excited by now and started rotating my ass around and around, up and down as Hal began to finger fuck me harder.

Pulling out his fingers, I felt Hal's hot breath on my exposed cunt lips as he bent forward and began licking my pussy. He licked the entire length of my slit from pee hole to ass hole, up and down. Gently and ever so slightly at first, but as he could tell I was becoming hotter and hotter, his tongue assault on my crack became harder and he tried sticking his tongue up my cunt as far as he could. I began to moan and buck my hips as Hal tongue-fucked my hole. After a few minutes of this, he pulled back and I straightened up, pulling my skirt back down.

Turning to face Hal I gave him a wicked grin and asked "did you like that?"

"Oh yea!" he exclaimed. I noticed a big bulge in his pants and knew he was excited. I reached down and taking his hand pulled him up and gave him a big kiss and while we kissed, I reached down and grabbed the bulge in his pants. His body stiffened and he let out a grown into my mouth as he kissed me harder. I squeezed and fondled his big cock thru his pants, rubbing my hand up and down its shaft.

I pulled away and dropped to my knees. Giving his cock a little kiss thru his pants, I unzipped them, undid the button and pulled them down to his knees. His big, hard cock sprang out as he didn't have underwear on. I grabbed it and began to stroke it for him. The end of it glistened with drops of precum liquid and I leaned forward, took my tongue and gently licked the end of the big purple knob. I teased Hal with my tongue, licking around the head, then up and down the shaft for a few minutes. I then pulled his hard throbbing cock into my mouth and sucked hard at first, then eased up as I could tell he couldn't take much of this!

Hal reached down and pulled my skirt up around my waist and I guessed it was for the benefit of the camera as I was faintly aware of Steve moving around with his camera to get better angles and close-ups. I reached up and cupped Hal's huge dangling balls in my other hand and began to massage and knead them, feeling each huge nut and rolling them gently around. I pumped his shaft as I sucked and would tease him by sucking hard and letting his big bulbous head hit the back of my throat and when I felt he was getting too excited, would let up and suck gently.

When he had enough teasing he reached down and pulled me up and kissed me as his hands squeezed and played with my ass. He then lead me around to the back of the sofa, bent me over with my tummy resting on the sofa back. He spread my legs where he wanted them and I felt him guide his hard dick to my wet, swollen cunt lips. He stuck the big head of his cock in and then shoved hard burying his cock up in my pussy balls deep. The force of his lunge caused me to grunt like an animal! It was a good thing my pussy was dripping wet when he slammed that big thing up me or it would have hurt! He made a couple more hard thrusts before slowing down to a nice easy rhythm. He fucked me in this position for a few minutes and when he began to moan and groan and tell me what a hot little cunt I had I knew he was about ready to lose it. "Not yet – HOLD IT!" I tried to urge him but with one last shove he grabbed the base of his cock and jerked out shooting his hot, thick juice all over my back and ass cheeks. Grunting and groaning he jerked it and I felt a few more streams splatter on my ass. He then took his cock and used it like a sponge rubbing his sticky, thick spunk all over my ass. When he had given my ass a thorough sperm coating, he went to get me a towel to clean up with. I cleaned his cum off of myself and asked if I could take a quick shower. "Sure" Hal said and after rinsing off, dressed and went back into the living room where the guys sat.

Hal had caught his breath and offered me a drink while making him one too. Looking over at Steve with a big grin he said "your turn!" Seeing the look of surprise on my face Hal gave out a laugh and said "you mean Jim didn't tell you that Steve and I would take turns operating the camera?"

"NO, he didn't tell me that" I said trying to sound a little mad. The truth is, I had thought Steve was a nice looking man and the thought of fucking him had already crossed my mind. "Oh well, if that's what Jim wants, who am I to disappoint him?" I added. "I don't mind if Steve don't" I joked.

I sat down on the sofa and Steve came over and sat his 6'4" muscular body beside me. He seemed a little nervous so I put my arms around him and gave him a kiss to loosen him up and to assure him that I was willing and ready! Hal had just finished eating my pussy and fucking me hard and I was ready for some more cock! My insides hurt I was so hot and horny! As we kissed I threw my leg across Steve's and he wasted no time in reaching down to rub my aching cunt. "Let's get these off" he said as he grabbed the waist band of my panties and gently tugged on them. We got them off and resumed the same position. As we kissed he had one hand on my pussy and the other on my tits. I reached down and grabbed his cock thru his pants and almost let out a gasp. His dick felt huge, even thru his pants that thing felt big and long. I ran my hand up and down the shaft and God was it big! Hal had a good size cock but I could tell Steve was hugely hung.

I fiddled with his pant button and got it undone and his zipper down. "Wait" he whispered. Standing up, he pulled down his jeans and his nice big cock sprang into view and it was long and hard. He stood in front of me as I sat on the sofa, offering his cock to me. I grabbed it and began to fondle and stroke it. I reached under the huge shaft and grabbing his balls, ran my thumb up the underside following the big vein in it and the tip began to ooze clear, sticky precum. Leaning forward, I took the big purple knob into my mouth and cleaned it off with my tongue before I began to suck and pump on it.

Steve began to moan and his head rolled back on his shoulders, eyes closed tightly and I knew he wouldn't last long. Wanting to feel his big cock fill my cunt, I pulled my mouth off and standing up, gently pushed him down so he sat on the sofa and straddling him, lowered myself down onto his waiting dick. I reached down and grabbing the big thing, rubbed it back and forth against my wet cunt lips to lubricate it just a little before slowly lowering myself down on it. I felt it stretch my pussy lips and completely fill me up. I let out a moan as it felt so very good!

My ass rested on his lap, his big cock thoroughly planted deep inside my hot, wet cunt and I just let it soak there for a few seconds before slowly starting to pump my ass up and down on his throbbing shaft. I felt my orgasm beginning to build as his big, thick cock filled my pussy to the limit. I could tell he was enjoyed the tight fuck I was giving him as well. He grabbed the cheeks of my ass and squeezed tightly as I bounced up and down on his lap. He began to arch his back, thrusting his hips up to meet my cunt as my ass slid down the shaft.

I began to moan and almost yell as he started slamming his cock up into my well stretched hole. My orgasm was building fast and before I knew what was happening, my body stiffened and my pussy pulsed and throbbed as I climaxed hard. My entire body became one entire nerve ending as I was wracked with pure and intense pleasure. I squirmed and squealed with delight as I soaked Steve's still pumping cock with my cunt juice.

His moaning became louder as well and with one last hard shove, he unloaded his thick juice up my willing and very sloppy pussy! I could feel the shaft of his rock hard dick pulsate as he shot several streams of thick cum up my womb. He groaned and squeezed my ass until he had emptied his load in me.

I flopped forward onto Steve's heaving chest to catch my breath before slowly rising up off of his slowly shrinking cock. Knowing that Hal was behind me with his camera I suddenly got the idea to push Steve down on the sofa and squatting over his chest, let his thick juice run out of my hole all over Steve. Reaching underneath, I used my fingers to push my cunt lips apart so my husband could see Steve's cum run out of my well used and thoroughly fucked pussy!

"I really needed that orgasm" I thought to myself as I cleaned myself off again and took another quick shower. "Well, we hope that your hubby enjoys our little production" Hal said with a grin. "We sure did" Steve added with a big smile. "I'm sure he will, knowing that ole' pervert" I jokingly replied. "I know I enjoyed it!" I added.

With that we said our good byes and I headed home with a feeling perfect satisfaction and knowing that when my hubby saw the video we had just made, I was in for a great fuck!

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