tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSexy Secretary Needs A Job Ch. 02

Sexy Secretary Needs A Job Ch. 02


Nelly had been working as David's secretary for a month now and she couldn't take it anymore. When she accepted the job; after passing the special tests described in the last story; she knew that she would be his sex slave. But she needed the money so badly. Her husband had left her, her baby was sick and the landlord was chasing her for the rent she owed. This had now been paid thanks to a salary advance and her baby was well again. She was earning very good money but she had really had enough of being used and abused by her boss.

Every morning she had to bring him a cup of coffee, dressed only in bra and panties, stockings and high heel shoes. She had to stay like this all day, even when visitors called. After the coffee David would take his big cock out of his pants and expect her to kneel down in front of his chair and give him a blow job. He even read the newspaper while she did it and he insisted that she swallowed his cum.

Sometimes during the day he would come behind her chair while she was typing and undo her bra. He would play with her large, firm breasts and caress her neck and cheeks with his throbbing dick. It hurt her when he squeezed her tits hard and he pulled on the nipples. This usually led to him being so horny that she had to take off her panties and bend over her desk and be either fucked in her pussy or her ass. Every night she went home very sore because he was brutal in his treatment of her.

One day he had told her to take off her panties and give them to one of his clients who was there to discuss a new contract. She had felt so humiliated seeing this man sniffing her flimsy black panties. She had to lie on her desk with her legs open and spreading her pussy lips while the client ogled her juicy cunt and masturbated, shooting his thick sperm onto her panties. He had then insisted that she put the panties back on. She spent the next hour wearing them, dripping wet with his cold, sticky sperm. Needless to say that David got his contract signed. He gave Nelly a bonus of $100.

Now she had had enough. The final crunch came when David took the lock off the toilet door. He would listen until she started peeing and then open the door and watch her. She had wanted to take a dump yesterday but she hadn't dared to in case he came in. She knew that she wasn't much good at secretarial work and it would be very difficult to find another job. But shit, she didn't belong to him. As soon as she found other employment she would tell David to go fuck himself and she would walk out.

"How would you like to earn $500 for a couple hours work Nelly?" he asked her one morning. "I've got a new client who wants to make a demo video of his new product. He needs a model and I thought you might be interested".

"What kind of product is it?" she said. $500 for such a short period of work seemed too good to be true. "I suppose it's something to do with sex."

David sat down beside her desk and told her how there was a flourishing market for sexual punishment stuff. The really big thing at the moment, especially in Japan, was enema punishment. There was a huge market for movies showing girls getting enemas of all kinds; milk, oil, chocolate; you name it. He went on to tell her that his client had developed what he called an 'enema punishment table' and he needed a video to show potential customers.

"What would I have to do?" Nelly asked, "I won't do anything that hurts me."

"It won't hurt," he lied," you just have to lie on the table so people can see how it works. I promise you it will be OK. We can go this afternoon, I'll give him a call".

After lunch he drove Nelly to his client's house just outside the city. The man's name was Ted and he whistled when he saw the gorgeous girl that David had brought him. "Holy shit man, I said I wanted an attractive model but I didn't expect anyone as beautiful as Nelly. Wow, my video will be a sensation with her in it. Come on in and I'll show you what I want."

Ted led them down into the basement. "Here it is," he said, indicating a steel, table-shaped object in the center of the room. It was about the size of a single bed. There was a leather strap at each corner of the table top which sloped slightly down at one end. At this end was a drain. On all four sides there was a lip about an inch high. A raised, padded steel rod ran across the table.

"So that's it Nelly." he smiled, "All you have to do is lie on the table and I'll demonstrate how it should be used. Shall we do it now? It won't take long. You'll have to take all your clothes off but David says that won't be a problem for you."

Nelly looked at the strange table and felt apprehensive, but $500 would be very useful to her so she nodded her head and started to undress. She took off her shirt and both men felt their cocks stirring when they saw that she wasn't wearing a bra. Her breasts were large and firm with big nipples. She removed her shoes, unzipped her jeans and stepped out of them. She stood before them in just her transparent red panties. "Take them off Nelly," David said. She peeled the flimsy panties down and Ted's dick jerked in his pants when he saw that her pussy was shaven. This will look fantastic in the video, he thought to himself.

He helped her to get up on the table and lay down on her belly with her head towards the drain end. The metal surface was hard and cold. The padded rod was positioned under her belly, just above her pussy. Her arms were pulled up beside her head and her wrists were firmly attached with the straps on the corners. Her legs were spread wide apart and her ankles were then secured with the straps on the two other corners. She was stretched out in an 'X' position. The padded rod under her belly lifted her ass up high, exposing her tight little brown anus and her thick, pink pussy lips.

This wasn't so bad, Nelly thought to herself. Then she gave a start as Ted placed a cold steel rod on her neck across the width of the table and clicked it into place. Her head was turned to one side and she couldn't move it. She was completely immobilized and she realized that she was helpless and unable to resist anything that Ted might want to do to her.

"I don't like that thing on my neck," she said, "it's uncomfortable, take it off please."

"Can't do that Nelly," he answered, it's an important feature of the table. When a girl is being punished she mustn't be able to move."

"Oh my God," she moaned, "what are you going to do, don't hurt me please."

Ted laughed. "Punishment is meant to be painful Nelly. Tell me, have you been to the toilet today?"

Nelly flinched. "What do you mean?"

"To be crude my dear, have you had a shit today?"

"No I haven't," she gasped, "this is sick, let me get off of here."

David stroked her hair and whispered in her ear. "Just relax sweetheart, it won't take long and remember you're getting well paid."

The camera was set up and Ted switched it on. "I'll do a voiceover on this later so don't worry about talking while we do the demo."

She could see him wheeling over a contraption with a large plastic bag on it, like the drip feed thing they use in hospital. "What are you going to do with that?" she asked nervously.

"This is the enema Nelly," Ted said. There was a long tube leading from the bag and Nelly watched him apply a lubricant to the nozzle at the end. He put some on his forefinger and she gasped as she felt it being applied to her asshole. Then he pushed the nozzle of the tube deep into her rectum.

"Now I'm going to open the valve and you'll feel the liquid going in Nelly. It goes pretty slow so just be patient."

The enema liquid was warm and gave her a pleasant sensation as it slowly leaked its way inside her. After about five minutes she was starting to feel discomfort. She could see that the bag was still half full. Then she started to get painful cramps in her bowels and she asked Ted to stop.

"But we've only just started my dear," he chuckled, "there's lots more liquid to go into you yet."

David had a hard-on as he watched. Nelly had such a delicious ass and he enjoyed seeing her being submitted to this humiliation. He knew what was going to happen. The lovely little bitch was going to suffer and he would watch every minute of it. He took his cock out and stroked it.

After another two or three minutes Nelly was in severe pain. "Stop it please, I can't take any more," she cried. Ted responded by opening the valve on the tube a bit more so that the liquid ran into her bowels faster. He put his hand under her belly and could feel how swollen it was. He looked up at the bag. It had contained five litres and there were still about two litres left in it.

"You've had more than half now Nelly, how do you feel? Does it hurt? Have you got pains in your pretty little tummy? Don't forget, this is meant for punishing naughty girls so it has to be painful."

Sweat was pouring off Nelly's body and her face was contorted with pain. "Stop, stop, stop," she screamed, "I can't stand the pain!" She writhed and twisted on the table but the straps and the rod across her neck held her firmly and she was unable to escape. David stood to one side where he knew she could see him and she saw his erect penis sticking out of his pants. The bastard, son-of-a-bitch was enjoying seeing her suffer, it turned him on. Her face was wet with tears and her eye make-up had run down her cheeks in black lines and dripped onto the table.

Ted put his hand under her belly again and smiled with satisfaction. It was hard and swollen like she was eight months pregnant. He looked up and saw that the enema bag was empty. Nelly now had five litres of warm soapy water in her intestines. The pain was unbearable and if the tube nozzle hadn't been in her ass she would not have been able to hold the liquid any longer and would have shit it all out.

Ted walked over to the camera and adjusted it to get a close-up of her ass. "I'm going to remove the tube now Nelly," he told her. "Hold it all in another minute and then you can let it go."

She felt the nozzle being pulled out of her asshole. The pain was now so severe that she was screaming in agony. She pushed, trying to force the liquid out, but nothing happened. Ted held her buttocks wide apart. "Shit it out babe," he whispered, let's see some turds."

Then it came. First a trickle, then a huge rush of liquid poured out of her anus, gushing between her ass cheeks and running down over her pussy.

David watched fascinated as the brown torrent kept shooting out. There were lots of small pieces of shit in it and suddenly a large turd popped out and stuck on her pussy. Ted picked it up and held it in front of Nelly's nose. "Your shit really stinks my love, let's have some more."

All the liquid was running down the slope of the table top and towards the drain. It swirled around Nelly's body, caressing her belly and her tits before it reached her face and her hair. David ejaculated into his handkerchief as he watched the obscene and perverted action. This was one of the best things he had ever seen. How could you humiliate a girl more than this? Ted was also masturbating as he worked the camera, filming every detail of Nelly's suffering.

She was sobbing uncontrollably. Her hair was full of the shitty brown water and the smell was more than she could bear. She vomited into the mess surrounding her face.

"OK, that was great!" Ted exclaimed. "Fantastic. Much better than I'd hoped for."

He took a hose pipe and washed the mess off her ass, using the jet of ice cold water to push it down the table to the drain. "Lift your arm up Nelly", he said, "look at all your pretty poop going past. Do you like that? I sure do."

It wasn't finished yet. Nelly suddenly had another urgent need to evacuate her bowels and she cried out as a jet of dirty water shot out of her ass, spraying over Ted's arms. "That's great honey, any more in there, or is that it?"

"That's all," she groaned. She felt so humiliated. Why had she come here with David? She had known that something disgusting would happen but she never thought it could have been so awful as this.

Ted unlatched the steel rod from Nelly's neck and undid the straps on her wrists and ankles. He helped her to get up and led her to the shower in the corner of the room to get cleaned up. She was in a mess, soaking wet with bits of shit all over her. She smelled like a sewer.

She never went back to work for David again. Last we heard, she was making porno movies. The enema table movie described in this story is on the web and can easily be found.

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