tagGroup SexSexy Seniors Ch. 03

Sexy Seniors Ch. 03


(The seniors add to their group.) (Feedback is appreciated.)

"Mike? Jim here. How did things go last night? Did the pills work ok for you?

"Hey buddy, fan-fun-tastick. I got hard enough to bring Alice over the hump about five times before I finally shot a heavy load of love juice deep in her hot pussy. How about you?"

"Same here. Those little pills are great for our love life. It was so great to finally give Sue MY own hard cock that she has been wanting. I've got a question for you. Do we still want to have our fuck parties? Or should we quit now that we can keep things up for ourselves and hard for our hot women? What do you think?

"Gosh Jim, it's been a hell of a lot of fuckin fun so far and with these little blue pills it looks to be a hell of a lot more fuckin and fuckin and fuckin for both of us. I really want to finally get my cock into your wife and fuck her right and I hope you feel the same about Alice. We had a fantastic time last night with Jack and I screwing her from both ends. We took turns, while one fucked her she sucked the other, then we switched ends. We filled her pussy and mouth full of cum several times. Alice loved it and begged for more. Good god can that woman fuck. She almost wore us both out"

"OK, lets get together this weekend over here for a full fuckfest. Let's see if we can wear these two women out with our now three hard cocks."

"Right, it's a date. Here's to vitamin V."

Saturday morning the doorbell rang and Sue thinking it was Alice, Mike and Jack she went naked and opened the door.

"Supprise!! There standing in the doorway was her sister Kathy and her husband Richard.

"EEKE." Sue screamed and ducked behind the door. "Wait a minute, be right back." As she shut the door in their faces and ran back to grab a robe. Opening the door with a red face she ushered them in. "Sorry, wasn't expecting YOU two. Come on in. It's been so long since you've been here"

"Who were you expecting?" Richard asked, laughing. "Must have been some very good friends to greet us like that, naked as the day you were born? Something going on that we don't know about?"

"I, I, I wasn't thinking. Sorry if I shocked you. Just forgot I wasn't dressed." Sue said as she tightened her robe around herself. "I was getting ready to put on my swim suit and didn't think when you rang the bell."

"Jim." Sue called down the hall. "We have company. It's my sister Kathy and Richard. Come on out and greet them.

Hastily throwing on pants and a shirt he went out to see his in-laws.

"Hi folks. What brings you this way?" Shaking Dicks hand and kissing Kathy on the cheek. "We haven't seen much of you lately."

Kathy was Sue's younger sister. Just a little shorter, brassy blond hair, heavy figure with the same big tits as Sue. She was wearing a halter top and slacks. Richard or Dick as he preferred to be called was tall, lean, dark hair, small mustache, Craggy rather than handsome guy. Kathy was fifty and Dick was fifty eight.

"You haven't seen us much, but we saw a hell of a lot a few moments ago when Sue answered the door." Dick replied, and explained what happened. "We saw her in all her glory and she looked pretty good to me."

Sue blushed again. "I said I was sorry. I didn't mean to shock you."

"Dick! Stop teasing her. She said it was a mistake."

"OK, ok. Done."

"Well now that you're here lets get you settled in the spare room. What would you like? Drink, food, a swim?

"I would love a swim, it's a hot day." laughed Kathy. "We brought our suits, come on Dick lets get changed."

After donning suits we went out to the pool. Sue wore a black one piece suit, Dick and I in blue trunks. The surprise was Kathy in a white bikini. It covered her big body but left a lot exposed. Her ample tits flowed out over the skimpy top and the bottom was cut very close to her crotch. She must shave her pussy, else hair would show.

We all dove in and were enjoying the water. Splashing around and having fun. The best part was seeing how transparent Kathy's suit got when wet. Her nipples poked through the thin material and I could see proof that she indeed shaved. Her sexy cunt lips were outlined by the tight suit.

Hearing Dick say. "I'll be damned to hell, look at that." I looked up and there stood Alice, Mike and Jack. All three totally naked. Both guys had their hard cocks sticking out, and Alice had a hand on each slowly massaging them.

"Whoops, sorry. We didn't know you had company." Mike said. "We best leave."

"No, don't go!" yelled Kathy. "Jump in and join us, we're not bashful, we're family."

"This must be who you were expecting when you opened the door for us." Dick laughed. "Am I right Sue?"

"Well, their friends of ours." Said Sue.

"Looks like their VERY GOOD friends." Giggled Kathy. "Come on in, the water's fine."

With Kathy's invitation they jumped in the water to mingle. Sue made introductions all around the group.

Mike told Sue that they didn't know they had other company or they wouldn't have come in naked."We just wanted to surprise you. Looks like we were the ones to be surprised?"

"Here, hold this."Kathy said as she handed Jack her bikini top, baring her tits to him and the others. "Your naked so we might as well all be naked. Right?"

"KATHY! Sue called. "Do you really want to do this?"

"Sure. They are your friends, now they are our friends and they are naked. I want to be naked too and find out how friendly they are." She removed her bottoms and reached under water for Jacks hard cock. Grasping it she said. "This feels friendly." Rising she wrapped her legs around Jacks waist and aimed his cock to her pussy. She set her bald pussy over the head of his prick and settled down on it. Allowing his cock to invade her ready and willing cunt. Without any hesitation, Dick, Sue and I removed our suits. Dick moved over to Sue and started sucking on her tits. She held his face to her tits, letting him suckle. Her tits were so sensitive. There was a direct nerve connection to her cunt. Sue was ready to let her brother-in-law fuck her. "Let's get out and fuck on the grass." She told him.

Mike and I moved to Alice, hoisted her out of the pool. As I laid back on the grass she sat on my hard cock, taking the shaft conformably into her cunt. It was so nice to finally be fucking her. Mike moved in behind her to lick where we were joined. He licked her pussy and the shaft of my cock, then licked up the crack of her ass. He tongued her rosebud getting it good and wet. Rising, holding his cock to her ass hole he pushed. At first her ass resisted then gave up the inevitable and Mikes cock entered her virgin ass. I could feel his cock rubbing mine through the thin membranes. She was in a fucking sandwich, a cock in her ass and one in her pussy at the same time. We used her body for our pleasure but she was enjoying our fucking just as much.

We moved in unison, in and out. Giving her both our stiff pricks as fast as we could. Alice moaned and groaned in delight as she climaxed many times. The pressures on my cock was delightful. I wanted to cum, wanted to shoot my hot seed in her. "Here it comes, take me, take my sperm Alice, fuck me!" I splattered her insides.

Mike unloaded at just about the same time. Filling her once virgin ass with his cum.

As she stood we could see cum dripping from her pussy and her abused ass. It ran down the inside of her legs. Slippery globs of it. "That was great fellas, have to do that again. I loved having two cocks in me at the same time."

On the other side of the pool Jack was busy fucking Kathy. She was on her knees taking his cock from the rear. Her tits swayed invitingly as he screwed her. Jack grabbed her dangling tits and used them to pull her back to his thrusting shaft. Kathy was delighted, taking everything he was giving her.

Later all happily fucked out, they gathered at the side of the pool to discuss what had just happened. Sue asked Kathy and Dick if they were ok with what they just did. "Have you two ever switched partners before? Ever fucked like this in a group?"

"No. That was the very first time, though we had talked about trying it sometime. We both found the idea exciting but never had the guts to do it." Kathy replied. "When I saw those three naked and I then realized that you were swingers and fucked with them, I wanted to party with you. Then Jack fucked me, I loved taking his cock and I want to fuck the rest of the men here before the day is over."

Dick piped up with. "Yes it was fun and I can't wait to get back home and get some of our friends involved. I always wanted to fuck you Sue, now I have. Sweetheart, who do we try with first Ralph and Sandy or Frank and Grace?"

"We can have a dinner party and invite both couples. Let's see what can happen. We all flirt around and I think both men are sexy. Both have tried to seduce me and I know you would like to fuck either women. Right?"

Then she asked Sue. "How long have you been doing this? Is it only the five of you or do you have other good friends? Are there other swingers in the area? Tell me how you started?"

Sue explained their adventurers for the past year. Told her about the guys and their erection problems and how Jack kept them happy with his cock Then Viagra helped our men get hard.

Kathy and Dick were amazed about how well they handled things. "That Viagra must be great stuff? Got any to spare? I could use some once in a while too"

"Enough talk for now." Alice told them. "I want to get screwed some more. Who wants me? Dick, want some of this pussy?"

"Hell yes, lets get going. What first? Fuck or suck? You decide what you want."

"I don't care. Let me suck your cock or you can eat my pussy. Let's do both. 69 is fine."

They laid on the grass with Alice sitting on his face while he buried his face in her bushy cunt. She lowered her lips to his 6 inch hard cock. Yummie she muttered as she sucked him into her willing mouth. Both started licking and sucking. Juices were flowing from her pussy as he sucked. Much more than normal he thought. Then he realized that she had just been fucked and what he was licking was some ones cum dripping from her used cunt. Too late now so he kept licking her wet pussy until she climaxed several times.

Alice liked having a cock in her mouth. She loved the firm softness as it slid back and forth between her lips. The best was knowing that she was pleasing a man as she sucked him. Then finally she could feel the tightening of his shaft just before he came. The pleasing taste of slippery cum shooting into her mouth. She would swirl the cum around with her tongue savoring the sweet tartness of it before swallowing. She was enjoying this mans nice cock. Dick was a good name for him.

The rest were busy. Mike and I started working on Kathy. Laying her between us we started with each sucking a tit. She had a hand on both of our cocks, slowly jacking us. Turning around so she wouldn't loose her grip on my cock I licked my way down her body. Finally arriving at my goal, her bald pussy. Spreading her outer lips I pressed my tongue to her clit. Her clit was a hard button about a half inch long and evidently very sensitive by the way she jumped when my tongue connected to her. Flicking rapidly at her clit and then leaning in more I licked deeper into her trying to fuck her with my tongue. This was my first time to lick a hairless pussy. Nice. Very nice. Have to talk Sue and Alice into shaving.

Some one started sucking my cock. Looking up I found it was Sue. She was kneeling over the top of Kathy, sucking my cock while Kathy was sucking on Mike's hard cock. Jack was behind her fucking in and out of her pussy. Five of us connected in a beautiful combination.

The rest of the day was spent with all sorts of fuckin fun. Kathy got her wish of having all four of the men at least once. Jack did her three times and Mike and I fucked her twice. Dick only screwed her once. He said she can fuck him anytime. "Let her enjoy some different cocks while we're here."

At the end of the party we made plans for a future gathering. Saying good night we started for bed when Kathy suggested that we switch partners for the night. Agreeing we went to bed, Alice with me and Sue with Dick. Both of us men took some more Viagra. We needed the help.


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