tagGroup SexSexy Seniors Ch. 05

Sexy Seniors Ch. 05


Chapter 4: New Friends

A few days after the wonderful orgy at their house Sue got a call from Alice.

"Hello sexy woman. Getting enough?"

"Sure am. How about you? The guys taking good care of you?" Sue replied.

"Wonderfully, you know how good they are. Especially now that they are both taking Viagra. I had to call you and tell you about a woman I work with. Her name is Ruby, nice person. She and her husband just moved into this area. They are about our age, mid fifties. We've been having lunch together a lot. They know only a few people around here and are looking to make some new friends. I'm having a dinner party for them here this weekend. I would like you and Jim to come over too?"

"That sounds like a good idea. You say that they are our age, in their fifties?"

"Yes, and they are a nice couple. I met him just last week. He's a bit on the heavy side like us, good looking. She's a little bigger. Has huge tits. Both fun to chat with." Alice continued. "Can we count on you and Jim to be here?"

"You sure can. We would be happy to meet your new friends."

"By the way, it might be a good idea to have our men to take a pill before hand. I think we could have some sexy fun with them. She hinted that they both liked a lot of lovin, and weren't bashful at all. I think they could be seduced very easily."

"Wow." Sue exclaimed. "New friends to party with."

Friday evening Sue and I were ringing the bell. Mike opened the door, ushering us in. "Come on in, we're in the den. I mixed some Margaritas. You need to catch up.

"Ruby, Ray. These are our friends, Sue and Jim." Alice said. "Sue, Jim, meet the Greens, Ruby and Ray. Ruby was a little bigger, she had to be over 200 lbs, 5'5", a very pretty face with short curly hair. She was wearing a bright flowered dress over her large frame. Ray stood 5'10", also around 200 lbs and he was good looking. Bald head and a pencil mustache. The biggest surprise was that they were black. Not really black, more of a light chocolate brown.

We sat around getting acquainted and downed a few drinks. Found out they had retired up north and moved here to escape the cold weather up there. He had a small business and she worked part time just for something to do.

A few more drinks and dinner was served. The talk stayed light and fun. More drinks and a few jokes were told, then Alice told a slightly risque one. Ruby then told a dirty one. Soon each was trying to out do the others, the dirtier and sexier the better. Then a few more drinks. All getting a good buzz on.

They were all laughing at the dirty jokes when Sue asked Ruby. "Is it true what they say about black men being bigger than white men?"

"Hell, I don't know." Said Ruby. "I've never been with a white man. Yet!"

"Yet?" Alice asked. "You wanting to try one?"

"Have thought about it a few times. Haven't found a good one yet." Ruby laughed. "Can I borrow either one of these two?" She added with a wink and big smile.

"Come on sweet, don't embarrass these nice folks." Ray told her.

"Shit, I was just teasing. She replied.

"You can borrow Jim any time you want." Sue told her. "As long as I get Ray for a couple hours as well."

"You just want to check his size. Don't you?" Quipped Ruby.

"Hey, I have an idea. Let's get a ruler and we can measure the men." Piped up Sue, slurring her speech a little. "Find out who's longer, black or white."

Mike said. "Your crazy and half drunk."

"Wow, that sounds like fun." Said Ruby. "Get the ruler."

"This is weird Ruby." Her husband told her.

"Sure it's weird but I'll bet it would be a lot of fun. Right girls? Somebody find a ruler."

Alice came back bringing a yard stick. "Will this do? Should be long enough."

"OK guys line up and drop them. Drop your drawers and let's see what you've got." Said Ruby

Hesitating a bit. The liquor gave them enough courage so the three men stood and lowered their pants and shorts exposing their limp cocks to the women. None of the three were more than 3 or 4 inches long, soft. "That won't do. Can't measure a soft cock. We want them hard." Laughed Alice. "How can we fix that girls?"

"Like this." Said Ruby. "I want some WHITE cock." As she knelt in front of Mike and started to suck him.

"Ok, if that's the way it's going to be. I'll start here." Sue said and kneeling grabbed Rays dark cock, opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around it.

That left Alice for me and she eagerly latched her mouth to my cock. I starting rising to the wonderful feeling her sucking caused.

While the women were busy sucking we men finished stripping. Then helped the women to bare their bodies. Soon they were all naked.

Ruby was a big woman. Huge tits jutted out, drooping a bit. Large dark aureoles with prominent nipples. Big ass and big belly. A lot of woman.

Sue pulled back from Rays cock and said. "No difference in the taste, black cock tastes the same as white cock. Both are good." Her sucking was working. Rays black cock was growing nicely. Looked like he might beat us in size. She went back to her pleasant job sucking his cock.

Ruby stopped working on Mike to caution Sue and Alice. "Don't let them cum yet. We need to measure first."

"Then let's measure! Then I want to do more than just suck on a cock." Alice told them.

Three stiff cocks stood at attention as they got measured. I was 5 inches, Rays cock reached 5 ½ solid inches. Mike tied him at 5 ½..

"Looks like we have a tie in length but Ray is bigger around." Ruby announced. "So I guess black men are hung more. So who wants his winning prick first?"

"Put it here!" Alice exclaimed as she laid back spreading her legs . "Put it here. I want fucked by the winner."

Her pussy eagerly accepted Rays hard shaft as he laid over her and inserted his stiff prick to her wet, willing cunt.

Sue and Mike moved into a torrid, sloppy 69.

Ruby opened her heavy thighs exposing a shaved, dark pussy. Spreading her pussy lips, showing its bright pink interior. Moist with her juices.

"FUCK ME WHITE BOY!! Fuck me. Give me my first white cock."

I looked at the inviting snatch in front of me. Dark on the outside, pretty pink inside. I wanted to see if she tasted as good as she looked. Lowering my face to her crouch I used the tip of my tongue to toy with her clit. Oh boy, did she taste great. I have always loved eating pussy and this could rank as one of the best. Very best.

Ruby clasped her hands around my neck pulling me in closer. "Eat me, that's it white boy, eat my chocolate cunt." As she quivered in several climaxes.

I savored the sweet, tangy taste of my first dark pussy, drinking her nectar. Now I wanted to fuck her. Moving up I guided my cock to her gash. One push and I was inside. My cock slid easily in her hot, slippery pussy. She was tighter than I expected, her cunt closed tight around me gripping my prick.

I was fucking her. Or was she fucking me? Her pussy was milking my cock. Rubys pussy had muscles like I had never known before. It gripped me and worked my cock as if it had a mind of its own. Wonderful fuckin.

Right next to me Alice was getting pounded by Ray. Her legs up over his shoulders, his black cock driving hard and fast into her hairy pussy. The contrast of his black cock fucking her white pussy was extremely erotic. Alice was very vocal, yelling. "Fuck me, fuck me. Give me your big cock. Use my cunt you fucker." Then she screamed out her climax. OH, oh, oh GOD."

Evidently finished with their 69, Sue and Mike separated, Sue moved over to where Alice and Ray were fucking.

Mike came to Ruby and I. "Move over Jim, I want some of this black pussy too.

"Not till I cum in her buddy, I want to finish fucking her. Then you can have sloppy seconds." I told him. "Wait your turn."

Rubys heavy legs were wrapped around my ass as she urged me to fuck her slick pussy. I felt her hungry cunt working on my cock. "That's it, I'm there, I'm coming, fuck me. Aughh, aug, aha, I'm coming."

Her pussy gripped my cock and I exploded in her. Blasting my cum deep. I slowed my pumping and just laid there, letting my softening cock soak in our mixed juices.

Moving away, I made room for Mike to climb aboard. He eagerly slid into her sloppy pussy. "You left this cunt full of cum, it's nice and slippery." He said as he started riding her.

Sue crouched next to Ray and told him. "Save some of that cum for me. I want your cock to fuck me too." She grabbed at his heavy balls just as he unloaded his juices in Alice.

Alice, satisfied for the moment. Lay back as Ray pulled his still hard cock from one happy pussy and moved over to Sue. Holding his cock in one hand he aimed at her open slit and hit the center of it. Filling her with his thick, hard prick.

Sue grunted as the thick cock skewered her. This was the thickest cock she ever had. She loved the way her pussy was plugged. "Oh yea, give me some of that, I need some fucking."

A little later, taking a break Ruby confessed that they had been swinging with several couples before they moved here. "But you are the first whites that we have been with. I liked this and want more. If you folks are interested in getting together again?"

Sue and Alice both spoke at the same time. "YES."

"Yes." Sue continued. "We would love to continue having fun with you two. You're the first black couple we've been with. It's been great and I want more of his black cock."

"Well let's have some more now." said Ray. "I want some more white pussy." He reached out to take Sues arm, pulled her to his side and kissed her.

Sue melted into his arms, kissing him back. "This white pussy wants you." She said. "Fuck me."

Mike went down on Ruby, licking greedily at her pussy. It was full of cum but he didn't care. She tasted good. She twisted around so she could suck on his cock.

Alice knelt on her knees and opened her ass to me. " Fuck my ass Jim, give me your cock in my ass." Never one to refuse a lady I centered my cock to her rosebud and pushed in balls deep. She grunted a little but took it all. Reaching to her tits with both hands I used them to pull her to me. Her ass was tight around my hard cock. Thrusting in as far as I could then pulling out a little, in again as I fucked her sweet ass.

"Give it to me." She begged. "Do my ass, it feels so nice, come on Jim, cum in my ass. You feel so good in there. I like cock in my ass."

The orgy continued with many other combinations until even Ruby was satisfied.

They parted after making plans for a future gathering.

(Please let me know how you like this story.)

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