tagGroup SexSexy Seniors Ch. 06

Sexy Seniors Ch. 06


Chapter 6: Continued Fun

A week after Kathy and Dick got back home she asked if he was ready to find some couples to swing with. "That was a lot of fun screwing with Sue, Jim and their friends. We both enjoyed it. I think that it's about time to look for some friends to party with here.? What do you think?"

Dick looked up from the book he was reading and smiled. "I thought you would never ask about finding another couple or two to fuck with. What took you so long? I can think of several couples to try with but we have to be careful."

"Right. Who do you think would be ok to ask?

"You mentioned Sandy, Ralph and Frank and Grace. We have been out with both couples. They flirt, tease and tell dirty jokes. I've danced with both women and they enjoyed rubbing their bellies and tits against me. They knew that I got hard and rubbed against me more. I wouldn't mind fucking either or both anytime."

"Great, I think they would be good candidates for us. "I've felt Ralph's stiff cock too while dancing. He's got a good size prick on him. Don't know about Frank but he should be fun too. I'll call them now."

"We-e are-e going-g to have a party-y. Kathy sang as she hung up the phone. This Saturday night, everybody will be here at 6pm. Grace said that Frank just got a couple new videos and they will bring them. Should be a fun night."

Dick watched as Kathy dressed for the evening. She decided on a black sheath dress that was low cut on top and was very short showing a lot of leg. It fitted her generous body like a second skin. It was designed to be worn without a bra. She picked out a black thong. Just watching her was causing his cock to rise in desire.

"Save that honey, you might need your strength for Grace and Sandy later. I hope this outfit encourages the same responses in the guys. If they are up to it we will have a ball, or two."

The guests arrived. Dick whistled at the sight of both women. Grace was wearing a shear blouse over a sexy lace bra that emphasized her medium size tits rather than hide them and a tight skirt, slit halfway up her thigh. Grace was fifty-one, almost skinny but had a nice shaped ass. Brown shoulder length hair, flecked with gray. A few wrinkles but still pretty.

Ralph was pushing 60, grey hair worn medium long. Grey mustache. Thin and 5' 11".

Sandy wore a tight blue jersey top. No bra, her nipples poked out invitingly. Matching slacks molded her lower body, almost as if painted on. "WOW." She looked sexy. Sandy was 60, short gray hair. Very tanned. Ralph stood 6', crue cut grey, stocky, also tanned.

Frank and Ralph were dressed alike in tan slacks and polo shirts, Frank's black and Ralph's white.

Kisses and hugs all around.

Dinner was a feast. Kathy had served Game hens with orange sauce, asparagus tips, small red potatoes. A light rose' wine to wash it down with. Talk was light and funny. They consumed several bottles of wine during the meal.

"Desert later." Dick said. "Lets have some good drinks and watch the videos that Frank brought over. I just hope that their not too obscene for our virgin eyes." He joked.

All laughed and Grace blushed, (She had already seen them).

As they settled to watch. Ralph in a easy chair with Sandy in his lap. Frank and Grace on the couch with Kathy next to him and Dick on the end. With drinks in their hands they anxiously waited for the show to begin. Turning off the lights, Dick put on the tape.

The opening credits said. FOUR PERSON ORGY. The first scene was of a naked couple fucking on a bed. The door opened and another woman walked in the room, dressed. She yelled at the two on the bed. They jumped up and tried to hide. She hit the man grabbed both their clothes and ran to the other room and used the phone. Next another man walked in and together they enter the bed room. The first couple were 69ing. With a shrug the two looked at each other and stripped naked and laid on the bed and started to 69 too. This went on for a bit with the camera getting in close to show the action of the men eating pussy and the women sucking the hard cocks. Then they switched to a circle. All four connected, mouth to cock and mouth to pussy. An erotic show.

In the semi darkness all three couples were caressing their spouses. The men had unzipped and had their stiff cocks exposed. Their wives slowly jacking them. Graces blouse was open and her bra off exposing her tits. Sandys top was up around her neck and Ralph was sucking on a tit. Kathys dress was pulled up, exposing her bald pussy and her thong was laying on the floor.

"That looks like a lot of fun." Said Ralph, while Sandy played with his hard cock

"YES." Frank chipped in. "I'd like to try that."

Grace rebuked him with. "You would shit if you caught me like that with another man."

"Not really." He told her. "I think I would like to watch you get fucked."

"Ralph's right, it does look like a LOT of fun." Said Sandy. "But I'd have to be drunker than I am right now to try something like that."

Kathy told her. "Have a few more drinks." and laughed.

"Maybe I will. Hand me the bottle."

Dick got up and refilled all their glasses. Walking past them all with his stiff cock still sticking out of his fly. He made Grace and Sandy's drinks stronger than the others. Sandy reached for her drink and grabbed his exposed cock instead. Stroked it a couple times then took her drink.

"She's almost drunk enough." Ralph said smiling and winked.

While Dick was fixing the drinks the scene changed. The two couples were now fucking side by side with the girls on top. Then the girls switched partners. Lowering their pussies to the other mans cock they continued to fuck.

"Now that's fun." Said Kathy. "Switching like that."

"How would you know?" Asked Frank. "You ever fuck like that?"

"As a matter of fact. Yes! A couple of times." She answered back. "And it is a hell of a lot of fucking fun."

"You did? You and Dick have fucked like that? With another couple?" Asked Grace. "How could you do something like that?"

"Easy, you just get naked with another couple and do what comes naturally."

Sandy asked. "Was it any good? Did you enjoy it?" She finished her drink and poured another.

"Yes, we enjoyed it. Very much." Kathy said. "Hard to imagine how good. You'd have to experience it to understand."

The action on the video had changed again. Now one girl was on her knees sucking a cock while the other guy was fucking her from behind. Lots of hot action.

"How about that? You tried that too?" Ralph asked.

"What do you think? Which man would you like to be, if I did?"

"Either one would be fine with me." Said Ralph. "I'd love both those positions ."

"Me too. " Said Frank. "You take one end and I'll take the other."

Kathy reached over, placed her hand in Franks crotch, grabbed his stiff cock sticking out through his pants."What do we have here? Is this talk getting you excited?"

"Can't you tell? You have your hand on the proof. If Grace weren't here I'd show you how excited I am."

"Hell, don't let me stop you. You can have her if I can have some fun too." Grace said as she got up and moved to the other end of the couch and knelt in front of Dick. "This cock is excited too." She lowered her mouth and started licking the head of his hardened cock.

Kathy stood, dropped her dress. Now totally naked knelt before Frank and taking his prick into her mouth started sucking.

Watching the spectacle of her friends having sex right in front of her. Her eyes wide with excitement, Sandy stood and pulled Ralph to his feet. Helped him remove the rest of his clothing then her own. Pushed him naked toward the couch where Kathy was sucking Frank. "Now's your chance, GO FUCK HER. I want to watch you two fuck her, then I'll fuck any two of you men next."

The video was totally forgotten. The action in the room here was much more interesting.

Sandy was slightly drunk and totally excited by the scenes before her.

Dick and Grace, now totally naked were on the floor. Grace was sitting astride him, riding his cock as he handled her titties. Dick was eagerly thrusting up to meet her as she rode him hard.

Kathy was slobbering away on Franks cock while Sandy watched her nude husband fucking her from behind, pounding his lovely cock into her willing cunt.

Sandy wanted her part in the action of this orgy.

Crouching down over Dicks head, facing Grace. Sandy lowered her hungry pussy to his waiting mouth. As his tongue made it's first contact on her clit she climaxed immediately . "Oh, oh that was good. I needed that. Do me some more. Please."

Sandy and Grace kissed. A hot sexy kiss. Tongues swapping spit as they both started caressing each others tits. It was the first time either touched another woman sexually but at the moment it was the right thing to do. Both enjoyed having their tits played with.

Ralph was happily fucking deep in Kathys hot pussy. He had often thought of fucking her but never thought the chance would ever come. Now he was living his dream. Fucking her doggy style as she was sucking another man. With added effort he fucked faster, suddenly he lunged and spurted his hot cum deep in her cunt.

Glancing over Frank saw his wife riding on top of Dick. He could just see his friends cock sliding in and out of her wet pussy. He saw her and Sandy kissing and playing with each others tits. A long time fantasy of his had been to watch her get fucked by another man. Now he was finally seeing her take another mans cock deep in her hot cunt. He wanted to do this group fucking again.

Pulling his dripping prick out of Kathys filled pussy, Ralph and Frank switched to give Frank a chance to fuck her.

Kathy didn't mind at all, as long as she had a hard cock somewhere satisfying her hunger for some more great sex. Taking Ralphs sloppy prick, wet with their blended juices, in her hand she licked it clean. Then engulfing it in her mouth she started sucking it back to life.

Frank moved behind Kathy an aimed his still hard cock to the sloppy opening of her cunt. She was loaded with cum. Frank had filled her pussy making it easy for his cock to slide in. As he entered she clasped her pussy muscles gripping his shaft tight. She had sucked him so well that he was close to coming and after a few hard thrusts he shot off. Adding his cum to her well fucked body. Pulling away he went over to where his wife was being thoroughly fucked.

Sandy noticed that her husband was getting sucked moved over to watch. Getting in close she watched her hubby's cock fucking her friends mouth. She relished the sight of his shaft going in and out between her lips. Kathys tits were hanging down so Sandy reached to them and played with the hard nipples. Causing moans of pleasure. Running a hand over her back, down over her firm ass cheeks Sandy finally touched Kathys over flowing pussy. "My god it's wet. Her pussy is loaded with cum." Sandy thought. "My husbands cum and Franks too."

After exploring the saturated hole with her fingers she bent down to see what another pussy looked like. Kathys pussy was swollen, bright pink glistening with the cum that filled her. "Do I dare, It looks so inviting." Sandy thought. "I want to taste her sex. I want to lick their cum from her pussy. YES, I'll do it."

Sandy moved closer, the aroma of sex was arousing to her over loaded senses. The first touch of her tongue to the tangy taste of the juices filling this well used pussy convinced her. She licked and sucked and nibbled and licked more. "My first taste of pussy. Nice. I like the taste of pussy. I could get used to this."

All Kathy knew was that her pussy was being licked. Who? She didn't know or care. Whoever it was devouring her was doing a amazing job causing several beautiful climaxes for her.

Frank laid down close to Graces ass to watch the stiff shaft fucking her. Dicks thick member was coated with her juices. As it pulled out her pussy lips spread open showing bright pink, inflamed with desire. Her ass raised and lowered as she rode Dicks dick.

Leaning closer Frank licked at the juices that flowed from his wife. He licked her pussy and the shaft of the cock as it pleasured her. His tongue licked up to her ass hole. Getting her bud wet and using the point of his tongue he forced it open. Tongue fucking her ass, getting it wet enough he moved up. Holding his cock he pressed it to her and with a quick push penetrated her shit hole.

"What are you doing? Your in my ass. Oh, oh, oh." Grace groaned. "Take it out. It hurts."

Frank didn't take his prick out but quit pushing in. Dick was still fucking up to her and the movement caused her ass to take in more cock. Deeper and deeper the invading cock penetrated her rear end. Soon he was balls deep.

"Oh, oh. Stop, stop, wrong hole." Grace protested. But then her body began to adjust. "Oh, yes, yes. That feels better now. Do me, do my ass. Fuck me!"

Ralph, enjoying the great blowjob from Kathy noticed that Sandy was eating her pussy at the same time. He never suspected that his wife had bi tendencies but here she was licking a freshly fucked cunt right in front of him. "Go girl. Eat that pussy. Eat her good."

Sandy, hearing her husbands cry of approval, licked more and deeper into Kathy. She wanted all the cum that was in there. Cum that was mixed with the sweet pussy juices. Lovely. There was another pussy being filled by another cock across the room and she wanted to eat it next and clean it out. But first she had to finish here.

Watching his wife eat her first pussy pushed Ralph over the edge. He grasped Kathy bye the back of her head and exploded in her sucking mouth. His cum filled her mouth and flowed down her cheeks.

Grace was finally getting accustomed to the cock in her ass and was fucking back to it. Not something she would want regularly but it did feel ok. She was stuffed, two cocks at once. One fucking her pussy and one in her ass. She had already come a few times. Now with both holes filled she was reaching new heights of pleasure. As Franks cock exploded in her ass she climaxed again."FUCK." She screamed and crumpled over.

Finished with cleaning out one pussy, Sandy approached Grace as she lay in a stupor, her legs spread, cum dripping out of her cunt and ass. Forcing her legs further apart Sandy licked the moisture from her inner thighs. Gradually licking higher to the wet, fleecy junction of her legs. Breathing the aroma of fresh cum she extended her tongue to taste her second pussy.

Coming to her senses, Grace realized that it was Sandy devouring her sloppy pussy. They had kissed a while ago but this was much more intriguing. She had always loved having her pussy eaten but having another woman do her was much more erotic.

"This was an evening of firsts." She thought to herself. "First sucking another cock, first getting fucked by a different man than her husband, first ass fuck. Now to be eaten by a woman."

Dick knelt behind Sandy, raised her ass to the right height and thrust his prick into her pussy from the rear. She pushed back, willingly accepting his cock.

Everything had gone as Kathy and Dick had hoped it would. Three couples, naked, involved in all forms of sexual contact with each other. Dick was fucking the second woman of the evening after getting sucked by one of them . Kathy had sucked two cocks and been fucked twice so far. Grace had sucked a cock, been fucked and cornholed and was now having her pussy eaten. Frank had been sucked by Kathy and had fucked her, watched his wife get fucked and he also screwed her in the ass. Frank and Kathy were stretched out on the couch involved in a lusty 69. Sandy was licking lustfully on another pussy devouring the cum Dick deposited in it. While getting fucked merrily from the rear. All hoped that this was merely the premier of numerous great orgies for them

I hope you like this story. I write for my pleasure and your entertainment. Would greatly appreciate any feedback on this or any of my other stories. Thanks.

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