tagLoving WivesSexy Shoes Ch. 01

Sexy Shoes Ch. 01


Jake Madison heard the unmistakable sound of high-heels coming up the driveway. His heart pounded as he jumped over the sofa to get to the front window. He blinked his eyes to make sure that he was seeing what he was looking at.

The whole thing was so much easier than he had expected. He had picked up a free magazine from the Oasis adult club and called the number for one of the escort services that was listed. He was told that someone would call him, and a few minutes later a woman called him back. The woman had a very sexy voice and told him the hourly rate; two hundred dollars she said. It had only been twenty minutes since he spoke to her, and now she was walking up to the front door of his home.

"Hi Jake? I'm Alexia from the agency," the woman said standing at the front door. Her eyes smiled as brightly as her perfect teeth.

Jake's eyes followed every curve from the top of her head to her clear sandals. The woman was patient allowing him to drink in her presents. "May I come in?" she asked.

"Oh, yeah," Jake said snapping out of the trance. He stood aside and watched the movements of her hips, butt, and legs as she entered the foyer and turned around like a model on a runway with her hands on her hips.

"I will need the fee and a picture ID before we get started," Alexia said. She shifted her weight allowing he split in her dress to spread almost to her crotch.

"Yeah, okay," he said. Jake took the money and his driver's license and handed them to the woman who he judged to be about the same age of his mother, though he doubted if his mother would be caught dead in a dress as sexy as the one he was looking at.

The dress Alexia wore was a black halter wrap with the back completely out and a split that showed off her thigh down to the knee. Alexia wore five inch clear strapless sandals that showed off the shapes of her calves and lifted her butt. Her breasts stood high, held only by the cups on the dress. Her hair hung down in curls below her shoulders.

"You're so cute Jake," Alexia said handing him back his license. "Can I use your phone to call into the Agency?"

"Sure," Jake said nervously pointing to the phone on the wall in the kitchen. Alexia stepped heel to toe as she walked in front of him. Her hips and butt-cheeks moved seductively under the black material. She looked back over her shoulder at him; cutting her eyes with a smile as she reached the phone.

Jake's eyes fell to the bottom of her heel as it lifted from her sandal. He studied the curve of her ankle rising up and expanding to shape her calf. He slowly looked up her leg following the slow rise behind her knee up the line that disappeared under the black dress. He took a deep breath as she switched her weight slowly from one leg to the other. He stared at her high lifted butt-cheeks and licked his lips.

"All done," Alexia said. "Is there somewhere we can get comfortable?"

Jake hadn't really thought that far ahead. He had his doubt about some one actually showing up, so he didn't give much thought to where to entertain company. "Ah, my room?" he asked.

"Your bedroom will be fine," Alexia said sensing the young man's nervousness. "Is it this way?" she pointed as she started towards the stairs. She walked slowly up the steps figuring that he would try to look under the back of her dress.

Had the dress been a little shorter, Jake would have been able to see what he was imagining.

Alexia noticed the photographs hanging in the hallway. She thought that he looked shy and sweet next to the man and woman who she assumed were his parents. She tried to get a sense about her clients by the things she saw. It was easy to see that this was Jake's first time calling a service.

Jake kicked some articles of clothing under his bed and smooth out his covers. His room wasn't a total mess, but he was clearly embarrassed by the porn site still up on his computer screen. He quickly turned off the monitor.

Alexia sat on the bed and crossed her legs. "Why don't you make yourself comfortable," she said padding the mattress beside her. She dangled her shoe from her toes.

The shoe caught Jake's attention and he quickly sat down next to her with his hands on his lap.

"You know Jake, you can touch if you want," Alexia said seeing the way he was looking at her freshly shaved legs.

Jake put his hand on her leg just below her knee. He spread out his fingers as he moved it down over her calves. He slid his palm under her heel and massaged the bottom of her foot.

"Mmmm, that feels good," Alexia said.

Jake looked at the top of her thighs where the split stopped.

"Would you like me to take my dress off?" she asked.

"Yes," he answered.

Alexia opened the clap behind her neck and uncovered her large implants. Her nipples pointed up and outward. She pressed them together and then twisted the nipples. She unwrapped the bottom and pulled the dress away. She stood in front of him in her black thong.

Jake pulled her crotch to his face holding her butt-cheeks in his hands. He needled the soft flesh and pressed his mouth against the crotch of her black thong. He stuck out his tongue and licked the material. He found the clips at the side of the waistband and pulled the little garment away.

Alexia put her hand on his head to keep her balance. She allowed him to lift her leg up over his shoulder as he covered her pussy with his hot mouth. She rolled her cunt on his mouth enjoying the pull of her clit and pussy lips.

Jake pulled back taking off his shirt and kicking off his shoes. Alexia worked his pants off and took hold of his cock.

"Ah!" Jake moaned.

Alexia massaged Jake's nut sack and took his cock into her mouth. She twisted her hand up and down his shaft as she slid it in and out of her mouth. Her saliva coated his entire length. She pulled off him examining the size of his hard-on. She liked big cocks and he had a really good sized one.

"Ah! Mmmm," Jake moaned. "Get on top of me."

Alexia worked the thick cock into her hot pussy. She glanced at the clock and saw that there was plenty of time left. She began rocking back and forth on his cock. She had completely forgotten to have him put on a condom. She looked around and guessed that Jake was probably clean. She only hoped that she didn't turn up pregnant. It wasn't something that she wanted to explain to anyone.

Jake massaged the fake boobs as he thrust his hard cock into her. He had heard that escorts usually didn't have sex on dates, so he felt that he was getting much more than he had paid for.

Julie, Jake's mother heard the loud moans as soon as she entered the kitchen. She felt a knot in her stomach as her pulse raced. She ran quickly up the stairs and realized that the noise was coming from her son's room and not her own bedroom. She took a deep breath to calm herself as she stood just outside Jake's bedroom peeping in through the cracked opened door.

Jake got Alexia turned around on her hands and knees and slid his hard cock into her doggie-style. Alexia's butt-cheeks made a slapping sound each time he slammed against them. His young muscles strained and flexed as he gave each stroke all he had.

Julie gasped seeing that it wasn't a young woman that her son was with. It was a woman that looked to be about her own age. She wanted to burst right in and break it up, but it was something about the look on the woman's face that held her back. It was the look of a pending orgasm, something she didn't even remember having.

After a while, Julie figured out that she was being creepy spying on her son while he was having sex. The thing that was brothering her most was that another woman was having better sex than she in her own house. She went back down stairs and started diner.

Alexia closed her eyes tight feeling the rush of Jake's cum as her orgasm broke. It was the best part of her job. She sometimes had dates with guys that really satisfied her, and Jake was one of those guys.

"Can I call you again?" Jake asked rubbing on Alexia's shapely legs in the aftermath of their sex.

"Sure honey," Alexia said. "Is that your mother?" she asked looking at the picture next to the bed.

"Yeah," he replied pointing at a few more around his room.

"Y'all must be really close," Alexia said.

"We use to be when I was younger," he said sounding almost sad.

Alexia knew how some of her clients liked her to role play as their mother during sex. She didn't know Jake well enough yet, but she had a pretty good idea. She lay on the bed next to him allowing him to rub her legs and her feet. She saw his cock getting hard again as he rubbed the bottoms of her feet. She glanced at the clock and saw that he probably had enough time to screw her well just one more time. Alexia pulled her knees up to her shoulders spreading her wet pussy open for him.

Jake leaned over Alexia driving his cock back inside of her. He pounded her as fast and as furious as her could. His headboard slammed against the wall and the legs seemed to jump right off the floor.

Julie looked up as Jake's bedroom was directly over the dining room. She couldn't shake the feeling of being a bit jealous of the woman. She couldn't remember the last time she had sex like that. The vision of Jake pounding his thing into the woman made Julie feel a throbbing between her legs.

Jake pinned the backs of Alexia's legs against his chest as he held her tight. He thrust his hard cock hitting against her cervix. "You feel so good, I could do this forever," he said continuing his stroke.

Alexia was getting exactly what she wanted besides the money. Most of her clients were young horny men and she was enjoying the fucking that she was receiving. "I'm cuming baby! I'm cuming! Fuck me! Fuck me good like that!" she encouraged him.

Julie nearly dropped her glass when she heard the woman scream out. Her curiosity got the best of her and she quickly tip-toed back up the stairs to take another peek. But this time she met Alexia's eyes.

Alexia didn't make a move to alert Jake that they were being watched. She recognized the woman as being Jake's mother. She wondered what she would do in that situation having a son the age of Jake of her own.

The head of Jake's cock hit Alexia's g-spot. Alexia closed her eyes as her orgasm washed over her. When she opened her eyes, and Jake's mother was gone from the door. She glanced at the clock and saw that their time was up.

"Times up sweetie," Alexia whispered in Jake's ear as he breathed heavily on her neck. She was back in her sandals and dress before Jake could get off the bed.

"Can I keep these?" Jake asked holding Alexia's thong in his hand.

"Of course, sweetie," she said kissing him on the cheek.

Jake put the panties under his pillow and slipped on his pants to walk Alexia down the stairs. His heart got caught in his throat when he saw his mother standing at the bottom of the stairs.

Alexia stopped in front of Julie.

"Ah, mom...this is...ah," Jake stammered.

"Alexia," Alexia said.

"She's ah..." Jake tried.

"Leaving," Julie said.

"Yes," Alexia said stepping off with as much action in her hips as she could muster.

Jake stared at the movement of Alexia's hips, ass, and legs as she walked toward the door, while his mother stared at him.

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