tagLoving WivesSexy Shoes Ch. 02

Sexy Shoes Ch. 02


Alexia dropped off the referral fee and changed into a pair of jeans and a t-shirt before heading home. Her pussy was still throbbing from her last client. After the last call she was glad to be heading home. The young man had a huge cock and fucked her well.

She had cleared eleven hundred dollars after the days work. She had a pretty good nest egg and fingered by the time she got tired of the service, she would have enough to open her own business. She wanted her own dress shop.

She brushed the curls out of her hair and removed her make up. As she passed by her son's bedroom, she couldn't get the look on her client's mother face out of her head. Matthew, her son, was a good college student and had his share of girl friends. She wondered if she would act with as much dignity as the woman had, or would she scream at the both of them and kick the woman out.

She began to ponder the question regarding her daughter, Kayla who was finishing her last year of high school. She knew that her daughter was sexually active, but what if she traded her body for money. As head strong as her daughter was, she knew that there wouldn't be anything she could do to stop her.

She tried to put those thoughts out of her mind as she prepared diner, but the more she tried the more she worried about her kids. It started to become silly. Neither of her kids gave her real cause to worry. As promiscuous as Kayla was, she had been discrete about it. All of Kayla's relationships seem to last more than a month, so there wasn't a real cause for alarm. Matthew was into his studies and his dates seemed well planned out. He didn't act like a womanizer, or a push over.

The ringing telephone brought her back to reality. It was her husband, Dan calling to make another excuse for missing diner. His absence and mismanagement of their household income had driven her to sell the use of her body. She didn't feel any remorse for what she was doing to make that she would be okay for the day when Dan would not come home at all.

Diner was eaten in silence significant to Dan's absence. The kitchen was cleaned in short order, and Alexia drew her bath. She went over each call she went on during the day, while she sat in the warm bath. The look on the woman's face seemed to haunt her.

Alexia's eyes popped open when she heard a knock on the bathroom door. "I'm in the tub," she called out.

"It's me mom," Matthew said. "I need to talk to you."

"Well, can it wait until I get out?" she replied.

"No, it's really important," Matthew said opening the bathroom door slowly.

"Matthew!" she exclaimed. "I'm naked."

"There's no need to get embarrassed about that after what I found out today," he said sitting on the toilet seat.

Alexia covered her tits and crotch with her hands.

"I went over to a guy's house who takes classes with me," Matthew began. "He was going on and on about this woman he had been seeing. I thought he was exaggerating, so he asked if I wanted to see her. He popped in this video tape and at first I got as excited. Then he told me that she was an escort. I was still looking at the tape when the woman turned, so that I saw her face."

Alexia tightened her gut to calm her nerves.

"Imagine how shocked I was to recognize that the woman I was getting so excited about was my own mother," he said.

"I'm so sorry, honey. I never meant for you to find out about this. You're ashamed of me, are you?" Alexia asked.

"No mom," Matthew began. "I was embarrassed that I was getting excited and the thoughts I was having."

"I am so sorry honey," Alexia said.

"What I want to know is why you're doing this?" he asked.

Alexia sat up, but kept her boobs covered. "I wanted to secretly make some money just in case I needed it," she said. She thought better than to blame his father.

"Oh, okay," he said. He thought for a moment looking into her bath water.

Matthew's stare was making her more nervous.

"Do you know other women who are escorts?" he asked.

"Yes?" she replied. "Why do you ask?"

"I was thinking...that maybe you could introduce me," he started.

"You want me to set you up with a date?" Alexia asked surprised. "Is this what you wanted to talk to me about?"

"Well, since you are doing it yourself, then I figured that you would understand," he said.

"Matthew, I'm very sorry that you found out that I sell my body for money, but..." she began. "I thought you were dating someone, anyways?"

"Yeah, but we're not doing anything," he said. "I want someone like you."

"Matthew!" Alexia exclaimed.

"No you," he stammered. "Well, maybe, but..."

"Matthew!" she said covering more of herself in the tube.

"I'm sorry mom," he said. "I meant someone like you."

"Hand me my towel," she ordered. "I don't feel comfortable with this conversation."

"I've already seen you naked and having sex," he said handing her the towel.

"Just turn around, so I can get out this tub," she said. It was something that she hadn't expected. He didn't seem the least bit upset about what she was doing. "Let's continue this in my bedroom." She held the towel wrapped around her tightly as she led the way to her bedroom.

Matthew followed close behind her with the vision of her screwing his classmate in his head.

Alexia locked the door behind them. "Okay, let's work this out," she started. "Do you want to know how this all started?"

"No, not particularly," Matthew said. "It's hard enough going to sleep without thinking about you sexually, and after watching that video of you...I just want to have sex with a grown woman before I explode." He looked down drawing attention to his hard-on.

"Wooo," Alexia said looking down at the large mound pushing out the front of her son's pants. "I see..."

"I thought about blackmailing you into having sex with me, but I love you...I couldn't do that," he said.

"Well, I'm glad you're not thinking about that any more," Alexia said greatly relieved and thankful. She thought, if he had tired to blackmail her, she would have no choice but to give in to him. "I love you too, honey."

"Then help me out here mom," he said almost desperately. "I want someone with big tits and a nice big juicy ass, so I can..." he thrust his hips at the air as if he was fucking.

"Matthew!" Alexia chuckled feeling relieved that her son didn't seem to want her to stop what she was doing, but surprise at the way he was talking to her.

"Mom, if I don't get some soon I going to go crazy," he said.

"You haven't told anyone, have you?" Alexia asked.

"No, but you're going to be getting some more customers," Matthew said.

"Oh?" she asked.

"I wasn't the only other guy there," he said. "There were a couple other guys who got the number to call you. I see where Kayla gets it from now."

"What do you mean by that?" Alexia said.

"The reason her boyfriends keep breaking up with her is because she screws the crap out of them until they can't take it anymore," he chuckled.

"Really?" Alexia said.

"Yeah," he said.

The look on his face told her that he was keeping himself from saying more. She'd heard enough already.

"Mom, you're a really hot babe, and dad's crazy for being gone so much," Matthew said. "I don't blame you. It makes good sense to get paid for having sex. Guys would gladly pay to have sex with you... I would. I bet you've made a lot."

"I'm not planning on doing it for long," Alexia said.

"Hey, I could help you get customers," Matthew said excitedly.

"No!" Alexia said.

"Why not?" he asked.

"Because, I'm not going to have my son being my pimp," she replied.

Matthew laughed.

Alexia stepped into her closet to dress, but as soon as she dropped her towel she saw Matthew move to see her. "Matthew?" she said.

"Ah come on, mom," he said.

"I'm going to hell for this," Alexia said dropping her arms and coming out of the closet. She finished drying her naked body, put lotion on her skin and then put on her panties and nightgown.

Matthew watched intently, but stayed back out of her way.

"Okay," Alexia said.

Matthew looked up at her.

"I think I know someone who I can set you up with," she said.

"Tonight?" Matthew asked eagerly.

"Tonight?" she said.

"Please!" he begged.

"Okay," Alexia said. "There goes my mother of the year award."

"I'd vote for you," Matthew chuckled.

Alexia called Jessie, one of the ladies from the agency using the private number she had for the woman. She didn't know how she was going to explain the situation, but she guessed that Jessie would understand better than anyone else she worked with.

Kayla had plans to go out to a house party with her boyfriend, which was a big relief to Alexia. She called her husband on the phone and got another excuse about him having too much to drink, so he wouldn't be home until morning. Alexia expected that her husband was spending the night with another woman, but she was glad that he was not coming home.

Alexia invited Jessie into her bedroom to talk things over before she introduced Matthew.

"He just wanted you to set him up on a date?" Jessie asked chuckling. "My son made me do him for a month and then he still turned around and told his father."

"That's horrible!" Alexia said.

"I forgave him," Jessie said. "He didn't tell his father that I worked in the business; only that he had been sleeping with me. He was just trying to get back at his dad for being a loosely father."

"I was scared that Matthew wanted to have sex with me, the way he was looking," Alexia said.

"They all do," Jessie said. "Most just realize that it's not the right thing to do."

"What about your son?" Alexia said. "He apologized and moved out."

"Oh, I sorry," Alexia said.

"I'm not," Jessie laughed. "I started to get use to the sex. How do you want to do this? I assume that you're going to stay, right?"

"Just in case my daughter comes home, I wouldn't want her asking me any questions," Alexia said. "I'll get Matthew."

"Just give me a few seconds to change before you bring him in," Jessie said opening her small duffle bag.

Alexia could see that Matthew was a bit nervous. Recalled the young man she had been with earlier that day, and how nervous he had been. She could help being proud of her son for putting his love for her over his desire to get laid.

Matthew reached out for Alexia and hugged her. She could feel a tremble in his body. She rubbed her hands over his back and held him tighter. He buried his face in the nap of her neck squeezing her firmly.

Alexia felt his hard-on press against her stomach and his hands grip her buttocks. He lifted her up to her toes pressing her pelvis against his hard cock. She pushed slowly away as he began to grind against her. It was not the direction she wanted this to go, even though the mood crept up on her.

"Jessie's waiting," Alexia said moving over to the door.

"Sorry," Matthew said slowly releasing his grip on her butt-cheeks.

Alexia smiled. "Just relax," she said opening the door to her bedroom.

Jessie had done a quick change into black stockings and garter, a black boostie with matching thong, and black heeled sandals with a clear toe band. She stood with her legs about shoulder width apart and her hands on her hips. "You didn't tell me he was so hot," she said going over to meet him. Her boobs sat on top of the cups of the boostie like cones on an ice-cream. She pressed them against his chest as she wrapped her arms around his neck. "Mmmm, you're so strong," she said. She pressed her pelvis against his searching out his hard-on. She found it to be thick and bulky in his pants. "Come sit down on the bed where you can get more comfortable," she said taking his hands. She sat him down on the bed and straddled his lap. "I hope you don't mind your mother watching. I think that's so sexy."

Matthew glanced over at his mother and then his attention went right back to Jessie's boobs. He put his hands at the small of her back as she unbuttoned his shirt.

"You have such a strong chest," Jessica said moving her fingers over his chest.

Matthew smiled raising his hands to her inflated boobs.

"You like those, huh?" Jessica said.

Matthew folded down the cups allowing the implants to fall free. He massaged them both and pulled on the nipples. Jessica began rocking back and forth moaning for his delight. Matthew took one of her nipples into his mouth.

"Mmmm," Jessica moaned holding his head against her breast.

Matthew moved his hands down to her butt-cheeks massaging and sliding his fingers between her butt-cheeks.

Jessica released his head and pulled his shirt off. "Those are some big strong muscles," she said moving her hands over his shoulders. She slid off his lap down to the floor and removed his shoes. It was her practice never to touch a man's socks, just like the practice of never kissing a man fully on the lips. One was too personal and the other was just gross.

Alexia watched quietly as Jessica enticed her son with every movement. She waited anticipating the release of Matthew's cock. It felt big against her and it looked big in his pants. She watched Jessica's fingers closely as they moved over his mound.

"It feels so big and juicy," Jessica said looking up at him and kissing the crotch of his pants.

"There's only one way to find out," he said rising on his elbows to watch as she pulled down his zipper.

Alexia unknowingly leaned closer to take a closer look. Her eyes widened as his mound expanded as the zipper came down. His cock moved under his cotton boxer briefs as if it was a snake coming out of its hole.

Jessica laughed as she pulled his pants off. She laughed even louder when she pulled the monster cock from the underwear. "Oh my gaud!" she exclaimed holding the shaft of the mighty cock with both hands. "This is unbelievable!"

Alexia's mouth dropped open as she stared at her son's huge cock. She had no idea that her son was packing such a dangerous weapon in his pants. It wasn't a wonder why the girls her son dated didn't want to have sex with him. Her conservative guess was roughly a foot or more.

"Oh my gaud!" Jessica continued laughing. "It's humongous!"

Alexia could only shrug her shoulders when Jessica looked at her. She also noticed that he was completely shaved when Jessica pulled his shorts off.

"Is it okay?" Matthew asked sheepishly.

Jessica only laughed more before stretching her mouth around the big circumcised head. She stroked the shaft with booth hands as she tried to give him a satisfying blowjob. She traced the curves with her tongue and planted kisses on the head. She licked the length and sucked on his balls.

"Ah yeah," Matthew said enjoying the warmth of Jessica's mouth and the motion of her hands. "This can only get better if you gave me yours," he said to Jessica.

Alexia snapped out of her daze as Jessica stood and removed her black thong before mounting Matthew's face. She crossed her legs and continue to watch Jessica go back to work on her son's huge cock.

"Mmmm, this is so good," Jessica teased Alexia with the cock. She watched Alexia watching her, and knew that the sight of the big juicy cock was getting to her. She knew the forbidden taboo well. She had been force into sex by her son at first, but enjoyed each time he had fucked her. The hardest thing for her was trying to show disapproval when she was being fucked so well.

Matthew buried his face into Jessica's cleanly shaved pussy. He moved his tongue around her clit and inside of her canal. It was the only thing that his last girlfriend would allow him to do after feeling the size of his cock. Most of the girls he dated would break up with him after they found out about the size of his tool. None of them wanted to be known as a girl who could take a cock that size.

Alexia licked her lips causing Jessica to laugh out loud.

"I don't know if I have a condom big enough for this thing," Jessica chuckled.

Alexia took a Magnum condom from a small black pouch and handed it to Jessica. Jessica dismounted Matthew's face to attend to the condom. Matthew had always had problems with condoms, and it appeared that Jessica was having a difficult time too. Finally, Jessica put the condom over the head of Matthew's cock and then sucked on the head; effectively sucking the head of his cock into the condom. They all seemed to breathe a sign of relief.

Jessica mounted the monster cock, rubbing the head over her cunt and then working it inside inch by inch. The thickness of Matthew's cock stretched Jessica further than she had been in a while. "Mmmm, darling...mmmm," she moaned working the big cock inside her canal. She lowered herself more as her juices began to flow more readily.

Jessica looked like she was impelled on a cream colored pole from Alexia's vantage point. She could only imagine how it must feel to Jessica to be stuffed so full of cock. Matthew seemed to be enjoying the feel of Jessica's cunt to her. She was still wondering how she could have not noticed that her son had such a huge cock.

"Wait, wait," Jessica cried out seating herself on the monster rod. She looked back at Alexia. "I seriously can't take another inch." She turned back to Matthew putting her hands on his chest to support herself. "Alright big boy, let's see if you know how to use that thing."

Matthew gripped her butt-cheeks stretching them apart. He yanked down on them as he thrust his cock into her.

"Ah! Ah! Ah!" Jessica cried out as the head of his cock smashed against her cervix. She clinched her eyes shut and grind her teeth in hopes of absorbing some of the pressure from the thrust.

Alexia could see her son's big cock sliding in and out of Jessica's pussy. Her juices coated the rubber that squeezed the shaft so tightly. She squeezed her thighs together to contain herself. She wasn't use to watching other people have sex. This was her son and it struck her that she was feeling the same thing that her client's mother was feeling when she watched.

Matthew moved his hands up to Jessica's waist and forced her down harder against his thrusts. He loved the way the rubber and her pussy squeezed his cock. It had been a while since he had actually had his cock in a pussy. Each thrust seemed to feel better than the last.

"Aaaah! Ummmm! Eeeeaah!" Jessica cried out. She had lost all control of her body and flopped around on Matthew's cock trying to keep from falling over.

Alexia thought, with all the boasting Jessica had done about the lack of good fucking she had been getting from her clients, she was surely being well deserved fuck by Matthew.

Matthew rolled on top of Jessica and pinned her knees to her shoulders. He pounded her so hard that the joints in the bed frame started to give.

Jessica's cries were a mixture of pleasure and pain. In the few years she had been selling her body, she had never had someone to fuck her so thoroughly.

Alexia had caused her own orgasm before she realized that she had been masturbating. She smoothed out her nightgown and tried to pretend as if nothing had happened.

Jessica almost passed out by the time Matthew shot his load into the condom. She curled into a fetal position. She was clearly sore from the romp. However, Matthew's cock was still hard. Alexia couldn't help starting at it.

"No girl has ever let me fuck them like that," Matthew said using his mother's towel to wipe off his cock.

"I'd guess not," Alexia replied trying hard not to look down at the big cock.

"It felt so good that I want to do it again," he said.

"I think we should find you someone that is right for you," Alexia said. She felt shamed for feeling the urge to jump his big cock herself. "Why don't you go take a shower? We'll talk about it tomorrow." She wanted to close her eyes, but she couldn't stop herself from looking at his cute tight butt as he left her bedroom. She bit her bottom lip.

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