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Sexy Slumber Party


Dan had kept in touch with me since we broke up and I moved south. Since moving back, he had been encouraging me to enter into a sexual relationship with him and his new girlfriend, Tammi. Dan and I had broken up on good terms, and I was interested in playing with another woman, so I figured this could work out. In a threesome situation, I much prefer to be the guest star!

Dan invited me over for dinner on a Saturday. I packed an overnight bag and a bottle of wine, and drove the hour to their apartment, nervous and playing out various scenarios in my head. I got so worked up on the drive, I'm surprised I didn't end up in an accident!

When I arrived we had dinner and exchanged pleasantries. Dan is attractive, 6 foot tall, average build, a nice cock, and beautiful blue eyes. Tammi is a lovely redhead with creamy skin. Dan was very physically affectionate and tried to put me at ease, but I was a bit uncomfortable with the attention in front of his girlfriend.

We moved to the living room to "watch a movie." Dan worked on making both of us comfortable, rubbing shoulders and slowly removing clothes. Tammi's dress came off to reveal lacy pink boy shorts and nothing else. So hot. I started feeling really turned on, my skin was cool and their touch was warm and reassuring. I moved behind Tammi on the couch, gently rubbing her shoulders and smelling her warm, soft skin. My hands began to wander across her chest to her breasts, feeling her large breasts and nipples. They were getting harder in my hands. Dan moved in front of Tammi, kissing her deeply while my lips found her neck and shoulders. She moaned and Dan moved down to her pussy, gently licking. He paused every so often to look at Tammi, sensing her pleasure as I kissed her and massaged her breasts. I knew how good she must feel, I remember how good Dan is at eating pussy. I knew he was licking her engorged clit and sliding his fingers in her, finding her g-sport and rubbing her. God, I was so wet just watching.

Tammi came, not very hard, but enough to get things started! We moved to the bedroom, really looking at each other since we got naked. I know she was admiring my tattoos, curving down my back, and my full G-cup breasts. No, really, that's what I have. Dan grabbed me and kissed me, rubbing his hands over my curves and grabbing my butt. I could taste Tammi's juices on his lips and his hard cock against my leg.

Tammi laid down on the bed, and Dan resumed licking, more aggressively this time. I lay next to her and licked and sucked her perfectly pink nipples. They came alive under my tongue and as she moaned I reached up to kiss her, hard. Being next to a sexy woman on the verge of cumming is so hot, I don't know how men handle it! I straddled Tammi's stomach and began kissing her sweet lips, neck and ears and then down to her nipples. Dan reached up and slapped my ass and then moved my hips further down so he could eat my pussy while he finger fucked Tammi. I missed his tongue on my clit, he knew exactly what to do to make me cum. He licked up and down my pussy lips and then dove his tongue into my hot, wet pussy, tasting every drop before focusing on my clit. I have a pretty clit, nice and pink, easy to find and control! God, he could control me with that mouth! I was moaning into Tammi's neck as I felt her bucking against Dan's fingers. She was going to cum again, this time even harder. I was so wet at this point but I didn't want to cum yet.

"Do you want his cock?" I asked her.

"Yes," she moaned into my ear.

Tammi and I turned over so that I was facing up into her dripping pussy. Dan knew what I wanted, and he slid his cock slowly in and out of Tammi's pussy so I could watch. Dan's cock is not amazing in length, about 5 inches or so hard, but it's nice and wide and can really hit the right spot. I reached up to stroke his balls as he buried his cock in Tammi's pale, sweet pussy, red and swollen with all our playing. I pulled Tammi down a little so I could lick her clit---finally I get a taste!

Tammi started moaning loudly.

"Are you gonna cum baby? Do you like your man's cock?"

"Fuck, yes!" she groaned.

Her fingers found my clit, gently making circles and playing with my sticky wetness. She slid a finger in me and she fucked me in rhythm to Dan's fucking. Dan was breathing heavily and moaning, I knew he was close, as was Tammi. I slowed down and dropped my head from Tammi's clit to watch them cum. God, it was so hot to see both of their bodies' release. Damn. Dan gently slid his cock out. Tammi started to get off of me but I grabbed her thighs and pulled her to my mouth. I wanted to taste both of their sweet juices mixing together. I lapped their juices, diving my tongue deep into her pussy. She started giggling and I knew that she was so sensitive after cumming 3 times, that I was tickling her.

At this point Dan was finishing what he started with me, and was aggressively licking my pussy to make me cum. I cleared my throat enough to ask him to slow down, I cum faster with slow and gentle licks to my clit (he must've forgotten). He slid his thumb into my pussy and found my g-sport, gently massaging it till I started twisting and bucking my hips. I was going to cum, and hard. Thank goodness Tammi was on top of me, I grabbed tight to her thighs as she played with my nipples and I came hard into Dan's mouth. I had a second to recover before I felt his cock head rubbing against my clit and heard him kissing Tammi, filling her mouth with my juices too! He slid his rock hard cock in my hot, dripping pussy. I moaned, "oh fuck." Tammi delicately slid off of me and then next to me. She began kissing my neck (I love that!) and breathing into my ears. So sexy. Tammi's hands found my nipples and was teasing them as she kissed me deeply. I looked up to see Dan fucking me hard, his eyes closed tight (he does that when he is close but trying not to cum). I wanted to hold off but I couldn't, my oussy was clenching Dan's cock and I felt myself cum hard. "Oh my god!" I moaned. Dan pulled out and came on my chest.

Tammi started licking Dan's juices from my soft tummy and breasts, my nipples still hard. Dan joined in, licking and cleaning me off. We were all suddenly giggling and kissing, exchanging tastes with each other. Afterwards we took quick showers, and settled into bed, spooning each other. Dan made us pancakes the next morning!

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