tagIncest/TabooSexy Slumber Seduction

Sexy Slumber Seduction

byTawny T©

Jan Nichols was not a happy camper.

1. She was horny.

2. Her husband was out of town for a damn week.

3. She couldn't find her damn vibrator.

4. Her daughter was having a damn slumber party

5. That meant she couldn't go over to Kitty's house and make love to her and/or her husband.

6. She had just gotten out of the shower, and couldn't get off under the shower for some damn reason, which she loved to do.

She slipped on a silk robe with nothing on under it and decided to see what those teenage girls were up to. Probably no damn good - her foul mood told her.

Barefoot she walked silently down the carpeted hall and could hear moans and groans coming from the den where the six teenagers were sleeping. Oh, shit they are watching porn. She moved to the end of the hall and looked in. The hall was dark and they wouldn't be able to see her.

She heard soft buzzing noises that sounded like a hive of bees. Peeping around the door she almost fainted. Here were six - Healthy - Very Healthy - Robust - high school seniors all lying around on the floor totally naked. Their eyes were riveted to the TV screen that gave the only light in the room. It illuminated them well enough for Jan to see that they were all laid back, a pillow under their heads, young thighs spread wide and a vibrator in one hand moving up and down, or sliding in and out, their young pussies slowly.

Her daughter Vicki was right there also, but her other hand was rubbing her best friend Amy's breast. Amy's hand was rubbing Vicki's thigh near her spread pussy.

Jan could stand it no more. She stormed into the room. "You Bitches. How dare you lay there fucking yourselves off in my house. This damn slumber party is over, right now! Get the hell out and go home. Now!" She almost screamed.

The girls were startled and most guiltily pulled the vibrators from their pussies and started to get up.

Vicki stood up, all six feet of her. All the girls were top athletes in the school - tennis, volleyball, track, swimming, and were well-muscled and large girls.

"Bitches?" Vicki said to her Mother. "Now wait a minute. We are just having a good time watching a very interesting movie. I'm sure you would enjoy it. Take a look 'Mom.'" Vicki said underscoring the word "Mom" and pointing at the screen.

Jan stepped into the room further and could smell the odor of excited female pussy flesh from the six masturbating girls. The odor hit her strongly as she loved to eat a woman very much. Her jaw dropped when she saw the screen. There she was on the screen, in vivid color, in a very torrid 69 with her best friend Kitty. There was no doubt of who it was in the picture. Her face was clearly shown, her smiling face licking Kitty's spread pussy.

"You little Bitch. Where the hell did you get that?" She demanded.

"Mother, that's twice you've called me a bitch. I really don't like that! I got it out of the locked drawer where you keep all your little sex goodies. We also borrowed some of the vibrators. We really like them. We didn't have enough to go around." Vicki said waving her hand toward her now grinning girl friends.

"Dammit. I want all you little Bitches out of her in five minutes. And you, you little Bitch I'll tend to you later." Jan said turning to leave.

"Get her girls!" Vicki said and before she could take two steps Jan was grabbed by the six athletic girls and pulled to the floor. She was no match against the muscular girls, and found herself lying on the floor spread eagled and helpless.

"Let me up, dammit!" Jan screamed. Her reply was cut short by a pair of used panties stuffed into her mouth. She could smell the odor of the girl who had worn them. She struggled but to no avail.

"Well, Mrs. Bitch. Look at the wonderful example you are setting for your daughter. - Lesbian labia lapping with cute, sexy, little Kitty Kunt! We enjoyed the fucking too. Damn, Dad has a nice long cock and I loved watching him fuck Kitty while Tom fucked you up the ass.

"Most of all, we loved to watch you two ladies eat each other out. You two look like you are really having fun and enjoying it. We love to do that to each other. It's safe and no fear of getting pregnant. Much better than getting fucked by those clods that think a cock is the only thing a girl would ever want. Wrong!

"Well girls, I think she should be taught a lesson by all of us. If we are Bitches, then she needs to be treated like the Queen Bitch and have all us drone Bitches lick and tend to her every need. Agreed!" Vicki said. There was a chorus of 'yes' and 'yeas.'

Jan was picked up bodily; her hands held tightly to her sides and carried down the hall to her bedroom. The king sized four-poster bed was an ideal place for her to be quickly stripped naked and tied with neckties and scarves taken from the closet. She turned a bright shade of red, lying on the bed with the six girls surrounding her.

"Mrs. Nichols you are one sexy lady." Pam a tall brunette said reaching out and fondling one heaving breast. She stroked it running her hand over the D cup mound. "Damn nice tits. Needs the nipples erect though. Right girls?" Another girl, Patsy, moved to the other breast and began to suck on the nipple. Jan was helpless as the two girls went to work trying to see who could make her nipples the longest.

"What's wrong with this body girls? I see too much pussy hair down there. I think we need to crop it close, or better yet shave it all off. Make my Mom nice and smooth. A Queen Bitch needs a nice smooth pussy." Vicki said moving to the bathroom. Jan squirmed and moaned against the bindings and the gag, but to no avail.

Vicki came back a moment later with her father's shaving cream and his razor. She slipped between her mother's thighs, took some scissors and carefully trimmed away the abundant brown hair. When she had snipped most of it off, she put shaving cream all over her mother's pussy and began to carefully shave her. Jan was very still during this, against the natural impulse to thresh wildly. The razor next to her delicate pussy was just too much for her. The girls unfastened her legs, held them up almost to her breasts while her lovely daughter finished shaving the hair till there was not a single hair on her pussy or ass.

Dotty, a lovely redhead, took a warm wet washrag and wiped the denuded flesh off. They held her legs wide admiring Vicki's handiwork and Jan's beautiful pussy. They retied her feet but not before placing a pillow under her shapely ass.

"Now Queen Bitch that's much better. I love to lick a clean-shaven pussy, don't I Bitsy." Vicki said. "I think I should be first in line to lick the Queen. After all, I did get called a bitch four times." Jan threshed her body from side to side, again to no avail. Her lovely daughter slid down and licked her thighs on either side of her spread pussy. Jan gave a low wail as the tongue slid over her sensitive bare flesh.

"Ladies, please attend the Queen Bitch. She is in need of our services. Drones, lick the Queen and keep her clean and feeling good." Vicki said as she settled between her Mother's thighs and began in earnest to lick her spread pussy.

The five girls quickly surrounded Jan and began to lick and caress her body. A pair of lips took charge of each nipple and began to suck and lick them. Their hands fondled and stroked the beautiful mounds. One each took a foot and began to lick and suck each wiggling toe, and the fifth kissed and licked Jan's neck and nibbled at her ear lobes.

Jan was incensed beyond imagining at being tied down, humiliated, and her pussy shaved clean before the five friends of her daughter. She was powerless to either complain or extract herself from the bonds that held her. Suddenly she found a very knowing tongue, her daughters, sliding up and down her pussy. Her earlier failed attempts at masturbation had left her vulnerable to the six young ladies. She had been horny, yet unable to make her recalcitrant body obey her and allow sexual release.

The shock of seeing six young and very sexy bodies sprawled out; pussies open and vibrators humming had made an unwanted stirring in her pussy too. It was almost a duplicate of one from a very sexy video in her own torrid collection called "Girls World" where a number of equally sexy ladies had lain on the floor and been given vibrator training by the gorgeous Nina Hartley. That mental image had haunted her and she had suddenly seen the video image played out in front of her by her own daughter and her equally beautiful and very sexy friends.

Vicki licked the sweet flesh of her mother. She was mad at her for calling her a "bitch" and was going to extract revenge on her. As her tongue slid up and down the soft feminine flesh, she tasted the sweet salty taste of the aroused flesh, and it's odor filled her nostrils, enflaming her still more. The fact that it was her mother made the taste and smell even more exciting.

She had looked on her lovely Mother with lust for a number of years. She had seen her Mother naked any number of time as the two were both somewhat exhibitionists and flaunted their naked bodies, each trying to silently tell the other that they were the sexiest. She had heard her Mother and Father making love many times, and had crept into the hall and listened outside the bedroom door and masturbated there listening to the moans and cries and the distinctive quavering cry of ecstasy her Mother was want to give as she climaxed, and Vicki had climaxed too, listening outside the door.

Vicki licked up and down the sweet flesh. She and her friends had experimented on each other, watched Lesbian videotapes, and become very expert on pleasuring each other. Now she slid her tongue deep inside the very canal that had brought her into this life and sucked the abundant juices that the six well-versed teenagers were causing to flow from her birth mother. She found it very stimulating herself and applied her tongue with renewed vigor.

Jan lay immobile; her body began to betray her. She had been mad, but now the six beautiful teenagers all around her were overloading her senses. She had never felt anything like it in her life. She and her husband had a foursome with her best friend Kitty and Tom from time to time. She and Kitty had made love while the men had fucked them from behind while they were in a 69 and had stroked the two during that coupling. That bore absolutely no resemblance to the situation now.

These six young ladies had skills that would put the poetess Sappho, from the Isle of Lesbos to shame. Where they had learned it she had no idea, but her whole body was under assault. She had never had her toes so sensuously sucked and licked, her nipples sucked and licked so expertly and her neck and ears assaulted by a knowing tongue like this. A dozen hands played over her enflamed body too. Her own daughter was making Kitty's licks and sucks on her pussy seem like the work of a rank amateur. The tongue was driving her wild with its sinuous probing and delving into her hot pussy. She began to moan and tried to cry out around the panties still thrust in her mouth. She was on fire!

The two girls sucking on her full breasts sucked and tongued her nipples. They had each sucked and licked their friends young breasts but these nipples they were sucking on had been nursed on, elongated, and swollen by three young suckling children, and they were amazed at how long and how thick they had become from their sucking them now. The nipples seemed to swell still more and had to be at least an inch in length. They looked across Jan's body and shook their heads at the delicious nipples they were sucking on.

Their hands had not been idle for they remembered how they felt when their friends had kneaded their breasts from base of the breast to the tip, making the breast swell as more blood was pumped into it, making it hard and firm with passion. Jan's full breasts now stood up so firm and round, that they shone with the tightness of the blood filling both of the beautiful full globes. Neither would have been the least surprised to have had milk flow from the swollen and elongated nipples.

Jan cried out against the gag as her daughter's tongue played over her turgid clit, and she felt two fingers slide up into her pussy and thrust in and out. She screamed as her body exploded as the six young women redoubled their efforts to make her climax explosively. Fortunately someone pulled the gag from her mouth or she would surely have been in real trouble as her body went rigid and she gulped in great breaths of air and wailed her ecstasy out into the bedroom.

The six girls didn't cease their efforts and her climax went from one plateau to the next without stopping, something that had never happened to her before. The six watched fascinated as this beautiful, sexually mature woman climaxed over and over. They had never experienced this before. Their climaxes had mostly been one quick climax and then they were spent. This mature beauty's body seem made for sex and explosive climaxes. Finally she cried out a long cry cut off in mid note. She went totally limp.

Carrie at her head laughed. "Well, ladies, we overloaded all her circuits, and she passed out."

"I think I would too with six women making love to me at the same time. Damn, we'll have to try that some time. Shit, I think I'd pass out too." Said Bitsy, a tall buxom blonde. "I'll get a washcloth and bring her around. I had a first aid class." She went to the bath and came back seconds later with a wet washcloth and bathed Jan's slack face.

Jan swam up from the depths. She had no idea where she was. It was like coming out of an anesthesia after an operation - a feeling she hated. Her head cleared and she looked up into Bitsy's lovely face. Bitsy smiled at her and bathed her brow with the cool cloth. When she tried to move she managed to look up and her wrists were bound. She struggled. She suddenly remembered. "Dammit, let me go! Vicki, you let me go this instant, do you hear me!"

"Hi Mom, enjoyed the hell out of that didn't you? You needed a lesson; you shouldn't have called me, and my friends Bitches. We don't really like that, do we ladies?" Vicki asked. A chorus of 'no's' answered her.

"Dammit, let me up. Now." Jan cried out and strained against her bonds. It did no good.

"Listen Queen Bitch! Do you want those nice wet panties in your mouth again? I swear I'll pee on them next time, and stuff them in your mouth if you don't shut up!" Vicki said reaching over and waving the panties at her. Jan got very quiet. She was trapped and a prisoner in her own home! Later she would deal with this foolishness. Vicki would wish she had never been born. She lay quiet, naked, spread helpless, and very vulnerable.

"The Queen Bee needs another climax, a really good one this time. One that will last her till Dad gets back and he can fuck the shit out of her with that big dick we saw in the video. I can see where my Brother gets his big cock. He's a swinging dick too! Whee. That fucker keeps trying to get in me. Fuck no!" Vicki laughed. "Tammy, get all the vibrators and bring them in here. Lets have some fun with the Queen."

"Vicki, what are you going to do? Please, you've had your fun. Let me go. Now, young lady!" Jan said her voice tinged with hardness.

"No, I don't think so. I want this to really be a good climax." Vicki said her eyes sparkling. She went over to one of her mother's drawers and rummaged through it then came back. She held up a pair of very sexy black lacy crotch-less panties and a cut out bra. She handed them to the girls to put on her Mother, and left the room. The girls took a few minutes to slip them on Jan's squirming body. She wanted no part of whatever this was that Vicki had in mind.

Finally she lay on the bed fitted with the sexy black lace bra that held her breasts in a very sexy hold, the nipple area bare, and forcing them to thrust out majestically. The black panties accentuated her now bare pubic area and made her look like a very sexy woman, bent on a lustful evening. Her legs were trussed up again. She was seething with fury, but the threat of the urine soaked panties did its trick.

Vicki had disappeared while the other girls were putting the bra and panties on her mother. She came back with their video camera, a tripod, and to Jan's utter dismay their new digital camera. She and her husband had gotten it to take nude pictures of themselves to send to friends on the Internet - the electronic Polaroid camera of the new era!

"Oh, God no, please Vicki!" Jan pleaded with her daughter when she saw the video camera and the digital camera. "No Baby, not that!"

"Oh come on Mom, I loved the pictures of you and Dad in the foursome. This will be a sevensome. That must be a lucky number, you and the six of us. Dad will love it and all of my friends on the net will want to see my beautiful sexy Mom in the throes of passion with all of us lovely naked high school girls. Shit, we might win the hottest picture of the year award."

She set up the video camera at the foot of the bed on a tripod looking down and toward the head of the bed, taking in the whole bed and her Mother's spread figure, displayed rather lewdly. It was so hot! Her Mom's pussy framed by the black of the open crotch panties and her beautiful breasts squeezed upward, and the nipple area elongated and squeezed out so that her nipples and areolas bulged so erotically. It made her clit literally ache to see it. She was bluffing about the net photos, but her mother didn't know it. She wanted some really good digital photos of this for herself and her friends. The videotape, she didn't know what she would do with it, but it would certainly be a sword over her mother's head.

The video aimed and turned on, she moved to the bed. "Girls lets give the Queen Bitch a fucking like she will never forget. Vibrators on! Lets give her some real vibes." Vicki said moving to the side so as not to obscure her Mother's open pussy to the camera. The room buzzed as many vibrators were turned on and each girl slid it over Jan's helpless body.

Jan went rigid but knew there was nothing she could do. She was completely helpless. She jumped as a vibrator moved against her up-trust breast and to her bulging nipple. The skin was taut by the restrictions of the open nippled bra. She had bought it a year or two ago and it was now just a little to small for her and the girls had joyously put it on her and fastened it in the tightest clasp in back, squeezing her breasts into the bra and making them push upward and the nipples forced through the ends, making the skin shiny taut.

The vibrations ran over her usually sensitive nipple and the restrictions of the bra made her nipple all the more sensitive. She cried out as another vibrator moved over the other nipple. Then suddenly vibrators were all over her body, sliding over her skin. The girls seemed to know her every sensitive area and slid the pulsing sex machines over her body. Just when she thought she had become accustomed to the vibrations they would change and move to another place. She began to moan and cry out as her passions rose.

Jan screamed out as her beautiful daughter brought a vibrator to her pussy and slid it along the length of her pussy. She had always loved a vibrator there and her daughter seemed to know exactly where to apply the powerfully buzzing instrument. She looked down and saw her daughter with another fat vibrator in her hand, moving it toward the center of her pussy. She screamed louder as the pulsing cylinder touched her spread pussy, and gently probed her spread sex.

Vicki moved the large vibrator inward, sliding it deep in her Mother's wet pussy. She could imagine the sensations the six girls were giving the woman. She looked at the video camera and the recording light was blinking. She smiled and winked at the camera and slid the vibrator all the way inside her sexy Mother's gaping slit.

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