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Sexy Stepmom


My name is Evan. This is pure fantasy story about my sexy mother-in-law and I having sex. Enjoy.


When I was five years old my mother and father got a divorce. My mother moved out and I lived with my dad, Jeff. Until I was 12 years old I never knew why my parents got a divorce, I had never asked. My dad had never remarried and never went on dates. One day I asked him why he divorced my mother and he told me she cheated on him. I later found out cheating is another word for an affair. My dad had been very hurt by my mother. He never thought he would find someone he could lover ever again.

During my senior year in high school my dad built up the courage to go on a date. Since I would be leaving for college after the summer I figured he didn't want to be all alone. It took him a few dates before he finally met someone he liked. Her name was Julie and she was also a divorcee. After about five dates of going to restaurants and movies he decided to bring her to our house to make her a meal. I hadn't met her yet but saw a few pictures of her on Facebook. She looked absolutely gorgeous and I was very excited for my dad and couldn't wait to meet her.

Tonight was the night for my dad's dinner party with his new girlfriend. I had helped my dad prepare the meal earlier that day. We made spaghetti and meatballs. We had just finished setting the table when I heard the doorbell rang. We dad and I rushed to the door. When my dad opened the door I was immediately shocked. Julie looked stunning. She looked way sexier than her pictures I had seen. She was wearing a very sexy red blouse with a black mini skirt. Her face is a thing of beauty, with amazing blue eyes and gorgeous smile. For being 43 years old she could easily pass as a 30 year old. I was very happy for my dad. I was extremely jealous that would be fucking that babe later tonight.

After six months of dating, my dad proposed to Julie. They got married in May. Three days after my birthday. It was a gorgeous wedding and was an extremely fun reception. I even got to dance with Julie. I'm glad I wore compression shorts under my suit pants that night or everyone would have seen the erection I had while dancing with Julie.

Julie was now my step mother. She lived in our house and cooked us dinner every night. Julie and my dad's room was upstairs. My room was downstairs and directly under theirs. About three nights a week I could hear them having sex upstairs. It always seemed to be around midnight when they began. They must have thought that I'd be sleeping by then but when I figured out their schedule I looked forward to listening to them fuck.

I had guessed that my dad must be very good at sex because Julie always screamed very loud. It's hard to believe they could think I could sleep through that. I found Julie very attractive and listening to them fucking didn't help my attraction. While they were having sex I would masturbate, trying to picture myself fucking her instead of my dad. I have never experienced more intense orgasms in my life.

It was now summer so the weather was getting very hot. Julie didn't work so we were always home alone. Whenever it was a nice day, Julie would go out on our back porch and tan. She always wore a very sexy orange bikini. Julie had very nice boobs. I would guess they were 32D. Her bikini top could barely hold them in. her bottom was just as hot. She had a shapely ass. She was very fit but she had a very sexy bubble but. Not huge but big considering she was 5 foot 4 and around 115 pounds.

I couldn't help but spy on her as she lay outside and tanned. Her bedroom window over looked the porch so I would stand by their window and overlook and he sexy body. In order to face towards the sun she would always lay facing the house so I got the perfect view. Her bikini clung to her sweaty body as she soaked up the sun. I could often see her cameltoe through her bikini. My raging hard on had to be tamed so I often masturbated while watching over her.

I found the urge to masturbate very often since Julie moved in. So often that I could easily get caught but never really cared. One day while I was in my room I was watching porn that featured a teenage boy having sex with his hot neighbor. I borrowed porn movies from friends every once in a while. I usually asked for the ones with hot older women having sex with younger men. Julie was outside tanning so I didn't worry about getting caught.

(Story now turns to Julie's point of view)

"I really need to talk Jeff into getting a pool out here. I think I will go inside and get something to drink. I wonder what Evan is doing. I should make us both a sandwich." As I got up and walked to the patio door I walked right by Evan's bedroom window. I glanced inside and saw that his TV was on. As I looked around inside his room I saw Evans lying naked on his bed. It was hard to see because of the glare from the sun but when I looked harder I couldn't believe what I saw. He had his dick in his hand and was stroking it furiously. Right there in his room was Evan, stroking his cock to a porn flick.

I was shocked at what I had seen and quickly walked inside and sat down at the kitchen table. I was pondering what I should do now. Part of me wanted to go chew his ass out and embarrass the crap out of him but another part of me felt sorry for him. He was a good looking kid and should have a girlfriend do that for him. Evan was about to begin college and didn't have a girlfriend. I realized it wasn't such a big deal. It was his room and every teenage boy masturbates. It's a natural thing. A small part of me even found it hot. I was very surprised how big his penis was. Evan is about 5 foot 11 and around 140 pounds. His dad isn't much bigger but his penis is quite impressive. It's about 7 inches long when hard and he fucks me like no one I've ever been with. Evan's appeared to be a little bit smaller but was thicker than his dads.

While I was sitting at the table, Evan walked out of his room and looked very surprised to see me.

"Hey Julie, how's the weather outside? I didn't even hear you come in."

"It's great outside, very warm. I just came in. I was going to make a sandwich, want one?"

"Sure Julie that would be great."

"Hey Evan, did you hear about that 16 year old boy in the news who got caught trying to steal a laptop from Wal-Mart?"

"No I didn't. What an idiot, why would you try to steal a laptop? Especially from Wal-Mart where there is cameras everywhere."

"I don't know why he would do that. But even when there aren't cameras you never know when someone caches you doing something bad." Wink

I then stood up and walked back outside, hinting that I caught him masturbating. His face went blank and he looked like he had just seen a ghost. I couldn't help but laugh.

"What did she mean by that? Did she see me masturbating in my room?"

Jeff was going to leaving for California tomorrow and Evan and I were going to home alone for a whole two weeks. The next morning we both said goodbye to Jeff as he got into his cab and left for the airport. Evan and I went back inside the house and decided to think of some fun activities to do for the next two weeks so we wouldn't get bored. We both suggested some good ideas but neither of us suggested the one activity that we would both enjoy multiple times while Jeff was gone.

It had only been four days since Jeff had left and I was already getting horny. I try not to masturbate very often because I believe pleasure should only come from a man's penis but I might have to change my beliefs. I don't think I will be able to get through these two weeks without sex.

"How the hell am I going to get through these two weeks without my dad here? Doesn't he know I depend on him to supply my masturbation enjoyment?" listening to him and Julie fuck makes masturbating way more enjoyable than watching porn.

It has now been 6 days since Jeff left and Julie and I have gone to a couple movies and the water park once. It was now Friday and Julie was spending today outside tanning. Julie seemed to be getting very tense the past couple days. I'm sure she misses my dad and wants to have sex. I felt her pain and wanted the same thing.

It was about noon and I once again found myself spying on Julie from her bedroom window. Today was different though. I was shocked when I saw Julie outside tanning in the nude. She must have been so tense that she forgot I was even home but holy shit was she hot. Her body was a temple and gave me an instant erection. When I got to the window Julie was oiling up her body with sunscreen. When her front side was covered in oil she pulled her feet up onto the floor of the lounge chair and poured out a little more oil on her stomach. She smoothed it down towards her pussy.

Julie moved her hand between her legs and slowly smeared the oil over her slit. She kept her hand between her legs and ran her fingers over her slick pussy, spreading her lips with her fingers and running her middle finger up and down her slit. I couldn't take it anymore and pulled out my cock.

I stroked my cock as I watched her slowly slide her index finger into her pussy. We worked in unison both pleasuring ourselves with our hands. We increased in intensity with our stroking. I was getting ready to shoot my load when I noticed Julie beginning to twitch and figured she was about to orgasm as well. I felt my testicles tingle and then sperm started erupting from my dick. Julie climaxed at the same time and I could hear her screaming outside. I don't think I have ever shot more cum that right then. I shot my load all over the bedroom window that I was standing in front of.

Julie started putting her bikini back on and I knew she was coming back inside. Julie usually takes a shower after she tans and I was in her room. I quickly ran to the bathroom and grabbed some toilet paper. I rushed back into the room and tried to clean up my cum that I shot all over the window. I could hear Julie coming up the stairs and I had only cleaned up part of the cum when I heard the door open.

"Evan, what are you doing?!"

I was so worried about cleaning up my cum that I forgot to put my clothes back on. So there I was standing naked in my step mom's bedroom cleaning up semen. I covered my dick and tried to explain what was happening even though I don't think I even knew.

"I'm sorry Julie, I saw you outside and I........made a mess. I'm really sorry."

"Here let me help you clean up."

Julies approached the window and began licking the cum off of the window.

"Mmmmm. That tastes good."

I couldn't believe what was happening but I was so glad it was. Nothing has ever turned me on ore that seeing Julie licking up my semen while in her sexy bikini. My hands were still covering my cock but I was beginning to get hard again.

"Here, let me help you with that," as she replaced my hands on my cock with hers.

She stroked my rod slowly as she continued to speak.

"I got so hot while I was playing with myself. It got me so wet. Did you like what you saw?" Julie asked knowingly and I could only nod. With that Julie moved her head down to my cock and took it inside her mouth. She sucked and stroked my cock slowly at first, and then she picked up the pace.

She sucked my cock for five minutes before standing up.

"Your turn to pleasure me."

Julie stood up and removed her bikini. I moved my hands to her breasts and massaged them. As I played with her tits she brought one of my hands down to her pussy. Her pussy was very warm and very wet. Julie then pushed me down to my knees and positioned her pussy right up against my face.

She guided my head to her pussy as she spread her legs, allowing me access to her moist slit. i momentarily stared at her beautiful, neatly trimmed pussy, then devoured her clit. I sucked on her clit and flicked it with my tongue as I reached around and grabbed her ass. Julie began breathing harder as she reached her peak. She grinded my face into her pussy as she came, throwing her head back, her legs trembling, her lips crying out, "Oh yes, yes..."

As Julie came down from her orgasm she lead me back to the bed and had me lay down.

"I want to feel that big, hard cock inside me," she purred as she straddled me.

Julie slid her wet pussy down onto my hard dick and easily slides it into her pussy. Julie begins to buck up and down on it. She braced herself against my chest as I pounded deep inside of her. I grabbed her hips and rammed inside her as she rode me hard.

"Oh, God Julie. You feel so good. I've wanted to fuck you for so long."

"Oh yeah, fill my pussy with your big cock. Oh, yes."

I can feel my orgasm build once more as my cock slides deep into Julie's hungry pussy. I can feel my cock grow as my cum rises and I can't hold back any longer as I shoot my load inside her hot slit. Julie grinds out the last drops of cum from my cock and she collapses onto my chest panting, "God, that felt sooo good. Looks like we found a fun activity to keep us busy while your father is away."

So begins the ongoing sexual adventures of a stepmother and her stepson.

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To be honest its the first time ive read anything like this but i loved it. Ive wanted to fuck my step mom forever

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