tagGroup SexSexy Strangers Ch. 02

Sexy Strangers Ch. 02


After visiting the winery we get back in the car, turn the key but the engine dies on us. We contact the car company but they say they can't get anyone out to us for two days and that they will not allow any other mechanics to look at the car. They happily offer to arrange for accommodation for us while we are inconvenienced.

We book in at the hotel, two separate rooms of course. I have an overnight bag, but you have nothing and go down to the shops in the foyer to get the necessary bits and pieces.

You arrive back at the room and get into the shower to clean up. As you get out there is a knock on the door so you wrap a towel around yourself and answer. I am standing there in a lovely tight fitting dress which is clinging to my sexy body; I have two glasses in one hand and a bottle of bubbly in the other. Well? I ask, are you going to invite me in?

There is no chance for you even to say no as I walk past you and turn and close the door. I go over to the dressing table, pop the cork, and pour two glasses. I pick them up and walk over and give you one glass and we each take a sip. While you are sipping the drink my hand reaches for the towel and I pull it off leaving you naked with a semi hard cock standing out.

I get to my knees, take hold of your cock and dip it into my drink, and then my tongue slowly starts to lick you from the bell head all the way down to your balls and back again. I take you fully in my mouth and the suction is so strong that you become totally hard almost instantly.

I start to deep throat you slowly then faster and faster as my head almost becomes a blur. You start to thrust so that we are both going forward at the same time which pushes you deep into the back of my throat. You hold my head in that position for a while as my tongue starts to caress your balls.

The feeling is so intense that you tell me you don't think you will be able to last very much longer. I take you out and say to you that I am desperate for you to cum in my throat and that there is plenty of time for us to go even further after all we have two days!!

I again start to gobble you and this time I put one hand round to your arse and start to caress the hole with my finger. You are nearing the point of no return and I can feel it. I speed up faster again and just as I feel you about to explode I plunge my finger right up your arse and your cock goes to the back of my throat. This is too much and you explode into my mouth. You hold me in place as I suck the very last drop out of you, and then release me.

You fall on to the bed and I tell you that I will be back for more later once you have recovered.

You wake up and realise that you need to shower again. You dress and go out for some fresh air. You walk down the street and pass a grocery store and go in. You get a few things and return to the hotel. I hear your door close and enter your suite through a connecting door. I am still wearing that clinging black midi length dress which is low cut at the front and even lower at the back.

You take me in your arms and kiss me passionately on the mouth, your hands on my bum as you crush me against you. I can feel your urgency starting to move in your trousers and pulse against my pubic mound. Our tongues are dancing a tango in each others mouth and my fingers are brushing frantically through your hair.

You slip the straps of my dress off my shoulders and push it down to the floor leaving me standing in just a pair of stockings and a suspender belt and a pair of black flimsy lace panties. My breast is heaving and my nipples are so hard and erect that I could hang my coat on them. You run your tongue round to my ear then down my neck to the shoulder. You bite and suck hard leaving a big mark at the base of my neck. One hand goes to my tit and you start to grope madly, your other hand is now between my legs rubbing me through the flimsy panties.

You throw me onto the bed, sink to the floor and start to eat my breast biting my nipples hard and flicking your tongue all over the beautiful mound of flesh. You lick your way down between my tits across my stomach stopping to probe my navel with your tongue. You move on down to the top of my panties then pull my body round so that my legs are open and my crotch is facing you.

You can see the damp patch on my panties and press your mouth up hard against it and start to lick and gorge yourself on me through the material. You gobble away on me as you want me to cum in my panties, which i do within a minute, my juices spraying in all directions through the material. You let me subside then pull my panties off, hold them to your mouth and suck the juice from them.

You put your head back between my legs running your tongue over my bald mound then down parting my pussy lips and start licking furiously on my clit. You can still taste the juice that is seeping from me as you press two fingers against that honey pot and push them inside me. You sit up and while thrusting your fingers in and out of my pussy you rub my clit with your thumb.

You reach down beside the bed and take a peach from the bag you got at the store and you squeeze it so that the juice runs over my body, you take another and again squeeze it over my pubic area, then you lift a tin of whipped cream and squeeze so that my breasts are covered. You run a line of cream down the centre of my body to your pubis, spread my legs wide open and spray cream all over my pussy.

I am so excited that I am running with vaginal fluid almost non stop now as you start to lick the cream and peach juice from my body. by the time you get down to my pussy, I am screaming at you to fuck me but you tell me that I will have to wait till you are ready. The combination of cream, peach and pussy juice between my legs tastes so good that the heady aroma is getting to you. I stand up and start to strip your clothes off.

I jump so fast that you are taken by surprise as I push you on the bed take the cream and spray it all over your prick, I find a final peach and squeeze that on top of the cream then in a flash my mouth is gobbling your cock so deep in my throat that you can't resist. My head is moving up and down as I put my hand between your legs and fondle your balls. I take your balls into my mouth and the sensation is almost too much as I suck madly on them.

My finger starts to probe your arse as I deep throat you. I stop, jump on you and plunge down so your cock thrusts deep inside me. I ride you as if there was no tomorrow, I am moaning with each thrust saying that I want your cum in my cunt. I keep thrusting on you and start shouting fuck me hard, fuck me hard I want your cum. you can hold on no more as I plunge down on you, you thrust up into me, we both explode at the same time, you shoot your cum deep into my womb as I squirt my sweet golden juice all over your cock and balls.

You can feel the liquid flowing down between your legs and it is so hot. You lift me off you, turn me round and get your mouth between my legs while at the same time you feel my tongue licking all round your balls then taking you into my mouth to suck the very last drop from you . With that there is suddenly a knock on the door and a familiar female voice calls out "Hey guys, can I join you..."

We are still lying in our sticky aftermath trying to catch our breath when Christina knocks on the door. I stand up in my sticky and peachy juices to open the door... mmm... just what I needed, she says, a tasty shower. Christina and I head towards the shower and offer our services to you as we walk past the bed. You join us in the bathroom to see me removing her short dress and rubbing myself against her.

I am still so very horny... you have turned me on so very much this time that we are together that nothing seems to be too much for me. Christina has her hand between my legs and she is frigging me with her fingers, you walk over to us and stand behind me. You take me in your arms and hold me tight against you. You hold my breasts and kiss the back of my neck.

I can feel you getting hard again, my juice is leaking over Christina's hand but the feel of you hard against me is more of a turn on than anything that she can do... God, but I want you... deep, hard... hot... NOW... you push her fingers away and enter me from behind, you push me against the bathroom tiles, the icy cold marble is such a contrast to the heat of our bodies that I orgasm immediately, you are inside me and it feels damn good.

This is what I need; this is what I was made for... Christina is still with us and does not want to be left out... she stands behind you and inserts a narrow anal vibrator into you... you push harder and faster into me... you can feel me tightening around you... you cum... and cum... you push one more time into me, I am almost clawing my way up the marble, you must let me go, if I cum again I will faint... another time... another fantasy...

Christina and I climb in the shower and start soaping each other... the shower has a detachable head, I take the head and start washing myself between my legs, wow, and the water pressure is so much more intense than a vibrator, especially when I can concentrate it in a particular area... Christina is holding me and rubbing against me and now she is sucking my nipples, you are getting so hard while you watch us but the shower is not large enough for all three of us...

I am almost going to climax again with the shower head when you climb in the shower, hard cock in your hand and push Christina out. I gasp as you grab me, I drop the shower head, and you hold my one leg up as you push yourself into me... YES! You feel so very good... this is what I need... harder, deeper, NOW!!!! Ohhh... yes... Thank you!

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