tagGroup SexSexy Student Scientists Ch. 4

Sexy Student Scientists Ch. 4


It was difficult keeping track of the days; but this trip to the Minnesota bush was proving more interesting by the hour and I never expected a group of students, especially the three girls, Colleen, Jennie and our little slut, Alberta, to be so sexually thirsty. Though the education component of this geology course had some significance, it was the sexual interludes that had created most interest. Today, the fourth day of the six-day trip, was over by about 3:00 pm and it gave me the chance to travel to the local town to pick up some film and toiletries. I took my time, knowing that Belinda was more than capable of looking after things at the camp. Elaine, the Camp Director would also be there to help out, if needed. So I loitered in town, had a beer at the local bar and then headed back to Camp Lookout.

A number of the boys were out tossing a football and generally having a good time. I made my way to our cabin and noticed the door was open. Inside there were sounds of moans and groans, so I remained quiet and went in the direction of the sexy sounding noises. Remaining silent I peered into the room and my cock immediately sprang to attention. There on the bed was Belinda, completely nude, her legs spread wide with Josh pounding away at her cunt. She was moving in response to the deep penetration that Josh was intent on maintaining. His ass was moving high before descending and plunging his rather large young cock into her pussy. At the other end, Belinda had her mouth firmly around the uncut cock of Jeff. He was in a trance and was moaning as her experienced tongue came into play and she deep throated him sensually. In minutes, the two boys came simultaneously, with a shudder and spurting cum. Josh had pulled out of Belinda's slurping, dripping, wide-open, moist cunt and sprayed his huge amount of cum all over her stomach. Josh had sprayed his cum load into Belinda's mouth. She swallowed as much as she could, but these young stallions had loads of cum and some of Josh's trickled out of Belinda's mouth and down her chin. With that, I entered and the boys were surprised to see me.

'Ssssir', they stuttered. I told them that they had a lot of explaining to do; but that would be after they had cleaned up my wife. I told Josh to clean up Jeff's facial artistry and Jeff to lick the cum from Belinda's cunt and stomach. They didn't look too happy; but since they'd been caught red-cocked, as it were, they knew that they had no choice. It was exciting to watch them and Belinda. She was particularly turned on by having two strong teens lick up the cum and she pulled Josh toward her and deeply kissed and tongued him, just to make the job easier to bear. Jeff was enjoying the smell and taste of Belinda's sweet pussy and he slurped away hungrily. As they were doing that, I had my cock out, stroking it, for these boys weren't finished yet. They figured they were done and they looked around to see me with my erect eight-inch cock, dripping pre-cum. I told them that their work was not yet finished and they were to pay for fucking my wife.

All they could say was, 'Sorry, yes Sir'. They both stood there, heads bowed and their cocks limp and dripping cum. In a way they looked pathetic; but I knew that they would soon rebound. Josh was the more macho of the two. He had long, dark, curly black hair and a hairy chest. His deep brown eyes smoldered with passion; and his athletic physique and strong seven-inch cock must have really brought Belinda to a great climax. Jeff was taller, thinner, less hairy and his straight blonde hair usually hung down in an unkempt state over his forehead. He was more of an intellectual; but I'm sure that Belinda had enjoyed his, more rare, uncut seven and a half inch, thick cock.

I told Josh, the one who had been fucking my wife, so vigorously, to kneel down in front of me and Jeff was to stand in front of Josh's face. I spit on my cock, made it good and wet, and placed it on Josh's ass crack and moved it around slightly. He turned his head and his eyes were almost popping out. I assured him that everything would be fine as long as he did what he was told. He didn't look convinced. But I continued to push and gradually his muscles responded and began to grip my cock as it went deeper into his ass. He was really tight, obviously a virgin. So he'd remember his indiscretion this day. I told Jeff to place his cock on Josh's mouth and the latter opened it and started sucking away, just like he was supposed to do. Belinda was smiling at this exotic three-way scene and offering advice.

'Suck longer and deeper, Josh. Push back when Rod pushes his cock into you'

Belinda meanwhile had gone down and had Josh's cock in her mouth and he and she were cock sucking with passion. And so, Josh was educated in the ways and excitement of four way, mostly male, sex. I did not slow down because I was feeling really horny after the three way sex I'd observed them having with my wife. My cock now moved easily in and out of his anus and Josh was really sucking Jeff and enjoying it. I plunged into his ass and he held me tight. He pushed hard against my insertions and my cock was throbbing with the eroticism of all this. Soon I was bursting and ready to spray my load inside his ass. I moaned and Josh groaned and Jeff yelled as we came together in a mass of cum.

There was no clean-up this time and I let the boys get dresses and leave, reminding them that they keep quiet about this escapade or I would get them expelled for sexually exploiting Belinda.

After they had gone, Belinda explained why they were having sex with her. Apparently, she thought that when I was in town she should check the cabins. On entering the girls' cabin she had found Jennie and Colleen sucking the cocks of Jeff and Josh. Alberta was in a different room, just playing with her clit. So, Belinda had stopped the activities and sent the boys packing telling them that she would discipline them later. She had gone back to our cabin, turned on by the cock sucking, undressed, except for panties and bra and began slowly caressing her slit through her panties. She thought that the knock on the door was me, so she didn't bother to put on her robe. At the door were Jeff and Josh, eyes all agog at seeing Belinda's tits semi exposed and a touch of hair showing through her panties.

She was just as surprised to see them but asked them in. She sat on the couch and they just stood there beginning to apologize for what Belinda had seen and pleading that she wouldn't tell me or to the school principal. Belinda had no intention of reporting them and she noticed the distinctive bulge in their shorts and commented on their desire for sex. As a punishment, she made them unzip each other, jerk off their cocks and then slowly cock suck each other. She noticed how turned on they were and asked if they had ever fucked and been cock-sucked by a mature woman. They hadn't, so Belinda took advantage of their innocence, and guilt, to extend their punishment, and at the same time teach them what to do. She had them first take off her bra and suck on each nipple, Josh to the right, Jeff to the left. As they did that she grasped both cocks and jerked away. Next she had them strip her of her panties, carry her to the bed and begin to lick and suck her clit and nipples. From there it was easy to get them into fucking her and she into sucking the remaining cock. Obviously, Belinda had enjoyed the feast.

Belinda said that there were plans for tonight. She had invited Elaine, the camp Director and Alberta, our delicious slut bitch over after dinner. She said that she continued to extend Alberta's training as our obedient slut

There was a knock on the door and we knew that it had to be Elaine, for Alberta had come earlier so that Belinda could get her ready. It was right on seven o'clock and Elaine, we had already found out, was a stickler for being on time. I went to the door and she stood there, looking absolutely stunning, dressed in a low cut orange colored silk blouse which displayed her soft well-rounded breasts and a black leather mini skirt, slit up the sides to expose a glimpse of her orange panties and slinky upper thighs. We kissed briefly and I escorted her into the main room. There we introduced her to our sensual young slut, Alberta. Belinda had done a remarkable job in presenting Alberta's sexy, erotic physique. Alberta was dressed as a young maid; but in a most sensual manner. Covering her torso, she wore a black, velvet vest, with the top three buttons undone to expose the tops of her tits and a tantalizing cleavage. It was obvious that she was not wearing bra and she didn't need to because her firm, ripe, rounded tits needed no artificial support. Around her waist was tied a white apron and under it she wore the shortest of black skirts accentuating her very long legs. I was sure that she would not be wearing panties; but she did have on a pair of stockings and the garter belt was obvious. Alberta's high heels finished of the outfit. But what was also delightful was the way her hair had been tied up on top with a lacy ribbon so the curve of her neck was clearly displayed.

Elaine was obviously very thrilled when she saw our slut maid and commented on how beautiful she was and how sexy she looked and, as an aside, whispered to us how lucky some guy would be to fuck her. Alberta blushed a little with all the attention, until Belinda ordered her to get us all drinks. We sat Elaine on the couch with Belinda and that was right opposite the low table that contained the liquor bottles. Alberta swayed over to the table, bent over and began to get the drinks. Elaine gave an audible gasp because she was strategically placed to see that when Alberta bent over, Alberta's skirt rose up to expose her ass cheeks and the hair of her cunt was clearly visible. Belinda smiled and patted Elaine on the arm commented on how lucky we were to have our young slut waiting on us tonight. I knew that Elaine would love to get her lips on Alberta's succulent young cunt. And I bet that Alberta would like to return the favor.

Alberta served us our drinks and then she prepared to serve us our dinner. The meal had been cooked earlier, by Belinda and Alberta. As the meal progressed, the room heated up and Belinda noticed that Alberta was sweating quite a bit so she ordered her to take off the black, velvet vest. Alberta obeyed without a murmur and exposed two of the most suckable, gorgeous tits imaginable. They were both well rounded, free standing and with the largest erect nipples. My cock was in desperate need of attention and it created a huge bulge in my pants. Elaine uttered something like 'Wow, wonderful' and Belinda asked Elaine if she would like to place her hands on Alberta's fine tits. Of course she nodded in the affirmative and Alberta, like the good, young slut she was becoming, walked over and stood still while Elaine fondled and squeezed her nipples and gently kissed both orbs. It was easy to see that Alberta was becoming aroused by the interest.

As Alberta passed by Belinda, the latter dropped her knife and told our slut to pick it up. Alberta bent over and Belinda reached under her skirt and commented on how wet Alberta was.

'You just can't wait for a good fuck can you, Alberta, you've been bad haven't you and you've been playing with your cunt in the kitchen?'

'Yes Miss'. replied Alberta in the demure fashion to which she had been trained.

'Well, fetch me the wooden kitchen spoon right away'

Off Alberta hurried and came back with the spoon. Belinda ordered her to lay across Elaine's lap and asked Elaine to raise Alberta's skirt to expose her ass. Elaine did so, at the same time running her hand and fingers up Alberta's ass crack. Alberta shuddered at the sensation. Belinda then proceeded to slap Alberta's bare rump with the wooden spoon, causing our slut to whimper and promise not to finger herself again.

With that, the meal continued and Elaine discovered that there was a very special dessert.

Out of the kitchen walked Alberta, her tits covered in cream and her cunt with honey. She was nude and a delicious sight. Elaine would never have had a sweet meat like this.

Alberta approached the table, now cleared, except for the cloth and lay down on it, her cream laden tits projecting into the air. Belinda gave our guest first choice and as I expected she went for the honey. Alberta opened her legs wide so that Elaine could lick of all the honey and get to the real sweetness - her juicy, receptive cunt. Belinda and I went to work on Alberta's tits and we managed to lick each other's tongues at the same time. Elaine was passionately tonguing and licking Alberta's cunt and our slut was enjoying every moment. Once we'd licked her tits clean, I unzipped my pulsing eight inch cock and presented it to Alberta's mouth. She hungrily consumed it and had in this short span of time become an expert cock sucker.

Belinda, not to be outdone, reached behind Elaine and pulled her panties down and hungrily licked her ass and cunt. Before getting any closer to cumming, I changed places with Belinda and rammed my cock into Elaine's sopping hot cunt and proceeded to give her the fuck of her life while she moaned and groaned still deep tonguing Alberta. Alberta had cum at least twice and now was on the verge of a third orgasm as she sucked Belinda and was being eaten be Elaine. I was ready to explode and in seconds my cock erupted with a mass of cum, just as Elaine bucked with her orgasm. Belinda was also brought to a fulfilling climax by Alberta's expert cunt and clit licking.

Alberta knew what to do next. First she engulfed my cock and licked off all the cum. Then she went over to Elaine and licked out her cunt cleaning as much of my cum out of it as far as her tongue would go. Our slut was a fast learner and she had certainly pleased us tonite. This would be our final interlude before returning from the field trip; but we were determined to keep in touch with Elaine; and we had interesting plans for our slut bitch. She would be a major feature of our dinner parties later this year. Stay tuned.

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