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Sexy, Summertime, Exhibitionism Fun


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All characters in the story are all over the age of 18-years-old.


A retired stripper and prostitute goes in business for herself

"Debbie, Dear Debbie,

Be honest. Tell me the truth. In the way that women barely wear any clothes during the summer, are all women whores?"

Signed, Anonymous

"Dear Anonymous,

Yes. Most mothers, wives, and sisters, except for your mother, your wife, and your sister, are all whores. Most women are whores in the same way that most men are whoremongers. Surprisingly shocking, move closer to the screen so that no one else can read over your shoulder. Truth be told, I swear to God, even many Catholic nuns, you guessed it, are whores."

Signed, Debbie

# # #

My name is Debbie. My Friends call me Dear Debbie, after the late Dear Abby. They call me Dear Debbie because I give them advice, mostly about sex and men. If there are two things that I know, I know about sex and men. There isn't anything that I don't know about sex and/or about men.

Having had sex with thousands of men, if I haven't done the sexual act personally, I've seen it done, or written about doing it. Being that sex comes natural to me, sex isn't dirty. Sex is a business, my business. Stripping off my clothes while dancing around a pole and having sex with men and some women was the way that I earned the bulk of my money. Having sex and stripping was how I made my living, paid my rent, and fed my children. What's wrong with that? I'll never make any apologies for dancing naked and/or having sex.

Although I still strip and prostitute myself on the side, too old to climb a pole, I'm a retired stripper and prostitute. Just as there's a market for everything else, there's a market for elderly, retired strippers and hookers. The oldest profession in the world, I'm proud that I made my living by teasing men and having sex with them for money.

When I wasn't removing my clothes while dancing naked around a pole, I was removing my clothes to have sex. Suffice to say, preferring to be topless or naked, I was always slowly and sexily removing my clothes. Even when I was home relaxing watching TV, cooking, or cleaning, when I wasn't parading around in my panties and bra, I'd prance around topless and/or naked. With me not even owning a bathrobe, if someone rang my doorbell, I'd open my door however I was dressed or not dressed. I enjoyed sexually exciting men enough to entice them to throw money at me.

"Wow! Look at her. She's such a sexy bitch with those long legs. I love her big tits and her shapely ass. Hey baby, here's twenty-dollars if you allow me to tuck it way down in the front of your G-string," said more than one man sitting in front of the stage.

Suffice to say, in the way that most men are voyeurs, I'm an exhibitionist. I have no apologies and harbor no guilt for that either. I'd have to be an exhibitionist to do what I did for a living for so long as I did. As much as I'm proud to be a slut and a whore, not ashamed or embarrassed, I'm proud to be an exhibitionist too. I enjoy showing my sexy, shapely, beautiful, topless and naked body to men and to some women too. When I'm not flashing someone my bra and panties, my topless breasts, or my naked body, I'm having sex with them.

I belong to several dating sites. Whenever an interesting man writes me, I respond with photos of me in my bra and panties, topless, and/or naked. I have lots of photos to share, dozens and dozens of photos of me in all manner of undress. You want pictures? I have pictures. With most women all talk and no action, you'd be surprised how easy it is for me to get a date. All it usually takes is to send a man a photo of my naked breasts.

Unfortunately, most cities and states have archaic nudity laws from the 17th century, the Pilgrim era. Codes of ethics of inappropriate, public, sexual behavior that are still enforced by the Bible thumping, moral majority. Because of the still alive values of puritan influence, nude beaches in the United States are rare. It's not easy for a woman living in America to get topless and/or naked in public without being arrested. Yet, with a ray of sunshine on the horizon, as a good excuse to shed our clothes, what better time to flash men what they all hope and want to see than during the summertime?

The summertime is my flashing season. The summertime with the heat and humidity, albeit with the bugs, is my favorite season. The summertime is the best time to flash and show men what women have to offer. The summertime is where I make the bulk of my money to get me through the rest of the year and the long, cold, and dark winter. Sadly, and not very sexually exciting, not much flashing happens when I'm wearing a long coat and warm clothes underneath.

With a world of horny men watching, the summer heat and humidity give women the excuse to not only wear less clothes but also to remove most of our clothes, if not all of our clothes. Exhibitionist women as well as voyeuristic men love the summertime. With all the sexy fun that we have in the summer, seemingly we all live for the summer. If it wasn't illegal to be topless and/or naked in public, I dare say that we'd have less obese women than more obese women. If it wasn't illegal to be topless and/or naked in public, I dare say that more women of all ages would show their sexy and shapely nearly naked and naked bodies.

"How do you like me now that I'm wearing my bikini? How do you like me now that I'm topless? How do you like me now that I'm naked? Do you like what you see? How much would you pay to touch me, feel me, fondle me, and lick me? How much would you pay me to touch you, feel you, stroke you, and suck you? How much would you pay to make love to me before fucking me? How much would you pay to have sex with me?"

# # #

Even though I'm a retired stripper and prostitute, I still enjoy flashing my sexy and shapely body to unsuspecting men. Able to wear less clothes when it's hot outside, the hotter the better, suffice to say, the summer is my favorite season. Living off my savings and whatever else I can earn, I dabble in prostitution on the side to supplement my Social Security.

"Yes, I collect Social Security. So, what? What's wrong with that? I can still have sex," said Debbie. "I can supplement my income by having sex on the side."

Times are tough for everyone, even elderly strippers and prostitutes, especially elderly strippers and prostitutes. Stripping and prostituting is a young woman's game. Yet, there are plenty of men, whether younger, my age, or older, who'd prefer having sex with a real pro.

Prostitution is not just about having sex. Some men are fussy about their roleplaying when pretending that I'm the housewife next door, their wife's best friend, their aunt, their mother, or even their grandmother. Some men just want to talk to a woman in the way that they can't talk to their wives or girlfriends.

As well as being good in bed, I'm at my best when roleplaying while fulfilling men's sexual fantasies. While playing my roles good enough to be nominated for an Oscar of porn, an AVN, an Adult Video News award, I could have been an actress. Had I not been swallowed up by alcohol, drugs, and sex, I could have been a big star.

A legend among my peers and my customers, for all the acting and roleplaying I've done, I should have a star on the sidewalk of the Hollywood Walk of Fame. At the very least, I should have my name along with hand and footprints in cement in the way that the AVN stars do. Unlike the coveted pink terrazzo, marble, starred squares in front of Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, the porn stars are honored with cement squares in front of the Pussycat Theatre in West Hollywood. Pink terrazzo, marble starred squares compared to drab, grey cement squares shows how porn stars are still pushed to the back when it comes to honoring them.

It's an insult that the AVN honors their porn stars with drab, grey cement squares instead of pink terrazzo, marble starred squares. Cement squares instead of marble squares are just a step above a Mafia boss ordering a hit on someone. Cement squares instead of marble squares are reminiscent of giving someone cement shoes before forcing them to swim with the fishes.

"They love me. They really love me," said Sally Fields when receiving her Oscar.

Totally different for a woman who works in the sex industry than for a woman who earns her living making movies, yet both women spend much of their time on their knees and on their backs with their legs spread. Prostitutes suck and fuck cocks for money and actresses suck and fuck cocks for movie parts. What's the difference? They're both whores.

Not many women have successfully transitioned from porn stars to movie stars. Only, three women come to mind, Shannon Tweed, Gene Simmons' wife of Kiss, Jenna Jameson, and Cameron Diaz. It's more common for male actors to make the transition from porn star to movie star. Sylvester Stallone, Jackie Chan, David Duchovny, and Tom Sizemore were all porn stars before becoming movie stars.

"They love me. They want to have sex with me," said Debbie while pretending she was Sally Fields receiving an Oscar. "They want to make love to me. They want to fuck me. They want me to blow them," imagined Debbie much in the way of Sally Fields, whenever she was on stage stripping while being cheered by an admiring crowd of horny men. "They want to cum in my mouth, in my pussy, in my ass, and all over my face, my naked tits, and my hair."

# # #

Still looking good for a sixty-something-year-old, mature whore of a woman my advanced, elderly age, with men surprised I'm as old as I am, I look ten years younger. Most men would think that I'm fifty-something. Some even think that I'm forty-something when I'm naked and in bed with them in the dark. After having sex with me, with all the sexual energy that I have, some men thing that I'm thirty-something. They'd all be shocked to know that I'm sixty-something. Trust me, even if they knew my real age, few men would kick me out of bed for eating crackers. All men, whether in their twenties or seventies would love be alone with me for a few, uninterrupted, naked hours.

"Stroke me, Debbie. Yeah, that's it. Stroke me faster. Stroke me harder. Now, suck me, Debbie. Suck me. Take all of me in your mouth while stroking me. Deep throat me as if you're Bambi Woods playing Debbie in the movie, Debbie Does Dallas. I need to cum in your beautiful mouth," was what thousands of men have said to me over the years.

Wishing I had kept a black book in the way that men do, I lost count forty-years-ago of how many men I sucked and fucked. Wilt Chamberlain claimed to have had sex with 20,000 women. Warren Beatty is rumored to have had sex with more than 12,000 women. Gene Simmons and Charlie Sheen both claim to have had sex with more than 5,000 groupies while Mick Jagger claims to have sex with more than 4,000 women. Simon Cowell, Jack Nicholson, and Hugh Hefner all claim to have had sex with more than 2,000 women. Russell Brand claims he had sex with 1,000 women. Hard to imagine someone having sex with so many women, when do these men have the time to work?

I can't imagine having sex with thousands of men but I may be surprised by how many men I sucked and fucked. Conceivably, being that prostitution was my career, I may have had sex with thousands of men. Professionally, sexually active for fifty-years, the flashbacks of naked men cumming in my hand, in my mouth, in my pussy, in my ass, and/or all over my face, hair, and tits makes my head hurt. I'd rather not think about it. It's just sex. Right?

"Fuck me, Debbie. Fuck me. I need to cum in your pussy," the voices of men continually haunt my sleep. "Show me your tits. Show me your pussy. Strip off your clothes. I want to see you naked. Blow me, Debbie. Blow me. I need to cum in your beautiful mouth while feeling your big tits and fingering your erect nipples."

Especially with me so sexually experienced and willing to do and try anything, albeit for money, especially for money, as much as I know how to play a man, I know how to tease a man. As much as I know how to tease a man, I know how to please and pleasure a man. Whether all pleasure or pain mixed with pleasure, I'm experienced in most every fetish. There is nothing that I haven't sexually done, seen done, or written about doing. When most women my age are obese and have already given up on men and on sex, I'm still sexually active.

# # #

Parked at lover's lane on a warm, summer night, the casual breeze that passed through the open windows of Charlie's 2011, silver, Lincoln Town Car did little to cool his horniness, his lustful desire, and the sexual action inside. As if she was an innocent virgin and he was her horny boyfriend, Debbie kissed Charlie with feigned passion while allowing him to have his wicked, sexual way with her sexy and shapely body. As good as she was at faking having orgasms, she was even better when giving sexual pleasure to paying men while roleplaying whichever sexy, sexual scenario they wanted.

As if they were there to watch a 60's drive-in movie, she allowed him feel her big tits and finger her erect nipples through her blouse and bra while kissing her, French kissing her. Taken with her big tits and her erect nipples, he seemingly couldn't get enough of feeling her breasts and fingering her nipples through her blouse and bra. Most prostitutes don't kiss their customers, but Debbie enjoyed kissing men's lips as much as she enjoyed sucking men's cock. Kissing was as much a part of the sexual equation as being touched and felt.

As much as he seemingly enjoyed imagining that he was with someone other than a hooker, she enjoyed imagining that she was with someone other than a paying customer too. Part of the magical mystery of sex when pretending that it was romance instead of a business, what worked for one, worked for the other. With every man having a sexual fantasy and no two sexual fantasies quite the same, roleplaying was key to many men cumming or not cumming. The better acting job she did, the quicker they'd cum.

As if he had never felt tits before, Charlie's hands were all over her blouse and bra clad breasts. Obviously, he hadn't had sex in a very long time. She continued kissing him while he continued feeling her through her clothes. More direct and seemingly wanting to be touched and felt as much as he wanted to touch and feel her, she was unlike other women who were cockteasers. She was unlike other women who pretended they weren't whores when they were as big of a whore as she was. She was unlike other women who'd never allow a man they just met to round the bases and score with an in-the-park homerun.

'Batter up,' thought Debbie while laughing to herself while playing hard to get. 'He's going to try and steal another base before sliding into home.'

Instead of denying him sexual pleasure, while continually kissing one another, she allowed his horny hand to travel beneath her short skirt to feel her ass and finger her pussy through her panties. With him her John and her his hooker, as long as he was willing to foot the travel bill, she was ready to take him wherever he wanted to go, even for a trip around the world. Yet, not allowing him to have all the sexual fun, wanting to have some sexy fun too, she felt his erection through his pants while he continued feeling her ass, her tits, and her pussy through her clothes.

Not stopping with just kissing and petting, she allowed him to unbutton her blouse one, slow button at a time while looking to see what each unbuttoned button revealed of her long, line of sexy cleavage and her low-cut bra. Still not stopping him from having his wicked, sexual fun with her bra clad breasts, she allowed him to unsnap her front snapping bra to expose her big, naked breasts to his horny eyes. As if he had never seen naked tits before, his hands were all over her big, firm, and shapely breasts. Feeling and fondling them, he leaned down to suck her already erect nipples. Obviously, a breast man, Charlie loved Debbie's big breasts.

While still touching, feeling, and fondling her naked tits with one hand, as if staking his claim, and as if he owned her cunt, he reached beneath her short skirt again to cup her pussy through her white panties. Not stopping there, he pushed her panty aside with his index finger to rub her clit. While still kissing her, he continued fingering her pussy with the fingers of one hand while continuing to pull, turn, and twist her nipples with the fingers of his other hand. While still kissing her, he reached further up her skirt to feel and squeeze her panty clad ass again.

Quite the money making, albeit harmlessly vanilla, make out session, as if she was on a date instead of being paid to have sex, Debbie enjoyed the sexual attention as much as he obviously enjoyed the sex. Most whores don't kiss and/or don't like to be kissed but, old fashioned, she did. Besides, making out was part of Charlie's paid for, sexual fantasy.

As if they were horny teenagers who couldn't afford a room, Charlie choose this place because this was where he used to take his wife and make out with her long ago, before they were married. Part of his sexual fantasy was to relive his past with Debbie by his side, instead of his wife. Paying her a premium price to make out with her before having sex with him in his car, after feeling his hardening cock and fondling the head of his prick through his clothes, she unbuckled, unbuttoned, and unzipped his pants.

As if she was his date instead of a whore, she pretended to act as horny and as sexually salacious as he was. She pretended that his kisses and touches turned her on as much as her kisses and touches sexually excited him. She reached her hand in his pants to wrap her fingers around his erect cock through his underwear. As she did while feeling his stiffening prick through his pants, she teased him by fondling the head of his cock with her manicured fingertips through his underwear while continuing to kiss him.

Then, not wasting any more time with foreplay, she went straight for the sex and straight for his throbbing prick. While he continued having fun with her big, naked tits, her erect nipples, and her wet pussy, she pulled out his engorged dick to fondle him and stroke him while staring up at him. She stared down at his cock while continuing to stroke him before staring up at him again with her big, blue eyes. Then, she whispered all that he obviously wanted to hear.

"Tell me. Say it. Is this what you want, Charlie? Do you like what I'm doing? Do you want me to continue stroking your prick while you feel my naked tits and finger my erect nipples?"

Having already made his sexual wants and desires known and having already paid her for her time to sexually entice him, she knew exactly what he wanted. As if she was a sexy, MILF of a woman that he picked up in a bar instead of an experienced whore that he paid for sex, what he wanted was for her to sexually tease him. Wanting to pretend while she roleplayed her innocent reluctance, he wanted to hang on to the hope to get lucky instead of the sex being a sure thing.

What he wanted was for her to be more virginal and not so easy. He wanted to have sex with a good woman who wasn't a whore. Yet, whether she was a saint or a whore, what he eventually wanted was what he paid to have. He wanted sex. He wanted sex with a prostitute while pretending that she wasn't a hooker.

"Yes," he said looking down at her hand filled with his erection.

She stared in his brown eyes with her blue eyes.

"Tell me. Say it," she said sexually teasing him. "Do you want me to stroke you harder and faster before I suck you?"

Not even waiting for his reply, staring in his eyes, she continued sexually teasing him by stroking him a little faster and a little harder with one hand while cupping his balls with her other hand.

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