tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSexy Suzy Strips to Sell Cars

Sexy Suzy Strips to Sell Cars


(Though this is a stand-alone story, chronologically it takes place immediately following my story Foot Slave Ch. 05)


Paul stood somewhat in a daze as he watched his wife and her sister pull their new sports cars out of the lot and turn on to the road. He had just been teased and toyed with more than he ever had in his life, and he was as horny as he had ever been, but it was Friday, and they had just told them that they would be away until Sunday.

Meanwhile Suzy, the auto sales rep, had been stopped in the showroom by her manager and was being congratulated for her two most recent sales.

"Suzy, that was just amazing. Two brand new sports cars, and at full price. How in the world did you do it?" The manager said.

"Well, I've been working with the ladies for a while; tonight, all I had to do was talk to Paul, the older one's husband and close the deal." She answered, hoping that the conversation would go no further. She certainly couldn't go into details describing her "closing" style.

"That's great; that's great," the manager went on. "Well, I just wanted to point out to you that those two sales put you just 48,000 short of your quarterly bonus number."

"What? Really?" Suzy asked.

She thought that she remembered hearing something about a bonus, but those numbers were usually so far out of reach that no salesperson ever hit them.

"Yes, I know," her manager answered. "And you have all weekend; the new quarter doesn't start until Monday."

"Damn, I'm supposed to go to my friend's wedding this weekend." Suzy answered.

"Well, you'll have to decide just how good a friend she is, Suzy," he laughed, "Counting your commissions on the two full-price sales tonight, plus the one or two more sales to reach the bonus, and of course the bonus itself, and you could be looking at a 50,000 weekend!"

Suzy thought, "50,000, holy shit!" She didn't think that she had made that much during the entire previous year.

"But the wedding," she stated, under her breath and mainly to herself. She was actually thinking that she could stand in this damn showroom all weekend and still not hit the number.

"I can't imagine that being at the wedding is worth 50,000," her manager answered her mumble. "But, of course, it is your call which is more important."

"Unless, of course, you can sell a 48,000 car in the next 90 minutes, before we close tonight," he added while he laughed and walked toward his office.

Suzy glanced out to the cars for sale and saw Paul standing there watching his wife and her sister drive off in the cars that he had just bought them.

An evil grin came across her face, though she thought, "I shouldn't."

That thought didn't linger long though, as thoughts of the 50,000 danced in her head.

"Mr. Carlson," she called out to her manager.

"Yes, Suzy," he turned back around (he had only made it a few steps away)

"What do we have in stock that lists above 48,000?" She asked.

"Well, Suzy," he replied, "Most of the sedans are; and the Jags, well except for the silver Jaguar."

"Really, the silver Jaguar is not 48,000?" she asked for clarification.

"Well, the list is 53,000, but it is last's year model, even though it is still new. I'm sure we'll have to come way down to sell it." He answered her.

"What if we didn't have to come down?" Suzy asked, with a mischievous grin coming across her face.

"Suzy, I'm sure that I'll have to come down 10,000 to sell that car. I'll happily pay a 5000 bonus if you sell that car at list price." He stated. "No salesperson can do that."

"Deal," she answered, "Have a contract written up for it, at full price and put it on my desk in my office."

"Really?" he asked.

"Really," she replied, "But do it quickly."

And with that, she walked over to the information kiosk and picked up the keys to the silver Jag and walked outside.

"Paul," she called out.

He had just been about to get in his car, but he turned to look.

"We're almost finished getting your paperwork all together on the cars you just bought," Suzy lied. (She knew that the sisters had already taken it with them.)

"Just a few minutes and I can send you home with it, OK?" she asked.

Paul just looked at her; God, she was beautiful, and he certainly had nothing else to do.

"Fine," he answered. "I'll just wait in my car."

"Nonsense," Suzy laughed, "You're my favorite customer, Paulie. We are going to have some fun."

Paul just looked suspiciously at her. He had two opposing thoughts: one, that he had already had enough "fun" for the day, and two, that his cock was still at full attention and proximity to Suzy was a really good thing.

"What do you mean?" he asked.

"Have you ever driven a Jaguar?" she asked.

"No," he said.

She took his hand in hers and led him the short walk to the silver Jaguar, then stopped suddenly, so that he accidentally bumped into her, and turned around.

The bump confirmed for her that he was still rock hard for her, and Suzy knew that this was a good thing.

"Oh, I'm sorry," he said.

"Don't worry at all, Paullie," she smiled at him.

She handed him the car key and told him to hop in and drive them around for a while.

As she got in the passenger side, her beautiful legs and stockings were on full display. And, she took care to make sure that Paul got nice, teasing looks of her stocking tops and feet, as she both casually raised her skirt and pulled her feet up to rub them from time to time.

Her descriptions of the Jaguar that she edged Paul along with during the drive sounded more sexual than automotive.

"Oh, Paul, feel that engine?"

"So big, so strong,"

"Mmm, hmm, Paulie, that's it, Paulie, faster, faster, faster, yes, yes, yes!"

When she knew that she had gotten him sufficiently turned on and very hard, she aimed her jabs closer to home with a mixture of teasing and playing up to him.

"Oh, Paulie, I don't know how you do it. Provide for two women like that."

"Damn, you must have a lot in your tank to keep the two of them happy."

"I'll bet every guy in town wishes that he could trade places with you."

"And, I shouldn't say this," she giggled, "But every woman is probably dying to know what you have that keeps those two hot, young girls so satisfied." She then leaned over to him and added, in a whisper, "I know I am."

She placed her hand on his crotch, as Paul struggled to keep driving. (She had chosen a stretch of road on which to make her move that had no place to stop or pull over.)

She found his now fully hard and throbbing cock and gave a couple of squeezes, no strokes, and said, "Damn, Paulie, I think I learned your secret."

She quickly popped back into professional mode and directed Paul to take the next turn, and they quickly returned to the dealership.

Exiting the car, she teased, "Was it good for you, Paulie?"

He responded that the car was very nice, and Suzy answered, "Just the car?" teasingly and led him back to her office for the paperwork.

Back in her office, which felt like 90 degrees, Suzy let Paul follow her in, then closed the door.

"Sit," she said, and Paul immediately fell into the seat that he had been in for the previous meeting.

Suzy was intentionally using commands now, not really asking, because she had noticed Paul's submissive tendencies earlier and knew that in this state of arousal he would do what she asked.

"Paul, I noticed you watching me earlier. Why?" She stated.

"No, I wasn't," he answered, like a little boy would deny something that he had known he had done.

"Really? That's your story." Suzy teased. "I had expected a better answer, a reason, an excuse, something."

"But I wasn't," he answered. He was embarrassed, burning up and felt guilty about lusting after this woman.

"I'll bet I can prove you were." She teased.

"How?" he asked.

"You let me worry about that, Okay?" Suzy purred, "But when I do, you have to answer me truthfully, and I might ask you to do something, Okay?"

"What?" he asked.

"You'll see," she answered, moistening her lips as Paul quivered even though it was extremely hot.

"You just say, 'Okay' now, Paulie." She said.

"Okay," he answered.

"Good boy, Paulie, good boy, now, we'll play a little game."

Suzy stood up and removed her jacket, revealing her strapless corset. She then reached up and pulled her hair down, letting it flow freely down, just past her shoulders.

"Paulie," she began, "Look into my eyes."

And he did.

"Paulie, here's the game. I think you watched me very closely today, sweetie, very closely, as I changed my stockings, touched up my makeup, even as I just snacked on a piece of candy. And I just want to know why, Paulie. That's all."

"So, to prove it," she continued, "You are to look straight into my eyes, as I go through each of those things again. If those motions weren't such a big thing earlier, then they won't be now, and you'll have no trouble maintaining eye contact. If, however, you can't help it, as I suspect, then you will drop your eyes from mine."

"Do you understand the game?" she asked.

He barely nodded, and she slowly, slowly continued, "Now, your eyes may drop to my lips, maybe my tongue, maybe my stockings, wherever you want, but I win when they do. Now, I'll start."

She moved over to his side of the table and sat on the desk, thus slightly above him in his chair. As his head aimed up into her eyes, she scooted into position directly in front of him, resting one leg on each side of him and giving him a direct view up her skirt, if he would just take it.

She began licking her lips and sucking on her fingers. He could see this of course out of his peripheral vision, but he managed to keep his eyes on hers.

"Paulie, I'm going to roll my stockings off now. You don't have to watch, but I want you to help me, so give me your hands." She commanded.

Without even thinking, he held his arms out, and Suzy took his hands and placed them on her stocking tops as she positioned one of her legs between his legs.

"Paulie roll it slowly, gently off, baby, I don't want to ruin them, but, remember, stay focused on my eyes." She instructed him.

As he, ever so slowly did this, Suzy continued,"Paulie, I'm a little worried about you, I must say. I'm afraid that if everyone in town sees Toni and Phoebe in their new sports cars, and you, still driving your old car, they might think that you are being taken advantage of, and you would hate that; wouldn't you, Paulie?"

Paul didn't answer, so Suzy said, "Paulie, if you have to nod or shake your head to answer, that won't count as breaking eye contact... Even if you get a little peek." She giggled.

Paul, seeing a chance to finally see up the skirt, slowly nodded, letting his eyes linger for a second on her panties.

"I would hate that for you too, Paulie. Do you believe me?" she asked, as she rotated the leg that he had just rolled the stocking off of back to her side and now placed the other one between his legs.

He nodded, more to look at this stocking than to answer, but no matter to her. His eyes lingered a bit longer this time.

"Eyes back to mine, baby," she giggled; she now had a lollipop and was licking it as she had been earlier, letting her tongue tease it and swirl around it, before fully taking it in her mouth.

She slid one foot up the inside of shorts and started stroking his balls.

"Are you alright with this? I didn't do it earlier, and I'll stop if you don't like it." She stated.

He nodded that he was alright and watched her foot working on him during the nod.

When his eyes returned to hers, she asked, "Do you want to pull it out?"

He nodded.

When his eyes reached his crotch, she whispered, "Do it, but quickly."

He undid and unzipped his shorts and pushed them down. His cock sprang to full size, straight up as it was freed from his shorts.

When he looked back up, Suzy had unbuttoned and removed her corset and placed her tits on full display.

"Paulie, my eyes," she reminded him, and somehow he managed to bring his eyes back to hers.

"I know how I can prevent people from thinking you are being taken advantage of, do you want to hear how?"

He nodded, mainly just to look at those tits.

"God, they were magnificent," he thought.

"Do you want to touch them?" she teased.

"Oh, yes, please," he answered. Then he remembered that he could nod and look, so, he did.

"Go ahead," she said.

She knew that her questions were stupid; hell, the whole game was stupid, but she had manufactured it in such a way that he had started out in a business meeting and ended up ogling and touching her. She only asked questions that would get a "Yes" answer to get him in the mood of looking at her after each question. She needed him in the habit of saying 'Yes' to her.

He placed his hands on these perfect real tits, as Suzy brought her other foot to his cock and started giving long full strokes with her feet.

"Back to my idea," she said while slowing her pace slightly on his cock. "You could buy the silver Jaguar," she added as if excited, "Then it will just look like you all got new cars this weekend."

"Suzy," he started to say.

"Don't answer baby; it was just an idea." She cut him off.

"Do you like it?" she asked, speeding up again on his cock.

He thought that he was talking about the feeling on his cock, but she would later swear that she was talking about the car.

"Oh, yes," he answered. "I love it."

"Do you want it?" she asked.

"Suzy, please, yes, I want it." He answered, as her feet were now moving as fast as they could up and down his shaft, now fully coated in precum, allowing wonderful glides up and down the shaft.

She watched him carefully, watching for signs of his upcoming orgasm, and just as he took a deep sigh and relaxed his eyes, she knew he was about to erupt.

Suzy stopped abruptly and placed the contract on the desk between her thighs, as she watched a distraught look come over Paul's face. She noticed a slow but steady stream oozing out of his cock and knew that she had timed it perfectly; she put a pen in his hand and pointed at the signature line, as she said, "Paulie sign this right now and I'll give it to you, baby!"

Paulie didn't even look at it; he signed it immediately, and nearly just as quickly started to erupt as Suzy's strokes started back up. Nearly six weeks of denial and teasing shot all over Suzy, the desk, the carpet, and of course himself.

He didn't comprehend that Suzy had just said, in her mind, to sign this and she would give him the car. (Of course, Suzy knew that too, but she would never let on.)

While Paul sat there recovering, Suzy quickly got dressed, took the contract and said that she would meet him out front.

Paul thought, "Oh no, what have I done. I need to stop her." But, it took him a few minutes to cleanup, get dressed and get out there, and he didn't see her when he got out there.

"Paul," a male voice greeted him. "Suzy told me that you had to take a call in her office. Everything alright?"

"Yes, uh thanks," Paul answered, thankful at least that some excuse had been given.

"Great," the man answered, "Well, Suzy took off; she has a wedding to get to this weekend, but she agreed to take your old car to the wholesaler for me. So, it's gone too. I'm her manager and I've got everything ready to go for you on your new Jag; congratulations!"

"Wait," Paul said, "I think there may have been a misunderstanding."

The manager laughed, "Suzy's great; she told me that you would say that, but no sir, there is no mistake; you get the silver one, not the green one that she said might confuse things. Isn't that right?"

He dropped the keys into Paul's hand and said, "Unbelievable, how she handles every detail."

Paul, stunned, and at a loss for words, walked out to his new Jaguar and drove it home.

He tried not to think about the 150,000 that he had, in essence, just spent for a foot job.

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