tagFetishSexy Thai Student Welcomes Teacher

Sexy Thai Student Welcomes Teacher


Episode nine of the erotic photo journals of an English Teacher in Thailand.

I guess this all began nine months previously while drinking with my buddy Dave in the UK. After a few beers, he had turned to me and said:

"Tony, why don't you leave that f... lazy, money grabbing slag wife of yours? Tell me, Joanne fucks you how many times a day?"

I looked down at my half-empty glass, and admitted with a certain amount of shame and embarrassment:

"Once a week, on a good week..."

"Holy cow! You need to move to Thailand. If you want to shag young tight pussy until your balls drop off, then there is only one place in the world for that: Thailand. Either go to Bang Cock, or Fucket. Believe me, those Thai bargirls will suck every last drop of cum out of that low mileage cock of yours. Most of the silverbacks over there die of a heart attack while having sex with their twenty year-old wife. Fact. What a way to go, though..."

We both laughed. Never in a million years would I have imagined that just nine months later I would actually be taking his advice and moving over there to live!

If you have ever visited Thailand, you cannot fail to have noticed how stunningly beautiful Thai girls are. They have such adorable small, slim and slender brown bodies, with girlish hips and little perky breasts just built for sex. Their lovely long black hair and cute smiling almond eyes are so attractive. Most of the girls have firm bodies with small tight pussies adapted to the smaller, less virile shall we say, yes, effeminate Thai male. A white man is better hung than a Thai man, a reality that has been well defused to Thai women. This means that when mating with a big white male, Thai pussy makes for a wonderfully snug fit. Chiang Mai girls in particular are very feminine, with a sweet temperament and no family baggage, so they make for the best wives or mistresses. This particular whiter-skinned species of Thai girl makes a tender, loving, fucking machine. Thai girls are taught from very young not to argue with their men or their elders. As a result, they are not only shy, meek and gentle, but sexually docile and obedient. Perhaps this is why there is a westerner living on every street corner here, fucking his young Thai wife or girlfriend.

Like countless other sex tourists, I had sampled the local bar-slut pussy, and I too had become an enthusiastic fan. Unlike those poor visitors who fall in love with a bar whore, and then are surprised to find themselves fleeced of every last cent, I was lucky enough to find out that the other beautiful and normal Thai girls want nothing more than to have a white cock in their bed too. My marriage had gone down the tubes, but my life wasn't over. On a whim, I accepted a position as English lecturer at one of the many universities in Chiang Mai, Thailand packed my stuff and moved out there, leaving the frigid bitch fuming on the doorstep.

Although I had been to Thailand before, I had been too busy getting bar pussy to notice anything else. Now, I suddenly realised that Thailand was in fact teaming with sexy young things called "students" driving around on their small scooters and wearing very short black skirts designed to give the locals and tourists a hard-on. If you are male and you have ever noticed these beauties, you will know exactly what I mean.

While at high school, girls have to wear three-quarter length prude skirts that hide their female shape. When they leave high school and go to university, the system is derailed. Whereas female university students have to wear a uniform consisting of a tight white blouse fitted with brass buttons and a military-style belt, they also have to wear black high heeled shoes and a black skirt. For some weird reason, there is no rule about the length of the skirt. Although some girls do choose to wear long skirts, others of a more adventurous nature go for the sexy micro-skirt. This cock stimulating garment closely resembles a tight, black, crotch belt. It is so sexy that it would make a bargirl jealous. As if this were not enough, the regulations do not cover panties. Take my wife Noi for instance.

While a student, she preferred to wear see-through panties and crotchless thongs, just to 'tease the teacher'. Whenever she would cross her slender little legs, she would flash some flesh and distract the attention of the more virile men. Frankly, I am convinced that this uniform has been designed for the specific purpose of fulfilling some professor's wild sexual fantasies.

On my very first day in Thailand, I was met at Chiang Mai International airport by Miss Goy. The university had sent her there to welcome me and act as my guide on the first day. How nice and thoughtful of them, I thought. Via email, I knew that Miss Goy was in senior year, studying for her Bachelor Degree in Tourism, and that I would be teaching her English.

When I first saw her, she was standing there very excited and waving a sign with my name on it. Her little tits were bouncing up and down under her blouse. She had forgotten to wear a bra, poor thing.

I examined Miss Goy from head to toes. What a pleasant sight for my sorry, tired and jetlagged eyes. I smiled at her with mixed pleasure and appreciation. She looked real cute dressed in that tight blouse and pleated short black skirt. Her shiny long black hair was tied back with two red ribbons like a young girl. If I had not known she was in Year 4, I would have thought she was eighteen.

I expected her to "wai" me, that's when they put their hands together as if to pray, but instead she gave me a quick peck on the lips! Wow, I thought, such nice civilised manners. Seeing my look of surprise, she said:

"Professor Dupont from France tells me western men prefer the kiss to a "wai"? Is that correct, Master?"

How could I argue with that bit of French logic? And the "Master" thing, that was new to me back then. The fact is that students over here consider their teachers as their superiors, to be respected and obeyed. How civilised...

"Uh... yes, I forgot. Where I come from, we do it a bit different. Wait, let me show you how you must greet your English teacher from London..."

She approached me, closed her eyes and offered me her sweet Thai lips. I took her by the shoulders, and kissed her squarely on the mouth, sending my tongue in between her fragrant lips. Her eyes opened in shock and surprise, and she jerked back.

"Ohhh..." she said, with a little frown.

"Just let yourself relax. Let me teach you," I said seriously, and kissed her again. A Thai couple glanced at us disapprovingly and the husband said something to his wife.

This time I felt the stiffness leave her body and her spicy tongue rub against mine. She sighed as I moved back.

"Now, that was better, wasn't it Toy?" I enquired.

"Goy, not Toy," she said, seriously.

"Right, Toy," I replied. "You liked that?" I asked.

She hesitated for a moment, and her little eyebrows creased in thought.

"Yes, "chorp"... But in my country bad to do in public," she said. In Thailand, public shows of affection are not really approved of. This just means you more training for your fuck toy.

"You have much to learn, then," I replied. "Do you want more?" I asked, hopefully.

"Oh, yes, Master. I want you teach me very much," she said.

"Me too," I replied.

"You are very "lor" (handsome)," she said to me coyly. Thai girls are very direct with their compliments. It's so refreshing to be hit on when you are older and overweight.

Thai women consider white skin very beautiful and they all spend a lot of money on products to become "whiter". This is why they find western men handsome regardless of age, baldness, or weight. Failing becoming white, the next best thing is to have a white husband. Thai women have heard that we white folk take better care of our women, and with our bigger love sticks, we can give them more sexual pleasure. Stepping off the plane, I still had very white skin and that attracts Thai pussy like a magnet.

"We go to university now," she said, taking control of my baggage trolley.

"I want to stop by my hotel first. You know, shower and change," I said.

She thought for a moment, and then said:

"Okay, but quick. You must come. They are waiting for you."

I nodded. About twenty minutes later I had checked in to my hotel and we were entering my room at the Ramming Lodge (ps. you can look it up on Google if you don't believe). Later I was to discover to my delight that there is also a Chiang Mai Ram Hospital for randy old goats like me that like to fuck young slutty nurses. I looked at the bed longingly. I am sure the room had welcomed a lot of ramming rods inside of Thai pussy, especially as it was smack bang in the middle of the night district where the bargirls stalked tourists for a quick fuck. I was very tired and the only thing I wanted was some sleep and a Thai chick.

"Suay (nice)," cute Goy said.

"Make yourself comfortable," I said pointing to the bed. "I won't be long."

She hesitated, and then sat down on the bed while I went and took a shower. Ten minutes later, I came out wearing a wet towel.

She looked up at me, expectantly.

"Do you want to practice that kiss again?" I asked with studied innocence.

She shook her head, disappointed.

"No more speaking English, please. It hurts my head. Can I suck your cock instead, Master?" she said, looking at me with her slutty eyes, and added: "Professor Dupont always allows me to."

Damn! I must meet that frog, I thought with a certain degree of admiration.

I allowed my towel to drop to the ground. She studied my cock with interest for a second, and then reached out and took hold of it with the tip of her fingers. Her nails were painted red.

"It is much bigger than my boyfriend's, but smaller than Professor Dupont's," she remarked.

Damn, I thought. She saw the disappointed look on my face, for she quickly apologized, explaining:

"But it is much more beautiful than his. Your "koy" (cock) is white. His is black."

Mother, I thought. A French-African dick in a Thai chick? Now that must really hurt... She was about to say something else, but I pushed my erection between her sweet lips, muffling her words.


"Don't speak with your mouth full," I advised, but Goy didn't need any encouragement.

Like the good Thai girl that she was, she had somehow managed to slip out of her clothes while sending her tongue swivelling around my dick. When it comes to sex, Thai girls cannot be beaten. They are born with a god given talent for sex and they know no shame. Most of them simply adore having their little tight pussies pounded by a larger white cock. Not having the moral guilt of Christian women, Thai women enjoy sex with other men tremendously and being submissive by nature, they take pleasure in doing whatever they are told. Although the average Thai girl is very shy, prude and reserved in public, once you get her in bed, she will fuck your cock off and come hard too, leaving you to stagger around with your dick aching from over use.

Her short skirt came off and I discovered that she wore no panties. Her tiny pussy was shaved clean probably to facilitate a good fucking. Misinterpreting my stare, she paused a moment to explain: "I peed in my panties..." before continuing to slide up and down my tool like a well-oiled piston, her cheeks hollowing and puffing as she sucked hard like a god little fuck toy.

She was sucking my cock so well that I was worried that I would soon come in her sweet little mouth. I could not decide whether her lips looked better kissing me or sucking on my tongue, or wrapped around my dick. I could tell by the shine in her eyes that she was horny. As for me, I was so hard I just wanted to give this twenty year-old Thai girl the fucking of her life. I thrust my pelvis forward hard, holding her small lovely face while I sent my big white cock deep into the back of her throat. I could see that I was making her gag, but she did not seem to mind. She guessed what was going through both my heads, so she pulled back, smiled, and then slid onto her back on the bed.

"You go down first, okay?" she said.

Was that a tone of command in her voice? I

thought. How westernised.

I looked at her for a moment and before I realised what she wanted, she had taken my head in her hand and pushed me down between her legs.

I held her by her small girlish hips and I stared at the lovely small slit between her legs, just two inches from my nose, smelling her sweet scent. Her skin was warm, smooth and soft under my tongue as I kissed at her little pussy lips. I sent my tongue delving into her sweet crack, and I felt Goy relax and then sigh. Barely two hours in Thailand, and I was already enjoying a warm Thai take-out. I looked up: Her eyes were closed with enjoyment. I licked all around and deep into her crack until she moaned, jerked and pushed my head back as she hit her first climax.

"Come now. I want you. 'Vite'," she said. Her

English might have been basic, but it was very effective. Ah, and the 'vite'. That was French for 'quick' or 'hurry up'. Mon Dieu, it appeared that the Frenchman had been fucking her quite a lot.

I climbed on top of her and I sent my cock straight into her wet, horny pussy. I began thrusting at her, holding her small frame against my older overweight body while she moaned. She felt so fragile and sexy. Her little brown body was just made for fucking. Her little hands held me tight as I fucked her snatch hard and fast. She came again; Thai girls prefer a hard strong fucking or they would not be interested in a foreigner. I went suddenly deep, and came inside her young pussy, filling her with my jizz.

I thought I knew Thailand before, but never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined that this place would just be teaming with beautiful young girls hungry for white cock. Sticking your cock into Thai pussy is like feeding in to a tank full of piranha: Those Thai girls will suck and fuck every last drop out of you.

"You are my first white man," Goy said to me shyly, giving me a little kiss. "We go now. You can boom-boom with me again?" she enquired.

"Sure, how about tonight?" I asked, hopeful.

"Sorry, Master. Pr. Dupont want me. He say I am 'chienne chaude' which does not mean 'hot dog' but 'hot slut'. My friend like you very much," she said with a confident little smile.

I was not sure how her friend could like me, never having met her, but why not? I thought.

"Your friend likes to have sex?" I asked.

She blushed, the little angel. Thai girls can be so prude, even after they have just fucked you.

"We not talk about sex," she said, blushing.

"But you like it, right?"

"Yes, you very big dick. Feel good in my small pussy," she said with more blushing.

That was fine by me. No chitchat, straight into bed. Of course, if you don't make your Thai girl climax or give her oral forget it; your reputation will decline. The first thing Thai girls ask each other over here is if the "fareng" goes down on her every day, as it is a given we are well stocked down there with bigger weenie than the locals.

As I arrived at the university, I was shown to the teacher's room. Goy/Toy introduced to my boss, a well preserved white Thai-Chinese lady in her early fifties.

"Welcome to Chiang Mai. I hope you stay long time," she said. Had she just propositioned me?

Just then, to spoilt things, Jimmy, one of the lecturers there, had rushed in, his face red with tears. I looked up at him with surprise and alarm. What had I got myself into? I thought with apprehension.

"I quit, I quit. I cannot stand it anymore!" He cried.

"What happened?" someone asked, concerned.

"It was that Jip again. She was flashing her pussy at me. She was sitting in the front row without panties, again. These students are just disgusting. I'm leaving."

I listened and nodded in false sympathy. Shit, this was going to be rough. Was I going to be able to keep my dick in my pants until the end of the day? I later learnt that after his ladyboy experience, Jimmy had discovered that he was indeed gay. He had shacked up with a Thai man, and refused to have sex with any of the female students. They were on a war path to reconvert him, or expulse him from the university. There were only three white male lecturers in the faculty, and about ten thousand beautiful sex-hungry Thai girls dying to get white cock in their tiny fresh snatches. Opportunities could not be wasted on a gay. Now, if he had been a ladyboy, that would have been different as they are very popular here with both the girls and the boys.

My new boss turned to me and said:

"Dr. Tony, you must question this student Jip straight away and report back!"

Oh, boy! It was day one in my new job. What a great country, but I could never have guessed what was going to happen next.


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