tagNonConsent/ReluctanceShackled and Confused

Shackled and Confused


Pierre slowly blinked his eyes open. His head felt fuzzy, like he was still sleeping, dreaming even. There wasn't much light, in whatever space he was in and...and...what was this? He tried moving his wrists and found them restrained. With his legs he found the same. "What the hell?" He thought to himself, "where the hell am I?" He struggled to recall the last thing he could. Dinner, he'd gone out to dinner. He remembered getting dressed for dinner, a dinner with...with...Catharine. A vision of Catharine and her deep green eyes flashed before him, was it from last night? She wore an even deeper green dress that sparkled when the light hit it. Yes, they'd had dinner last night. Seafood. Not his favorite, but she was stunning and he'd do whatever it was she asked. Since he'd met her, he hadn't been able to get her out of his head, she was like an illness that he couldn't shake. And finally she'd agreed to go to dinner.

"Comfortable?" purred a voice from the darkness. "I see you're awake now. I've been waiting."

"What...Catharine, is that you?" Pierre asked, confusedly. "Where am I and why...why can't I move?"

"Shhh..." was her only response. Pierre struggled to recall last night. At dinner he'd had only three glasses of wine, although he could remember feeling more buzzed than normal after the first two glasses.

"Catharine, did you...did you drug me?" He asked. No response from the darkness. He pulled at his restraints a bit, there was no way out. He was fairly comfortable, all things considered, he seemed to be upright, on a wall perhaps? And covered with something soft, although how it stayed up was a mystery, like pretty much everything else since he'd opened his eyes.

A small pool of light appeared in the darkness. It illuminated Catharine. There she was, no denying. Her raven hair, her curvy figure, her silken skin. She wasn't wearing any clothing.

"Catharine, why have you done this? You know I would have gone with you willingly." Pierre stated, knowing an answer was not likely forthcoming. In the small light, a candle perhaps, he could see her, moving in the darkness, making circles with her hips, tracing her fingertips over her curves. He felt himself becoming aroused, though he tried to fight it, this really wasn't the time or the place. He couldn't look away, she was captivating, as her movements grew and it was clear she was dancing to a tune only she could hear.

Slowly, she danced her way towards him. Twirling and bending, giving full view of not only her shapely ass, but all the other assets she possessed. She was a step away, he could feel her breath on his neck. With a swift whoosh, she removed whatever blanket that had been covering him, revealing him naked and aroused, mounted to the wall.

"Mmm..." she mumbled, "about seven inches, I'd say" as she brought her dainty hands to his erect cock. In light circles she ran her fingers around the base, squeezing gently as she moved them upwards. Pierre was in shock, of course this felt fantastic but...why was he bound? Why was he drugged? What on earth was going on? He was confused, very, very confused.

Catharine seemed oblivious to his confusion as she leaned in, hands now grasping his balls and exploring his lower half. She placed her lips at the tip of his member and glanced up at him. Their eyes met for just a moment, she made a half smile, then began taking him, inch by inch, into her warm, wet mouth.

Pierre, though overwhelmed by his confusion, tried his hardest to let go, to just let it all go and just be. Just be given head. Catharine was not new to giving head, within moments she had his legs quivering as she stroked and sucked and swirled. He felt as though he could take no more, as though she'd given him as much pleasure as he could take and then, just as suddenly as she had begun she stopped. Catharine stepped back.

"What..." was all Pierre could mutter, "was that?"

"Oh, I'm not done," smirked Catharine, "only just begun, really." At this, she removed from a bag at her feet a large vibrator. For a moment he feared she may use it on him, not something he was comfortable with, but instead, she pressed it inside her own black hole. He watched, still feeling the build up but not the release his body now desired, as she pleasured herself, taking herself over the cliff of orgasm again and again and again.

"Please..." Pierre mumbled, "please Catharine...I need...something...anything..." but she just smiled coyly and came again, her face frozen in serene pleasure.

"Oh, Pierre, you'll get what you need. But first you need to wait. Waiting is a very important skill in life and it's about time you learned that lesson." With that, Catharine turned and left. Pierre remained, shackled, horny and confused, very, very confused.

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