tagExhibitionist & VoyeurShackled and Confused Ch. 03

Shackled and Confused Ch. 03


Pierre wasn't sure how long he'd been attached to this wall. There was no natural light in whatever space Catharine was keeping him in. Catharine seemed to come and go at random intervals, usually fellating him to near orgasm, then disappearing as suddenly as she had appeared. He imagined it had been at least a few days, four tops. He still had no idea why this woman, this woman he adored with all his being, was keeping him locked to this wall. His body ached, being in an upright position for so long left him uncomfortable. The least he wanted to do was move around a bit, stretch his muscles a bit. Pierre practiced yoga regularly and his body was begging for it, maybe more so than the release he wished Catharine would provide.

He heard a door open. Catharine stepped in, bathed in the soft red glow of the candle she clutched in her hands. He figured it would be the same routine, she'd come over, suck his cock and leave just before he shot his load in her mouth, he had it down by now. But this time Catharine had something different in mind.

"Pierre," she spoke softly, "Pierre, I..." he waited with bated breath for her to speak, for her to share with him anything, anything at all that might explain the situation he has found himself in. But her words were not forthcoming, instead of words, she began a slow strip tease.

In other circumstances, Pierre might consider himself a lucky man. Catharine was the most beautiful woman he'd ever laid eyes on. She started with her top, a coral colored soft cotton tee. She twisted and tugged the shirt upwards, his eyes begging for a look at her breasts. Carefully she removed the top, but just before he could lay eyes on her sumptuous lady lumps, she turned around. Catharine's back muscles were well defined, he thought for sure she must work out. She held her arms far above her head, twirling her arms, then lowering them, tracing the outline of her body as he watched from behind.

"Catharine!" He declared, trying anything he could to catch her attention, "Catharine! Please! What is going on?" But she only continued her strip tease. Next was her stockings. A girl in stockings drove Pierre insane, maybe she knew that, maybe it was a lucky guess, but here she was...she propped her right leg on a chair, and teasingly began rolling the stocking down her milky thigh, over her knee and down her well-defined calf, then finally off her perfectly shaped toes. Pierre watched, hard as the rock he was named after, as she repeated the show on the second side.

"Damn it, Catharine!" Pierre yelled, "I want to fuck you. I want to fuck you and I want to know what the fuck is going on. And I want the fuck off this wall." Catharine laughed. Not a 'you're so silly' laugh or even a 'maniacal captor' laugh but a playful, 'isn't this fun' type laugh. Pierre was dumbstruck. Here was the woman he'd spent months pining for, his mind had thought of nothing else for longer than he could remember, here she was laughing at him strapped to her wall in some sort of basement. What the fuck was going on?

"We all want something, Pierre." Her voice was rich, she sounded so...innocent? Ironic, he thought to himself. "We all want things we have to wait for. Some things are worth the wait, are they not?" Her brilliant green eyes met his, this only deepened his physical longing for her. "Are they not worth the wait, Pierre?" there was a pregnant pause as it became obvious she was waiting for a response.

"Yes," Pierre agreed cautiously, "some things are worth waiting for. But usually people wait at a bus stop or maybe even in their own homes, why am I waiting while strapped to a wall?"

Catharine laughed again. "Pierre, you are too much!" She giggled and apparently decided it was time to continue her strip show. Her tiny thong didn't cover much, but she slipped it slowly off her shapely ass, and down those legs, god how Pierre wanted to lick those legs. The next thing she did was unexpected (as though anything that had happened since they went out to dinner had been expected...) she took her small thong and placed it on Pierre's head. The smell of her wafted into his nose, her scent filled his body and soul. Nature's love potion, he thought to himself as the smell permeated his very existence.

"Grrr!" He erupted. "Catharine, I need you, please...please...please give me release." But no release of any type was imminent. Catharine traced her finger up and down his body, licked it, then turned and headed for the door. Just before she left, leaving him aching for her once again, she glanced back at him and said "Play, Pierre. Play is how we learn, how we make mistakes, how we move forward. You must learn to play along." And with that, she was gone once again.

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