Shackled Ch. 15


Suddenly, her nails dug into his shoulders and she stiffened again, this time there was no waiting or turning back as she came. She cried out in pleasure, her face a picture of determination to milk every last sensation from the peak she was on. He grabbed her ass tightly and began to pump his cock into her harder and more quickly as she continued to cum, impaled on his shaft. She whimpered in his embrace, her legs wrapped around him and her breasts sliding up and down his chest as he fucked her. He was close to the edge himself now and his cock started to twitch again in its familiar dance.

He stepped back for the wall and held her up by her butt easily, her arms and legs wrapped around him, clinging on for dear life as he pummeled her cunt. The water drove down on them and he could no longer stop his release.

"Emma...." was all he could mouth softly, closing his eyes, before he felt the cum starting to bubble from him.

He thrust urgently into her, only a few more times and then his cock exploded within her, sending ribbons of warm cum shooting into her welcoming cunt. Her depths contracted around his cock, teasing more from his cock than he thought possible. He kept driving, trying to milk every last bit of his release. He was still shooting into her, even though there was little left to give now. The pleasure slowly receded and he slowed his pace while kissing her lips softly.

"Emma," was still all he could say.

His rocking slowed until all he could feel was his cock pulsing within her, sending the last few drops of his essence into her. Finally, he stopped and they were in the shower with the cold water beating down on them, Emma with his arms and hips wrapped around him while his cock stayed warm within her.

Hansen gently lowered her to the floor of the shower, her body sliding against him. His cock slid out of her, still hard and was pressed between their bodies as they remained in their embrace. He lowered his head a little and kissed her softly on the mouth.

"I feel like I could do this forever," he whispered. "You're.... unbelievable."

He looked at her face, her normally soft brown hair plastered against her head and framing her brown eyes.

He kissed her on the nose.

"We really should get ready Emma, they'll be here in a few hours," he said softly. "Not that this isn't fun."

He pulled her tight one last time, then released her. His face changed and he smiled at her.

"I thought showers were for cleaning up," he said, "I believe I've actually managed to get dirtier!"

He shook his head at her and pressed his lips together.

"This time we better clean up and you owe me a coffee."


It was the perfect moment and like Liam, she wanted it to continue forever. But he was right, they would have company soon. She smiled at his last comment and wiggled her brows. "I didn't hear you complaining a moment ago." She teased and giggled softly, then sighed and pushed away slightly to grab the soap once more. "I suppose enough fun for now. I'll try to control myself if you do."

With those words, she began to soap him up again, her hands quickly and efficiently washing his body off, teasing him as she bite down on her lip and gave him what had to be the sweetest and yet naughtiest look she could manage.

When they were both clean, she stepped out of the ice box he called a shower and dried off. Her laughter filled the small space again as they playfully bumped and fought over the sink, then spent several moments lost in soft sensual kisses as Emma led him back to the bedroom for them to change. She once more borrowed some clothes. Wearing the jeans for the day before and a fresh shirt. She brushed out her hair and braided it, slipped on her shoes and went about fulfilling her promise of strong coffee.

Time was ticking by fast. Too fast for her taste. Her nerves began sent butterflies off in her stomach, which fluttered and made her slightly queasy. Sipping on her coffee, she sat on 'their' bench and waited anxiously for company to arrive. She wasn't let down. Precisely at two, Emma heard some commotion at the entrance and smiled as she heard the familiar voice of Mrs. Chan. Standing, Emma moved to stand next Liam, her hand bumping his, but then drawing back to slid it into her pocket. She didn't want to come across as the clingy helpless girlfriend. No, she wasn't helpless. She held her own, had learned some new tricks and was smart and dependable. Still, she felt as though she would easily drag Liam down being shackled to his side.

"Oh it's so nice to come here and see a pretty face. You should keep this one around, Liam." Mrs. Chan gushed, making Emma color as the older lady moved with surprising determination and grace. Emma was instantly greeted with a hug and bags of groceries. "I brought some more down. I know a woman cannot live on coffee alone. I even brought you some more pastries."

Emma's eyes widened and a grin spread over her lips. Mrs. Chan was a sweetheart through and through. "Thank you so much."

Right behind her, Mrs. Chan's son waved before shaking hands with Liam and then a small parade began the decent into his basement home.

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