Shade's Destiny Ch. 02


I think Shade knew when I'd recovered a bit. She broke the kiss, smiled and said, "Enough, slut. Other adventures are ahead." I felt the chair tip up; I saw Blondie's face, slick with me. She smiled, bent, and put my anklets and shoes on. She stood, took my hands and helped me out of the chair. She bent, slipped the skirt over my feet and slid it up and over my hips. Tasks complete, she kissed me lightly on the lips and, with a smile, turned and left. Shade beamed at me from the corner. She clipped the leash and we headed past the pulled back curtain. Shade turned her head to me, eyebrow raised in an unspoken command.

I turned to Tessa. "Thank you so much Tessa. It was wonderful. You and your staff are fabulous. I feel like a new woman. Have a great weekend." I made the smile as bright as I could.

Looking approvingly in Shade's direction, she turned, smiled, and said, "Thank you slut. I appreciate the kind words. I hope you enjoy your new adornments. We'll see you back here soon for the final fittings of your earrings." She leaned in, her hand cupping the back of my neck, and kissed me ... it was bold, deep, and, though quick, quite passionate. There was a physical strength to her that was evident every time she had touched me. I shivered and hoped I that, if I need reprimand, Tessa would not be who I ... what am I saying? I have no idea what lay ahead.

Say it. You want her to fuck you, to dominate you, to take your body and soul and control you. I shivered. Dyke!!

One last thing, apparently, before we left. Shade came around behind me. I hadn't noticed until she did but Tessa and her staff had gathered around me. What did they know that I didn't? I looked from face to face. There was no sign other than knowing glances and smiles. Dammit! I felt the collar being unlocked, then removed. Yay! Then another was slipped around my neck and locked into place. Crap! Red came and stood, mirror in her hand. She held it up, smiling the whole time. I looked. It was thick black leather with the letters B L T in green rhinestones. Huh?

I saw Tessa's nodding approval before I saw Shade come back into my vision. She beamed, kissed me deeply, and said, "Oh slut, this is absolutely perfect." She turned to the small gathering and said, "I'd like to introduce you to slut. The B L T stands for 'Boss's Lesbian in Training.'" The group being small, the applause was a smatter. I was beet red, stunned and humiliated. Again. Shade turned, kissed me, and, unspoken, gave the command with her eyes.

I really had no idea what to say but I said it anyway. "Thank you Boss. I am your lesbian in training." She clipped the leash to my collar, turned and led me out the door to applause. Enjoying yourself slut? Fuck you asshole. I've never felt so humiliated in my life. Uh huh; that C-4 orgasm you had? Explain that. Consider yourself ignored! We walked to the car, came around to the driver's door, I held it open, Shade climbed in. I closed it, came around to my side, climbed in, sat, buckled and sighed. Yes, the leash was still attached. I could only shake my head.

Where to now I wondered? I have no idea what's in Shade's head or her plans for me. If what I'm wearing is any indication and what she hinted at about my clothing I would have a completely different look and a whole new wardrobe. Actually, this top really is nice. Skimpy? Um yeah. But it feels sexy against my skin. My pussy feels so weird with no hair. I kept it trimmed close but this? Geez. I turned; Shade was humming to herself, a secret smile on her lips.

I sighed again. This is so messed up. She's so pretty. Really. And her little figure, those tiny, cute feet. How could someone so sweet, so lovely and so sexy do something like this to me? God you're an idiot! You did this to yourself. You again? Snicker. Is Kim gay? Do she and Shade ...? Was she excited watching her sister, watching me, or both? Hey straight girl, pussy is wet again! Yeah, yeah, yeah. When she winked at me at breakfast I was so repulsed I wanted to pound her into dust.

"Here we are slut. Oh I think we're going to have so much fun here. Let me see your hands." Her words roused me from my little conversation. I held out my left hand. Holy crap!! I really hadn't noticed at Tessa's. S l u t? My nails are painted red and the letters are in white, an exclamation point on the end. Oh my god no!! I looked at my right hand. Dear lord, this one has B o s s 's on my fingers and thumb. Boss's slut! My shoulders slumped in despair. I had slept through most of it too.

"Slut, Tessa's girls did an absolutely fabulous job. This is beyond gorgeous. Let me see the other hand." I turned and held it out for her inspection. "Yes! This is perfect, just what I wanted; bright red polish with the letters in white. And matching toes. We may have to send you back to the salon to give the girls a special 'thank you.' They certainly earned it!! Come on, we have some serious shopping to do." I got out of the car and turned, looking for Shade. When I didn't see her, puzzled, I looked back through the window. My god! She was sitting calmly in her seat. You asshole!! With a sigh I walked to her door, opened it, and smiled as she exited. Three hundred sixty three and a half days left. I hope I make it. Honey, body not soul; you just hold on tight to those three words. Anyone, anytime, anywhere dyke. That's the phrase that pays. Good angel, will you please take this feckless bitch out back and beat her to a pulp with her attitude? Hey, I'm only here for your pleasure! I'd be happy to!

The store front was nondescript; nothing to tell a passerby what was inside. Not comforting! It was not a surprise when, as we entered, Shade was greeted by those who worked there. All female employees? Shocked? Not! If I was hard candy on a stick the wrapper would be gone and they'd all be busy licking me. That's how their collective eyes made me feel. Snicker! Nicely said dyke! Honey, don't worry; she won't be a problem much longer. I'm ignoring both of you. I'm dressed like I am for a reason. I choose to take it as a compliment that a thirty eight year old me is in good enough shape that what appears to me a much younger group of females find me attractive. Lip smacking good dyke! I looked around the store. Hmm, the mannequins are all women. Okay, that's not a surprise. Shade brought me here to dress me up, or down, and it's obviously a store for women.

Shade's voice pierced my reverie, "Slut, Olivia will escort you to a dressing area and bring an assortment of outfits for you to try on. Please greet her." Shade was standing next to a short haired, pretty blonde who appeared to be a bit older than me. About my height, she was slender, really pretty silver earrings, big, light brown eyes, thin lips painted red, and a brilliant smile. Her outfit? The words that come to mind are stunning and chilling. A shiny black leather halter top dress with a front zipper that came to about next to nothing below her hips. The halter had what appeared to be adjustable buckles on both sides. The black was a stark, fabulous contrast to her hair and skin. When I finally raised my eyes to hers I saw a shimmer of ... recognition? Lust? What? Yes I'm straight. I'm doubled over laughing! I'm human; the outfit was one thing, the woman wearing it even more alluring. Honey, you stop that right now!! Way to go dyke! Way to go.

Shade seemed amused by it all. She came to me, tugged on the leash, and whispered, "Slut, she really is sexy isn't she? Want a taste?" Oh my god. Tell her yes; you know you do.

I smiled and said, "No thank you Boss. I'm very happy with you." Honey, you go girl. Lying isn't bad if it's for a good cause!! Shade beamed with pleasure, kissed me and led me to Olivia. Oh! In the rest of it all, I'd forgotten to introduce myself to this stunning blonde. Oh dear.

"Hello Olivia, I'm slut, Boss's Lesbian in Training. It's a pleasure to meet you." With each word, Olivia's smile got bigger and bigger.

She glanced at Shade, smiled, and purred, "Welcome to my store, slut. I can't wait to show you the merchandise." The double entendrè couldn't be missed. So why not play along.

With a wink and a smile, "I'm sure I'll love everything I see!" The smile and the eyes got even bigger. Ya know, this might be fun! If I do this with the right frame of mind I might be able to make it. Vegas doesn't think so dyke!

The room was too big to be anything but Olivia's office. There was a desk, a couch, several chairs, paintings, and the like. By now I was really curious about what was going on. A quick glance around the office had missed the stacks of clothing on a table, behind the desk and slightly off to the right. Olivia called for one of her employees, spoke to her in a whispered hush and received a nod in reply. The brunette walked to where I was standing, slid my top off and bent to remove my skirt. Shade and Olivia murmured while gesturing at the clothing. I was pretty sure I heard Shade's 'we're in no hurry,' 'all of it,' and a smiling, 'whatever you like.' I sighed as the thought crossed my mind: The first test?

Olivia and Shade came back to me. The first outfit was red. If I left it at that you wouldn't see me blushing. I reached for it, slid it over my head, and stared at the mirror in shock and disbelief. To call it a dress was an overstatement; to call me dressed was a gross exaggeration. The front barely covered my breasts and would generously be described as 'a deep v-neck cowl.' Meaning little was left to the imagination above my pubic bone. I didn't know whether or not to be grateful for my 36c's. They were definitely shown off!! I quickly figured out that I had to be careful when I wore it (I was positive I would!) as my breasts could and would be visible with any and every movement. And, there was more fabric in the front than in the back!! As I turned and looked in the mirrors there was nothing from my neck to just above my butt.

Okay, here's the deal. I was paying for all of this stuff. I already knew that. When my one year's servitude was over would I ever wear anything that I wore during that year again? Giggle. Number five man, number five. As I understand it, that's how it's said in Louisiana, dating back to their French heritage. I won't even bother to detail all of what I tried on that afternoon. You'll read about the outfits as the months come off the calendar.

I have no doubt curiosity is raging right about now. Did she or didn't she? Yes, she did. And she liked it. So there.

Shade was a bubbly, babbling brook of enthusiasm over our stop at Olivia's Emporium. We had two gigantic bags full of 'clothes' for me. I was still tingling from, my, um, up close and personal encounter with Olivia. My god, the things that slender, feminine form could do on a couch!! I can't say for sure that she enjoyed it as much as I did -- but she was still breathless when Shade kissed her goodbye. Having tried on and modeled more than two dozen outfits, and after the intimate encounter that followed, I was tired and hungry. And you ... just shut up peanut gallery!!

I was beyond grateful when Shade pulled into a parking lot that was adjacent to a restaurant. I gathered what was left of my energy and held the door for her. She kissed me and led me into and through the front door. Early as it was I did notice the few were female -- staff and patrons.

I love spicy food! Snicker. I thought you took care of that bitch!! Think roaches and nuclear war dyke. Damn! I ordered a Citron margarita, a Jalapeno Gnocchi, pork tenderloin medallions, grilled chicken skewer. Shade stared; I smiled. I love Tapas!!! The booth she selected had us sit side-by-side. I used that advantage to lean over and kiss her. I wanted to make the kiss as hot as the food would be. Oh yeah; you're straight! Shade leaned back to break the kiss; I reached for and grabbed her silky black hair, pulled her to me, and held her in the kiss. I could feel the surprise in her; then she relaxed and enjoyed my kiss. Yeah, you read it right! My kiss!

Let's give it a generous thirty hours. If you were me can you honestly say you wouldn't do what I did or feel what I felt? You may think you're straight but, until you've been under the kind of constant physical and emotional 'assault' I have, you have no right to judge. This is my story. It is what it is. You are what you eat dyke!

The food was delicious, the wine was fabulous, and we headed to the car in a great mood. I knew it was only Saturday and, while it had been, um, 'interesting' so far, a whole heck of a lot of the unknown was in my future. The drive to the condo was quick. The elevator ride? Ya know what; yesterday was Friday, today is Saturday and I've already come to understand that my life was never going to be the same. And, yeah, that meant whether I left or stayed at the end. I had thirty eight years of experience being me. Pre Friday me. Best I can do? Stay tuned!

The walk from the elevator to the condo was short; I held the bags as Shade opened the door and followed her inside. I put the bags where she told me. I didn't hear anything that said Kim was home. I waited while Shade fiddled with something I couldn't see. She smiled, put it in her purse, turned to me, and led me by the hand to the bedroom.

After undressing her I did the same and joined her on our bed. Oh dear god, what did I just say? I heard you dyke, loud and clear! I lay on my back as requested. Her slender body was half on and half off mine. God save me, after all that I'd done and had been done to me, she felt beyond wonderful. You go straight girl!! Her fingers were ridiculously talented. They teased, taunted, and insinuated themselves in, around, and all about me. Her relentless assault left me gasping, needy and tantalizingly close to climax. I didn't need another and I wanted it, craved it, and begged for it. Yes, I begged my extortionist to bring me to orgasm. My body blocked cogent thought as it screamed out its need. Skilled, feminine, slinky, and slender, she gave it to me. Oh my god, how she gave it to me!!

Shade was astride me; we moved together as lovers do. My push to her thrust and vice versa. My legs wrapped around her hips, her mouth on my breast; one, then another. Her fingers gripped my hair; mine held her close. It was a desperate, gorgeous, erotic dance, completely and uniquely feminine. I hated her for making me do what I was doing and loved her for the bliss I was feeling. I had no explanation for the dichotomy when, with a single whispered word, the whirlwind of it screamed though me. I rode it like a surfer on fifteen foot ocean swells. There was the joy of catching the wave, the bliss of the ride, the satisfaction, then the emptiness as the surfboard skidded on the sand and it slowly slipped away.

Dimly, somewhere, the skittering thought whispered, "Who is watching us tonight? Tomorrow?"

As I, we, slipped into sleep, I honestly didn't give a crap.

I quickly realized I was alone in bed when I woke up Sunday. I looked at the clock: 9:30? Oh my! There was sun but it wasn't as much as yesterday. The track system apparently was designed so that the drapes could be opened or closed in any sort of configuration desired. Today the left and right sides were open about a foot. I headed to the bathroom and washed up afterward. I didn't hear voices, opened the door and walked down the short hallway. Shade was at the dining room table in her silk robe. In front of her were two plastic bags; one seemed to hold my toiletries, which were spread out over much of the table. I guessed the other was cosmetics, perfume and the like.

Shade must have heard the door open. She looked up, smiled, and continued ... taking inventory I guess. "Good morning slut. There's coffee in the kitchen if you want it. Kim made it before she left. I'll be through here in a few minutes." I headed to the kitchen, poured a cup, and came back to the table. I bent to give her a kiss and sat down. I took a sip and looked at Shade. She had a faint smile on her face; there was something more. "A good morning kiss. That was very nice, slut. Your head must still be spinning from everything you've experienced and done." She sure had that right! "Let me finish here and I'll tell you what I've decided."

"Shade, may I please have my toothbrush, toothpaste and deodorant? I really need to brush and I'd like to use deodorant after my shower." She smiled, found them, and pushed them toward me. Maybe she's not the heartless, manipulative bitch who ... no, that's not right. I signed up for this. My spinning head? Oh my lord. Well, I wasn't the first one who'd been through this. "Thank you! Do I need to ask permission to do things like brush?"

She seemed surprised at the question. She turned her head to me, looked at me again with that appraising look, nodded a little, and said, "I'm very pleased you asked slut. That shows me you know your place. The answer is no. Personal things like using the bathroom, brushing, and such don't need permission. You will ask permission to leave the dinner table. And you'll go to bed when I do. Kim will be back shortly. Come back when you've showered."

I reached for the few, precious possessions and stopped. "Where do I put these when I'm finished?"

Shade smiled and said, "Kim is out shopping. She's picking up a small table with shelving that I ordered. The toiletries and whatever cosmetics I approve will be stored there. For now, put them neatly on the corner of the counter." I nodded, picked up my coffee, and headed to the bathroom.

The sheer joy of being able to brush my teeth! Dear me, it was wonderful. Dragon mouth was gone. I hadn't even asked about mouthwash. Being able to do this was fabulous. I opened the door, turned on the shower, waited a few seconds, stepped in, and pulled the door closed. The shampoo and soap weren't what I used; the shampoo had a fruity scent I didn't particularly care for. Minor detail. I was clean and brushed. I toweled off, dried my hair, hung up the wet towel, and headed back out, coffee in hand. Ah, Kim's voice. She's back.

Oh! The table was a corner unit with three shelves, all of it in white. It wasn't exactly tall but I'd make do. I walked to the kitchen and poured some more coffee. I was hungry! My tummy reminded me. The two sisters were still chattering in their language. I sat at the table next to Shade and sipped my coffee. I saw Kim's eyes glance my way and heard her giggle and nod as if in answer to Shade's question. I had a bad feeling about this. I would be right.

"Slut, go thank Kim for picking up your bathroom table." I whipped my head around and stared at Shade. She nodded and said, "You heard me. Put your coffee down, crawl under the table and get started." I stared in stunned disbelief. The tone of her voice and demeanor hadn't changed one bit from before. I saw her eyes flash. I dared not look at Kim. I put the cup down, stood, moved the chair, and crawled under the table.

I saw Kim lift her skirt. I closed my eyes, shook my head, and put my fingers into the elastic of her panties. She lifted her hips, I slid them down and off. She scooted her hips forward a little bit. Still in disbelief I moved to her bare, scented pussy and began. I disengaged completely this time. I hadn't been able or wanted to last night; this was ... I couldn't be here, even if my mouth was.

Soon enough I finished. She held my hair to her, ground her hips, and screamed as she came. I felt it as her legs tensed, the grip tightened, and her muscles contracted. No fingers, just my tongue. I finally backed away from this abomination and crawled back toward my chair. I saw Shade's legs parted; her finger crooked, silently ordering me to do the same to her. The tears started. I was her property. And I made ... no, I won't say it. I fucked her last night. That's all I am to her - a vibe with a tongue, her personal, breathing, fuck toy. I finished, hot tears of humiliation and rage running down my face. When her breathing slowed, she patted my cheek. I shrank from her touch and crawled to the edge of the table, got to my feet, and hurried to the bedroom. I closed the door, went to the window side of the bed, collapsed on the floor, and sobbed uncontrollably. I slid so that I was partially under the bed to hide beneath the dust ruffle. Angry, humiliated, and in despair I cried. No way out. And tomorrow is Monday. I can't do this.

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