tagLesbian SexShade's Destiny Ch. 03

Shade's Destiny Ch. 03


On we go to the next jolly tale. The auction! The grand prize (me!) had brought quite a haul for the sorority. It was oddly pleasing too. Shade informed me the date was set: the last Saturday in September. It seemed unusual being so long after the event itself. Stacy put the date into my calendar when I gave to her. A raised eyebrow. A nod in response.

This far into my servitude Shade no longer drove me home every night after work. I could hail a cab (great fun there!) or catch a ride home from whoever was still in the office. It couldn't be too often. I kept the pretense of asking others. That's how Stacy and I found a way to be together. It was fabulous and it was miserable. The time together was so sweet and it was, painfully, never long enough. She begged me to try and find a way to meet her on Saturdays. She knew I was still house-bound; we both hated it. Together, we were lovers. No walls, no ... how to say, no reason to hold back. Lovers! The first few times I was so scared I couldn't really let go. She knew, she was patient, and I loved her for it.

After yet another rendezvous she pulled under the canopy of the building. We'd already said our goodbyes a few blocks away. I smiled through tears and bid her goodbye, walked to the elevator and to the condo. The costume discarded, I headed to the shower to rinse off any lingering scent of her perfume. That finished, I toweled off, headed to the couch and turned on the TV. I smiled. Tomorrow was my night with the winner of the auction. I wondered who she was I. I'd been blindfolded; I had no idea of the size of the crowd or who was in attendance. I was nervous but, I admit, excited. Talk about your new normal!!

The oddest thing had happened. Late Thursday morning I took a call in my office from a name from my past. Elizabeth McGuire, my BFF in high school from too many years ago. I was curious how she found me. Her laugh! Oh my god, that laugh brought back such lovely memories. 'Peas and carrots.' That was us in high school.

"It was your name. Not many are named Destiny. I just knew it had to be you!" Okay! "I was so excited sissy boo." Her pet name for me way back when. I mean really, what teenage girl wants to be called 'Destiny?' Fucking teen years are hard enough! 'Sissy boo' may sound stupid as hell to you but my eyes watered. Home, my youth, all those things long ago, suddenly remembered. "Are you free for lunch tomorrow?" Lunch? Oh god! I'm dressed like some ... oh shit. I don't want Libby to see me dressed like this. The collar, the clothes, the nails, the earrings. I, no, there was NO way I would. I had to think ... it tore at my heart to lie so baldly. A late month tally of sales during a contest was due tomorrow. I had to find out who stands where for the final push. She sighed, dejected. I made my apologies and promised we would have lunch very soon. I affirmed how wonderful it was to hear from her, surprise aside. I could hear the smile in her voice as we said our goodbyes.

I put my head on my desk and sobbed. Libby: a breath of fresh air, a sweet reminder of innocence and youth. Close as two girls can be. I shuddered as I finished the sentence as this me '...without being lovers.' No way! Giggles during sleepovers, whispers about Bobby Nolan, Jimmy Hayes, Tommy Noonan. Did you? No way! Would you? Jimmy? Ick! Jilly told me that Tommy said ... The memories were sweet, being so distant, harsh in the moment. I sighed in the cab on the ride to the condo.

Shade was unusually persistent in her ardor that night. I wasn't really in the mood; tried to let her know without incurring her ire. When she pressed the issue I did what I do: think of dark brown hair and grey eyes!

Shade was Thursday evening, lunch with Libby and my rendezvous with Stacy on Friday, and the auction winner Saturday night. I can't even pretend to call this any old kind of 'normal.' And I had to lie to avoid lunch.

As I showered late Saturday afternoon I wondered if Shade would send me on my way in cuffs. That would mean giving whoever the keys. I puzzled over that. I wore nothing but a simple blue peasant dress and black flats. That it was not my usual, ridiculously revealing costume was a bit stunning. Shade cuffed me just before kissing me. Kim placed a blindfold over my eyes as the elevator doors opened in the basement. The driver held the door; Kim helped me into the limo. She bent to kiss me and whispered, "Enjoy your night slut!" The driver closed the door, put the car in gear and drove.

The ride didn't take that long. The car rolled to a stop. The door opened, a firm hand on my arm helped me out. I was led by my leash. Someone took it. I followed along. Stairs; a softer grip on my arm guided me. I heard the door open, close, and followed the leash. Where? Not even a hint of a clue. I felt lips press to mine, soft and warm. My head spun in confusion as I heard the soft voice say, "Welcome sissy boo!"

No! It can't be her. Not my Libby!! My Libby is married. No goddamn way. My Libby is a lesbian? Where am I? The blindfold came off. My Libby!! My smiling, gorgeous, brown eyes, fabulous ... oh dear god. She was who bid on me for this? She was who I had ... oh my GOD!! Libby honey, you're gay? The questions flew as she kissed me. God dammit, I remember now!! That perfume. It's what she wore way back when. Not the night of the auction. No, but tonight ... I picked up the scent of it right away. Oh my god, Libby!

She smiled, her fingers caressing me as our eyes held. She nodded. "Yes honey, it's me; Elizabeth McGuire Sanders. I divorced him four years ago; I was tired of pretending to be what I'm not." Her eyes searched mine, but for what? "I'm gay as laughter sissy boo." I know my jaw dropped; not fair really, by now. The mist cleared. The unexpected phone call Thursday? The lunch request? Oh my god. She saw me at the auction, recognized me, and made inquiries. How? To whom? Was the connection made through Kim, to Shade, to me, at work? I was staggered thinking of it all. Then came the shocker! I was extremely aroused, nearly instantly wet. Me and Libby?

Oh my god! She was there; it was her bid. She knew me? Was that why she kept bidding? Just for this? Oh dear lord! The thoughts kept flooding. Oh I crack myself up. I'm so sorry. Obviously you know what's on my mind as I type.

Twelve hours with a girl, now woman, from so long ago in my past. That past long removed from my conscious mind but, clearly, not forgotten. I felt something like a crashing surf, waves pounding, roiling undertow, hidden, dangerous. Part of me wondered what she will be like; another part screamed, 'NO! Not with my Libby.' But my Libby has told me she's a lesbian. Oh my god, if she can be, what about me? Has Shade been right all along?

Libby unlocked my handcuffs, unzipped and removed my dress, slipped out of the deep blue robe she wore and, having walked us both to her bedroom as she'd done all of that, led us to her bed. My god, what a sight. I won't go into much detail about her living quarters but my Libby had done very well in life.

My angel was screaming: She's not your Libby honey. She's part of who ... Angel, I love you to pieces. Now shut the hell up so I can enjoy my night. Snicker. You go fuck off too! Uh huh, I'll go fuck off while you go fuck your ... I'm tellin' you asshole, shut up about my Libby!! Right! Enjoy your night. Dyke! I smiled into our kiss.

We lay side by side. If not for both us, naked on some sort of extravagant bed in a fabulous, professionally decorated bedroom in a god-knows-how-much residence, we may well have been under the covers, in one of our bedrooms, lights off, whispering. Fingers slipping through my hair, she spoke softly, "You were so goddamn beautiful that night, Destiny. I almost cried when I saw you." My eyes filled. "I had to have you no matter how high the bidding. No way was I going to let you get away from me, this me, after all these years. I was shocked to see you, blindfolded, collared, cuffed, nude. I knew something was going on -- just not what." She kissed me again. I ... my Libby, I shook my head. No way could I do anything but what I did.

And I did. And did again. And again. Then, after we slept, again. And, praise God, again. Just when I thought I would collapse from lack of sleep and exhaustion ... again! I smiled into the kiss when we awoke, bright sun streaming in. Only a couple of hours left. We made very good use of them!!

We both knew the twelve hours were coming to an end. The love we made was super sweet. We cried through most of it. What we never knew, never had the chance to share, and only shared now due to the oddest little bits of random chance. An exhausted and completely blissful me screamed her name as she took me again. My lord she's an amazing lover. I mustered enough energy to take her, yet again, to not just one, but more. She sobbed her thanks. We showered together before I had to go. Yeah, I'm smiling.

Whispered promises in hasty, last minute kisses. To my surprise, she handed me a cell phone. Prepaid she said. The number is in her cell phone, hers in mine, anonymous. Call me anytime, when you can. The tears flowed -- both of us. I promised what I could. She understood. Would I see her again? She smiled. Her eyes gave me her answer.

I slept through the rest of the morning and a good portion of the afternoon. I woke up when I needed to use the bathroom. My stomach screamed at me; I forced myself to eat a couple of pieces of toast, washing it down with orange juice. I sniffled as I ate then hurried back to the bedroom to cry.

I stood in the desperately needed shower letting the hot water course over my weary body. I smiled; that body still buzzed as the pheromones celebrated their night of ecstasy. Washing my hair and rinsing off my body took about a minute. I needed the alone time. Kim had met me at the door, led me to the elevator by the redundant leash, and both she and Shade greeted me with warm kisses. I forced myself to smile and respond before collapsing in exhaustion.

Why had I been crying? I'm thirty eight, certainly not a kid anymore. Naive Kokomo housewife was me from a now-distant past. Shade had insisted there was another me screaming to be released. If this Libby had met the old me and she told me who she is what would I have done? I remembered Stacy's words under her desk that first Monday.

The question hung in the air. Why Stacy? We'd been creative, out of necessity, in finding ways to spend time together. I wanted to -- be with her that is. Am I already there and just haven't accepted it yet? There had been a couple more visits to Tessa's salon to get my nails done and redecorated. Yes, that included Blondie's talented ministrations. And yes, one Saturday Tessa had finally had her chance with me. Just as I figured from that first visit she was strong, dominant, and ... it both aroused and horrified me when the video came up on my office monitor.

Have you forgotten Shade's words? Random videos and stills were played every day at work. The relentless reminders of what awaited me if I left or broke the terms of the 'deal.' My rapture-filled face, with Daphne, taunted me. The cries of pleasure of the contest winners, on the couch in my office, were a looping reminder. That horrible first Friday, the smile of conquest on Shade's face, captured. Stills floated around the screen. It was all random. A part of me marveled at the technical talent that put it together. The vestiges of the old me tried to shut it out.

Why did tears flow, in the shower on a Sunday, after my night with Libby? I handle bookkeeping and the like for the ever-growing business. You already know I was part of the reason why. I had never paid attention to the owners or key decision makers. I learned. God save me I learned. It all took place between my ears. Everyone knows how quickly we process information in our heads. All this nonsense took place a warp speed, rushing here, darting there, fleeting specks of random thoughts about this, that, and yet another moment, another question, more tears, and more confusion. Water logged and without much in the way of answers I turned off the shower, dried myself, and went looking for the sisters.

To my confusion and amazement neither of them was in the condo. I looked at the clock. I was shocked to see it was nearly five. Sunday afternoon and neither of them are here? That had never happened before. I had a fleeting thought: Put on that dress and shoes from last night and run! Get out, run, call Libby. No, call Stacy. Shit, she's home with her family. Libby gave me a phone last night. I hurried to find it. I panicked when I couldn't. Oh, I remember. I hurried to the bathroom and found my hiding place. It had to be there; no cameras. I hope.

I heard the front door close. Damn! I went to greet Shade and Kim. I stared in shock. Shade's eyes were red-rimmed and swollen. She'd obviously been crying. She turned her mouth from my kiss hello. Kim accepted the kiss but didn't make eye contact with me. What's going on here? Shade didn't even spend a minute in the front room ... she headed to the bedroom and slammed the door. Oh dear! I was terribly confused. I only had Kim to ask and she didn't exactly seem to be in the mood. But I had to try!

"Kim, what's going on? I've wondered where the two of you were all afternoon. Then you come home ... like this! Please, what?" I was shocked when I saw raw anger in her eyes as they flashed at me. I flinched. I was adrift in a sea of confusion. "Can I go ... um, I mean, do anything for Shade? Does she want company?" I was grasping at straws.

Kim looked at me. Her gaze? Taking the measure of me? She waited a bit, nodded and said, "Come to my room please. I'll tell you there." Red flags waved in the sky of my mind. Both of my angels screamed no! But something told me it was okay. She led, I followed; she closed the door behind us. She patted a spot on the bed. She sat on a chair close by. She looked at me again for a bit before beginning.

"I got a call today from Elizabeth McGuire." My heart leapt. My Libby? Kim saw it on my face. The tone was cold, "She wanted to know what Shade charged for a night with you." She what? "Shade was very upset. She told her you were not for sale." She what? "The conversation went on for some time. Obviously I only heard one side of it then. My sister was as agitated as I've seen her in some time. You were still sleeping; she was a weeping mess. I got her out of the condo, in the car, and we drove to Montrose Harbor, sat on a bench, and talked."

Libby wants another night with me? Called Kim, who passed the phone to her sister? My Libby wants another night with her sissy boo? I was a flood zone! Not good when you're nude on a bed spread in the bedroom of your ... "Honestly Destiny, I've not seen my sister this upset for a long, long time!" Destiny? Oh my! As excited as I was to hear the news she shared I could see the emotions play over Kim's face.

"I can see it on your face Destiny. This is someone from your past; someone close to you. I'm guessing this woman had no idea. I'm guessing you were as much a shock to her the night of the auction as she was to you last night." You got that right sister! Kim had averted her eyes after her last few sentences. Something's going on here. It's really big and I have no clue. She's struggling; is it about whether to tell me?

It was several minutes before Kim finally lifted her eyes. It was another minute, maybe more, before she finally spoke. The emotion in her voice was unmistakable. But what was it? Love? Fear? "My sister loves you Destiny!" She what? "I see the shock in your eyes. You know you're not the first to go through this. What you don't know is that my sister had her eyes on you from the first time she met you; from that first interview." Oh my god! "It kills me to tell you this. My big sister doesn't know how to get what she wants any other way." Her eyes dropped again; she shook her head. After probably a minute of quiet, she continued. "You know about Dawn." Her eyes met mine. "My sister never even ..." She was struggling. "You're nothing like her to my sister." Huh?

I sat in absolute stunned silence, as dusted by what Kim told me about her sister as what she had told me about Libby. I think part of what shocked me about Libby was how quickly she had acted after our night. Wow, she really did ... I had to stop and think. Really did what? Really did have feelings for me? Want to see me again? Were the two connected? My Libby wasn't gay. I actually laughed. Kim's head jerked up to look at me; her eyes were not happy. I looked away. I bet you know what I was thinking!! Neither was I ... then! I'm nodding.

"I'm sorry Kim. It was a very random thought. I mean no disrespect. I'm sure you know I' m blown away by all you've told me. And I'm betting it wasn't easy for you to hear from your sister or to tell me. So thank you!" She cried. I think it was about all she was feeling, all she'd held inside all day, maybe longer. She cried. She's just a youngster who cares about her big sister. I stood, reached for her, brought her to the bed with me, and held her while she cried. Yeah, I put my arms around her and lay her head on my shoulder. I know, I know. I don't exactly know why either. Can a woman who can't be a Mom have maternal instincts? Fuck if I know.

Kim, it seemed, cried herself out. She seemed embarrassed when she realized where she was and shyly pushed away from me and went back to the chair. I grabbed a pillow, put it under my head, and waited. If I had the patience to let her, I sensed that Kim would tell me what I needed to do and/or know about Shade.

"You do want to see her again don't you?" Damn! How did you know that? "Don't bother; I can see it in your eyes." Her eyes dropped, she shook her head. Aw crap; it was Kim who met me this morning. She probably saw it either on my face or in my eyes. I struggled to keep the laugh inside. It's part of why they're men and we aren't.

I know I did. It was a struggle to keep my voice calm when I asked, "Kim, how did Shade leave it with Elizabeth?" Oh lord; her eyes blazed with anger that teetered on the edge of rage. And neither of them apparently have any clue about Stacy!! Grey eyes smiled, comforting me.

"How did she leave it with my sister? Shade threw my phone; it shattered. Part of why we were gone so long was to get a replacement. Does that answer your question slut?" Back to slut? Her voice dripped with barely suppressed anger.

I nodded. "Uh, how would ... I think Shade locked the door to the bedroom. Should I sleep on the couch?" I shrugged.

Kim showed her age, I thought, with her answer. "You can stay here if you want." Um no! "I can try to talk to my sister but ..." She shrugged her shoulders. I understood. Kim had flitted around the edges of wanting more than just a casual 'thing' with me. After this weekend, not even thinking about Stacy, no way was I adding another piece to this puzzle!!

I did the best I could with what I knew. "Kim, please do what you can with your sister. If she doesn't want me with her tonight maybe she'll want you to keep her company. I can sleep here if that's okay with you." That seemed to startle her.

She nodded slowly. "I can do that. Can you wait here?"

Geez! "Of course I can!" with my biggest, most fake smile. She nodded, a faint smile on her sweet face, and headed out the door. I collapsed into the pillow, thinking about what I'd heard. My god! My Libby wants to pay, again, to spend the night with me? Her sissy boo? Wait, was this just another ... more of what I was already living with Shade? Did she want her BFF Destiny or the naked, cuffed, collared slut she saw auctioned off? Those thoughts left me bewildered. Stacy honey, where are you when I really need you?

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