tagLesbian SexShade's Destiny Ch. 05

Shade's Destiny Ch. 05


Shade's Destiny – Chapter Five

Shade was in her Catwoman costume. She drove. I was curious. The street was familiar. Oh my gosh it can't be. And, of course, it was. I could only shake my head. The raincoat kept curious eyes on the sidewalk from gaping. We'd argued briefly but she was right. The door was open; the coffee shop wasn't full but it was well decorated. Uh huh – D's! Even in costume I knew her. Her eyes were wild with surprise. The low buzz of conversation had screeched to a halt when Shade took the raincoat from my shoulders.

Daisy was clearly stunned. I gave her a kiss hello. That seemed to do the trick. She hugged me and told me how gorgeous I looked. I turned and looked as she and Shade chatted. I saw Stacy, Kim, and ... I laughed. Dorothy, from the building, was there in some hilarious getup. She was nearly drooling looking at me. I recognized those from the office. Oh my gosh. Even in costume, I recognized Jenny, my lawyer, Melissa, my accountant, Alice, the leasing agent for my apartment. She had the decency to blush when we made eye contact. Nope, I'm not doin' that tonight. Nor will I run down the entire list. It seemed the purpose of the party was for Shade to show me off, in costume, to those who knew me. However they knew me. And ya know what? I was totally okay with it. Put that in your peace pipe and smoke it. Well, that was the saying way back when.

I made a point of going to and saying hello to Stacy. "This must be your Matty. Hi, I'm Destiny. You're so cute, every bit as much as Stacy gushes about you." He blushed; Stacy turned a lovely shade of red at 'gushes.' I never gave a thought to the costume. Yes, my nipples, pussy ... aw hell, you know what. Their sex didn't matter; they all looked, gawked, ogled. What was I to do?

Matt really did try, god love him. He is, after all, a man. Put a naked woman in front of him and he's gonna do what they do! Most of the women in the coffee shop did the same. Did their eyes devour me the way his did? Tee hee. Not sayin!

I wound up with Shade, who was chatting with Dorothy. I wondered if Shade saw the lust in my eyes as I came to them. Must have, for she put her hand on my cheek and kissed me hard and deep. I closed my eyes and sighed. Dotty (as she insisted!) wanted details about the costume. Shade looked at me, winked, and asked me to find Cai. I did and brought her back, hand in hand. Shade introduced Cai who only had eyes for Shade. Oh really!! Oh no chic. This will not happen.

Somehow I knew it was inevitable. Stacy and Matt found me at the bar. I gave Stacy a hug and smiled. "Are you having a good time Matt?" My eyes held his for the full eight seconds. Give the dude a break.

"Destiny, Stacy told me about the painting at the office. Cai did an amazing job. I mean no offense but the notion of leaving the, um, parts unpainted was just brilliant." Stacy was beet red. Matt actually did very well – considering. He kept it all very neutral.

I thought I'd raise the stakes ... my eyes on Stacy. "I'm sure Stacy told you what happened when it was all over. How Kim, Cai and Shade took all the plastic pieces from me at once and what happened after." I thought Stacy might just walk away. I decided to take one more. I looked Matt right in the eye and said, "Meeting Stacy was a turning point in my life. I owe her so much for that very random meeting all those years ago." My sweet smile did the trick. He smiled. Stacy turned and ordered another wine. I kept my eyes locked with Matt's. I'm not sure he even noticed what Stacy had done.

I wandered. Oh my gosh! Shelley was there - from the dress shop that Saturday with Stacy. She seemed surprised I remembered her. We chatted. I told her how fabulous the blouses were. She blushed.

Kelly was there; how could I not! Her husband stared. I thought about kissing her but no, that wasn't ... I twirled and said, "Does it look as good up close as it did when Cai painted me?" I'm giggling. It had the same effect as a kiss. I knew it; I'd seen her wide eyes as I was being painted. She was nearly panting. I know what I said. I saw nothing ... but I saw everything!! I could see her eyes darting as I talked. Her husband? Clueless. Giggle.

The night went on. The costumes ranged from dull to fabulous; so did the humans. Shrug. Shade loves me enough to let me wander. I love her enough to kiss her whenever we were close enough ... which was often. There came that time when we both knew we needed ... us. It just so happened that Daisy was talking to Dorothy when Shade and I came to say our goodbyes. While Shade and Daisy had their goodbye kiss Dorothy took advantage to kiss me. All of the months went into that kiss. Writing of it now I can only shake my head. I'm betting if you've stuck with me you aren't the least bit surprised; I wasn't. Daisy seemed embarrassed when we exchanged kisses, as if what Dotty had done had been way out of line. It was; whatever. Shade and I laughed about it on the drive home.

It was approximately 10:30 when Shade locked the door behind us. I collapsed into her arms. Catwoman and I kissed. Marvel at it (wink!) if you wish. I know that the shower took a while. It was somehow very sad to see the day washed down the drain. But I would hold the memories, the feelings and the rest in my heart and head forever. After the shower and after we'd toweled dry, Shade put my collar on. She'd taken it off after we'd showered together early this morning. I'd hardly noticed it not being on with all that went into the day. Even now I find it odd that something, once so reviled, could feel 'normal.' I had a small smile on my lips when I typed the words!

We were quiet together in bed. Shade's head was on my shoulder, her leg between mine. She picked her head up, pressed her lips to mine, lifted, looked in my eyes and whispered, "Thank you!"

Good lord! I had needed a kiss so badly while I was being transformed. I kissed her every chance I got at the coffee shop. We had kissed, often, in the shower just a bit ago. But I was confused about her words and told her so.

Shade put her head back on my shoulder and snaked her arm around me just below my breasts. "It took so long. Cai wanted every last detail just so! Everybody was in awe. I was so aroused, so antsy, and so transfixed at everything I saw in you. You didn't miss a thing the whole time did you?" I smiled and shook my head. She nodded. "I didn't think so. The others were putting on their own little show." Oh I know! "I think it's was almost 'can you top this.'" It really was funny. "I was positive they wanted to see you laugh, smile, do something, anything." Yup, all of the above! "You had to know; I could see it in your eyes." Every little bit. "And I saw you love me too." I was so tired. The tears slid. "I saw you speak to me with your eyes. I loved you back." I felt hers on my skin. "Thank you." It was more than a little bit later before we fell asleep.

We'd agreed before we got into bed not to set the alarm. Good thing too! We were a couple of lazy girls taking our time waking up, stretching, kissing, hugging, body to body. We showered of course. As we were toweling dry I happened to turn to face the sink and mirror. I glanced at myself, closed my eyes to dry my hair, jerked my head up and opened my eyes. The collar, plain black ... no green rhinestones, no B.L.T., was what I saw in the reflection. I hadn't even paid attention when Shade put it on me last night; was too tired, still buzzing after ... oh just after!

I turned and stared at Shade. She had a smile on her face. I pointed to the mirror as I looked at her, doing the 'fish mouth' thing. She nodded, saying, "Well, I think it's clear you're no longer in training." Um, no. "No real reason to announce to the world that you're a lesbian. That just is." Yup, totally agree. "So I decided that it was time for just a plain ole collar." She put a hand behind my head and kissed me like she meant it. I kissed her back letting her know I meant it as well. "Besides, you're mine."

Well, there's the little detail of Stacy that had to be resolved one way or the other. I didn't think it wise to mention we were meeting tomorrow after work. "I am aren't I?"

"Well, there is the little detail of Stacy." What? "But yes, that aside, you are." I hadn't called her 'Boss' in so long I'd almost forgotten about it. I'd deal with Stacy tomorrow. I missed her. But I took Shade in my arms and held her to me. I felt her smile as her head rested on my chest, her arms around me.

"Come on you. We're bums as it is. We need to get dressed. I have appointments so you'll have to get to work on your own." I nodded my agreement. Shade had pulled away and said most of that while headed to her closet. I stood for a moment and looked at the collar. Amazing! I turned to the door and wondered what my costume would be. It would be hard to top yesterdays!!!

I stood, stunned ... yeah, again. Do you remember the blue chiffon blouse I'd bought with Stacy that Saturday way back when? It was on the bed along with my grey skirt, bra, panties and black flats. All mine; as in, my stuff. Who is she? Had Shade been taken by pod people and some alien was getting dressed in our bedroom? She looked over her shoulder and smiled. "You like?" I nodded. Shade shrugged. "It's time. Get dressed honey." Underwear felt so odd. It felt like I should wear that to work. The girls had been without a bra for so long they must have been as surprised as I was. Shade had one more surprise for me. I was getting ready to put my shoes on when she handed me a small package. I looked. Black thigh high stockings. Oh my god!

I'd never worn them; there's a woman on a website who writes extensively about women in thigh highs. Oh, how many nights had she kept me company in my apartment. All those nights I'd thought of her characters and their escapades as my small collection of toys helped ease the frustration of being alone. "I hate pantyhose Destiny. These are so much more feminine, so sexy." Another shock; Shade bent to a knee and put the stocking on my right foot, rolled it up my calf and stretched it high on my thigh. I was so stunned I did little more than gape. She did the same with the other leg. When she finished she touched her fingers to the little damp spot on my panties. I was mortified. "I think someone likes having me put her stockings on!" She stood, pushed me back on the bed, and climbed on top of me. I was breathless, wet and fully dressed. Me! And she wanted me; dear god I was so horny. The bitch kissed me, ground her hips to mine, and climbed off me.

"Come on you. We have to grab a bite to eat and scoot." I let my arms fall to my sides. I was breathing hard from the kiss and the excitement. And the frustration of being left in this state!! I got up, walked to the mirror. I looked gorgeous!! Human even. I needed makeup, perfume, eye shadow. I settled for toast and coffee. Maybe Stacy will let me borrow some of her makeup. No; big mistake. I had one more shock coming. Shade handed me one of my purses. It was the one she took from me on July 12th.

It was too much; I cried. I'm sorry. Maybe it's too stereotypical. I didn't mean to but I did. I felt like a human being again. Shade kissed me again. "I love you Destiny. Now wipe your eyes, the work day beckons." Yup it does. My key was in Shade's basket. But the leash wasn't. I turned; she smiled. I put the key in a little side pocket in my purse and we left together. I kissed Shade as I held the car door for her. I watched her drive out of the garage to her work day, turned and headed to the elevator. I pushed the button and looked in the purse. My pocketbook and a few personal items were still there. But no phone. Oh my god!! The phone!! I'd forgotten about ... the elevator dinged, the door opened and there was Dotty. Shit! Her jaw dropped. I played it cool

"Good morning Dotty. I just saw Shade off and am on my way to catch a cab to work. Hope you had fun last night. It was great seeing you." May you slide under a gas truck and die tasting your own blood!! Yeah, I was still pissed about that kiss last night. I smiled brightly. "Have a great day." I hurried to the elevator and left her standing with her mouth open. I pushed the button for twenty three. I waggled my fingers as the door closed and gave her the finger after it had.

I opened the door to the condo with my hands shaking. I ran to the bathroom and looked in my hiding place. The phone was there!!! Oh my gosh. I locked the door, hurried to the elevator and to the street when it stopped in the lobby. In the cab I pulled out the phone, thumbed it on, and looked. One new message: I love you Destiny! From Shade!! I screamed; the cabbie swerved. I apologized profusely and told him I was okay. My heart was pounding. She knew, she didn't get rid of the phone, and she'd sent me a message. I suppose it made perfect sense. She'd done what she had to protect me. I guessed the text was her way of letting me know she knew and still loved me. I hoped.

I walked into the office. Stacy and Kelly stared. I had to laugh; whole lotta that goin' on today. I set the purse on Kelly's desk and twirled. I grabbed a chair, pulled it in front of her desk and sat down. We decided, as a group, to hurry to the lunch room for fresh coffee. We talked all the way there and all the way back. The topics were the painting, the party and my clothes. Each of them gushed about how sexy the painting was, how cute the party was. Stacy was the one who caught the collar being different. Very little work was done Thursday morning!! I'd arrived at work around 9:30 and Stacy and I went out to lunch at around 11:45. Our usual restaurant. I told her what I wanted, gave her some cash, and looked for our table. Thank god it was empty. I moved my chair and waited. She brought my salad and water with her sandwich and Coke Zero. I snuck the cell phone out of my purse and showed her the text message as I whispered the details. She stared at me, pale as a ghost. I had to know.

"You were awfully disengaged yesterday Stacy. You barely looked at me. What was that all about?" She had just brought the sandwich to her mouth; she stopped, put it down, put her hands in her lap and sat, eyes down. Oh my god. This can't be good. "Stacy, whatever it is please – tell me."

"I was under her desk while Shade was planning yesterday." I'd wondered; she'd just confirmed it.

"What!!" I was furious. Goddamn her. "How long has this been going on?" She didn't answer. "Stacy!"

She shook her head. I waited. She finally looked at me with tears in her eyes and said, "She knows. As things have gotten better for you they've gotten worse for me. I don't tell you because I know you two are in love." Oh my god! "It's okay Destiny. Really; I've not been sitting by idly. I'll be okay. Honest." What the fuck does that mean? I tried and tried but she wouldn't tell me. What she told me broke my heart. "I have to cancel tomorrow. Matt and I have an appointment Friday afternoon. He's out of town today on business. Shade insisted I bring him last night. I know what you did. I love you for it." She finally looked at me when she said that. I tried to smile. "Matt just loves you. He fucked me like a wild man last night ... several times." She had a crooked little smile. "I have no idea how he had the energy to make his early flight. You looked super hot Destiny." I blushed. I felt so bad for my friend and so glad. I know she loves him. Good for them. If my costume and the pieces parts that weren't painted helped them get through the night then it was all worth it!! I squeezed her hand.

"You can't say anything Destiny. Matt can't know. About her, about us. Please, if you have feelings for me then please don't say anything. I can't lose my marriage and my ..." Oh my god!! Is this what it's about? She worried about this bullshit job? Oh no, not on my watch chickie!! Shade and I were gonna have a come to Jesus meeting tonight!! This is going to stop!!

It dawned on me like a flash of lightning in a sweltering summer sky. "Matt won his case. Partnership has been offered and you've convinced him to move but stay in the firm. Or he's been offered a partnership in another firm out of town. That's it isn't it? He's interviewing and you have an appointment with a realtor don't you?" Goddamn.

She tried her best to hide the smirk but failed – badly. A shake of the head told me I had it right; some of it at least.

"I have no idea how you pieced that together but yes, close enough. I've had enough Destiny." That was when she lifted her head and made eye contact. "Fuck that bitch. Pardon the pun. She can't touch me out of state. The trial ended October 19th. He's been talking with a recruiter who's been scouting around for us. This will be his third interview with a firm ..." She looked at me. "Maybe it's better if you don't know." I smiled and nodded. "Please don't be angry Destiny. I hoped things between us would go very differently. But I'm glad in a way. You and Shade seem to have turned a corner and I need to get away from all of this." Her eyes got very soft as she said, "I hope you know I'll never forget you."

I bit my lip and nodded. "Don't you worry lover. You were the gateway to my new life." We sat quietly, each with our own thoughts. I said what I was thinking. "I hope we can have one more time together before you leave."

Stacy buried her head in her hands. Her shoulders shook. It broke my damn heart to see her in such agony. I didn't love her like I do Shade. I did wonder ... damn, have wondered, if we could ever be close enough to say we were in love. I guess I would always wonder what might have been. How ironic huh? Me, the straight woman from good old Kokomo, wondering if she could love the married woman from Chicago!! What a world!!

I leaned in and whispered to her. A little smile and a nod; I took the tray with most of our uneaten lunch, dumped the food in the trash and tossed the tray on the stack. Stacy followed me to the ladies room and to the handicapped stall. I locked the door. She fell into my arms and we kissed. Dear god I've missed her!! I'd seen her eyes last night. While Matt had been doing his best ... the poor guy ... Stacy had devoured me with her eyes. It was only out of the corner of my eye but I knew it and loved her for it. It was why I kept my eyes on Matt the whole time.

She didn't need to know; neither did he. I didn't know if we could or should have one more time together. I did know Shade had a major dressing down coming!! Yeah, if you're wondering, all that while I kissed her. I will miss my Stacy!! We headed back to the office and the rest of our lives.

Shade called around three to tell me she'd be by around five; we had a stop to make on the way home. Okay. I asked how her day was going and smiled at her enthusiasm. I told her the truth – I love her. I stewed after the call ended. Goddamn her!!

The day had been so topsy turvy (how can mickey not know those words?) that I hadn't turned my computer on. I did - and got yet another shock. Stills of last night floated across my screen. What? Oh my god. It had to be Kim taking pictures of me with ... as the pictures floated on and off of the screen I tried to remember. I hadn't seen a flash one time. The pictures were not posed. Oh!! I remember that one. Kim asked me to pose with Shade and Daisy. More candids. I laughed. I forgot ... a picture of all of the office staff and me, each of us in costume ... except for Stacy. Why hadn't I notice? There were several of Shade and me kissing. How cute!! Catwoman and Wonder Woman kissing. Talk about your Twitter scandal!! I don't think I got a single bit of work done Thursday.

The office was quiet. Yes, I wondered, yet again, if 'the word' had been put out. I got in the car at five, kissed Shade hello and we headed out. She was bubbly talking about her day. She asked about mine. I told her about Kelly, Stacy and I spending most of the morning jabbering. She smiled and nodded.

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