tagLesbian SexShade's Destiny Ch. 07

Shade's Destiny Ch. 07


The soft patter of rain woke me. Or maybe it was Shade's body laying so close, leg thrown across mine, her arm holding me. I frowned at the former and smiled at the latter. Still asleep, her rhythmic breaths warmed my neck. I wondered what our future was then laughed to myself at how astounding the thought was – given all that came before. I felt the slender figure snuggled into me, so peaceful in her rest. She still is a puzzle. She'd done so much to protect me from one who wanted to harm me. She'd done such awful things to Stacy. I do love her. We'll work the rest out. She's as much a work in progress as me. No doubt about that!! As if on cue her eyelids fluttered, she smiled when she focused on me, then climbed atop me to wish me, very demonstrably, a Happy Thanksgiving!!

It was quite a bit later when we finished our shower. Kim had a long face ... she pointed to the windows when we asked why. It was still raining and the sky showed no signs that it would clear any time soon. Wonderful. We had breakfast in the room. I offered to go to the store and buy a deck of cards. We could play hearts or gin rummy. They whined but I went. I didn't care about the rain. I'd already had my shower but what the heck. Not a soul seen on the way, though there were a few in the store. I bought a coffee, sandwiches (just in case), and a deck of cards. The rain had slowed to a drizzle on the walk back but that didn't improve the prospects for the day. No point in being on a wet beach. We could dry the chairs on the back patio and lay out there – even with the clouds.

I opened the door to the suite and smiled as I heard familiar sounds coming from the bedroom. I declare, leave these two alone and they'll just act like sisters!! I set the plastic bag on the kitchen counter and headed to the bedroom. Yup, they were quite busy – faces buried in each others pussies. I used their attentiveness to my advantage and smacked Shade hard on her ass. They both yelped; Kim's hands were also caught by my sharp slap.

"What the fuck was that for?" Shade whined.

"Enough of you two going at it behind my back." They looked at me in shock; it wasn't the first time I'd seen them together and we all knew it. "You want to play together? I have the rule book and I'm the referee. Here are the rules." I had no clue what I was going to say. "You have exactly sixty minutes. You may not use your hands; you may only use your lips and your tongues." How I came up with this I have no idea! "Everything on your sister's body is fair game save for her pussy. I'm going to tie your hands behind your back so you can't cheat. Any questions?"

They moaned, whined and pleaded – all for naught. I used whatever I could find in the suitcase to bind their wrists. First Shade, who glared at me with malice in her eyes. When they were secure I kissed her long and hard. Kim had a little smirk on her face. I guess she thinks my little game is kind of erotic. I kissed her too. Her kiss let me know I was right!

I waited till the hand hit twelve on my watch and said, "Begin." It was pretty funny watching them try to coordinate their bodies and not be able to use their hands. After fifteen minutes Shade was moaning in frustration. After thirty minutes they both begged me to set them free. After forty five minutes they'd both used up just about every possible idea that they could think of. They did try – try! – to use their hips for their mutual pleasure. Oh no!! Miss Manners wasn't having any of that!! An extra ten minutes was added ... oh my god, the air turned bluer than the ocean waters. Vietnam was under French control for a time. Some of the curses were in French!! Wink. Seventy minutes had each of them gasping, exhausted and badly in need of release. I found the egg in the suitcase and slipped it inside Shade, who swore revenge.

"Does my baby need to cum?" in my sleaziest sing-song voice.

"You fucking well know I do and you better let me," was the desperate reply.

"I'm sorry dearest.' I reached pulled her to me and kissed her. "Don't you think you should speak with respect to one who controls whether you will be allowed your pleasure?" I turned up the egg; her knees buckled; I dialed it down at once. "Is there any other way you can think of to phrase your request pet?" I had led her to the chair I had been sitting in as we talked. I found that the store's plastic bag made a perfect restraint for her ankle. A plastic garbage bag was used to bind the other ankle. Shade screeched with frustration. I turned up the egg and tweaked a nipple. "Speak with respect pet!" Her eyes widened; she opened her mouth to spew more venom. I hushed her with a kiss. "I love you Shade."

I turned to Kim. "Kim, is there one thing you've ever wanted to do with me that you've never done?" Her eyes went wide with shock. She looked at her sister who was crazed with frustration. Her lips slowly formed a big ole smile.

"I've always wanted to fuck you with a strappie. I know Shade's had you that way and ..." She let it trail off.

"Well I think you should have your wish. After all it is Thanksgiving and lord knows we all have so much to be thankful for ... don't we Shade?" She didn't answer; I dialed up the egg and she screamed.

I bent and looked her in the eye as I dialed the egg down. "Pet, if you come without permission ..." I shook my head ..."you will regret it! Are we clear?" She nodded. I pinched a nipple – hard. "I didn't hear you!"

"Yes miss." She couldn't look me in the eye. I lifted her chin, smiled and held her gaze. "I'm not to cum without your ... permission." That last was gasped out as I dialed up the pleasure. I dipped a finger in her soaked lips, wet her lips with it and kissed her. She moaned. I whispered my love, caressed her cheek and moved to the bed. Kim stood waiting, harness and plastic in hand.

"Did your sister get you off Kim or do you need a little something to get you ready?"

She looked at me with wide, disbelieving eyes then nodded. "Yeah, that would be good."

I climbed on our bed, lay with my head hanging over the edge and brought her hips to me. I lapped at her scented, soaked sex. I don't know how long they'd been going at it when I came back. Was it what she'd seen me do to Shade? Was it that she was excited about fucking me? Regardless, she exploded with a wild scream. I had a firm hold on her hips – thankfully. I could see her fingers work her clit as my tongue worked in and out of her. Did she want to help? Audience participation is invited! I slipped up onto the bed, helped her into the harness, and crawled on my back to the pillows. I winked at Kim and made a slight head nod. We both looked at a wild eyed Shade who was slumped in the chair.

"Are you being a good girl Shade?" She looked at me helplessly and nodded. I gave Kim a kiss, helped guide the plastic to my pussy and we began. Kim is young, it's hard to explain just how little she really is and she fucked me every which way possible. Let's leave it at this ... youth equates to stamina. Stamina combined with fitness is a very, very good thing!! Ladies, this nearly thirty nine year old woman says if you can, find yourself a young one!! No offense to Shade.

When both of us finally had the energy to move Kim lifted from me. I helped remove the harness. We both went to free Shade from her bonds. Kim bent to set her ankles free. When she had her hands free Shade clawed at me, screaming, screeching, and flailing wildly in anger. I backed up, scared out of my wits. Shade ripped the plastic from the remaining ankle. She came at me, fists flying. I was stunned. Honest to god I didn't know what was going on!! Kim stepped in front of her sister, whispered in their language, held her arms with her hands as she spoke softly. Shade's eyes spat fire. I was terrified ... having no clue what was going on. Kim led Shade to the sitting area then came back to me.

"I know what this is Destiny. You did something today and there was no way to explain it before. You couldn't know; Shade wouldn't know how to explain it. Let me handle her now. I think she'll be able to talk to you in a while." What could I do but nod? She kissed me softly and went back to her sister. Still shaken and beyond confused I went to get a bottle of wine, a glass and my book. Both in hand and a towel over my arm I headed to the front patio. After laying the towel over the chair I sat and gulped half a glass.

"Is everything okay there?" I turned to my left. She was my age or a bit older, nude but for a purple bottom. Short brown hair, parted in the middle framed big brown eyes. Her body was curvaceous and hinted at having birthed children. "My husband and I have seen the three of you. It's obvious two of them are sisters and two of you are lovers." She shrugged. "I'm sorry if I seem nosy but the ... it was rather loud. Just tell me if I need to mind my own business."

I waved, inviting her to come sit with me. She did. I stood and did the European cheek kissing thing. "I'm Destiny. Thank you. In the moment it's nice to have someone to sit and chat with."

"I'm Celine." I smiled. She rolled her eyes. "I know. I get that a lot with the famous singer. My Momma didn't know." She pronounced it with the accent on the second syllable. I invited her to sit. She told me she was from Thionville, France. I asked; it was near the border of Belgium and Luxembourg. They were here on holiday – children grown, she and her husband decided to take some time together. She's apparently older than I'd guessed. She asked about us ... I told her. Her eyes widened as I gave her some of the details. "You love this woman even after all you've been through?"

I had to smile. "I know Celine; it still feels odd to both of us sometimes. But the truth is – yes, I do! There's so much more to her than I ever dreamed. She loves me ... even if it's not always the most traditional notion of love. And I do love her. I'm not what I was and she's not all she's going to be." Celine smiled at what I'd said. "We have a long way to go - together." I made the last word a point of emphasis. "And I'll hold her hand every step of the way!"

Her eyes teared. "Destiny, those might be the most lovely words I've ever heard anyone say." She leaned and squeezed my hand. "I wish you both every happiness ... I'm so glad to have met you!" She hugged me and went back to her suite.

I took a sip of my wine as I thought about what I'd told Celine. Our story had to seem unusual to someone on the outside. There were times I wondered how we wound up like this. I ticked through the different emotions. Grateful to a new employer, thankful for a new friend, bitter anger mixed with steely resolve toward a blackmailer. Then, acceptance of a new me and, remarkably, finding myself in love. Odd huh? I smiled a little smile. Could anyone possibly write a story about those two people? Better yet, would anyone read it and believe it possible? The wry smile remained.

I've no idea how long it was when Kim finally came and sat with me. She brought more ice. "Even though the day is young you're going to need some wine Destiny. This isn't going to be easy." Uh. Okay. "I'm going to tell you some of this and then we'll go in. Shade needs to do most of it herself." Do what, I wondered.

"Kim, I'm not gonna lie to you. Shade scared the hell out of me before. I'm not so sure I want to be alone with her. Is she okay?" I made a move to get up and winced. Kim blushed and bit her lip. "Bitch!" I smiled. "You liked it huh?"

She nodded, smiled, and said, "Yeah, I did. That's what did it to Shade too, seeing someone, me, top you."

"I had an inkling that might have been the case but I never meant for it to explode like it did, Kim. I did that whole thing as a tease ... having the two of you only use your tongues, putting the egg in her, even making her watch while you took me. It wasn't meant to upset her ..." Kim interrupted me.

"I know, I know. That's the point. You didn't do it on purpose but you set off a reaction in her you couldn't have known about. I'm the only one who knows. Let me tell you!" I nodded, curious now. "Shade was in therapy. You knew that."

"Yeah, it was a disaster. She left; the therapist kicked her out because she wasn't working on herself."

Kim smiled. "That's what she's told everyone. I'm the only one who knows the truth ... other than Shade. The shrink is the one who figured out the truth, called Shade out on it, and told her that she was covering up her true self by turning women when she was, in fact, the submissive one. She came home sobbing. It took a while to get it out but ..." she shrugged, "it did. She's always been afraid to really let go, really love someone because she feared her submissive self would be exposed and she'd lose herself ... and her business. She used women, Destiny, because it was the only way she knew to protect herself. Take Dawn ... Shade had no respect for her at all. Any of them could have left. I mean really - what would Shade have been able to do?" She looked at me. The sky may not have been clearing but some things that had been unclear began to come into focus.

"I remember Stacy telling me Shade really liked me early on. That's what you're talking about right?"

Kim smiled. "Yup, Shade used to come home bouncing off the walls. She was so excited about having you come to work for her. She was head over heels about you from early on. Why do you think she moved you to full time, promoted you, helped you find that apartment? I wouldn't say she was in love with you early on but she sure had a major crush on you. I told her to go slow." She paused a moment. "I was furious when she told me what she was planning to do to you. I told her it was wrong to use you that way. That she should trust herself and you and let things play out the normal way. But she was too scared. You did that stupid metal box thing." She shook her head. "And then you fell into the trap."

"God damn her. I knew there was nothing illegal about what I'd done. She knew full well I hadn't taken the money and never would. Shit! I should have stood up to her and I didn't." I slammed my hand on my thigh. "Ow!"

Poor Kim. She laughed so hard. I wanted to be mad at her but how could I. I'm the idiot who hurt myself – again. "Oh my God Destiny, don't you see? If you hadn't signed that paper you would never have allowed Shade to have any kind of relationship with you. You were straight." A smirk. "Or so you thought." Well that was true enough. Even Stacy knew.

"Stacy knew. She had a major crush on me too."

"Oh my god!! Shade did what she did to Libby (I cringed) and Stacy for completely different reasons Destiny. She knew she had to expose Libby to protect you! She knows people who do security work; she wanted Libby ..." She shook her head. "She couldn't let Libby get to you." I shuddered. "Stacy was completely different. Shade knew Stacy had the hots for you big time. Shade told me she thought Stacy was in love with you ... might even leave her husband for you."

"What!! How could she know that?" How on earth could Shade know that?"

"She never did say. But she was determined to keep you for herself. She was a wreck the night you stayed with Stacy. She cried all night. She set the alarm real early so she could be on the couch when you came home. She thought it was so nice of you to offer, Destiny, but she hated it." Yeah, but oh my god what a night! "I can see in your eyes you two had some kind of special night huh?" I smiled and nodded. "She was so proud of you for doing what you did."

"Can I tell you something Kim? Just between me and you?" She looked at me; I was pretty sure she knew what I was going to say. "She's moving, leaving town because of Shade. I'm furious."

She couldn't look at me, just kept her head down, shaking it. "Goddamn her," she said softly. "I thought for sure you were going to tell me you wanted to see Stacy again." I smiled. "Oh, you do." She sighed and shrugged her shoulders.

"I made Shade give me all the DVDs of Stacy. She didn't want to but I told her it was a deal breaker if she didn't." Kim looked at me, eyes wide with surprise. There was something else there as well. I couldn't quite place it.

"Okay, it's time you two love birds have a little talk with each other." She took my hand and led me inside.

Shade was on the couch. I sat down next to her. Kim sat in a chair to our right. Shade wouldn't look at me. I stood up, pushed Shade to her back and lay on the couch next to her, my arms around her. I kissed her, long and softly, with love, pressing my body to hers. I wasn't aggressive or sexual; I just wanted her to feel loved. She kissed me back but there was not a lot of emotion or passion in the kiss. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all. I turned myself so I was sitting on the couch. Shade stayed on her back. I lifted her feet to my lap and massaged them gently. She didn't look at me.

Kim said something in her language. I made eye contact and shook my head. She nodded. "Shade, are you tired?" Shrug. "Do you want to take a nap?" Shrug. She got up, came to the couch, knelt and looked into her sister's face. "Say something to Destiny, Shade. She wants to talk with you. Say something." Shade shook her head. "No, you can't do this. You can't withdraw. She's not angry with you. She loves you. You two need to talk this out. Shade, it's the only way." She lifted her sister's chin to they could look in each other's eyes. "And it's time. Now's the time. Right now!" She took her sister by the shoulders, helped her to a sitting position, then went and sat down.

Shade sat with her eyes down. I looked at Kim. She shrugged; I nodded. I was willing to wait as long as it took for Shade to say something. It had to start with her. We sat. We waited.

And waited.

And waited.

"I'm sorry." A teeny tiny voice, the voice of a child. (I'm writing, remembering and I have tears.) I looked at Kim; she had tears in her eyes. I did too. "I hurt you. I'm so sorry. You were only kidding around, teasing me. You pushed me in a deep, dark place you couldn't know about because I can't ... couldn't talk about it. Only my baby sister knows." I wanted to hold her, touch her but it felt like I just had to sit. "She insisted on moving in with me to keep me from getting in trouble. I love you so much and I'm so messed up I had to hurt you to get you to love me." The tears started again. "Kim was so angry. I never loved any of the others. None of them ever had the guts to stand up to me, no backbone. You almost walked out on me that Friday. I would have lost you forever. I was dying inside. Your pride got the better of you." I looked at Kim; she had the biggest smile on her face. "I wanted that picture of you. For me, the beginning, the first step, your first time with a woman. My god it was so hot! I almost blew it. I wanted you so badly. You nearly made me cry you were so good." Oh my god! "Did Kim tell you how mad she was at me for what I was doing to you?"


Shade nodded. "She kept after me, screamed at me, told me I had to ease up on you. Even Kim got it wrong. You had something none of them did. You had backbone. You're no submissive. I should know." Good god! "I told you about how bad things got a few years ago." I nodded. "I had Stacy start looking. I had to keep finding new clients. It was sick. But it was all I knew. I'd been doing this for some time just not in or at work." I knew what she meant even though it was in verbal short hand. "You love Stacy don't you?" My eyes flashed to Kim. Hers were huge; she shrugged.

"Shade, honestly, I think I could if things were different. I don't know. I'm with you and she's leaving soon. Neither of those things is going to change." Kim smiled.

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